Last Night’s Republican Debate In A Nutshell


We’re fucked AMERICA!  Other than Bernie Sanders & Rand Paul…every single candidate running for PRESIDENT (including HILLARY) wants to spoon-feed us MORE WAR…Whether it’s the republicans with their bogus “MORE BOOTS” on the ground mentality; or, the democrats’ “REGIME CHANGE” follies…it is all the SAME thing.  Arming terrorists with more weapons in the MIDDLE EAST as the ONLY means to winning the so-called “WAR ON TERROR” will only lead to more terrorism..and is why I always say, “the most dangerous terrorists in the world are always the ones who arm other terrorists!”

And, it gets even worse AMERICA!  Other than Bernie Sanders & Rand Paul…every single candidate running for PRESIDENT (including HILLARY) is nothing more than future “bailer-outers” of scummy WALL STREET…

I am, NOW, firmly convinced that WASHINGTON’S favorite game is called “MUSICAL CHAIRS on the TITANIC”…and, just like on the real will be the fake white male Christians of AMERICA and their wives with their “WE WANT MORE WARS” simple minded thinking who will be THE ONES who drown in their own ignorance and hypocrisy….

“Americans will be FREE again ONLY until fake white male christians of america lose everything”

Realeyez Life

El Chapo And The Joke That Is The U.S. War On Drugs


Wow! I didn’t know cocaine-sniffing and so-called Hollywood actor Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) was an UNDERCOVER government NARC!!!


Here are the ONLY 2 ways to win “THE WAR ON DRUGS”

  1. Legalize drugs
  2. Require all drugs be purchased thru your local cable company’s customer service department

If these 2 very simple steps are NOT followed…then the lives of MILLIONS of americans and their families will continue to be FOREVER destroyed for the sole purpose of feeding our industrial “PRISONS FOR PROFIT” system…



Famous Quote Update


So, let me get this straight now…WASHINGTON is spending TRILLIONS of AMERICA’S DOLLARS in fighting an ENEMY that WASHINGTON created whose claim to fame is BE-HEADING people aka “ISIS”…while, at the same time, it is “DONATING” trillions of dollars in WEAPONS & ARMS to SWINE-NATION & ALLY saudi arabia so it can continue BE-HEADING people..

All I have to say is…..




President Butthole Mouth?


The donald is going to learn the hard way that “politics ain’t beanbag.” Other Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren, everyone in Washington is  as corrupt as William M. “Boss” Tweed from the glory days of NYC politics AKA “Tammany Hall”

As People Are Drowning To Death In Missouri, The Big News In America Is That A Skyscraper In Dubai Is Burning


To be 100% honest with you…I really couldn’t give a flying FUCK what happens to SAUDI ARABIA…I mean, this is the country that provided 19 out of the 21 hijackers whose favorite hobby was flying big planes into AMERICAN structures…that led AMERICA to start a TRULY bogus war with IRAQ…a COUNTRY that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with GROUND ZERO on 9/11/01

I’m 100% certain that our treasonous NEO-CONS in our MILITARY are screaming into PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ears, “TIME FOR MORE WAR big guy!  How about an IRAQ WAR 3…The AMERICAN sheeple love SEQUELS!”

So, I will answer the question, “Has America Lost Its Mind?” with another question…”Does Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner Have Sexier Tits Than His Step Daughter Kim Kardashian?”

And, the answer is….a RESOUNDING


P.S. to WASHINGTON – please take care of the Americans who lost everything due to the MASSIVE FLOODING in the MID-WEST…that is your FIRST PRIORITY




Please Stop Calling It Affluenza! It’s Called Rich Prick Disease


First and foremost, life has been…is …and will always be BEAUTIFUL…That being said – let’s get to the main point…For decades I have been trying to warn people about an extremely dangerous and deadly disease that periodically runs rampant across the globe….infecting …and then destroying everything in its path…

It’s called RPD aka “RICH PRICK DISEASE”…this pathogen usually originates in a single individual…then spreads rapidly throughout the infected individual’s family…Once this pathogen infects an entire family, then “it’s off to the races” as they say….meaning it starts to rapidly infect other families…

Once it reaches a critical mass of…let’s say 50 families…RICH PRICK DISEASE then searches for a new “TYPE” of host in order to survive and expand..This NEW “type” of HOST is none other than our GOVERNMENTS…It’s at this point when RICH PRICK DISEASE becomes EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY deadly with a 99.999 percent rate of mortality – to any and all individuals, families, corporations, all branches of governments, religious institutions, nations, militaries, economies, empires, super-powers, cultures, and/or civilizations that it comes across.

