3 Easy Steps To Become An American Billionaire

wayneidoit*Drum Roll*

Step #1:

By hook, NOOK, and/OR crook – become a CEO of an AMERICAN Gun Manufacturer i.e. SMITH and WESSON

Step #2:

Find stupid, IGNORANT people who HATE each OTHER – they ARE all over THE world so it should be easy as A, B, C and D

Step #3:

Sell AS many GUNS and AMMUNITION as humanly POSSIBLE to all the  people WHO hate each other UNTIL there is not one PENNY in their pockets

And VOILA – You just became a BILLIONAIRE…





p.s. I can BE thanked for my SAGE advice in our next life

What The Expletive!!!

whattheA raccoon riding on the back of an alligator?  Am I hallucinating? How can I be? It’s been about a decade since I last ate some trippy mushrooms!!  And, about 12 years since I tripped on some LSD..perhaps, it’s one of those flashbacks they always talk about in regards to dropping the ACID.

Okay, Okay..have to be 100% honest here…if anyone wants to see me run faster for the hills than the fastest Iraqi soldier when seeing American made ISIS with American weapons coming their way…then send these 2 trouble makers my way…Because…all I am going to say is, “if this is how nature is  adapting..then we are all in trouble!!”  I mean, am I going to have to worry about pythons flying on the backs of eagles now?

The New Wheaties

FUNSIELOL!! Someone just emailed me this..and I thought it was pretty funny…no offense whatsoever to all the beautiful transgenders of America..And, I will be back soon writing blogs again (not that anyone has missed my insane RANTS)..a very close family member just passed away..peace and one love – christian