My 2014 New Year’s Resolution Will Be To Mind My Business Even Less While Minding Yours Even More


If the United States Of Renewable Dummies, I mean, America thinks I am just going idly stand by and watch this country continue on its current path of UNGREATNESS, then you must have me confused for someone else.  The powers that be (the inheritance class) that have purchased this country have become one BIG joke of greed, hypocrisy, ignorance, corruption, and violence whose only goal is to ENSLAVE an entire planet.  Wake up America because until you do, it will be your children, grand children, and great grand children who’ll pay the ultimate price with their innocent lives.

I Just Want To Let Everyone Know Right Now That I Will Not Be Watching One Split Second Of The 2014 Olympics In Sochi


Now that I got that off my semi-HAIRY but lean & muscular back, I’d also like to say that I am certain that America will set the ALL-TIME record and win the most Gold Medals for the MOST amount of annoying and boring commercials; because, as we all know, the Olympics are NOT about sports these days but more about marketing and advertising cheap American services and products that are not even made in America any longer.  And that’s what I call a good old-fashion FUCKING joke.  Even funnier is the fact that each gold medal is made up of only 1.34% gold (92.5% silver and the rest is made up of copper).  Never forget – America is no longer #1 – our corrupt politicians and ever-greedy U.S. corporations will guarantee this fact.  We can be #1 again but not with our current leaders (all of them) in Washington who are beholden to a truly corrupt and cancerous %1 (the Inheritance Class) who actually despise the American people with pride.  So, when you here “WE’RE #1! WE’RE #1” from screaming Americans during the Olympics, you will know they are nothing more than paid for CORPORATE shills because, unfortunately, when it comes to America today – it’s always PROFIT before PATRIOTISM.  So, pay them no heed WHATSOEVER and let’s move on…


Eating Face Tastes Great!

Eating Face Tastes Great!

So I go to my nearest Sam Waltonopoly, I mean, Walmart store this past holiday weekend in hopes of purchasing some inexpensive MADE-in-AMERICA products for some relatives I am really not too fond of. And to my utter amazement, I could only find 2 products that were MADE-in-AMERICA; and, they were GUNS & BATH SALTS – so I start singing a different LOUIS ARMSTRONG tune out loud to myself,

“I see WEEDS of grey – DEAD roses TOO – I see them ROTTIN – for ME and YOU – and I yell to MYSELF – what a HORROR-FUL world!
I see SKIES of BLACK smog-pollution – CLOUDS of PINK toxins – dark CURSED days – and UNHOLY nights – and I yell to MYSELF – what a HORROR-FUL world!

Come along and let’s sing this together! “I see WEEDS of grey – DEAD roses TOO…..” Just kiddin….Long story short, all you need to know about your local SAM WALTONOPOLY, I mean, Walmart store (after gobbling up every MOM & POP shop across AMERICA in a mere couple of years) is that instead ever spending one penny trying to lobby our EASY-2-CORRUPT government and politicians for a MINUMUM WAGE increase for AMERICAN employees – it is much more profitable for them to spend 10s of MILLION OF DOLLARS lobbying Washington in order to legalize 20 million LATINOS in this country in order to keep the minimum wage exactly the same.

When it comes to BIG BROTHER (the government) and LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers with their “CORPORATIONS are PEOPLE too!” slogans), it has become ABUNDANTLY clear that their NEW favorite game has become FLIP THE COIN where “HEADS we (MONOPOLIES & BIG GOVERNMENT) win! Or…TAILS you (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) lose!”

P.S. Once again, I have to thank for the hysterically GREAT photo….


The Perfect Gift For Washington

The Perfect Gift For Washington

I finally found the perfect Christmas gift for our Best Friends Forever republican & democrat politicians in Washington.  Hopefully now they will vent their perverted frustrations on my Christmas gift to them instead of continuously FONDLING we the people for more profits.  Plus, if you want to see some crazy costumes – go to the website on the pic. They are off the hook and it’s a hysterically funny site.

Myface, I Mean, Spacebook, I mean, Facebook Is Making The Same Mistake As Spacebook, I Mean, Myface, I Mean, Myspace


Wow!  I just created a cool & new TONGUE-TWISTER that everyone can probably say very easily!  Ain’t I awesome!  Bottom line here is very simple – if you are all about selling digital lives to the highest evil corporate bidder (more than likely to our best friends forever @ NSA first I am sure) then you can COUNT me out entirely.  You TECH idiots need to realize one thing – I am not afraid to close my accounts when I sense a sneaky, smiling SNAKE-FACE trying to enter my ANAL cavity so he/she can profit even more while offering me absolutely nothing other than an EVER-SLOWING website filled with video ADVERTISEMENTS.  We all saw and remembered what happened to Myspace when they sold their “ACTUALLY COOL SITE IN THE BEGINNING” to the TRANS-SEXUAL LOVING Rupert Murdoch who then purposely destroyed it in hopes that everyone would go back to reading & watching his loser newspapers and even bigger loser television stations.   And now mark SUCKERBERG of facebook will suffer the same consequences – at least from my end because I de-activated my account months ago when first reading about this in the news.  And now, I am going to close my account until these TECH giants get their PRIORITIES correct – STOP FLEECING US WITH NO SHAME; otherwise, your new name in the history books of OUR future will be

