Breaking News! CLOWNald Trump Just Lied More Than Hillary Cli-nixon!!


Not to worry renewable dummies of America, I mean, communist Trump voters – CONald Trump will NOT be impeached until AFTER he passes those tax breaks for the .01%ers and gets America into another BOGUS war for military profits in the Middle East again…

Exactly what the Kennedys, Clintons, Obamas and ALL “the fake wall street owned” Democrats wanted from the beginning.

your future memory


Putin’s Fate Will Be The Same As Spider’s In The Movie Goodfellas

In a country run by RATS and RULED by the largest RAT this world has even seen, it’s rather obvious to all what PUTIN’S fate will be.  Will someone please send this message to PUTIN from me, “Hey Putin! If you want to live like a RAT – then you will DIE like an effin RAT…and GUESS WHAT? The world will CHEER!!!!”

That has been and will ALWAYS be the FATE of the RAT

If It’s A Boeing 777 – Do Not Get In It!


That is if you do NOT want to increase your chances of DYING a MOST violent DEATH…or, at the very minimum, if you do get in a BOEING 777…make sure you are not  a TRULY selfish ASSHOLE…and please get some LIFE-INSURANCE..this way, when you are blown out of the sky OR vanish into THIN-AIR…your family will get a little POCKET-CHANGE when you are removed from this planet…So, let’s get to my main point..which is TOOTING my HORN.. If any of you have read any of my past posts in regards to the “missing” MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370, you will already know my main point…and that is – whether the “missing” MALAYSIAN AIRLINES flight 370 of a few months was BLOWN out of the sky by nefarious “terrorists” and/or it exploded in MID-AIR due to a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw in the BOEING 7777….really DOES NOT make a difference…DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  The answer is so very SIMPLE..and the current MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 which blew up in mid-air TODAY over the UKRAINE will be my ultimate proof  to my OVERALL point… And, here it is… cause it’s as PLAIN as DAY…WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH?  Why will we NEVER know the truth..Once again, the ANSWER is so very SIMPLE…because THERE IS NEVER ANY profit in TELLING the truth..We live in an AGE where the ETERNAL FANGS of GREED dominates EVERY facet of our lives.  Now, I am not going to get into a detailed discussion about the GEO-POLITICAL bullshit that our corporate MEDIA so loves to discuss and confuse us all with…matter of fact, I could not GIVE a FLYING FUCK (excuse the PUN) because THERE IS only 2 scenarios that we need to look at.. #1 Scenario…If it was a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw of the BOEINNG 777… we will most DEFINITELY never know the truth..MATTER OF FACT, boeing and the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will go out of their way to blame the “FOREVER” bad guy (terrorists) as to why today’s MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 exploded today…this way BOEING can CONTINUE to ring in the PROFITS by selling PIECES OF SHIT airplanes to all NATIONS on this planet BY being the MOST IMPERIALISTIC MONOPOLY the aviation industry has ever seen… #2 Scenario…Terrorists/Separatists (for whatever reason is not important) blew MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 17 out of the sky TODAY…and, ONCE AGAIN, we will never know the TRUTH…because, AS USUAL, WASHINGTON D.C . (the eternal LIARS) will MAKE sure we NEVER know THE TRUTH..because the REAL truth about everything that is HAPPENING with RUSSIA and the UKRAINE  today HAS everything TO DO with THE FANGS of WASHINGTON’S and BIG OIL’S eternal GREED…and the TRULY piece-of-shit CHICKEN-HAWK neo-cons WHO are addicted to sending BRAVE AMERICANS to die ON foreign SOIL for more PROFITS they DO NOT even need. Which brings me FULL-CIRCLE…if it’s A BOEING 777 flying anywhere on THIS PLANET…do NOT get in IT!!!  If there is one thing I can promise in the ONE life given to me in the AGE of “The FANGS of ETERNAL greed” we are ALL currently living it…it’s that if all people STOP flying on BOEING 777s due to its NOW chronic tendency to either vanish into THIN air or EXPLODE in mid-air…both BOEING and the eternal LIARS in WASHINGTON will GUARANTEE that they STOP taking our TAXES and TRANSFORMING it into BLOOD money that ULTIMATELY and ALWAYS comes back to KILL us…And, NEVER FORGET – violence BREEDS fear which always earns HUGE PROFITS for the scumbags whose only goal is to DIVIDE and CONQUER in their eternal pursuit to PUT profits always before PEOPLE

