Children Playing In The Park 100 Years From Now


And who says Humans can’t ADAPT…of course WE can!!! Pay close attention AMERICA! These kids will be your GREAT grand children playing in the park in their CUTE, little umbrellas of OUR future….These UMBRELLAS of our FUTURE will NOT only be MODERN but they will also be SLEEK and totally CLIMATE-CHANGE proof. Naturally, these UMBRELLAS of our FUTURE will be MADE in CHINA (your GREAT grand children will be able to THANK chelsea clinton’s daugther’s son President BILL CLINTON jr the 3rd for this!). But the great NEWS is….Bullet-Proof Models will be AVAILABLE for AMERICAN children ONLY…

To All Idiots In Florida Who Voted For The False Prophet Mitt Romney in 2012

I guess TODAY is not such a FUNNY day for all you effin IDIOTS down there in FLORIDA who voted for MITTENS in 2012 huh!!!!  I mean, 26 EFFIN counties down there are completely UNDER water and there WASN’T even a FUCKING hurricane.  AMERICA needs to STOP subsidizing IGNORANCE immediately.  Here’s my thinking to finally put END to all this IGNORANT madness running rampant throughout AMERICA these DAYS….If you are a CLIMATE CHANGE denier, you should NOT receive ONE PENNY in FEDERAL EMERGENCY aid ever again.  You want ME to feel SORRY for a bunch of FUCKING ignorant ASSHOLES who WHOOP and HOLLER at MITT “the false prophet” ROMNEY’S truly UNFUNNY joke during the RNC convention in 2012 that was HELD in TAMPA, FLORIDA….that IS not GOING to happen because I’m laughing MY fucking ASS off too HARD right now…just so you KNOW….

But what will NOT be so FUNNY is the FACT that these IGNORANT, LIFE SUCKING losers will BE the very first PRICKS on line to suck every PENNY of FEDERAL EMERGENCY aid AVAILABLE paid for, ONCE AGAIN, by WE the PEOPLE…

And, herein LIES america’s BIGGEST problem…today IGNORANT, corporate-OWNED republican party enables the lying “WE LOVE AMERICA” DEMOCRATIC party to do ABSOLUTELY nothing other than to further PAD their pockets with MORE riches and POWER while they PERFECT the art of LYING to the AMERICAN people.   We are stuck in VICIOUS cycle OF a world where OUR GOVERNMENT (paid for BY we the people) takes OUR MONEY to FURTHER pollute OUR EARTH so they CAN take even more money from us so that THIS vicious CYCLE of UNFUNNY ignorance CAN continue on indefinitely…and the ultimate and final truth about his can be seen in the idiocy and comical ignorance of FLORIDIANS who deny CLIMATE change…because if Hurricane Katrina in NEW ORLEANS proved one thing…it’s that the ignorant climate change deniers will always without fail and/or hesitation grab every penny of federal emergency aid while they continue to MOCK the POOR people of this COUNTRY…and ACTUALLY, that’s NOT so funny

Beware Of The Vulture In Eagle’s Clothing


Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock…that’s the sound of the CLIMATE CHANGE bomb that is exploding right before our very own EYES america….Look around stupid AMERICA and you will see MOTHER NATURE reeking her SHEER & UTTER hatred of everything AMERICAN today that will CONTINUE for many endless DAYS to come.  And yet…we still have the IGNORANT products of DADDY banging GRANNY, I mean, the REPUBLICAN party still DENYING climate change while the EVEN more TREASONOUS and just as evil demo-RATs, I mean, Democratic party still PRETENDS to care while they continue to SPEW their PAID FOR CORPORATE lies so that POLLUTING our PLANET can be even more PROFITABLE for the VULTURES of TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL capitalism, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, and WALL STREET.

