Jack and Jill Went Up the “Hill”

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This Video Proves That The Iraq War And The 2nd Amendment Are Responsible For Killing 4 Brave Marines In Tennessee Yesterday

This video proves that gun nuts of AMERICA better grow an effin BRAIN really, really, really, really (did I say REALLY enough times) FAST….

Because if you do NOT heed my words…and GROW an EFFIN brain…within 10 YEARS…UNCLE sam will come & take your guns..PERMANENTLY!

Yesterday’s tragedy in Tennessee proves that, in the EYES of washington, it is TOTALLY kosher and cool for muslim terrorists to kill INNOCENT americans of all kinds IN america…even if you are a brave AMERICAN MARINE/PURPLE HEART recipient who SERVED two TOURS in the MIDDLE EAST.

Let me repeat – as long as muslim terrorists who truly hate america use AMERICA’S favorite COWARDLY toy (the GUN) to kill innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA – “it’s ALL GOOD BABY BABY” to quote BIGGIE SMALLS..in WASHINGTON’S eyes..

I mean, it is NO COINCIDENT that every time a MUSLIM TERRORIST kills innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA…wayne lapierre waynebabyinstantly disappears into THIN air faster than BARBARA EDEN from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (hot diggity damn barbara eden is one fine one woman!)


And that’s pretty DANG hard to do…

But back to the POINT (i apologize for letting barbara eden distract me)…As we all already know, the ONLY time non-sensible GUN CONTROL laws seems to be PASSED is when AMERICAN GUNS are pointed and/or shot at our POLITICIANS..



In AMERICA’S very near FUTURE, one of THESE cowardly MUSLIM TERRORISTS will get their cowardly hands on LEGAL AMERICAN GUNS and point and aim and fire at AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN/S…at which point, you can kiss the 2ND AMENDMENT’S ass (as we know it) GOOD-BYE forever…It will be like WASHINGTON winning the MEGA LOTTERY of ALL-TIME with a JACK-POT prize of 500 million NON-SENSIBLE gun control laws passed faster than any SPEEDING BULLET and SUPERMAN combined…that I promise you.

Now, look AMERICA…I am a very, very busy man with many, many things to do in my VERY VERY important life (in the tone of  TRUE sarcasm)…SO, I really don’t have time to waste with TRULY STUPID, single ISSUE voters OF america any longer..you know the ONES I am talking about – the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools.

But, because I truly LOVE america AND americans (even the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools)..I will BLESS you by spending a few minutes of my very very important time in my very very important life to pass on some VERY wise advice to Y’ALL who CHERISH the 2ND AMENDMENT and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who created IT.

But, before I do pass on some very wise advice..we must first discuss some facts that CAN no longer be IGNORED..


Before lying war criminals bush jr and cheney started THE BOGUS IRAQ war in 2003…THERE WAS NO SUCH THING as ISIS….so, IN ESSENCE, isis CAN be called SADDAMISTS…and, SADDAMISTS can be called ISIS..they are one and the same people.


SADDAMISTS/ISIS has AMERICAN WEAPONS..and are using AMERICAN WEAPONS to create HAVOC all OVER the MIDDLE EAST…in their ATTEMPT to lure BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS back into the MIDDLE EAST to fight THE HOLY WAR of all WARS.  Even more creepy is the fact that SADDAMISTS/ISIS are using EX vice-president PRICK CHENEY style propaganda (the use of spreading lies and fear TO start WARS) to accomplish their GOALS..


SADDAMISTS/ISIS not ONLY hate america BUT ALSO americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this PLANET…and, THEY will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to kill INNOCENT americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this planet…america INCLUDED.

If you doubt me THEN just watch AND listen to the VIDEO above –

So, here is my ADVICE to all GUN-NUTS of AMERICA who cherish the 2ND AMENDMENT

*GROW SOME LONG HAIR like THESE “totally awesome” DUDES from the 1960s

hipp*Organize protests AND march on WASHINGTON yelling and screaming




Heed my advice AMERICA…and DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT gets out of the MIDDLE EAST asap…For, if you continue to IGNORE – this once great & beautiful country & democracy AND all of our freedoms (many of which have already been stolen under the PATRIOT ACT) is ONE mere “COWARDLY muslim TERRORIST with AMERICAN GUNS PROTECTED BY THE 2ND AMENDMENT and AIMED AT an american POLITICIAN” away from the OPPOSITE of what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS dreamed about WHEN founding this GREAT COUNTRY….

