It’s Official! I Can Start Calling Him…


Let us never forget America!  If (and when) fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump starts “sashaying” his belly around the White House, all blame will fall on Hillary “fracking” Clinton, Bill “wall street shill” Clinton, and President Monsanto “ask what you can do for wall street” Obama

In my “humble” opinion, the day Hillary “fracking” Clinton chose war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine as her Vice President was the day the wall street owned NEO-LIBERALS of the DEMOCRAT PARTY handed over ALL 3 BRANCHES of government to the treacherous GOP..

Or, in other words, the only reason why Fracking Hillary, Wall Street Shill Bill Clinton, and President Monsanto Obama did not want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as Vice President was/is because Wall Street is terrified of a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Vice Presidency despite the fact that the Vice President really doesn’t have any power.

Even the most ignorant of ignorant Republicans fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump himself knows that there is no way in hell or heaven that the Democrats lose with a Hillary/Obama/Bernie/Warren/Stein coalition…

If (and when) the Democrats lose the White House, it will be for one reason – they would/could not COMPROMISE with THEIR own BASE!  For if they had done so (by picking Sander or Warren as Vice President), Hillary “fracking” Clinton could have literally SLEPT WALKED into the WHITE HOUSE.

P.s. In my “humble” opinion, the DEMOCRATS should grow a FUCKING BRAIN really, really fast…and compromise with their own base….and kick war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine to the WALL STREET curb…and replace him with Sanders or Warren…that is if the DEMOCRATS want to win in a LANDSLIDE.  Bottom line here is VERY SIMPLE – if Hillary wins, she will just barely win…meaning…Wall Street gets exactly what they want – a DEMOCRAT president, a REPUBLICAN senate and congress AKA the status quo to even more “YUUUUUUUUGE” profits for Wall Street!





Mr. 47% Is Back


Wow!!!  The republicans must be drinking their favorite alcoholic beverage LISTERINE again..There can only 2 explanations as to what is happening to the Grand Old Party these days..

  1. They are either most ignorant, selfish bunch of filthy A-holes that cannot comprehend that every time one their fools tries to take down the only backfires on them and makes the TRUMP even stronger.  And, if this is the case, they need to be gone FOREVER with a quickness
  2. Every republican is on the Trump bandwagon and everything we are witnessing is nothing more than KABUKI THEATER…And, if this is the case, they need to be gone FOREVER with a quickness as well

I have no idea which one it is..nor do I care…What we are witnessing is the final stage of a CITIZENS UNITED hostile take over of Washington.  This will not end well for either party…and they deserve what is about to come their way…


Clown Face Wayne Lapierre – A Jihadist’s Wet Dream Come True

Hmmmm….let’s see…the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act has been stalled in Washington for eight years now…

Anyone want to take a wild AND crazy guess as to who is making this happen?  It’s a very simple answer…

BINGO! You guessed it!  The NRA and ignorant bobble-head whore Wayne Lapierre and his suitcases full of SPECIAL INTEREST/LOBBYISTS’ blood money and RE-ELECTION victories as well as every single BOBBLE HEAD/CORPORATE puppet in WASHINGTON from all sides of the political spectrum…

Now…if I were a “MENTALLY UNSTABLE” jihadist in AMERICA who is extremely angry at AMERICA for starting BOGUS WARS in the MIDDLE EAST (that has killed more than 350,000 innocent civilians – women and children always included) solely for the purpose of reaping huge profits off the THEFT of OIL and THE SALES of unlimited guns/ammo to all peoples who hate each other in the MIDDLE EAST….there’s going to be 72 “dark-eyed” Mulsim virgins in PARADISE who are going to be very, very, very angry at me…simply because the mere glimpse of WAYNE LAPIERRE’S face and what he STANDS for (profits ALWAYS before people and freedom) would make me CREAM in my PANTS…




A Must-Buy Book For Future American Dynasties Who Want To Become President Of The United States

familycheatIt’s official! The Bush and Clinton Dynasties have opened up their FAMILY cheat books as they rev up their presidential campaigns for the 2016 United States Of America Presidential Elections…Every and all other candidates  in the race (regardless of political ideology) will play their Kabuki Theater acting roles masterfully by constantly throwing RED MEAT to their political bases…

And, the 2 TRIBES of AMERICA will love their RED MEAT just as much as zombies LOVE eating fresh BRAIN.  Long story short, the 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION will NOT only be a DOOZY but will also never be forgotten (not in a “GOOD” way) for generations to come…