You BEST wake the FUCK UP real SOON america!  The u.s. government and wall street will PROFIT by the TRILLIONS as MOTHER NATURE continues to take the INNOCENT but ignorant LIVES of more and more AMERICANS daily.  They will continue to STEAL our money so that they can further POLLUTE our PLANET because its THEIR only WAY to ring in TRILLIONS in PROFITS.  The LIES must end AMERICA…..As of today, we MUST starve the EVIL-BEAST…and it is so VERY simple to do..ORGANIZE then BOYCOTT…purposefully CONSUME less and communicate to WASHINGTON as to why..And if they DO NOT listen which they will not…it will be at this MOMENT that we MUST take back our COUNTRY.  Because here’s the BOTTOM line AMERICA…if we DO NOT take steps IMMEDIATELY, I can promise YOU one thing (and you can THANK me later for READING your future)…the lives of HONEST, HARD-WORKING, ordinary americans will continue to DECLINE as the EVIL lives of everyone in WASHINGTON and WALL STREET will ONLY get BETTER!  God Bless The American People Because Satan Has Cursed Wall Street And The American Government…



Now That Georgia Has Passed Its Guns Everywhere Bill, I Say We Vote To Pass A Drones Everywhere In America Bill


And this will happen in our very NEAR future..and we can thank the GUN-NUT assholes of america who have blindly funded the GUNS FOR PROFIT, I mean, NRA for making this happen…I mean, it’s these VERY assholes who have been BRIBING, I mean, STRONG-ARMING, I mean, lobbying our GOVERNMENT for centuries in order to protect their OWN individual freedoms at the cost of everyone else’s…but now, when other industries start BRIBING, I mean, STRONG-ARMING, I mean, lobbying our GOVERNMENT for DRONES and their USE of them, the COWARDS of the NRA have a problem with this.

What did you non-comprising IDIOTS think?…that our CORRUPT and TREASONOUS government WOULD NOT take THE LOBBYISTS’ money from OTHER corrupt and treasonous industries!!!! PLEASE!!!! And, IRONICALLY…this LITTLE gun DEBATE that AMERICANS have been debating about for the past couple of DECADES in regards to GUN CONTROL exposes the TRUE IDIOCY that is RUNNING rampant throughout AMERICA – the SINGLE-ISSUE voter. I’m going to let you GUN-NUT, SINGLE-ISSUE voter IDIOTS in on a little secret…a NEW BREED of SINGLE ISSUE voter has been BORN…and that is me…this means that any and every issue regarding DRONES and their USE of THEM against idiots with GUNS…I will not ONLY support with FINANCIAL donations, BUT it will ALSO be THE ONLY issue I VOTE on and for….I mean, why are IGNORANT FOOLS only allowed to make OUR GOVERNMENT a bigger POLICE STATE by the day with THEIR cowardly LEGAL firearms…

This way….when I get all pissed OFF and angry FOR WHATEVER selfish AMERICAN reason I may HAVE at any particular moment…I can send my PERSONAL, LEGAL drone to, let’s say, a BAR in GEORGIA and MASS MURDER every single idiot holding a LEGAL firearm in that BAR from the comfort of my own HOME….and even better is the FACT that when the POLICE DRONES come to get me..I can, then, turn my PERSONAL, LEGAL drone on myself and COMMIT suicide like all you MASS-MURDERING, MENTALLY ill gun cowards. Of course and NATURALLY, it would go without saying that I would ALSO support AND vote for PERSONAL DRONES for the MENTALLY ILL as well as TERRORISTS bent on harming america…WHY SHOULD the GUN-NUTS of america have all the FUN is WHAT I am SCREAMING about..

And the very BEST part of PASSING a DRONES EVERYWHERE in AMERICA bill would be to put an end to the IGNORANT cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE’S ultimate AMERICAN lie – “the only thing that stops a BAD GUY with a GUN is A GOOD guy with A GUN”….You are full of ignorant SHIT wayne lapierre..and that is the cold TRUTH…because in your very NEAR future, it WILL BE drones that will BE the only thing THAT will stop A BAD guy WITH a GUN…because THERE IS no such thing WHATSOEVER as AN american GOOD GUY, SINGLE ISSUE VOTER with a GUN..