The handwriting is on the WALL america….SO FUCKING READ IT or FOREVER NEVER HOLD YOUR


dontleave2For the past 4 months…I have left home without it (I haven’t renewed my plan)!  And guess what AMERICA? I think my BRAIN is DEFINITELY growing BIGGER…or, my brain cells are being rejuvenated…or, AT THE VERY MINIMUM, my brain stopped shrinking..Matter of fact, I am now confidently convinced that if I continue NOT using a “SMART” phone for an entire year  – I might just be able to become a ROCKET SCIENTIST (see pic below)

rocketsOr, a NEUROSURGEON (see pic below)

brainsOr even…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (see pic of idiot BELOW)

bsuhiAll kidding aside though, I have noticed that my memory has improved…like for example, when I did have my “SMART” phone – I couldn’t even remember my mother’s and girlfriend’s telephone #….NOW, I have 50 different telephone #s of family, friends, co-workers, and even some enemies memorized…I have also noticed that I am able to do simple math again i.e. adding, subtracting, division, and multiplications…which is great for my wallet and nest egg 🙂

Even better is the fact that when I leave my home now, I feel a sense of freedom that I have not felt since the early 1990s (THE PRE-CELL/SMART PHONE DAYS) when my only means of communication was my home phone..

There is a NEGATIVE side though….to not HAVING your “SMART” phone when leaving home that is starting to disturb me immensely….and that is – the questions I am receiving from family, friends, girlfriend, co-workers, etc…The #1 question being, “I tried to call you many times and could NOT reach you (in a very frustrated tone)!!!..why don’t you have your CELL/SMART phone on you?  Is there something you are trying to hide?  Are you doing something ILLEGAL? Are you cheating on me with another woman?”…and I’m like, “OMG! Have you all LOST your EFFIN minds?”

Then….it all DAWNED on me…and a SHIVER of creepiness slid across my spine….If everyone I know gets suspicious about the fact that when I leave my home without having my CELL/SMART phone on my being…then, I can only imagine what my government is thinking about this…and that is CREEPY…

I am now convinced that GEORGE ORWELL had it only half correct in regards to the THEORY of BIG BROTHER aka BIG GOVERNMENT…He either forgot to mention or WAS NOT aware of LITTLE SISTER aka TECHNOLOGY….Mark my words..for I have had moment of clarity – 500 years from now, HUMAN BRAINS will SHRINK and be NO larger than a WALNUT…

BIG BROTHER will NOT only use LITTLE SISTER to spy on our EVERY movements/thoughts/feelings throughout our ENTIRE lives but also to make us DUMBER than ROCKS

The New American Flag?

usfollowers@Americans….we MUST stop FOLLOWING..and START leading again….The ENTIRE planet is BEGGING for the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS to LEAD again…BEGGING for us to NO longer follow WASHINGTON down their RABBIT HOLES into POVERTY…

And, the answer to all of our PROBLEMS..are so very simple…AND, can be accomplished in 3 very simple STEPS:

Step #1 – Spend a half an hour of every day doing something personally creative..i.e writing, photography, baking, drawing, singing, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and a TRILLION other etceteras .  It can be anything other than BEING a consumer because as we all know CONSUMING is an ACT of FOLLOWING.  And, do something CREATIVE not FOR the PURSUIT of MONEY…but because of LOVE

Step #2 – If it’s NOT made in AMERICA..made by an AMERICAN…then DO NOT buy it.  “MADE IN AMERICA” is what made AMERICA great AND gave HOPE to an entire planet…our VICTORIES in wars NOR our immense WEALTH could have been ACCOMPLISHED without our MIDDLE CLASS’ devotion & pride in “MADE IN AMERICA”

Step #3 –



you don’t never need help from nobody else

all you got do now


whatever you do

do it good

whatever you do

do, do, Lord, Lord

do it good, alright

it’s not what you look like

when you are doing what you are doing

it’s what you’re doin’ when you’re doin’

what you look like you’re doin’