A perfect case in point is this SCHMUCK in the pic above..His name is Ethan Couch…This truly IGNORANT schmuck and his even more ignorant family have been plastered all over the news recently due to the fact that after killing 4 people and seriously injuring 9 others while driving under the influence of ALCOHOL…pleaded “NOT GUILTY” in an United States of America’s courtroom citing “Affluenza” (a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation) as his defense…AND HE WAS FOUND “NOT GUILTY”!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, my response was and still is….


I hate to be the BEARER of really bad news AMERICA…but unfortunately, our government AND the corporations/families that own our government  have been infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE not “AFFLUENZA”……It has spread to all branches of our government…America’s CONSTANT mantra of “PROFITS before PEOPLE” is the FINAL stage of our dying NATION, CULTURE, AND CIVILIZATION…

I have used this analogy many times before and I will try to use it one more time in my attempt to explain just how deadly RICH PRICK DISEASE has…and will always be to all of HUMANITY…Let’s take the game of’s a great game..and an extremely fun game…Everyone knows how to play monopoly..and the rules are very simple…THE PERSON WHO ENDS UP WITH ALL THE MONEY wins the game..GAME OVER – that’s it!

But when a super-power (let’s use the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the example) has become infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE..the name “MONOPOLY” is no longer applicable…A new name must be created…and that NEW name is THE NEW WORLD ORDER…

And, unlike  the old game of MONOPOLY…the NEW WORLD ORDER game is not a fun game..and only a few people (all infected with RPD) can play  (unlike MONOPOLY) because you need purchased governments and news media organizations/propaganda machines (not properties) in order to EVEN participate in the game…Plus, the whole purpose of the NEW WORLD ORDER game is to trick the people with the best form of ORWELLIAN speech this planet has ever seen…that “our politicians are here to serve us (the people)”..when, in REALITY….WE (the people) ARE ALL HERE TO SERVE THEM…

Rich Prick Disease has transformed our CULTURE of MONOPOLY into CULTURE of SERVING THEM…or, in other words, our (you, me, and john dupree whoever the fuck that person is) only purpose in life is to make these SICK individuals even  more comfortable than they already are as they continue to rape this planet into oblivion…

But…there is GOOD news AMERICA!!!  I know the cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE…and I am not afraid to reveal the prescription…This prescription is far more potent than a silver bullet shot straight into the heart of a BLOOD-SUCKING vampire…and it works every single time..history has proven this over and over again..The cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE is a BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…And, the best part is…you don’t even need to use the BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…

All that is required is to place these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines in very obvious in front WALL STREET..or in front of court houses…or state capitols…or even in front of the white house..Even better, in front of TRUMP properties…For all non-violent persons like myself, these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines don’t even need a BLADE in them…Just the mere image of BRAND-NEW, SHINY, BLADE-LESS guillotine will make all individuals infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE snap their crooked necks and fall into line like a bunch of homeless people at a soup kitchen…

Americans are just like most people on this planet..we have no problem whatsoever with wealthy people..What we do have a problem with is PEOPLE who are infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE who sincerely believe that all who are placed on this beautiful earth MUST now serve them…To all those infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE…here’s my belated christmas gift to you




Not To Worry America! Climate-Change “Storms” Will Kill More Americans Annually Than Gun Violence In Our Very Near Future

hmmdAnd just like with GUN violence in AMERICA, our politicians (both parties) will do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to FUND RAISE for the FINANCIAL interests of their political parties and their bogus ideologies.  Never forget AMERICANS…”Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around” – Sofia from the movie Vanilla Sky