In ending, we are JUST going to have to ADMIT, as americans, THAT we are the MOST violent NATION this world HAS ever seen….and we are VERY proud of this FACT… So let’s make it EVEN more violent I say, AND let’s take even more pride in our VIOLENCE for profit… LET’S also try with all our MIGHT, at the very least, TO still BE #1 in at least one CATEGORY amongst THE so called “PEACE LOVING” nations OF the WORLD. I mean, if we are going to do something…let’s do it TO THE BEST of our capabilities…it’s the AMERICAN way. So, beware AMERICA…there’s a NEW BREED of single ISSUE voter…and that’s ME



How To Pass Gun Control In America


First and foremost, let’s get our facts straight about GUNS …guns are for punks and cowards who are afraid of other punks and cowards with GUNS…if this WERE not TRUE, our founding FATHERS would have never have CREATED the 2ND AMENDMENT in the first place…end of STORY. Everything that is COMPLETELY wrong about AMERICA today can be traced back to the NRA…it has created the ULTIMATE blueprint on how to destroy freedom and democracy in every sense of the word….

DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM are about the POWER of the PEOPLE…not the POWER of MONEY or CORPORATIONS…it’s really that simple…the NRA has been bullying, I mean, lobbying our government with suitcases full of CASH & RE-ELECTION victories for the LONGEST time now (more than 200 years now)….Our genius FOUNDING FATHERS warned us ABOUT money in POLITICS….and how it would truly DESTROY freedom for FREEDOM loving people.

This has led to other industries copying the NRA blueprint on how to STEAL more freedoms from WE THE PEOPLE and to make life more EXPENSIVE for ALL…like for example the HEALTHCARE for PROFIT industry and OBAMACARE…or the u.s. subsidized POLLUTING for PROFITS oil INDUSTRY…or the EVER-INCREASING in size u.s. POLICE STATE…or the WALL STREET bailout…and how about the SHITTY-FOOD for PROFIT industry that refuses to LABEL the ingredients in our FOODS…or the POLLUTING coal industry that WILL never stop POLLUTING our waters that we drink…or how about the SAM WALTONOPOLIES, I mean, WALMARTS in AMERICA who refuse to increase the MINIMUM WAGE because they TRULY love government SUBSIDIES like FOOD ASSISTANCE so that their employees can only purchase their shitty products and foods because they cannot afford to shop anywhere else….who TOTALLY supported and funded the NAFTA trade agreement back in the 1990s and now totally supports and funds the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP that will lead to more AMERICANS jobs being lost.

What do all THESE INDUSTRIES now have in COMMON…they have all used THE nra BLUEPRINT…step ONE – give enough MONEY to politicians to ensure their RE-ELECTION victory so that THE PROFITS can rain in which then is PUMPED back into our NOW corrupt and treasonous GOVERNMENT so they can stay in power and steal OUR FREEDOMS for CENTURIES to come.

I want to make this COMPLETELY 100% clear…keep your GUNS…but tell the NRA to stop giving BLOOD MONEY to Washington…it will NOT be GUNS that will destroy OUR will be the MONEY given to WASHINGTON by the INDUSTRIES that ALWAYS put PROFITS before PEOPLE that will…I will ask 2 very SIMPLE questions that even the MOST ignorant of IGNORANT americans can ANSWER…

QUESTION #1: What COUNTRY has the BIGGEST government on THE face OF THIS earth?
QUESTION #2: What COUNTRY has the MOST amount of GUNS on THE face of THIS earth?

Now, put ONE and ONE together and GROW a FUCKING brain…and you WILL arrive at a VERY SIMPLE answer…that THERE is a DIRECT correlation between THE SIZE of a GOVERNMENT and THE amount OF GUNS it has…so PLEASE!!!! Keep your GUNS but PLEASE be honest LYING gun NUTS of AMERICA and stop SPEWING your IGNORANCE about GUNS, FREEDOM, and SMALL government.

The American Red Cross Double Cross.

I have never nor will I ever donate a single penny to the RED CROSS…getting rich while pretending to help people in need defeats the whole purpose of CHARITY..even worse is the fact that it sucks the very life out of this ONCE great country

Shania's song.

The American Red Cross is not what it presents itself as. The Red Cross is a facilitator of Agenda 21. The included doc is straight out of the UN and the Red Cross is helping institute Global Government. The American Red Cross is guilty of Treason. Do not donate to any organization with ties to the UN. If you do, you are guilty of aiding and abetting treason. Quoted from the link.

