The Cowardization Of America


Honest to GOD america…during the past 3 days I was in the middle of writing a BLOG titled, “TOO MANY DAYS HAVE PASSED IN AMERICA WITHOUT A SENSELESS ACT OF GUN VIOLENCE”…and then I wake up this morning….and what do I see on ALL the NEWS…a truly HORRIFYING act of SENSELESS gun VIOLENCE in VIRGINIA…

That being said…allow me to get to my main point…America does not have a GUN problem…It has A cowardly AMERICAN males (of all races) WITH guns PROBLEM..and, GUNS do not KILL…COWARDLY american MALES (of all races) with GUNS kill…

The COWARDIZATION (I just created a NEW word) of AMERICA is real…It is the cancer and THE CURSE of present day AMERICA…

And…if AMERICAN MALES (of all races) do not START growing REAL testicules REALLY, REALLY, REALLY fast…you can KISS this once great country and democracy forever GOOD-BYE…

Recognition is HALF the BATTLE…100% honesty to ONESELF is the other HALF…

@all american males with GUNS in america…go to your MIRROR and look deep and hard into your face…and ASK YOURSELF why you own a GUN?  Is it BECAUSE you are afraid of other COWARDS with GUNS in AMERICA?  If this is your answer, then I TRULY feel for you because you HAVE become the COWARD you fear so much.

I blame ONE PERSON for the COWARDIZATION of AMERICA….and his NAME is STUPID CUNT wayne lapierrewaynebabyPrior to this TRUE american COWARD becoming the HEAD of the NRA in 1991….acts of SENELESS gun violence that we continue to see every month DID NOT exist….

After becoming head of the NRA…truly horrible events like WACO, OKLAHOMA CITY, COLUMBINE, and I can go on and on and on and on and on and on….with one truly tragic event after another involving an AMERICAN COWARD/S with a GUN/S…..until my head spins off…AS examples of the COWARDIZATION of america…

America’s NEWS organizations and POLITICIANS have ALSO become cowards FOR they have become physically INCAPABLE of telling THE AMERICAN PEOPLE a sliver of truth EVER…all in the NAME of EASY PROFITS

The 2nd Amendment gives ALL AMERICANS the right to BEAR arms..but, no where does it say that COWARDS have the RIGHT to BEAR arms…

America SERIOUSLY needs to take a long, hard look at the cowardization of the AMERICAN MALE…We need to isolate them to the POINT where we might HAVE to create a temporary 51st STATE – where all COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES who LOVE guns will be FORCED to live in with their cowardly BRETHREN…I say, “temporary” because within 2 years….95% of the COWARDLY AMERICAN MALES with GUNS in the 51st STATE will all be SHOT to DEATH by their COWARDLY 51st STATE brethren…which will PROVE that the COWARDIZATION of the AMERICAN MALE is REAL….

Jack and Jill Went Up the “Hill”


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Oh Look Honey! A Fracking Frog. How Cute. Oh Look Honey! A Fracking Frog. How Cute.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to Zion National Park to chase the blues away.  Jack’s mom was in a terminal coma, and his million dollar inheritance had been gobbled up by greedy nursing homes, probate lawyers, and the voracious for-profit US healthcare system – all in a few short years.  The Medicare police had finished the job by seizing mom’s car, leaving poor Jack with zilch, zippo, nada, ugatz in the personal asset department.

“Without the estate, I guess I’ll be in a nursing home when I finally pay off my own medical bills,” Jack sighed.  Oh Jack had insurance, and so did Jill, but with ObamaCare “exchange” out of pocket expenses (deductibles), they still owed thousands.  And student loans?  As they say in Brooklyn – fuh-get-about-it.  Jack n’ Jill were on the hook for hundreds of thousands between the…

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Crime School

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Mandy left her class dejected.  The trickle-up Reaganomics spell had her brainwashed and it was hard to let go, even with the facts.  Like every other red-blooded Americano she was hoping to win the lottery one day and not have to pay her fair share.  Professor Earp had just shattered her dream.  It almost made her want to stay in Econ 101 and duke it out with the old prof, but it was the wrong class.  She needed the History of American Justice course to fulfill her requirements.  But, as mentioned in Part 1 of this story (First Day of Class), our hero was in for a big surprise, and was about to get a crash course in the subject.