When It Comes To The Middle East, Playing Dumb Is What America Does Best

playindumbAccording to a recent CBS poll, 57% of Americans support putting OUR TROOPS in the Middle East again…which BEGS a serious question that NEEDS to be answered immediately….Are these the SAME effin IDIOTS who supported AMERICA starting a BOGUS war of IGNORANT choice with IRAQ in 2003.  Allow me to REMIND these EFFIN idiots that ISIS (aka SADDAMISTS) is AMERICAN-made with AMERICAN weapons USING american-STYLE propaganda..and THEY want NOTHING more than for AMERICA to put boots on the ground in the MIDDLE EAST again…

When I was a YOUNG little LAD..I used to believe that the ACT of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..But now, I realize I was wrong…The act of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again NOT realizing that THE RESULTS will ALWAYS be MUCH worse…Mark my words…if WASHINGTON decides to put TROOPS on the ground in the MIDDLE EAST again, this will be the very second that ISIS and AL QAEDA become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and join forces with EVERY other terrorist organization currently in the Middle East – all aiming their AMERICAN & RUSSIAN guns at our TROOPS…

Here’s the BOTTOM line…there are 20,000 ISIS fighter as of today – NOT 200,000 troops like JEB “smells like sulfur” Bush claimed last week when he declared that “he was his own man” (as he hired 30 NEO-CON advisers from his father and brother’s staff when they were PRESIDENT)..So, if there are only 20,000 ISIS fighters in the MIDDLE EAST and there are 100s of MILLIONS of MUSLIMS in the many different MUSLIM countries in the MIDDLE EAST…why is it in OUR INTEREST to get INVOLVED in a CIVIL WAR that needs to be SETTLED amongst MUSLIMS..

The answer is EXTREMELY simple…WASHINGTON, the U.S. MILITARY, and WALL STREET are powerless over their ADDICTION to:

#1. In regards to WASHINGTON – BLANK CHECKS paid for by the U.S. MIDDLE CLASS to fund the “WAR ON TERROR” which only LEADS to more terrorism…Unfortunately for us all is that the “WAR ON TERROR” will end the same way  as our “WAR ON DRUGS”..with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE!!!

#2. In regards to the U.S. Military – Selling GUNS & AMMUNITION to all PEOPLES who HATE each other in the MIDDLE EAST…

#3. In regards to Wall Street & The Banks – The BLACK MARKET that is ALWAYS created during times of WAR where banks get to launder all kinds of dirty MONEY thru the proceeds of drugs, weapons, diamonds, gold, oil, etc that ALL pass through WAR-ZONES unchecked.  Even more insidious is the fact that the TO BIG TOO FAIL banks know that WAR costs LOTS of money thus begging the question…”What better way is there to make a few hundred billion dollars then to squeeze the taxpayers of the countries at war with ridiculous loans that will always “GUARANTEE VICTORIES?”

Did you hear that SUCKING sound?  I did and do EVERY day…Do you want to know what that SUCKING sound is…IT’S THE SOUND OF OUR TAXES being spent on everything BUT protecting AMERICAN’S values and dreams.

So, until our leaders in WASHINGTON regain their PATRIOTISM for AMERICA instead of their TREASONOUS greed for MORE profits, I will continue my ONE-MAN boycott of EVERYTHING american with this simple rule..If it is not MADE in America…by and an AMERICAN…then I won’t BUY it – simply because it is the ONLY power I have left..AMERICA’S current path to ZERO will not be MADE in my NAME nor in my TAXES

My Pooch Patiently Waiting To Take Her 3 Hour Super Bowl Walk

lexiThat’s my pooch LEXI…she’s waiting for me to come home so I can take her on our annual 3 hour walk during the Super Bowl..It’s an 8 year tradition that her and I share.  Nothing against the COMMERCIAL, I mean, SUPER BOWL..but I cannot sit in front of the TELEVISION for 5 straight hours watching one commercial after another…maybe I am ADHD, or ADD, and/or maybe I’m a BIRD with no feathers and I just don’t want to flock together with 100 million others

So, once again, I apologize to the NFL for the 8th straight year…But you will not be getting my eyeballs this evening…I’ll watch the highlights on espn while lexi and I share a slice of PIZZA together…. 🙂