And, regardless of who wins and becomes our 45th president, I promise you “SHE or HE will know that the BEATING heart of AMERICA is not the foundations of OUR CONSTITUTION…but the guns and bullets of a SUPER POWER…and, SHE or HE (the next president) will bring us DEATH..and we will love him or her for it.” – my version of SENATOR GRACCHUS’ words from the movie GLADIATOR 🙂 …

How Do You Know When An American Politician Is Lying?

lies203When his or her lips start moving…and, I hate to say this…but they are all liars…and, we are all HERE to serve them…and, more of our TAX dollars will be spent on creating more terrorists who hate america in the MIDDLE EAST so that more future generations of AMERICANS will become bankrupt…So, in a nutshell….when you see an american politician’s lips moving, it’s time to change the channel because you know they are lying…This country needs a 3rd party,  and it needs ONE very soon..Best friends forever republicans and democrats know this and is the reason why our ELECTIONS are always a CHOICE between 2 TERRIBLE choices…because they are one and the same party who take turns wearing the “BAD GUY” cap whose only purpose is to CIRCLE THE WAGONS on the IGNORANCE and HYPOCRISY of the AMERICAN people

The REAL enemy to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats is not the MUSLIM terrorists in the MIDDLE EAST…it’s a STRONG middle CLASS in AMERICA…and, it’s for this REASON alone..why BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats constantly START wars in the MIDDLE EAST…Give america’s POLITICIANS credit where credit is due..they have CREATED the PERFECT boogeyman in the MIDDLE EAST…whose only purpose is to ROB the middle class of AMERICA into BANKRUPTCY for generations to come

The Election About Nothing

nationgoodSo…let me get this STRAIGHT!!!  Come this November….our congress and senate want us to vote for them when these IMBECILES are incapable of DEBATING and/or VOTING on ANYTHING other than STARTING more WARS…Even more disturbing is how the U.S. MEDIA outlets will be CHIRPING more of their lies to the AMERICAN people again about how “MORE WAR DOES A NATION GOOD!” bullshit propaganda!!!!  And….who wants to make a $10,000 dollar MITT ROMNEY bet that when these WAR-BUSTERS we call our LEADERS come back from their EXTRA-PLUSH vacations THAT they will NOT be discussing the ISSUES that matter MOST to AMERICANS (i.e. the economy, the recession, the INCREASING income gap between rich and poor, climate change…JUST to name a few)….I’ll MOST definitely take that bet cause it will be the EASIEST money I will have ever earned…Stay tuned Y’ALL…I’m in the process of developing the PILOT SHOW for “THE 2014 UNITED STATES SEINFELD ELECTION”…the TITLE will be “WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!” 🙂

I Think I Finally Learned How To Fix Stupid


Maybe one day…..much sooner rather than way later….my fellow Americans will realize that ALWAYS choosing between 2 horrible choices in all of our ELECTIONS is a truly BOGUS form of democracy – the cheapest kind that COPORATE and WALL STREET money can purchase. Wake up AMERICA! Every single UPCOMING election in AMERICAN POLITICS will OFFER a choice between only 2 HORRIBLE candidates debating over multiple TERRIBLE issues (i.e. climate change, gun control, war, pollution just to name a few, etc. etc. etc) that will ALWAYS and ONLY hurt WE THE PEOPLE and everyone on THIS entire PLANET. Look around AMERICA! If you do, you will see that absolutely NOTHING is getting better for any person’s life on THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET (including Americans) except for the %1ers and their corporations that own the WORLD. Matter of fact, with each upcoming AMERICAN ELECTION in our future, I can promise that this world will become a much MORE expensive, violent, polluted, and dangerous (in every sense of the word) WORLD to live in….The solution is simple AMERICA! Purposely consuming LESS is the answer to all of our problems. Corporate America and Washington not only SURVIVE but grossly THRIVE on our CASH-MONEY (and credit too!)…SO, if they want OUR cash-money, they have to START earning it by being GREAT leaders and CORPORATIONS that care once again. I can promise you that if we PURPOSELY consume less (political donations included) the corporations that own WASHINGTON will most definitely WAKE UP (and that’s when things finally happen for the good of all in AMERICA)…and it will be at this moment that both PARTIES will be at their WEAKEST and finally can be removed as the CANCEROUS tumors they have recently become so that a new ERA of politics and political parties can be PROUDLY ushered forth ALL in the name of “FAIRNESS” for all.

