Doing The “Tom Brady”

bsdfAlright, alright! I want first dibs on “DOING THE TOM BRADY”…or “DOING THE BRADY”…from this moment on until the END of ETERNITY… Any and every time any person any where on this plant DESTROYS his/her cell phone in an attempt to hide ANYTHING and/or EVERYTHING on it that might be actual or supposed evidence in LEGAL, CIVIL and/or INTER-PERSONAL matters – that’s called “DOING THE TOM BRADY” and/or “DOING THE BRADY … whichever rolls off of your tongue easier :)

Example #1:

Let’s say a douche bag from wall street is suspected of INSIDER TRADING and it is found out that before his COURT DATE…this SAID douche bag destroyed his cell phone in an attempt to hide all texts, calls, contacts, etc in regards to the INSIDER TRADING scheme he is being convicted of in a court of LAW…all the prosecution team needs to say in front of the jury is, “JURORS! It is obvious TO ALL that this douche bag from WALL STREET is guilty of all charges because he “DID THE BRADY”

The Last Picture Show . . .


Classic and Welcome Back Centerlefty :)

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MonsantoHiresWayneLapierrePoliticalImage051013_0So now I need a gun to go to the movies to defend myself from assholes with guns.  OK.  If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?   It’ll be easy too, since I live in Virginia.  I can go on Craigslist, buy a piece and snag an open-carry permit no problem.  Purchasing a gun is the easiest part down here.  In fact, it’s easier than buying a six-pack of beer, which requires an ID.  Don’t need no ID to buy a firearm in the Commonwealth.  The open carry permit is pretty easy too – just have to fill out a simple online application and I’m good to go.  Presto!  I’m John Wayne, carrying a six-shooter, taking down bad guys at the picture show.

But hold on . . . when I think about it, if something crazy really did go down, even if I were a “hero”, that might be…

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A Must-Buy Book For Future American Dynasties Who Want To Become President Of The United States

familycheatIt’s official! The Bush and Clinton Dynasties have opened up their FAMILY cheat books as they rev up their presidential campaigns for the 2016 United States Of America Presidential Elections…Every and all other candidates  in the race (regardless of political ideology) will play their Kabuki Theater acting roles masterfully by constantly throwing RED MEAT to their political bases…

And, the 2 TRIBES of AMERICA will love their RED MEAT just as much as zombies LOVE eating fresh BRAIN.  Long story short, the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION will NOT only be a DOOZY but will also never be forgotten (not in a “GOOD” way) for generations to come…

And, regardless of who wins and becomes our 45th president, I promise you “SHE or HE will know that the BEATING heart of AMERICA is not the foundations of OUR CONSTITUTION…but the guns and bullets of a SUPER POWER…and, SHE or HE (the next president) will bring us DEATH..and we will love him or her for it.” – my version of SENATOR GRACCHUS’ words from the movie GLADIATOR :)

Greed And Money Are Winning The Battle For Your Health


Please read this excellent blog…It’s very true and very scary

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We just keep getting hit by the greed and madness on all sides.  When will it stop?



There’s a law making it’s way through the US Congress, The 21st Century Cares Act, that among other things, would allow drug manufacturers to use a drug designed to treat one condition, to treat a different condition and to expedite the development of these drugs, establishing a “streamlined” data review program.  Folks we don’t need to streamline most drug approval processes.

I actually agree with most of the 21st Century Cures Act—on the surface.
I am all for research and development.  There is no doubt that we have plenty of diseases and conditions that need answers and this legislation would certainly help funding and fast tracking.  But if you dig a little deeper and look into research by organizations not associated with big pharma and medical industry “think tanks”, you will…

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American Guns Killing God Softly


America is NOT a nation of God, it is a nation of GUNS



and FOREVER tomorrow

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

with each passing innocent

from the HAIL of BULLETS

I see a GUN in the hands of GOD

the trigger pulled by THE finger of ONE of yOUR children

who PROUDLY kills IN your name



and FOREVER tomorrow

there will be no 2nd COMING,


tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

aND you took him….aND you kept him

Forgive me LORD…For, my FAITH in you is DEAD

Forgive me America…FOR, my dream in you has FADED

tWO thousand and fifteen years ago

JESUS sacrificed HIS life NOT for YOU

but foR manKInd

for HE believed his reward would be to SIT next to YOU

for eternity

iNSTEAD his punishment was

to see you CREATE the GUN

FROM the unholy MIND of one OF your children




and YOU have FAILED

and, for this – AMERICA will kill YOU

but THE LOVE for, in, and by JESUS will be




“in GUN we TRUST”dxfg

The National Drone With Rifle Association Coming Soon?

This is TRULY scary stuff…and just a matter of time before people start losing their lives somewhere on this planet due to this truly terrifying combination of personal drones and personal guns…

I mean, I can already smell the DROOL of greedy LOBBYISTS of the GUN INDUSTRY and WASHINGTON devising ways to maximize their profits by this new deadly combination…

“Never let SENSELESS gun violence stop you from making a profit..” is the “BUSINESS AS USUAL” motto of OUR ever greedy GUN INDUSTRY of, it would not surprise me that in our VERY near future, THERE WILL BE a NATIONAL DRONE WITH RIFLE ASSOCIATION coming to a theater near you..

The Lie, I Mean, The Straw That Will Break The Middle Class, I Mean, The Camel’s Back

topp1If I recall correctly, I do not remember ONE TIME that president obama mentioned one utterance about passing treasonous fast track trade deals i.e. the trans-pacific-partnership in either his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign runs

If I recall correctly, I vividly remember the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans (practically all of them) CONSTANTLY vowing to an ENTIRE world that they would try to block and/or stop EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that our muslim born, socialist president tries to pass in his attempt to “DESTROY AMERICA”.