On the way home she stopped by the bodega to buy a thousand lottery tickets.  Mandy always spent her monthly minimum-wage checks on Lotto because her boyfriend Dick was independently…

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West Virginia Pipeline Project Cited for Numerous Violations


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Stonewall Gas Gathering companies running roughshod over people, nature and the law

By Michael M. Barrick

ALUM BRIDGE, W.Va. – The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) has issued at least 12 Notice of Violations to the contractors of the Stonewall Gas Gathering (SGG) pipeline since mid-June. The violations are for not following best practices and for causing conditions which pollute the state’s streams. The West Fork River is fed by many tributaries being crossed by the SGG pipeline. Here it is sediment laden in mid-July from runoff due to poor sediment control The West Fork River is fed by many tributaries being crossed by the SGG pipeline. Here it is sediment laden in mid-July from runoff due to poor sediment control

The SGG is being built by Stonewall Gas Gathering, LLC, which was incorporated in Delaware on June 4, 2014. SGG is a subsidiary of Momentum (officially M3Midstream), based in Texas and Colorado. The Stonewall Gathering line is part of Momentum’s Appalachian Gathering System (AGS). The SGG will connect to the AGS in Harrison County and terminate…

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First Day of Class

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Professor Earp Professor Earp

Professor Earp adjusted her hip holster and cleared her throat to get the class’ attention.  As usual, they were glued to their dumb-phones, surfing Facebook or buying shit they didn’t need on Amazon.  “Everyone.  Please turn your phones off and make sure to put your guns on safety.  I’m not starting until I see everyone do it.”

The entire class un-holstered their side arms and checked their safety latches (new university policy allowed students and faculty to carry guns on campus).

“Okay.  Welcome to Econ 101.  Today’s class covers the history of supply-side trickle-up Republican free-market economics.  We’ll begin with a survey of late 19th Century/Early 20th Century boom-bust cycles, move into the Great Depression, and finish with Great Recession.  It’s a pretty short class folks.”

Mandy moved forward in her seat:  “I thought this was pretty complex stuff.  Won’t it take more than a class…

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Go East Young Man . . .


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What do wildfires and sharks have in common?  Well I’ll tell ya.

Back in the summer of ’15, when the Great Fire raged across the West, Dad decided it was time to pull  up stakes and head for more humid climes. “Go East young man!” became the mantra on the homestead, until it was burned to a crisp.  We had planned on selling it, but after the blaze figured we’d just take the insurance money and run.  Wrong!  Even though Dad was a lawyer by trade (and a rancher by heart), he missed the micro-print at the bottom of the policy that denied coverage for “acts of God”, even though the fire had man-made climate change written all over her.

Anyways, the Great Recession had put pops out of work, which meant we couldn’t hire the best lawyer to fight it in court (only the best win those battles), so…

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In My Next Life – I Want One Of These

Unfortunately…BEST FRIENDS FOREVER big oil and big governments won’t let this happen….And, therein lies humanity’s biggest obstacle – ever GREEDY corporations and even greedier governments want nothing more…and will do everything humanly possible – to keep HUMANITY frozen in time.

Appalachian Residents Joining Hands in Opposition to Pipeline Development and Fracking


fighting the GOOD fight #HandsAcrossOurLand

Originally posted on Appalachian Chronicle:

Hands Across Our Land is a grassroots gathering scheduled for August 18

By Michael M. Barrick

NELSON COUNTY, Va. – A grassroots uprising among people from across Appalachia opposed to the development of further natural gas infrastructure and the related extractive process of fracking will culminate on Tuesday, Aug. 18th at communities in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and beyond in an event being called “Hands Across Our Land.” Proposed Route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Proposed Route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Sharon Ponton, co-chair of Free Nelson, a grassroots group in Virginia fighting the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), says her organization is one of many planning events for that day. “The purpose of Hands Across Our Land is to show solidarity and unity among the hundreds of grassroots groups fighting new fossil fuel infrastructure, whether it’s a pipeline, a well pad, an export terminal or a compressor station,” said Ponton.

In addition to opposing…

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Handcuffing An 8 Year Old Boy With Adhd Proves America Has Lost Its Effin Mind

I hate to say this but AMERICA is a DEAD nation WALKING.

Here’s a better idea – let’s START handcuffing EVERYONE in WASHINGTON who is addicted to continuously putting PROFITS before PEOPLE…

And, a wise word of advice for all POLICE MEN/WOMEN in AMERICA –


I don’t think POLICEMEN/WOMEN in AMERICA realize that WASHINGTON has created the perfect SCAPE-GOAT for themselves in the form of our LAW ENFORCEMENT…

PROFITS before PEOPLE is NOT and will NEVER be leadership – it’s CRIMINALITY in its purest form…and that is what our current version of WASHINGTON has become.