MONEY talks AMERICA….so let’s keep our mouths SHUT and keep our money where it belongs – in our WALLETS…and LET’S really get to work

Clown Face Max Baucus Wins 2014 Corporate Fluffer Of The Year Award


For all you out there who may not know what a FLUFFER is, I’ll be the nice guy and provide the definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary.


Now don’t get me wrong now…I am not saying that Max Baucus is a porn star or works in the PORN industry whatsoever.  But he does work in an INDUSTRY more scummy and sleazy than the PORN industry itself; and, it’s called U.S. POLITICS.   And in this extra SLEAZY industry called U.S. POLITICS – Max Baucus’ sole job is to blow CORPORATE cock for companies like WALMART so it stays nice and hard before it’s RAMMED up THE ASSES of hard-working AMERICANS.

Hey Max!  You screwed the American people when you took the money from the U.S. HEALTHCARE FOR PROFIT system to make sure SINGLE PAYER would never happen in the UNITED STATES.  Matter of fact, everything that is utterly WRONG with OBAMACARE today can be traced right back to you CLOWN FACE max Baucus.  As if this wasn’t scummy enough, now you are trying to FAST-TRACK the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP with your best buddy Bill Clinton jr., I mean, PRESIDENT obama so that TRILLION DOLLAR u.s. corporations that pay no TAXES can have their shitty products made in countries like VIETNAM where workers are paid 50 cents an hour under horrible working conditions (child slave labor included).  And how much do you want to make a bet that when CLOWN FACE max baucus retires from U.S. POLITICS this year, he’ll become a POWER LOBBYIST in Washington.

P.s. God Bless Americans Because Satan Has Cursed Washington

Why The Hell Was I Forced To Take All Those Science Classes In School If The Republicans And Democrats Are Now Either Denying Or Ignoring It?


This is the type of stupid American horse manure bullshit that drives me nuts!!!  What the hell is going on here GUYS!  I mean, every year from like 4th grade until I graduated from college, I had to stress over studying science so that I could keep my GPA high enough in order to get into a decent college; and then, graduate from that decent college.  And, now our CORPORATE TROLL politicians gleefully mock and ignore SCIENCE to the detriment of every human being living on this planet today (and all future children tomorrow)…what a fucking JOKE!  I guess the old saying, “Hindsight has 20/20 vision” now rings “OH!” so true because if I had known back then what I know now – instead of being forced to take science class every year, I would have demanded that I be allowed to take “How To Blow A Crooked Politician Like A Dirty Whore Lobbyist” class and everything would have been all good!

 God Bless Americans Because Satan Has Cursed The American Government

A Wise Word Of Advice For The Elephant Man Aka The Soon To Be Whig Party, I mean, Republican Party


Get with the PROGRAM or don’t let the DOOR hit you on the way OUT!  It is really THAT simple.  The Affordable Care Act, I mean, Obamacare will run better than a fine-tuned Oil Rig from Texas by the 2014 Elections.  “What is your proof?” you ask.  I don’t really NEED to show any proof simply because if the GOP continues on their path of IGNORANCE, they will prove my point that by no later than 2024 the republican party will become this country’s next WHIG party who will hear the words, “Adios Amigos” as they disappear into their own ignorant HISTORY books.  But, being that I am a nice guy, I will provide you with just little proof why the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare will run ever so smoothly by upcoming House Elections in 2014. 

 Let’s take Kentucky as my proof.   I am not going to the rehash the PURPOSEFUL horrible launch of THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT aka Obamacare  nationwide because we already know this.  However, I am going to mention that since DAY 1 of the Obamacare launch, it has run ever so smoothly in KENTUCY.  Do you want to know why?  It’s very obvious and you don’t need to be A ROCKET SCIENTIST to know the answer; but, you do need to have a brain slightly bigger than an acorn (something today’s GOP is still looking for in one of its leaders).  Here’s your answer WHY!  Answer #1. Say Good-Bye to Mitch Mcconnell (the ferret on steroids) who will not win RELECTION as senator of Kentucky which means you can kiss his corrupt, PORK LUVING, wrinkled ass away as the GOP Minority Senate Leader.  Mitch knows this and is why he took the PORK of 2.5 billion dollars to have an EXTRA FANCY dam built in his home-state during the most recent government shutdown (and if we know one thing about AMERICAN politicians – it’s that PORK makes them extremely wealthy).