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This Truly Ignorant Dude Most Definitely Gives All Decent, Hardworking, Honest White Americans A Very Bad Name


But NOT to WORRY america! Truly beautiful DAYS are coming to a THEATER near US real soon…that I promise AMERICA!!! How do I know this? Very simple….and here’s WHY! It will be BECAUSE of truly IGNORANT idiots like CLIVEN “I Eat Too Many Burritos” Bundy that will MAKE today’s REPUBLICAN PARTY go the way of WHIG PARTY by no LATER than 10 years…meaning “SEE YA and don’t LET the DOOR hit you on the WAY OUT assholes!”

And that is GREAT news AMERICA!!! That means half the battle has BEEN won! And, once the REPUBLICANS have been removed from AMERICA due to their own SHEER ignorance and hypocrisy…we can FINALLY remove the other equally cancerous and treasonous tumor, I mean, political party otherwise known as the DEMOCRATIC party. That’s right DEMOCRATS! We will KICK your ass out of this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY as well…and deservedly so…Just so you know DEMOCRATIC PARTY…LYING slightly better than the REPUBLICAN PARTY does NOT make you a BETTER alternative for WE THE PEOPLE simply because we ALL know that you DESPISE the AMERICAN PEOPLE just as EQUALLY as the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

It’s been a long standing THEORY of mine that the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC parties have recently (within the last 30 years) become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER who take TURNS wearing the BAD GUY hat…meaning they are ONE and the SAME PARTY when it comes to FUCKING the american people. Unfortunately for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, this is what happens when the U.S. MONOPOLIES that own OUR GOVERNMENT fill WASHINGTON with TRULY ignorant CORPORATE TOOLS. Now…don’t get me WRONG now…I have nothing against CORPORATE TOOLS…I’m just against CORPORATE tools, trolls and shills whose only CONCERN is PRESERVING the IMMENSE power given to them by WE THE PEOPLE instead of being the TRUE LEADERS that this COUNTRY and WORLD so DESPERATELY needs today. In a nutshell, that’s my fucking PROBLEM with BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats of TODAY….

Beautiful days are coming REAL soon AMERICA…Our MOMENT OF CLARITY is close at HAND. We must be ready and we WILL be, this I know!…Just sit back and relax and watch the POWER of the AMERICAN people come ROARING back because it WILL….All that is required is a 2 simple steps…purposely CONSUME LESS AMERICA…if you do not need it THEN don’t BUY it…and then LET Washington KNOW why you are purposely CONSUMING less by saying, “STOP SELLING US OUT FOR PERSONAL GAIN assholes!” That is all that is required to protect ourselves from participating in OUR own demise.


The Coughing Ends Here!


DUDES!  How totally AWESOME is this…a weed PATCH for chronic COUGHERS, I mean, weed smokers like myself…and, when people see my stomach, they always ask me, “hey dude! how did you get your SIX-PACK abs…situps, push-ups, crunches?”…and I always answer, “Here, smoke some of this SHIT!  It’ll make you cough so hard; your stomach will have no choice but to get RIPPED!”…that’s because I don’t SMOKE no shwag…EVER…only KIND buds yo! Of course, it goes without saying that I no longer have any short-term memory whatsoever so I’ll just leave it at 🙂


Can We Stop With The Stupid Earth Days And Start Having Earth Decades

Or how about…Earth Century…or even better Earth Millennium…and instead of polluting our oceans, atmosphere and planet…why don’t we just send all of our pollution up into SPACE in the direction of our SUN….or, even better, deep into the planet of UR-ANUS…just kidding :)…

What will not be so funny 100 years from now is when everything we eat, breathe, and drink will have extremely HIGH-LEVELS of pollution IN it. But not to WORRY…I’m sure the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT will subsidize a NEW corporate STUDY that will prove that EATING american MONEY is just as delicious and nutritious as eating FOOD. I mean, the AMERICAN dollar is GREEN…full of FIBER…and, most importantly, extremely LOW on calories,  saturated fats and SODIUM…Unfortunately, however, it is HIGHLY processed….