The Very Best Thing That Could Happen To Israel And The World Is To Vote Benjamin Netanyahu Out Of Office

benjieI’m sorry Benjie…but you are a NEO-CON, a WAR CRIMINAL, and, EVEN WORSE, a political HACK (the definition of a POLITICAL HACK is – a person who is a member of a political party apparatus whose intentions are more aligned with POLITICAL VICTORY than any personal convictions) ….and this world is getting SICK of POLITICAL HACKS like you BENJIE…just like it did when NEO-CONS, WAR CRIMINALS, and POLITICAL HACKS george w. bush and dick cheney were in power in the UNITED STATES…

And, just like I have said so many times in the past, “THAT george w. bush and dick cheney would be the VERY worst things to EVER happen to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA…” and I was correct…so too I will say, “THAT benjamin netanyahu will BE the very worst thing to EVER happen to ISRAEL…”

So, please BEAUTIFUL Israel…pretty please with all the SUGAR in the whole-wide WORLD on top…do NOT make the same mistake America made.. DO NOT re-elect this POLITICAL HACK back into office EVER again.

In Regards To American Sniper, I’m Still Waiting For Hollywood To Produce “The United States Should Have Never Started The Iraq War” Movie

smokeybuildLet’s play PRETEND for a couple of seconds AND see where it takes us..

#1. Let’s pretend that AMERICANS have a FUNCTIONING brain…

#2. Let’s pretend that the U.S. media actually believes in DUE DILIGENCE.. i.e. our news organizations/corporations and their reporters actually doing their jobs by providing the TRUTH

#3. Let’s pretend that we DO NOT have a GOVERNMENT that is INCAPABLE of EVER telling the truth to its citizens…

we’d all REALEYEZ that IRAQ had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the DREADFUL attacks that OCCURRED on that TRULY tragic day on SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001…

Which would mean:

#1. The LIVES of more than 5,000 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been lost.

#2. More than 32,226 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been maimed and/or injured as a result of the IRAQ WAR (and let’s be 100% honest and admit that the 32,226 injured soldiers is a GROSS under-estimate provided by guess WHO?…our LYING government)

#3. More than 250,000 (also grossly under-estimated) innocent IRAQI lives (women and children ALWAYS included) would not have been LOST.  And, I am not even going to mention the 100’s of thousands of INNOCENTS maimed and/or injured…

#4. The more than 3 TRILLION DOLLARS (when it’s all said and done) of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ hard-earned money that would NOT have been SPENT in an unnecessary WAR that has ONLY created a permanent ASSEMBLY-LINE of  jihadist terrorists FROM the middle east for generations to come.

AND FINALLY and most importantly…

#5. Chris Kyle (the american sniper) would STILL be ALIVE today simply because he would NEVER have been killed by a FELLOW american SOLDIER suffering form POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME as a result of the IRAQ WAR.

Which brings me back to my MAIN point…IRAQ HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001..

Which means the life and death of CHRIS KYLE is nothing more than the proverbial representation of THE MIRROR america REFUSES to look into – for it exposes us as the true PARIAHS that we have ALL become as americans

“A country that puts PROFITS before PEOPLE will ALWAYS fail…” realeyezlife yo

A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Ted Cruz Will Make Sure Whitey Is No Longer On The Moon

cruz12Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz will soon be the chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness..or, in other words, he will oversee NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Mark my words…this will NOT end well for NASA…for Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz..and, the ENTIRE universe AS we know it….SUBSIDIZE TO PRIVATIZE, I mean, the IDIOT-IFICATION of AMERICA continues

*FOOTNOTE – the word SCIENCE in the PIC was MIS-spelled intentionally 🙂

Handwriting On The Wall


“Peace is War….Slavery is Freedom…Strength is Ignorance”  Ministry Of The New Oil World Order

(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”We need EDUCATION…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)… “We need THOUGHT CONTROL….”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”DARK SARCASM in the classroom….”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”teacher DON’T leave them kids alone…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”hey teacher!!! DON’T leave them KIDS alone…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”All in all it’s just another HOLE in the WALL…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall)…”All in all you’re just another HOLE in the WALL…”(Music from Pink Floyd “Just Another Brick In The Wall).  New Oil World Order’s Future Version Of Pink Floyd’s “Just Another Brick In The Wall

“When it’s all said and done, MOTHER NATURE will expose who the real TERRORISTS are…” realeyezlife