A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Stupid Whitey Is Still On The Moon


Just so Y’ALL all know…I will NEVER stop minding my OWN business and I will ALWAYS continue to mind yours…Okay, Okay!  Let me re-PHRASE…As long as the ONCE great AMERICA continues on its path of HYPOCRISY, IGNORANCE, and the DESTRUCTION of this BEAUTIFUL planet, I WILL never MIND my own BUSINESS and i WILL always MIND yours.  Destroying this planet IN ORDER to save the U.S. economy is NO LONGER important to me simply because the U.S. economy is not about GREATNESS…it’s about GREED garnered through DEATH, VIOLENCE, and POLLUTION.  The TRULY deadly CANCER known as AMERICA is spreading ever-so-quickly throughout our PLANET as AMERICANS continue to CHEER, “WE’re #1”  I hate to BURST america’s LITTLE bubble…but WE ARE NOT #1.

Whether we like it OR not…america has TRANSFORMED itself from the BEACON of hope for all INTO the burning hot, stank PIT of hell where PROFITS always come BEFORE the people.  There is only ONE reason why YOU are on this planet…and that REASON is to make the VERY SELECTED few MORE profits on top of the IMMENSE PROFITS these CANCEROUS fools already have.  What else would explain the ACCELERATED pace of our WORLD POPULATION, POLLUTION, and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.  The end is (as we know it)  COMING on PURPOSE…and then IT will start ALL over again on PURPOSE….but this TIME, in a WORLD with NO BEAUTY and HOPE.

I hate to be the PESSIMIST because my nature is truly OPTIMISTIC…but I can no LONGER live BLINDLY in america’s ignorant bliss any longer.  My soul HAS given up on the ways of the past as I search for a NEW FUTURE and REALM of hope.  I am 48 years old and I have never had a child…this was done on PURPOSE…a child BORN into a WORLD of lies has VERY LITTLE HOPE..and his or her child even LESS.  Many out there will call me SELFISH…but am I any less SELFISH than the AMERICAN with children who DOES nothing BUT continue to ACCELERATE our path to IGNORANT ungreatness so that the VERY FEW can own ALL and disperse VITAL resources for a NOMINAL fee that ALWAYS increases…NO, i DON’T think so….for I know, the CHILD or CHILDREN I never had TODAY or YESTERDAY will save the LIVES of 1,000 babies 100 YEARS from now.  And once again…just so all y’all know…I was NOT placed ON this PLANET so as to make corrupt GOVERNMENTS and the %1ers who own them MORE PROFITS.  Death has always been PART of LIFE…this I know..but DEATH for PROFIT is something NEW.  I will NOT accept this…and will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop this…and is why I will NEVER stop minding my own business and will ALWAYS mind yours.

Wake up AMERICA and tell our GOVERNMENT to stop spending 70 million dollars (the cost to send ONE ASTRONAUT) of U.S. taxpayers money so that RUSSIANS can send us TO space.  Gil Scott Heron was A GREAT poet who was FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL for ONLY one reason..he SPOKE the TRUTH about the WORLD that he was BORN into…POETS with BLOGS should PAY very close ATTENTION…do not ONLY write about yourselves  while denying your surrounding world – that’s for TRIVIAL liars..WRITE about the REAL TRUTH in a world devoid OF ANY….History has proven that ONLY artists can CHANGE the world for the BETTER…it is in your words, vision, and works of art that TRUTH for all can be spread.  So, once again, I ask, “Why are we giving RUSSIA 500 million dollars so that THEY can send OUR ASTRONAUTS to SPACE?  I know the answer but do you…

Get Off My Effing Television Or Go To Effing War Already


One simple question for all the lame-stream, media whore outlets out there who are force-feeding us BOGUS NEWS 24 hours a day about this extremely boring UKRAINE situation.  Are you EFFING kidding me!!!!  Here’s all you need to know about this whole UKRAINE situation.

 #1.       If you think that the AMERICAN and/or RUSSIAN GOVERNMENTS have the slightest bit of concern for the people of UKRAINE and their PRETEND freedoms than you are more IGNORANT than THE MOST ignorant of VOTERS who would vote for ignorant republican DARRELL ISSA.