 Once this happens and it will, the democrats will go from one RED state to another and surgically remove one ignorant republican after another as they clear a PATH for a Hillary Clinton’s “NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN OUR HISTORY” landslide in 2016 & 2020 elections.  And then guess what happens?  Elizabeth Warren becomes President for another 2 elections.  If you do the math, you will see that the DEMOCRATS can conceivably run the white house, the senate, and the congress from 2014 thru 2032 – “that’s ONE SCORE minus 2 years” to semi-quote the LAST and ONLY GREAT republican president Abe Lincoln 

 Which brings me back full circle to my original point to the GOP!  Get with THE FUCKING PROGRAM or get the fuck out of this country.  I find it highly ironic that the GOP will hear their favorite words directed at democrats for the past 30-40 years words come right back at them, “Hey! If you don’t like it, then you can move to another country!”   Oh yea!  One last piece of valuable advice – take that BUSH FAMILY CHEAT BOOK that you have been using for the past 30 years or so and throw it into the bottom of the polluted ocean.  If you do not, I promise, you will enter into the DIRTY, UN-WIPED asshole of HISTORY forever because all WE THE PEOPLE ask from our LEARDERS in GOVERNMENT is to JUST simply PRETEND THAT YOU fucking CARE – that’s it!  There will still be 2 parties in AMERICA’S future – the democrats and the progressives unless the GOP changes its way in a blink of an eye –and, unfortunately, that is nothing more than a PIPE “full of crack”DREAM.

 P.S.  I am not really a big fan of either party because, as far as I am concerned, both parties have been in power so long playing their favorite game of MUSICAL CHAIRS that they have created a cozy, little BEST FRIENDS FROEVER relationship AMONGST themselves where each party takes turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  But enough is enough and the bottom line is THE DEMOCRATS pretend to care just a tiny-weeny little bit more about WE THE PEOPLE than the current GOP.

So The Fat Man Who Will Never Be President Of The United States Of America Wins A 2nd Term As The Governor Of New Jersey


WhoopdeeFUCKINGdoo!   Or better yet – WhoopdeeFATFUCKINGdoo!!!!  The bottom line is the fat man, I mean, Mr. Blubber, I mean Chris Christie will never be president of the United States Of America for a multitude of reasons so I will just use baseball and “the 3 strikes and you are OUT!” analogy to keep things simple.

 Strike 1!!!! – lobbied for Wall Street before becoming Governor Of New Jersey

 Strike 2!!!! – One of Chris Christie’s largest money-making clients as a Wall Street lobbyist was an ORGANIZATION that was created SOLELY as a criminal business front by THE #1 SCUMBAG in AMERICA and BEST “ponzi schemer” of all time BERNIE MADOFF

 Strike 3 & ” YOU ARE OUTTA HERE you fat fuck!!!! – The little OBESE dance and FRENCH-TONGUE kissing, Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie enjoyed with President Obama immediately after Hurricane Sandy was the final nail in his “I want to be President Of The United States” coffin.  Way, way, and way MORE before the 2016 GOP presidential primaries officially begins, this country will realize Mr. Blubber is nothing more than an EXTRA heavy cost for the CLINTON FAMILY as they purchase THEIR PATH for a HILLARY CLINTON landslide from a selected few GOP buddies on their payroll while “MIND-FUCKING” the truly ignorant TEA PARTY whose constituents are TRULY TO fucking STUPID to see this.

P.S. Hey Renewable Dummies, I mean, STUPID AMERICANS!  If you cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans owned by truly TREASONOUS, trillion dollar corporations that pay no taxes want ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with A THRID PARTY in this country whether it be from the hypocrisy filled, racist conservative RIGHT or the “WE PRETEND TO CARE but actually fucking hate the MIDDLE CLASS”, extra-spending for their own profit, liberal LEFT, then this country deserves to grab its 300 million guns and die in a POOL of its own ignorant AMERICAN BLOOD – and deservedly so for the SAFETY of our future truly innocent CHILDREN.  Ironically and MOST depressingly is the fact that  Renewable Dummies, I mean, truly STUPID and IGNORANT Americans cannot see this due to their ignorant partisan finger pointing and this is EXACTLY what BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans want.

 We have seen this boring and “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF” story in our recent past during the 1960’s, where some in that generation became HIP in A brief moment of TRUE CLARITY to the corrupt game that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans ALWAYS start playing when they sense WE THE PEOPLE want change for THE BETTERMENT of themselves and their children.  This type of change has ALWAYS & will ALWAYS threaten the “MONEYED-INTERESTS” of our corrupt corporations and their political MINIONS.  Let’s not forget that every single AMERICAN in that generation that tried to ACTUALLY change America’s course for the better for all AMERICANS and their children were violently shot to DEATH by BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans’ preferred weapon of the choice – the 2ND amendment.