Donald Trump In Mickey Rourke’s Words

Ha!….OMFG!! Mickey Rourke has lost his EFFIN mind..but, what he says is 100% true..


El Chapo And The Joke That Is The U.S. War On Drugs


Wow! I didn’t know cocaine-sniffing and so-called Hollywood actor Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) was an UNDERCOVER government NARC!!!


Here are the ONLY 2 ways to win “THE WAR ON DRUGS”

  1. Legalize drugs
  2. Require all drugs be purchased thru your local cable company’s customer service department

If these 2 very simple steps are NOT followed…then the lives of MILLIONS of americans and their families will continue to be FOREVER destroyed for the sole purpose of feeding our industrial “PRISONS FOR PROFIT” system…



The New Wheaties

FUNSIELOL!! Someone just emailed me this..and I thought it was pretty funny…no offense whatsoever to all the beautiful transgenders of America..And, I will be back soon writing blogs again (not that anyone has missed my insane RANTS)..a very close family member just passed away..peace and one love – christian

When The Zombies Come To Town, They Will Be Munching On Smart-Phone Brains

All I know is..when the zombies come to town (…and they will), they won’t be munching on my brain because I still don’t own a smart-phone..which means I won’t have to turn on my smart-phone with my pocketful of useless apps in order to be able to think and run for the hills…i.e. I won’t have to use my smart phone in order to Google where the nearest hills are…

I’m just hoping that when the zombies do come..they will be more like the WALKING DEAD zombies (who move extra slow) compared to WORLD WAR Z or I AM LEGEND zombies – those zombies are real fast!!!

P.S….Look for my cameo role as the zombie in the quick video I just made (i had to use the contrast filter in my webcam in order to slightly resemble a zombie) 🙂

In Regards To American Sniper, I’m Still Waiting For Hollywood To Produce “The United States Should Have Never Started The Iraq War” Movie

smokeybuildLet’s play PRETEND for a couple of seconds AND see where it takes us..

#1. Let’s pretend that AMERICANS have a FUNCTIONING brain…

#2. Let’s pretend that the U.S. media actually believes in DUE DILIGENCE.. i.e. our news organizations/corporations and their reporters actually doing their jobs by providing the TRUTH

#3. Let’s pretend that we DO NOT have a GOVERNMENT that is INCAPABLE of EVER telling the truth to its citizens…

we’d all REALEYEZ that IRAQ had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the DREADFUL attacks that OCCURRED on that TRULY tragic day on SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001…

Which would mean:

#1. The LIVES of more than 5,000 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been lost.

#2. More than 32,226 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been maimed and/or injured as a result of the IRAQ WAR (and let’s be 100% honest and admit that the 32,226 injured soldiers is a GROSS under-estimate provided by guess WHO?…our LYING government)

#3. More than 250,000 (also grossly under-estimated) innocent IRAQI lives (women and children ALWAYS included) would not have been LOST.  And, I am not even going to mention the 100’s of thousands of INNOCENTS maimed and/or injured…

#4. The more than 3 TRILLION DOLLARS (when it’s all said and done) of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ hard-earned money that would NOT have been SPENT in an unnecessary WAR that has ONLY created a permanent ASSEMBLY-LINE of  jihadist terrorists FROM the middle east for generations to come.

AND FINALLY and most importantly…

#5. Chris Kyle (the american sniper) would STILL be ALIVE today simply because he would NEVER have been killed by a FELLOW american SOLDIER suffering form POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME as a result of the IRAQ WAR.

Which brings me back to my MAIN point…IRAQ HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001..