 #2.       And, in regards to this little SITUATION in the UKRAINE – the only thing that matters to the AMERICAN and RUSSIAN GOVERNMENTS is extorting more money from their peoples in order to put more profits in the pockets of their EVER-GREEDY militaries whose only goal is to choke nations to death with their FEAR FOR PROFITS propaganda and 20th century tactics.  And oh yea! And let’s not forget all those TRILLIONS in profits that the EVEN-GREEDIER polluting OIL BARONS of the world will be receiving as a direct result of this little situation in UKRAINE.

 All I can say is, “Whatever dudes!”  I’m in too much of a bad mood today to further comment on this waste of time BULLSHIT without using every single profanity in the English language so let me spark some kind, bright green BUD and puff myself into a nice, mellow mindset.

 One last question…Did Russia do anything when war criminals bush jr. and prick cheney started that bogus war in IRAQ under the lying pretense of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION when we all know it was all about raping IRAQ for every last drop of that SWEET OIL they have in those deserts?  No!  So, we are not going to do anything about RUSSIA moving in on the UKRAINE oil-train – BET ON IT.  The polluting OIL BARONS of the world already struck that deal (the U.S. gets IRAQ while RUSSIA looks the other way while Russia gets the UKRAINE and we look the opposite of the other way) with the AMERICAN and RUSSIAN governments some 20 years ago or so.

 So please! Pretty please with all the sugar in the whole, wide world on top…. Just go to EFFING war or get off my FUCKING television already.

Beware Of Socialism In Capitalist Clothing Aka The U.S. Military And Federal Government


Why is it that every single time America tries cut back on military spending the cowardly WAR MONGRELS, I Mean, Neo-Cons aka “THE CHICKEN HAWKS” instantly come out and try to TROLL, I mean, scare the American People into another war?  Or, here’s an EVEN better question – why is it that EVERY SINGLE TIME in the past 50 years that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has had a BUDGET SURPLUS (not a deficit), IT’S TIME TO GO TO WAR.

 Well…the answer to my own question is very simple – American style SOCIALISM is the most corrupt and dangerous version that THIS WORLD has ever seen.  I mean, come on NOW…if AMERICA could just be honest for just one single, split second for the first time in its LYING fucking history, we’d realize that AMERICAN style SOCIALISM created the U.S. MILITARY, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, UNCLE SAM, WALL STREET, U.S BANKS, the WHITE HOUSE, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the NRA, EXXON, FREEDOM INDUSTRIES, the treasonous %1ers, and I can go on until my face is a DARK, BLUE hue in color…but I won’t because I think my point has been made.  Bottom line is…the U.S. MILITARY and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have been picking WINNERS and LOSERS for the past 50 years or so by using WE THE PEOPLE’S money to create FALSE & FAKE  INDUSTRIES that only further ENRICH themselves in THEIR eternal and perpetual loop of GREED, HYPOCRISY, and UNTRUTHS that will only have ONE ENDING – the demise of this BEAUTIFUL PLANET as we know it.

 But there is a SOLUTION America – and it’s a very simple solution!  We must starve THE BEAST before THE BEAST starves us.  How do we starve THE BEAST?  American style SOCIALISM has one GOLDEN RULE; and, it is this simple GOLDEN RULE that exposes it’s true CHARACTER FLAW….profits before people…..Any society that ALWAYS puts PROFITS before PEOPLE always has one of two endings – either the BEAST starves to death or the PEOPLE starve to death.  So, lets starve the BEAST before the BEAST starves US.  And, here’s how you starve the BEAST – if it is not made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN, then do NOT buy it!!!

Generations Not Nations Will Be Our Salvation


At some point in our very near future, MOTHER NATURE will challenge the beautiful people on this PLANET like never before seen in our HISTORY.  We will be confronted with an EXTREMELY simple CHOICE to make.  Will we REALIZE that this whole NATION-STATE thing that has been ruling this planet for the past 2,000 years or so is not ONLY truly ignorant; but also, extremely dangerous to all beautiful, innocent children all over this globe (MANKIND’S FUTURE).  Or, will we realize that WE are all BROTHERS from different MOTHERS and SISTERS from different FATHERS who are all EQUAL in GOD’S or THIS PLANET’S eyes.

 Never ever FORGET – the purpose of any and all governments has been, is, and will always be TO DIVDE people from people.  The answer to all of our problems is very simple.  Use today’s technology (the Internet) and contact someone from your GENERATION (whether you are a baby boomer, gen Xer, Yer, Millennial, etc. does not make a difference) from another nation – then ask each other one simple question, “Do you love children?”