Heed my words LAW ENFORCEMENT of NOT let yourselves become the SCAPE-GOAT for our CURRENT scumbags in WASHINGTON..they will sacrifice you FASTER than Aaron sacrificed a GOAT (Leviticus 16:20-22 from the BIBLE) in order to absolve ISRAEL/WASHINGTON’S evils, sins, and rebellions upon our LORD.  And then, you will be FORCED to go FAR into the desert…never to be seen EVER again..

If this is what you want to happen to you and your lives – “THEN GO FOR IT DUDES!” In the end, it will BE you who SUFFERS the most – not WASHINGTON…You doubt my WORD?  That’s TOTALLY cool DUDES..But, allow me to remind you about that bogus IRAQ war WASHINGTON started in 2003..or, the VIETNAM war of the 1960s…

You tell me who BECAME the SCAPE-GOATS for those 2 BOGUS wars started for profit and greed based on COMPLETE and UTTER lies. AND THEN, you tell me HOW our BRAVE veterans have been treated and are still being TREATED by WASHINGTON as a result of those 2 BOGUS wars…

Grow an EFFIN brain really fast LAW ENFORCEMENT of AMERICA…do NOT become WASHINGTON’S scape-goat…You are good people and SOCIETY and OUR DEMOCRACY most definitely NEEDS you…

What we DO NOT need or WANT…is a BUNCH of BRAINLESS goons who are TOO ignorant to RECOGNIZE the GUILLOTINE that WASHINGTON is quickly moving behind your backs

In Regards 2 The New Apple Watch

aplesFull disclosure: I have never purchased nor will I ever purchase an APPLE product UNTIL they have ONE (or two) MANUFACTURING PLANTS in AMERICA that employs (at the very minimum) 20,000 americans..

Everything that is COMPLETELY wrong with AMERICA today…and ironically why AMERICANS are becoming so frustrated…can be seen THROUGH the PRISM of APPLE and how they run their corporation.

APPLE is an AMERICAN CORPORATION that TRULY hates AMERICA…and, even worse, an AMERICAN corporation that TRULY despises AMERICANS…it’s really THAT simple..

This is an AMERICAN corporation that has been protected by WASHINGTON since its very inception..a corporation that CHARGES top DOLLAR for products that are MADE by millions of CHINESE/VIETNAMESE employees that are severely underpaid AND who work in truly DESPICABLE working conditions…an AMERICAN corporation that does NOT reinvest their 100s of BILLIONS of DOLLARS of ANNUAL profits back into AMERICA…

economic, political, and social REVOLUTION is always the END result

We are currently living in a WORLD of cannibalism (GREED)..and, NO ONE loves eating AMERICAN fresh BRAIN more than APPLE corporation.  And, the AMERICAN people are getting SICK of this!!!  Case in point: the RISE of BERNIE SANDERS and DONALD TRUMP in their respective political parties as AMERICA gears up toward the next presidential campaign in 2016…

“a sum-thing is a HAPPENING america!!! CHANGE is a-coming…let’s a-ride that SURF board…to a bright and new horizon!!…Let’s take them apple watches and a-shove them where the SUN don’t a-shine..It’s our first a-BABY STEP to AMERICAN re-GREATNESS AGAIN!”

p.s. @apple corporation –


relentlessly playing


new apple watch





they SUCK!!!!

Please Cry For Beautiful Cecil The Lion

cryssToday I cried for Cecil the beautiful lion…How can someone so UGLY kill something so BEAUTIFUL…for sport..This TRULY vile person makes me question if there TRULY is a GOD in this UNIVERSE.  To lure this TRULY beautiful animal from his preserve (with a huge GPS collar around its neck) and then shoot it with a cross-bow from 100 yards away… stalk it for another 40 hours while gravely wounded before finally ending its misery by shooting it to death so that you can skin it, decapitate it and then hang this TRULY beautiful lion’s head on YOUR wall – IS UNCONSCIONABLE.

You and everyone who hunts for sport ILLEGALLY are VILE human beings in every sense of the word.  Even more vile is the FACT that typical of so many AMERICANS in AMERICA today, you do NOT want to be held accountable for your VILE actions.  And, therein lies AMERICA’S undoing – WE MUST ALL BE ACCOUNTABLE for our ACTIONS.  Until we accept this FACT, we are all guilty and do not deserve LIFE on this truly beautiful planet