Slimbo The Aristo-Cat


Found this cutie by some marshes in Stamford, Connecticut a few days ago…brought him to the Vet..named him Slimbo and then moved him into my forever home with my other 2 cats Chimp and Gorilla…And, after eating some fresh turkey with a little grave yesterday – they all slept together like babies on the same bed for a few hours…The purring was so loud that for an instant I thought I was at the airport :)

I Really Haven’t Seen This Many People In One Place Since They Took The Group Photograph Of All The Criminals And Law Breakers In The Ronald Reagan Administration

crookies….These are the ‘law and order’ people…These are the people who are against street crime. They want to put street criminals in jail to make life safer for the business criminals. They’re against street crime providing that street isn’t Wall Street – George Carlin

p.s. Of all the people in the picture above…Bernie is the only who cares about America and the American People…

In Regards 2 South Carolina – Please Stop With The “It’s A Once In A 1,000 Year Event” Horse Manure

floodsyMark my words America….what happened in South Carolina this past weekend in regards to flooding due to inclement weather will happen again in South Carolina way, way, way, way before 1,000 years passes…I’d say probably no LESS than 10 years…and that’s me being optimistic…

So…while our government and media are BLAH, BLAH, BLAHING us to death with their “Oh! Don’t worry AMERICA…this won’t happen again…at least for another 1,000 years…” PHONEY BALONEY  – I am saying to myself, “Just imagine if Hurricane Joaquin had made LANDFALL anywhere on the EAST COAST this past weekend!”

In regards 2 how much destruction Mother Nature could have meted out this past weekend, America narrowly avoided one MAJOR bullet..unlike the poor students at Umpqua Community College in Oregon who lost their precious lives at the hands of another cowardly AMERICAN male with a gun.

Okay…I feel my blood pressure increasing dramatically right now so let me stop…I’ll just end by saying, “Stop with the IT’S A ONCE A 1,000 YEAR EVENT bullshit!”

Not To Worry America! Climate-Change “Storms” Will Kill More Americans Annually Than Gun Violence In Our Very Near Future

hmmdAnd just like with GUN violence in AMERICA, our politicians (both parties) will do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to FUND RAISE for the FINANCIAL interests of their political parties and their bogus ideologies.  Never forget AMERICANS…”Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around” – Sofia from the movie Vanilla Sky

In Regards 2 Finding Water On Mars

yeahsCome on now! I know they (Washington) found more than just water on Mars…my hunch is that they found tons of OIL too..

If I know one thing about Washington….it’s that 100 out of 100 times, it will put PROFITS before PEOPLE..Bottom line here is very simple – Washington will only care about our WATER and our ENVIRONMENT when H2O costs $100 a barrel

It’s The End Of The World – Facebook Is Down

fakebookHa! Facebook is garbage..I’m glad I killed my account 2 years ago…BUT..there are many in AMERICA who are losing their minds right now..probably like 1,000 hairs a minute jumping off their heads…Facebook better get their act together real fast before the majority of Americans become bald….or, die from a stress-induced heart attack..

Calm down Americans!  Facebook will be up AND running soon…and you can resume wasting more time in the one life you have on FACEBOOK..I’m sure WASHINGTON is not too happy though – NSA’s facial recognition programs on FACEBOOK won’t be able to spy on Americans wherever they go AND 3rd party bidders that give FACEBOOK tons of money in order to STEAL your digital lives will be DEMANDING a refund real soon :)

Dream In Peace Yogi Berra

yogisMy Top #5 Yogisms

  1. “It ain’t over til it’s over”
  2. “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore”
  3. “The future ain’t what it used to be”
  4. “You better cut that pizza in 4 pieces because I’m not hungry enough to  eat six”
  5.  “Pitchers are liars or crybabies”

You will be missed and loved forever Yogi…Thank you for blessing us with your grace