 The most beautiful IRONY in life TODAY is that 99% of this planet will answer “YES! I love children) and  %1 will BLATANTLY LIE and say, “Of course I love children!” Those 2 simple words “Of course” will be said from the mouths of PEOPLE from GOVERNMENTS who despise children BUT truly LOVE slaves.

So, please allow me to read the OUR very near future.  As resources on this planet become more and more scarce, more and more children will die a MOST HORRIBLE DEATH (from starvation & war) as GOVERNMENTS praise themselves more and more as the solution to VERY problems THEY HAVE CREATED.  This will force a brief moment of CLARITY in history that will unify PEOPLES across this BEAUTIFUL planet who will then initiate a MOVEMENT that will lead to a ONE DAY global FAST (abstaining from food & water) amonst all peace loving people across this planet.  Once this happens and it will – it will become a BRAVE new world.  The current ignorant %1ers (governments included) that are currently destroying this planet with their GLOBAL GAME OF MONOPLY have all forgotten the most IMPORTANT RULE of the game MONOPOLY – when one person/a  small group of people (the %1ers)  have all the MONEY, it’s fucking GAME OVER.

A Country That Does ABSOLUTELY Nothing When 20 Innocent American Children Are Slaughtered In An Elementary School By A Lunatic With His Legal Gun Deserves A Government That Never Listens To Its People


This is the LITTLE secret, I mean, fact that THE AMERICAN people do NOT want to EVER admit because it HIGHLIGHTS exactly everything that is wrong with America’s current definition of the word DEMOCRACY.  Allow me to rephrase please: A government that watches its citizens do ABSOLUTELY nothing EXCEPT to purchase even more guns after the massacre of SANDY HOOK is a GOVERNMENT that will NEVER listen to or respect its CITIZENS ever again.  So, in a way, the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the AMERI CAN GOVERNMENT are a MATCH made in fucking “HELLheaven”. 

 And once again, I have to ask myself out loud, “WHAT THE FUCK is up with OUR once great & beautiful COUNTRY called AMERICA”.  I mean, in the next few weeks our government and media will FLOOD our televisions, computers, I-pads, Smart phones, newspapers, magazines, and BLOODSHOT eyeballs with a CONSTANT & UNENDING BARRAGE of very depressing images of Syrian children suffering from the HORRORS of chemical warfare as the ENDS to the U.S. government’s MEANS to enter a “War-Weary” America in yet another BOGUS war.  In short and once again, this government will use dead children as the preferred choice of propaganda in order to REAP in trillions of dollars more from WE THE PEOPLE all in the name of “NATIONAL SECURITY.”

 But when it comes to the SLAUGHTER of our innocent American children by an AMERICAN LUNATIC with a cowardly LEGAL military gun, our LYING, CHEATING & ALL FOR PROFIT government and media will NOT show ONE single image of this truly tragic HORROR for one simple REASON – that those truly horrifying images of beautiful American children RIDDLED with cowardly BULLET HOLES in an Elementary school would instantly, and without a DOUBT, force this country to take MORAL steps so that INSANE PEOPLE will never be able to obtain  LEGAL/ILLEGAL guns EVER AGAIN.  Instead the NRA, GUN MANAFACTURERS, and the U.S. government used this tragedy to spread more TOTALLY IRRATIONAL fears so that they could quadrupled their PROFITS to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars so that AMERICANS can feel more “FREE” in their choice as to who they want to kill for whatever personal reason they may have with their cowardly 2nd amendment RIGHTS & GUNS.

 So, get your POPCORN heeeeeeere!!!!!  Because it’s going to be REAL FUN watching our government and military ignoring one stupid idiot AMERICAN after another live on our televisions, computers, I-pads, and smart phones all begging and pleading for America NOT to enter yet another BOGUS war in the Middle East with Syria when it’s these same IDIOTS who actually felt like they “DODGED A BULLET” when this cowardly government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make sure this kind of horrifying tragedy at SANDY HOOK never happens again.