Which means the life and death of CHRIS KYLE is nothing more than the proverbial representation of THE MIRROR america REFUSES to look into – for it exposes us as the true PARIAHS that we have ALL become as americans

“A country that puts PROFITS before PEOPLE will ALWAYS fail…” realeyezlife yo

The Election About Nothing

nationgoodSo…let me get this STRAIGHT!!!  Come this November….our congress and senate want us to vote for them when these IMBECILES are incapable of DEBATING and/or VOTING on ANYTHING other than STARTING more WARS…Even more disturbing is how the U.S. MEDIA outlets will be CHIRPING more of their lies to the AMERICAN people again about how “MORE WAR DOES A NATION GOOD!” bullshit propaganda!!!!  And….who wants to make a $10,000 dollar MITT ROMNEY bet that when these WAR-BUSTERS we call our LEADERS come back from their EXTRA-PLUSH vacations THAT they will NOT be discussing the ISSUES that matter MOST to AMERICANS (i.e. the economy, the recession, the INCREASING income gap between rich and poor, climate change…JUST to name a few)….I’ll MOST definitely take that bet cause it will be the EASIEST money I will have ever earned…Stay tuned Y’ALL…I’m in the process of developing the PILOT SHOW for “THE 2014 UNITED STATES SEINFELD ELECTION”…the TITLE will be “WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!” 🙂

Grow A Brain Hollywood – If You Don’t Want Your Nude Pics To Be Seen By The Entire World – Use A Polaroid

yeatopsAnd even better than being 100% HACKER proof..The ONE-STEP polaroid camera is ALSO 100% NSA proof…even ERIC SNOWDEN would agree with me on this one..So, here’s how the POLAROID works hollywood…it’s very simple.  You take a NUDE pictures of yourself…AND THEN…you take those NUDE PICTURES of yourself and you put them in a SAFE (DO NOT! AND I MEAN do not  SCAN YOUR polaroids into your computer OKAY) …and VOILA!!!  No one can steal your NUDE pics…unless they break into your which point YOU have every right to blow their BRAINS away..It is really not that complicated HOLLYWOOD..unless that is…you WANT everyone to see your nude photos..

Now, do REALIZE hollywood…It’s very difficult to PHOTOSHOP polaroids…so, you won’t be able to achieve that PERFECT look you guys are so fond of recently.. but hey!!! what are gonna do 🙂


Just Like The Super Bowl And The Olympics, I Will Not Be Watching One Split Second Of The 2014 Oscar Awards


Just figured I’d let everyone know right off the bat! And you might be wondering why I am so anti-FAKE AMERICA these days?  And my answer to this question is very simple.  While the majority of Americans will be watching the OSCARS tomorrow, America THE UNGREAT will still be the leader in WORLD POLLUTION, GUN DEATHS, SLAVE LABOR IN 3RD WORLD COUNTIRES, THE DISMANTLING OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, THE DESTRUCTION OF FAMILIES FOR PROFITS, IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, HEALTHCARE FOR PROFIT, OBESITY, FAKE & BOGUS WARS FOR PROFIT, GENITICALLY CREATED FOODS FOR PROFITS, LIES, HYPOCRISY, CORRUPTION, CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, HEATHENS, FAKE CHRISTIANS, FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS, CORRUPTED SPECIAL-INTEREST LOBBYISTS, and I can go on forever but I won’t because it would be a complete waste of time.  So, I beg of you AMERICA – while the majority of you are watching the OSCARS tomorrow evening please realize that there is a war going on between THE REAL AMERICA vs THE FAKE AMERICA.  And unfortunately, FAKE AMERICA in its eternal pursuit for more PROFITS is currently winning this WAR to the DETRIMENT of this planet.  In ending, tomorrow’s OSCARS represents america’s UNGREATNESS in every sense of the world – A FALSE PROJECTION of GREATNESS provided by the PROPAGANDA of HOLLYWOOD.

P.s. In full disclosure, I will admit that I will be watching TRUE DETECTIVES and then THE WALKING DEAD tomorrow evening because I feel these 2 shows best represent the real FAKE-AMERICA of today.

Life Is One Simple Endless Yes Or No After Another And Each Simple Yes Or No Has Consequences


Rest in peace Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  And a reminder to all – HEROIN KILLS and ADDICTION is a disease that progressively gets worse and always ends in DEATH…so don’t even do it ONCE – especially in a country that believes that only WEALTH or PRISON is the CURE-ALL to addiction.  If you deny this, then you are more than likely an ignorant, obese american, I mean, an OBAMACARE wet-dream-come-true who will die an early death just like the drug-addicts OBESE PEOPLE seem to hate the most.