When Drinking Coal Pollutants Tastes Great In West Virginia


Slurp up every drop of that delicious BLACK LICORICE tasting water my fellow American citizens in West Virginia!  No wait!  Even better!  Slurp it all up and then take a nice long, HOT bath in it – just make sure you don’t give any of your CURRENTLY, extra-foul, polluted water to any of your CHILDREN and/or PETS okay!

 Look America….I am not going to get into a long diatribe about how UN-GREAT America has become in just the last 14 years because that would be boring and extra redundant.  I’m just going to get to the point real quick about the false and bogus democracy that we currently have in our country.  In a real DEMOCRACY, the golden rule to follow is PEOPLE always before PROFITS compared to AMERICA’S version of demo-CRAZY where it’s always PEOPLE after PROFITS.  I mean, in just the last 6 months:

  1. We have seen a fertilizer plant explode and obliterate half of a town in TEXAS
  2.  A train filled with oil explode into a huge FIREBALL forcing another ENTIRE small town to flee their homes in the middle of the night in North Dakota/South Dakota
  3. Thousands of Gallons Of Oil Spills in many BUM-FUCK places in America like Arkansas

 Allow me to remind you of one of my own favorite sayings, “It’s always the innocent & beautiful children who suffer the most from the ignorance and hypocrisy of their parents.”  I mean, the proud citizens of the great state of West Virginia lead the nation in BIRTH DEFECTS which forces me to ask myself 2 questions:

  1. Does West Virginia lead the nation in MOTHERS fucking SONS or FATHERS banging DAUGHTERS or BROTHERS humping SISTERS or however INBREDS love to do IT?
  2. Or, could it possibly be because WEST VIRGINIA is PROUD of their COAL/POLLUTION, I mean, IGNORANCE?

 I personally think the answer to either of those questions is rather simple; and, more importantly, is what our government & polluting corporations WILL NEVER tell us – that the most common SIDE EFFECT of drinking polluted, black-licorice tasting, chemical water for generations is AN UNCONTROLLABLE urge to want to fuck YOUR CLOSEST relative in a most perverse, incestuous and biblical way – but that’s just my simple & humble opinion.  Long story short, all of WEST VIRGINIA’S problems means that “ THERE MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE WATER!”

 Oh yea!  Before I forget…allow me to look into my crystally-marijuana BALL and read this country’s near future in regards to our current version of demo-CRAZY and pollution.  First and foremost, there will be no CRIMINAL CHARGES whatsoever for what happened in WEST VIRGINIA.  Secondly, this will happen AGAIN very soon not only in WEST VIRGINIA but in other states as well.  And, last but not least, there will be EVEN more children born in the WEST VIRGINIA with even more BIRTH DEFECTS because in a country whose ETERNAL DREAM is “PROFITS before PEOPLE”; it’s the only way ANYTHING makes CENTS, I mean, sense and dollars

When U.S. Politics Makes Me Want To Violently Puke On Myself


Pay real close attention U.S. creeps, I mean, politicians from both political parties.  You guys & gals are a bunch of corporate whores with painted on clown faces that make WE THE PEOPLE want to puke on ourselves that is how much you idiots truly disgust us these days.  And you can try to continue to point your crooked, corrupt, kabuki theater, ignorant partisan fingers at each other as to who is to blame for stealing this once truly beautiful country from us; but your tricks of old will no longer work because we all know you have all become one party pretending to be two whose only concern is to swallow every last drip of extra bitter jizz from the cocks of your politically-correct, corporate PIMPS so that you can collect your subsidized paychecks.  You are far MORE insidious to society than the crack fiend prostitute daughter of a one percenter who sucks DOG COCK and DOG BALLS for another free HIT of CRACK-cocaine because she can’t pass a drug test in order to get her millions from the trust fund set up for her.

And what makes you creepy assholes (every single one of you) even more disgusting and comical is the fact you never listen because you are always TOO DAMN BUSY counting the money you steal from this country on a daily basis.  Let’s take the 1.3 million unemployed people who have just had their long-term unemployment benefits cut (99 weeks is nothing compared to the ridiculous amount of subsidies our government doles out yearly to U.S. monopolies who pay no taxes currently in America) through no fault of their own.  What a fucking joke.  Even more shameful will be the fake debate that will happen between best friends forever republican and democrat politicians in the next few weeks to extend these benefits for another 3 months that will cost the TAXPAYERS of this country 6.6 billion SMACKERS.  Seriously, have they lost their fucking minds!  The near collapse of our ECONOMY & COUNTRY just a mere few years ago falls squarely on the shoulders of all politicians in our government (big brother) who are controlled and owned by the unpatriotic Wall Street/The Inheritance Class/%1ers (little sister) of this country.

 Long story short, whether you extend those benefits or not doesn’t make a fucking difference to me because you losers will only get one step closer to the end of your political & literal lives.  The end is near and the days of not being ACCOUNTABLE for one’s actions will be over very soon.  In regards to unemployment benefits, I propose a very simple solution.  I mean, let us not forget that it was US (the taxpayer) who bailed out these scumbags, I mean, the so-called masters of the universe a few years ago.  My simple solution goes as follows:

 #1.  If the unemployment rate in this country is just ONE-TENTH of a point above 3.5 percent, our politicians in government do not receive a penny in salary – which means no medical, no vacation, etc. no NOTHING whatSOFUCKINGever!!!

 #2.  In regards to the trillion dollar, non-taxing paying, subsidized CORPORATIONS of AMERICA, Wall Street, and Banks – if the unemployment rate in this country is just ONE-TENTH of a point above 3.5 percent, your taxes instantly go up to 90%.

 How about that you stupid fucking A-holes!!

 Whether you heed my advice or not makes no difference to me whatsoever because the people of this country are SICK of you; and, its just a matter of time before you cancerous fools push WE THE PEOPLE a little too far into the corner before we fight back in a MOST VIOLENT & AMERICAN way (we’ll boycott your shitty products and services too).  Your DIVIDE & CONQUER politics of FEAR will fail you MOST miserably in your near future simply because your greed has no bounds or morals.  Unfortunately or fortunately America, we may have to lose EVERYTHING (except our lives) in order TO be FREE.  STOP stealing from us and START leading us!!!  Otherwise, we will take back our country.  I mean, YOU fools (big brother & little sister) do realize that Satan does not ACCEPT cash, credit, or checks but only SOULS right?