 I am going to let America in on a LITTLE SECRET that we used to LIVE and DIE by with 100% PRIDE and is the only reason why this country became the most powerful country on the face of the planet and in the history of time.  Just like REAL men ALWAYS take care of their children and families FIRST (compared to COWARDS who purchase LEGAL/ILLEGAL firearms in order to feel more patriotic or macho), so it goes without saying that REAL super powers take care of their PEOPLE first (not other countries’ peoples first).  Or, in other words, get your fucking priorities straight AMERICA if you SINCERELY want our government & military TO RESPECT us EVER AGAIN!  Until then, take your fucking cry-baby, SOB story to PRESIDENT putin in RUSSIA because you’ll have a better chance over there you stupid friggin FUCKING stupid fucks! 

The Road To Hell Is Paved With U.S. Intentions


Don’t get me wrong now!  I love my country just as much as ANY other person from ANY and ALL other countries on this planet simply because ALL GOVERNMENTS on this planet CURRENTLY give their people NO OTHER CHOICE.  And just like everyone else on this planet, I am UTTERLY sick and tired of the LIES and HYPOCRISY of my government and all governments ON THIS PLANET regardless of their RELIGIOUS & POLITICAL IDEOLOGY because there has NEVER been, isn’t and PROBABLY will never be a government that doesn’t obtain and then retain its ABSOLUTE power by DIVIDING its people in as many creative and violent ways as humanly possible.  Humanity’s #1 character flaw will always be its penchant for creating various types of violent and insatiable RELIGIONS & GOVERNMENTS saturated with 100% pure hypocrisy.

 In short, the more I think about it, the more I conclude that past and present Governments & Religions are sort of like what happened to the whole Dinosaur trend a few million years ago.  You can only kill, eat, shit, and GROW so much before PLANET EARTH says, “OH HELLS FUCKING NO! This madness ends RIGHT NOW!”  But, let’s give credit where credit is due, at least the Dinosaurs had an EXTREMELY VALID excuse in that they had brains smaller than half of a fucking PEANUT!  Humanity’s excuse, on the other hand, is OBVIOUSLY not the size of our brains, but our unrelenting GREED, LAZINESS, COWARDICE and HYPOCRISY nurtured THEN natured by the VARIOUS types of VIOLENT governments and religions that small groups of wealthy individuals PURPOSELY created in the last 2500 years or so SOLELY to retain their wealth and power from now until eternity.

 So, as we enter yet another war in the Middle East with Syria, I would feel much more proud to be a human being on this truly BEAUTIFUL planet today if we could ONLY be a little more HONEST with ourselves and just admit that as human beings there is no greater PLEASURE in life than killing OTHERS (especially for citizens of Super Power countries past, present and/or probably in the future).  Once we can admit this, we will realize that the creations and formations of our VARIOUS governments & religions throughout our past regardless of their type ALL enable us to say, “It’s not my fault!” – thus guaranteeing that nothing will ever CHANGE and EVERYTHING will only get progressively worse (never better) until we meet our EVENTUAL demise into eternity.  It will only be seconds before our own EXTINCTION when the light bulb suddenly and COLLECTIVELY turns on and a quick, “Oooops!” slips from our lips

Best Friends Forever Democrats And Republicans In Congress Have No Choice But To Shut The Fuck Up And Do Their Jobs For The First Time In A Really Long Time


And it’s about fucking time.  The days of getting paid your extra PLUSH and CUSHY salaries, the extra SWEET healthcare plans that you have given ONLY to yourselves and not to WE THE PEOPLE, and all the “CASH UNDER THE TABLE” and/or “WALL STREET INSIDER TRADING INFORMATION” side perks that you cowardly idiots have been able to enjoy for the longest of time as your means to your IGNORANT end to further MOVE yourself as far away from WE THE PEOPLE as you possibly can – THOSE DAYS are over.  On September 9th, you cowardly, selfish, do nothing FOOLS will have to reluctantly come back from your TROLLING 4 DOLLARS vacations and be forced to ACTUALLY do your job.  You will no longer be able to hide from WE THE PEOPLE like the TRUE cowards you have been for the past 20 or so years and you will be forced to VOTE on something that will either HELP OR HURT we the people.