If I recall correctly, I precisely remember president obama continuously demanding that WASHINGTON needs to pass an INFRASTRUCTURE bill in order to rebuild america’s CRUMBLING infrastructure and how INFRASTRUCTURE spending would CREATE millions of JOBS that would help AMERICA pull itself out of the GREAT RECESSION..

If I recall correctly, I precisely remember the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans blocking president obama’s every attempt to pass an INFRASTRUCTURE spending bill…all the while spewing their same OLD GARBAGE about TRICKLE DOWN as a means of creating AMERICAN jobs…

For all the reasons above, I will NEVER vote republican and/or democrat EVER again..I will vote 3rd party ONLY…and if there isn’t a 3rd party in america for a long time (due to citizens united) then I guess I won’t be voting for a long time..

I will no longer VOTE against hard-working AMERICANS ever again regardless of what lying party is in POWER..simply because it has BECOME obvious to all that BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES in AMERICA only have one political AGENDA – their BLINDING GREED…I mean, the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans had the PERFECT opportunity to protect the HARD WORKING american middle class not SEEN since the DAYS of REAGAN..and what do these fools do???  THEY PASS obama’s treasonous FAST-TRACK tpp TRADE DEAL…even more insulting was the fact that OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS didn’t even have the common decency to try to ATTACH an INFRASTRUCTURE bill to that HORRIBLE TRADE DEAL that will LITERALLY ship millions of AMERICAN JOBS overseas…

AMERICAN corporations like NIKE and/or APPLE should be BOYCOTTED relentlessly for one SIMPLE reason…they DO NOT make ONE SINGLE PRODUCT in america..NOT ONE!!!!  I mean, at the very LEAST, try to PRETEND that you care about AMERICA and hard working AMERICANS who purchase YOUR chinese-made PRODUCTS…

Have american corporations like these and their political allies in WASHINGTON (both parties) have become so BLINDED by their unpatriotic GREED that they cannot COMPREHEND that having ONE MANUFACTURING PLANT in AMERICA that builds 1,000 APPLE “smart” PHONES and/or NIKE “sneakers” might be a “GOOD IDEA”…just for APPEARANCES sake..Obviously NOT!!!

Is it any wonder why the IDIOTS in WASHINGTON are so SURPRISED by the rise of BERNIE SAUNDERS and DONALD TRUMP in their RESPECTIVE parties????  Is it a SHOCK to anyone WHY our LYING, corporate owned media cannont COMPREHEND what DONALD TRUMP is saying…

Get your popcorn FOLKS!

Because when it takes THE DONALD to do the job OUR politicians and OUR media should be doing (discussing TOPICS that AMERICANS deem IMPORTANT i.e. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, OUR BRAVE VETERANS, AMERICAN JOBS, HORRIBLE TRADE DEALS, etc…THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is going to get REAL, REAL INTERESTING really, really FAST..

On one side, you will have the DEMOCRATS catering to their far-left FRINGE…on the other side, you will have the REPUBLICANS catering to their far-right FRINGE…and, THE DONALD catering to the MIDDLE…Long story short, the NEXT election will be THE FIRST ELECTION in a VERY, VERY LONG time that BOTH the republican and democratic PARTIES will NOT be able to have THEIR CAKE and EAT IT too..and THAT’S A GOOD THING

A Plea to West Virginians: Throw Off Your Oppressors


Please read this excellent blog..It pertains not only to WEST VIRGINIA but all of America

Originally posted on Appalachian Chronicle:

Before surrendering or joining the exodus, get educated and fight – peacefully – against the powerful interests which control The Mountain State

By Michael M. Barrick

ALUM BRIDGE, W.Va. – The recent admission by Secretary Randy Huffman of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) that the agency he heads can’t do its job because powerful business and political interests control The Mountain State is a wake-up call to all West Virginians.State seal_old gold

It is time of us to throw off our oppressors so that Huffman and other public officials can do their jobs.

In the last two years, I have put thousands of miles on my little car covering the energy extraction industry. What I have discovered is that West Virginians are basically in four camps:
1. Some work for the industry and truly believe they are doing good work; these folks are in the minority.
2. Others are…

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Dick “Head” Cheney Is #1 On My “Please Just Effin Die Already” Wish List

cheneyhead1Why is the creator of ISIS aka DICK “Head” CHENEY still talking? Or, an even BETTER question…WHY does the creator of ISIS aka DICK “Head” CHENEY still think PEOPLE care about what he THINKS and/or SAYS in regards to ANYTHING…

If this DICK-HEAD truly loves AMERICA as he continuously claims to – then he’d keep his lying, filthy mouth shut and just DIE already..And, just so you know DICK “Head” CHENEY, I really don’t have a favorite way of envisioning your death i.e. whether it be falling down a flight of stairs, or getting your face blown off by a man that your wife was cheating on behind your back while hunting, being water-boarded to death, and/or being be-headed by ISIS.

I apologize to all who feel I’m being overly HARSH – but the mere sight of this man reminds ME just how BEAUTIFUL america was before he came into power..And, that is something THAT can never be forgiven.  This man single-handedly DAMAGED beautiful AMERICA permanently…and HISTORY will prove this.

P.s. My “Please Just Effin Die Already” Wish List will be an ongoing series..STAY tuned ;)