They’re doing it on the moon, yeah, in the jungle too

everybody on the floor now

jumpin’ like a kangaroo

so let the horns do the thing they do, y’all

some people have everything

and other people don’t

but everything don’t mean a thing

if it ain’t the thing you want



oh, do it, oh, do it

do it to it

go on and do it

y’all, do it, give



do it

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do IT

fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fu, fe, fa, fa

fe fa fa fa do it

Oh Lord

Do It oww









– a special THANKS to the LYRICS of Express Yourself from The Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band


What Is 40 Years Old And A Complete Waste Of Time


Happy Birthday RUBIX cube…And I vividly remember when my father first gave me THE CUBE  in hopes of calming the extreme GEN X, adhd in me when I was 8 years old (1974).  I also vividly remember my response, “Cool Pops!!! A square baseball with many colors….Can I go out now and play some baseball!” It was at this moment that my father realized he was going to have many headaches in his future regarding his first born son…and replied, “No Christian…this is NOT a multi-colored, square baseball…This is a RUBIX cube…”  After about 10 minutes of explaining and showing me how to play the RUBIX cube, he left me alone with it thinking to himself, “PERFECT!  I will have about 2 years of PEACE as my son tries to figure the RUBIX cube out!”

A very long story short….I tried this RUBIX cube thing for about 15 minutes and then got extremely BORED with it….but I also wanted to make my father proud by finishing this RUBIX cube game so my solution was very simple…I took out my little painting set and the LITTLE BRUSH that came with it that my parents had given me a few years earlier when I was addicted to FINGER PAINTING (I think it was the smell of the PAINT that I was addicted to) and I painted the RUBIX cube so that every color matched on each side..PROBLEM SOLVED…

About 30 minutes after my father had given me that RUBIX cube thing that he had hoped would calm me down for 2 years…all he heard was “Look Pops! I finished the RUBIX cube game…NOW, I’m gonna play some baseball!”…and I was out the door faster than a father can say, “Don’t do that SON!”

All I’m gonna say about playing baseball with a RUBIX cube is that…..THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN in the life of an 8 year old GEN xer with extreme ADHD than to play baseball with a RUBIX cube for about 4 innings….I mean, the fastballs you can throw with a RUBIX cube were unbelievable…even more fun was trying to catch a RUBIX ripped to the 3rd base line on the a wicked SHORT-HOP in order to completie a FANCY double play…The BEST, however, were the REGGIE JACKSON home runs you could hit that would always smash and PERFECTLY ding all the parked cars in the bleacher section of our baseball field.

And then everything STOPPED…thanks to the FAT-KID from 114th street and Amsterdam avenue…who we USED to call the “DANCING TEDDY BEAR”…I will never forget it…it was the bottom of the 4th inning of a really tight game…the score was 21 to 20 with my team winning (back then I think the RUBIX cube was made in america instead of CHINA like today so they lasted much longer)…the bases were loaded and our skinny Puerto Rican pitcher named GREG tried to sneak an INSIDE FASTBALL past the DANCING TEDDY BEAR for STRIKE three….but, instead of being on the INSIDE of the HOME PLATE…his pitched TURNED into A SQUARE MEATBALL right down the MIDDLE of the PLATE…

And let me tell you…the DANCING teddy BEAR crushed that PITCHED…I mean, literally, crushed that RUBIX cube…he hit that RUBIX cube so hard and so far that it FLEW through the WINDOW of some APARTMENT on the 5th floor…COMPLETE DEAD SILENCE…you could hear a PIN drop in CHINATOWN that’s how silent it became (we were on 112th street)…GAME OVER as we all fled the CRIME scene back to our individual homes.

It goes without saying that when I got home, the first thing I wanted was another RUBIX cube…”Hey Pops! Someone stole my RUBIX cube…Can I get another one tomorrow!” …to which he replied…”OH hells NO!! Here is something called a BASKETBALL! Now, go learn how to play down there on those basketball courts and let me get some sleep!”  Being a good son, I listened to my FATHER and started playing basketball..10 years later (18 years old) I was one of the top 20 best high school basketball players in NYC and one of the best 250 in the nation…proving that WHITE BOYS can jump (I had a vertical of 40 inches)..black jesus was my name in the mean-streets of ghettos throughout new york city…because I looked like jesus but jumped like a BLACK guy!  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY rubix cube…you were a TON of fun for a brief moment in MY LIFE….