Wake the FUCK up AMERICA! Earth Day is one BIG, corporate, POLLUTED joke…if you TRULY care about YOUR CHILDREN and their children’s CHILDREN…Consume LESS and let WASHINGTON know why because this POLLUTING MADNESS is starting to get out of hand…until THEN….bon appetit!


A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Stupid Whitey Is Still On The Moon


Just so Y’ALL all know…I will NEVER stop minding my OWN business and I will ALWAYS continue to mind yours…Okay, Okay!  Let me re-PHRASE…As long as the ONCE great AMERICA continues on its path of HYPOCRISY, IGNORANCE, and the DESTRUCTION of this BEAUTIFUL planet, I WILL never MIND my own BUSINESS and i WILL always MIND yours.  Destroying this planet IN ORDER to save the U.S. economy is NO LONGER important to me simply because the U.S. economy is not about GREATNESS…it’s about GREED garnered through DEATH, VIOLENCE, and POLLUTION.  The TRULY deadly CANCER known as AMERICA is spreading ever-so-quickly throughout our PLANET as AMERICANS continue to CHEER, “WE’re #1”  I hate to BURST america’s LITTLE bubble…but WE ARE NOT #1.

Whether we like it OR not…america has TRANSFORMED itself from the BEACON of hope for all INTO the burning hot, stank PIT of hell where PROFITS always come BEFORE the people.  There is only ONE reason why YOU are on this planet…and that REASON is to make the VERY SELECTED few MORE profits on top of the IMMENSE PROFITS these CANCEROUS fools already have.  What else would explain the ACCELERATED pace of our WORLD POPULATION, POLLUTION, and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.  The end is (as we know it)  COMING on PURPOSE…and then IT will start ALL over again on PURPOSE….but this TIME, in a WORLD with NO BEAUTY and HOPE.

I hate to be the PESSIMIST because my nature is truly OPTIMISTIC…but I can no LONGER live BLINDLY in america’s ignorant bliss any longer.  My soul HAS given up on the ways of the past as I search for a NEW FUTURE and REALM of hope.  I am 48 years old and I have never had a child…this was done on PURPOSE…a child BORN into a WORLD of lies has VERY LITTLE HOPE..and his or her child even LESS.  Many out there will call me SELFISH…but am I any less SELFISH than the AMERICAN with children who DOES nothing BUT continue to ACCELERATE our path to IGNORANT ungreatness so that the VERY FEW can own ALL and disperse VITAL resources for a NOMINAL fee that ALWAYS increases…NO, i DON’T think so….for I know, the CHILD or CHILDREN I never had TODAY or YESTERDAY will save the LIVES of 1,000 babies 100 YEARS from now.  And once again…just so all y’all know…I was NOT placed ON this PLANET so as to make corrupt GOVERNMENTS and the %1ers who own them MORE PROFITS.  Death has always been PART of LIFE…this I know..but DEATH for PROFIT is something NEW.  I will NOT accept this…and will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop this…and is why I will NEVER stop minding my own business and will ALWAYS mind yours.

Wake up AMERICA and tell our GOVERNMENT to stop spending 70 million dollars (the cost to send ONE ASTRONAUT) of U.S. taxpayers money so that RUSSIANS can send us TO space.  Gil Scott Heron was A GREAT poet who was FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL for ONLY one reason..he SPOKE the TRUTH about the WORLD that he was BORN into…POETS with BLOGS should PAY very close ATTENTION…do not ONLY write about yourselves  while denying your surrounding world – that’s for TRIVIAL liars..WRITE about the REAL TRUTH in a world devoid OF ANY….History has proven that ONLY artists can CHANGE the world for the BETTER…it is in your words, vision, and works of art that TRUTH for all can be spread.  So, once again, I ask, “Why are we giving RUSSIA 500 million dollars so that THEY can send OUR ASTRONAUTS to SPACE?  I know the answer but do you…

If America Does Not Boycott Everything General Mills, Then This Country Has Truly Lost Its Effin Mind!