 Your choices are – You will either VOTE to continue WAR PROFITEERING, I mean, NATION BUILDING in the Middle East and, ONCE AGAIN, put American DOLLARS & SOLDIERS in between two groups of people who hate each just as much they hate AMERICANS or you will put AMERICA & JOBS first for the first time in a VERY, VERY, VERY LONG TIME and let the people in the MIDDLE EAST continue killing each other – if that’s what they truly want to do.  And just so you know BFF democrats and republicans, your VOTE will be on RECORD.  The days of being OBNOXIOUS & truly SPINELESS chickens are OVER!  And just so you know on top of my previous “just so you know!”, your vote will have future CONSEQUENCES and you will pay DEARLY in your next election for the vote you make in your decision as to who you want to truly help – WE THE PEOPLE AND THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY or to continue helping people in the MIDDLE EAST like you have done since the NEW millennium began.  I understand your over-all plan of destroying the Middle East ONE LEADER at a time – I totally get THAT!  But what I have a PROBLEM with is that THESE MILITARY’S OPERATIONS are always on the THE PEOPLE’S dime  but YET, it’s only the greedy politicians and military that reap the trillions of dollars in profits that these military operations always seem to garner.  But yet, you have never given WE THE PEOPLE a slice  or  a TASTE (as the mafia would say)  of all these trillions – even worse, you charge us on the back-end with higher taxes on all of our freedoms.

 One last, final note I will give Best Friends Forever democrats & republicans in the DO NOTHING CONGRESS a little hint as to what THE BEST CHOICE is for this beautiful country and WE THE PEOPLE.  Please forgive me but I will need to flashback for a quick minute or so into our own past some 150 years ago to AMERICA’S own BLOODY civil war as to what course this country should follow from now until ETERNITY.  Here is an extremely important question that we have to ask and answer ourselves and this question and answer is so VERY simple – DID SYRIA OR ANY COUNTRY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST try to stop, pick sides, and/or attempt to intervene in AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR some 150 years ago?  The answer is a resounding and extra obvious “FUCK NO!”  So, let’s return the favor and let all countries in the MIDDLE EAST squash their OWN fucking problems like they LET US squash our own 150 years or so ago.  Maybe, OUR POLITICIANS might come up with a BRIGHT idea  or two and START fixing the problems THEY CREATED for their selfish personal & political purposes.  On September 9th, 2013, Congress has the opportunity to actually do their jobs and help WE THE PEOPLE for the VERY first time in a VERY long time OR we can let THE MONEY TROLLS from both parties in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do what they do best – keep destroying this country.  It’s your choice AMERICA!

 P.S. – When it comes to politics in AMERICA, I’m a pessimist so my money is on the fact that OUR BEST FRIENDS FOREVER DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS will fail us ONCE AGAIN and fabricate some US MILITARY bullshit that will happen AGAIN in the MIDDLE EAST on September 11, 2013 as the visual magic trick to con WE THE PEOPLE one more time.  Let’s not let them do THIS okay AMERICA because like I have said a MILLION TIMES before, “There are NO coincidences in the life of the ONLY SUPER POWER”.  Don’t believe the Kabuki Theater, I mean,  the HYPE!

Will Someone Please Tell Syria That Only The United States Of America Can Use Naplam On Innocent People From Other Countries


What is WRONG with this friggin world!  Has everyone lost their minds? And Oh yea! I almost forgot – Russia can use them as well but only with America’s permission and only for a nominal fee (because as we all know, Russia provides all chemical weapons to Syria).  Am I the only one starting to get A REAL bad feeling about this whole thing that’s about to go down in Syria?  Is it only me that feels like they are having LSD flashbacks of Vietnam and that a movie called “Vietnam Too In The Middle East”  will be coming to a theater near all of us real soon ( premiering first in the United States, France, and the Middle East only in SELECT theaters).  What depresses me the most is the fact that  tickets will be 10,000 times more expensive than the first BLOCK BUSTER hit some 40 to 50 years ago – and that truly sucks because I was looking forward to another US WAR MOVIE in real time.  But, as the French would say, “C’est La Vie! (That’s life!)” and that’s what scares me the most about this tragic event that seems to be spiraling out of control.  I mean, America and France in theaters of war have made great Hollywood movies in the past BUT, in real life, our track record together hasn’t been too great in the last century.  Long story short, this whole episode REEKS of HISTORY repeating itself and it makes my heart extremely heavy with sadness that violence will always be with us.

The Russian President Vladimir Vladirimovich Putin Is One Sexy Mother


F*cker and he’s lucky he isn’t around me because I’d tear that ass up – that’s how good he looks in this recently painted drawing that was seized by the Russian Government yesterday.  And will someone please tell this clown that the MOST homophobic ALWAYS EQUALS the most gay but I am sure Vlad already knows this.