Time To Say Good Bye To The Creepy Gun Advocates Of America

Ok! Let’s get this straight right off the FUCKING bat ok!  I bully creepy GUN ADVOCATES for fun simply because the GUN ADVOCATES of today are a bunch of PUNKS and COWARDS.  Your BOGUS propa-FUCKING-ganda no longer works.  You can no longer claim to be THE DEFENDERS of our FREEDOMS when you are actually selling our FREEDOMS for pennies on the DOLLAR.  Allow me to re-PHRASE – the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of AMERICA have been STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, lobbying our easy to corrupt POLTICIANS with their BLOOD MONEY for the longest of time.  Matter of fact, the NRA and GUN MANUFACTUERS of AMERICA created and developed the original BLUE PRINT (“Bribing Washington For Dummies” should be the title) on how to CORRUPT our politicians and government so that other GREEDY & SINISTER industries could follow suit i.e. PASSING citizens united into LAW.  And, just so you know, the SOLE purpose of Citizens United was to allow BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat politicians to sell the OUR GOVERNMENT to the highest bidder in a more efficient and profitable manner TO ALL INDUSTRIES & CORPORATIONS who PROFIT THE MOST from the American people while despising them even more – the MOST PERFECT win-win situation for Best Friends Forever republicans and democrats.

 So, to me, I NOW find it extremely COMICAL watching all the KING CRY BABY gun NUTS getting all WORKED UP and pissing on themselves complaining to DEAF ears across AMERICA about how  “MONEY is CORRUPING our POLITICS (i.e. other special interest groups like MAYOR micheal “tammany hall” bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns shelling out COLD, HARD CASH to our government in their pursuit of passing SENSIBLE gun laws that SOON will be enforced in this COUNTRY if you creepy gun nuts continue to be on the WRONG side of HISTORY).  Even more comical is the fact that you ignorant LOSERS can’t put one and one together as to why this is HAPPENING.

 This is happening BECAUSE the 2nd amendment PLUS citizens united in the hands of CREEPY & GREEDY LOSER CORPORATIONS equals THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding fathers feared so much.  ONCE AGAIN, and allow me to repeat, everything that is WRONG with OUR GOVERNMENT today can be traced back to the BLOOD MONEY of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America.  It is the REASON why our government cannot accomplish ANYTHING anymore because it pits GREEDY MONEY vs GREEDY MONEY which means ONLY THE GREEDY make money.

 The perfect case in point is what just happened this past weekend in Exeter, Rhode Island on the 1 year ANNIVERSARY of the MASSACRE of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  On December 14, 2013, right in the middle of a huge snowstorm, the brave voters of Exeter, Rhode Island THWARTED the NRA’s & Gun Manufacturers (with their army of lawyers and suitcases full of cash) RECALL attempt to oust its politicians by a WHOPPING percentage of 63 to 37.  And please don’t use COLORADO’S recent RECALL elections as your example of bravely standing up and defending our freedoms you ignorant gun fools because in the very near future Colorado’s motto of “Nothing without Providence” will turn into “Nothing without Mass Murderers With Legal Guns” and the NICKNAME of the “CENTENNIAL” state will change into the “MASSACRING OF THE INNOCENCES”

 So, a wise word to the LEGAL, idiotic gun owner of today. If you SINCERELY want to keep you guns do not want gun control in this country, you better listen to my 3 pieces of wise advice –

#1. Keep your FUCKING ignorant MOUTHS shut

#2. Get the FUCK out of the STRONG-ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING business.

#3. And most importantly, ADMIT to the only ABSOLUTE truth about GUNS and the ONLY reason why Our Founding Fathers created the 2nd AMENDMENT in the first place – GUNS ARE FOR PUNKS AND COWARDS WHO ARE AFRAID OF OTHER PUNKS AND COWARDS WITH GUNS (because the only other alternative as to why the 2NDAMENDMENT was put in our CONSTITUTION was because our founding fathers were possibly STRONG-ARMED, I mean, BRIBED, I mean, lobbied into putting it in and I don’t want to believe that because that would shred every concept of what a true democracy is)

BlubberGate, I Mean, BridgeGate Crushes Big Pussy, I Mean, Chris Christie And His Presidential Hopes

What makes a heathen of a Conservative more sick to his stomach than a ever-spending, whiny Liberal?  A Republican from the Northeast!  And therein lies Mr. Blubber’s, I mean, Chris Christie’s ultimate character flaw in his bid to become PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in 2016.  You cannot be a REAL LIFE, obese caricature of an AMERICAN POLITICIAN who is constantly THE fat BUTT of obese jokes from UNFUNNY american comedians, I mean, late night television hosts – it SIMPLY just won’t work FATSO!  Do you UNDERSTAND!  Long story short, BlubberGate, I mean, BridgeGate reeks from the deathly STENCH of CRONYISM and PETTY POLTICS.  I mean, if you are going to close 2 lanes on the BUSIEST BRIDGE on the face of this BEAUTIFUL PLANET in order to punish the MAYOR of Fort Lee for not playing by your FAT-MAN rules in your RE-ELECTION bid as Governor of New Jersey, then you deserve EXACTLY everything that will happen to you in your near OBESE future.  And all I can say is, “You are ONE lucky FATSO because if I were driving in New Jersey on any of the 4 days that the George Washington Bridge’s 2 lanes were closed and got stuck in a 5 hour traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey, I would have PERSONALLY driven to your home and beat you SENSLELESS with an EXTRA LARGE roast beef sandwich with all the works ON IT and then SMASHED an extra, large PIZZA PIE from the sky right in your FAT FACE – now that’s AMORE!  So, the best piece of advice I can give Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie is to watch the hit HBO series The Sopranos again – particularly the episode where TONY SOPRANO kills BIG PUSSY on a boat for being a DEMOCRATIC, I mean GOVERNMENT snitch because by the 2016 United States Presidential Elections, Chris Christie will be POLITICALLY sleeping with the FISHES.