Hey everyone!!!! It’s NOW officially OFFICIAL…AMERICA has TRULY lost its FUCKING mind….and SOUL as well (but that’s another story for another day). I’m deadly serious about this…AND this AIN’T no funny JOKE yo!

Now…’re probably asking yourself, “WHAT THE FUCK is the this LUNATIC from new york city TALKING ABOUT?” And being that I am not THAT type of GUY because “WORD is always BOND”, I’m going to tell what this is all ABOUT!

So…I wake up this and turn on the NEWS like I always do…and one of the NEWS STORIES I hear is about GENERAL MILLS and how this truly CORRUPT and immorally GREEDY u.s. CORPORATION has placed a new PRIVACY POLICY where if consumers interact with their online brands (i.e. “LIKING” on facebook OR downloading coupons from their site or other sites) will LOSE their LEGAL RIGHT to sue GENERAL MILLS…(read below for more INFO….just click on image to make larger and easier to read)


Now…you may be asking yourself, “WHY WOULD GENERAL MILLS DO THIS?” And the answer is VERY, VERY simple…because they have been FACING MORE AND MORE class action lawsuits due to THEIR lying LABELING and INGREDIENTS…or in SIMPLER terms…these FREAKIN lying and immoral BASTARDS want to CONTINUE with their LIES about THEIR shitty and UNHEALTHY products and labeling..It is SORT OF like a few DECADES ago when McDonalds used to sell “MILK SHAKES” by the 10 of MILLIONS daily until THE PEOPLE of america found out there wasn’t A SINGLE fucking DROP of milk in those crappy “SHAKES”…this is EXACTLY what GENERAL MILLS wants to CONTINUE.

Now…I’M going to be 1,00,000,000,000,000,000,000% HONEST here and reveal that the first WORDS that came out of my MOUTH upon learning this were, “OH HELLS FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!” And then…I walked into my kitchen…grabbed the BOX OF CHEERIOS that I purchased yesterday…then walked to my toilet in my bathroom…DUMPED every single CHEERIO in my TOILET…then smashed and crushed the EMPTY BOX of cheerios and threw into the GARBAGE….and then, I walked back to my TOILET and drained AN EXTRA LONG, BURNING HOT, ASPARAGUS-SMELLING piss on THE CHEERIOS floating in my TOILET…And then… because, I am not that TYPE of guy….I figured I might as well finish the JOB properly and took a HUGE, STANK dump on them CHEERIOS… at which point I WIPED and then…finally FLUSHED my toilet…AND LET ME TELL YOU, I never felt better….

When HISTORY looks back at the TIMES we are currently living in, they will have no choice BUT to call it the AGE OF THE RENEWABLE DUMMY. There is A REASON why AMERICA has become the MOST OBESE NATION on the face of this PLANET. It is BECAUSE of LYING, IMMORAL, OUR GREED HAS NO BOUNDS corporations LIKE general mills.

Here’s a better IDEA general mills….STOP fucking lying FOR PROFITS to the health DETRIMENTS of the BEAUTIFUL people OF america – THAT IS NOT THE american WAY!!!! IT IS THE communist WAY!!! If general mills CAN ONLY MAKE A PROFIT by lying about its unhealthy INGREDIENTS and their LABELING of their unhealthy INGREDIENTS……this MONOPOLY, I mean, company should NO LONGER be in BUSINESS….If americans CONTINUE to PURCHASE general mills’ UNHEALTHY products after installing this new PRIVACY POLICY…then this COUNTRY has become a NATION of RENEWABLE DUMMIES…and will deserve EVERYTHING bad that will HAPPEN to them in their UNHEALTHY & “obamacare wet dream come true” futures.

Consume LESS america! And by all means, START using your PURCHASING power to BOYCOTT these CRIMINAL, LYING, IMMORAL corporations that own OUR GOVERNMENT because I most DEFINITELY am…I am NO renewable DUMMY yo! Plus, I know for a fact that if the AMERICAN people stopped REWARDING these truly CANCEROUS u.s. corporations with THEIR PURCHASING POWERS, these TRULY cancerous U.S. CORPORATIONS would MOST DEFINITELY get the PICTURE.