If Everyone In America Had A WordPress Page Instead Of A Facebook Or Twitter Page, This World Would Be A Better Place For All


And the REASON for this is SO very simple…Having a WORDPRESS page means you actually HAVE to have a functioning BRAIN…meaning you have to actually be able to READ and WRITE….Any demo-monkey of an AMERICAN can COPY and PASTE links or take SELFIES…this WE already KNOW…THERE is a MOST definite reason WHY america is a SUPER POWER in rapid DECLINE…and NO LONGER the SHINING beacon of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and HOPE…and that REASON is IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, and NARCISSISM…which all go HAND in HAND…spoon fed to US by our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATIONS that own it.

There is a WAR going on AMERICA…it’s a war between the STUPID vs the INTELLIGENT…and unfortunately AMERICA, the STUPID are winning. “WHY?” do you ask? Very simple…the corporations and the U.S. government they own are on the side OF the STUPID…ignorance only BREEDS two outcomes…immense WEALTH for the %1ers and A NATION of SLAVES..or, in other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, I say, “Let the ignorants STAY on sites like SLAVE-FACE-BOOK and/or STANK-CLITTER.com”….this way, when the SHIT hits THE FAN for these RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, the IGNORANTS of AMERICA…they will realize it DOES not TAKE a rocket-scientist to look INTO their OWN mirrors AND see why THEY have nothing in their TRULY meaningless lives other than THEIR simple PASSWORDS to login into their favorite SITES of IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.

Shiiiiiiiiit! The more I think about it, the more I realize that NOT everyone IN america should HAVE a WORDPRESS page…just the thought of having to see an endless array of SELFIES from STUPID americans who can barely read and write and/or having to read what some IDIOT had for breakfast or what shitty CHINESE-MADE PRODUCT they purchased from A treasonous AMERICAN CORPORATION….makes me TRULY cringe…


Bon Appetit To All Climate Change Deniers 100 Years From Now!


Here’s one thing I know…IGNORANCE will not be so BLISSFUL for the GRAND CHILDREN of today’s TRULY ignorant CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS…Grow a FREAKIN brain ALREADY before your little secret as to why you IGNORANT fools are so ADAMANTLY pro-life is exposed…

Just so you know…that wasn’t meant to be FUNNY!



One Globe, One Village, One Life, One Love So We Can All Dreamin Peace

The true BEAUTY of life is that there is always A way…Not JUST his way, or her way, or my way, or your way, or our way, or their way, or this way, or that way…Life doesn’t have to SUCK and then WE die…that’s not THE WAY…life is TRULY beautiful, so LET’S pass that ON…and FIND a WAY….so, LET’S visualEYES life….life as LIFE is….as it IS today…til death do us part…dreamin PEACE

Beware Of The Vulture In Eagle’s Clothing


Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock…that’s the sound of the CLIMATE CHANGE bomb that is exploding right before our very own EYES america….Look around stupid AMERICA and you will see MOTHER NATURE reeking her SHEER & UTTER hatred of everything AMERICAN today that will CONTINUE for many endless DAYS to come.  And yet…we still have the IGNORANT products of DADDY banging GRANNY, I mean, the REPUBLICAN party still DENYING climate change while the EVEN more TREASONOUS and just as evil demo-RATs, I mean, Democratic party still PRETENDS to care while they continue to SPEW their PAID FOR CORPORATE lies so that POLLUTING our PLANET can be even more PROFITABLE for the VULTURES of TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL capitalism, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, and WALL STREET.

You BEST wake the FUCK UP real SOON america!  The u.s. government and wall street will PROFIT by the TRILLIONS as MOTHER NATURE continues to take the INNOCENT but ignorant LIVES of more and more AMERICANS daily.  They will continue to STEAL our money so that they can further POLLUTE our PLANET because its THEIR only WAY to ring in TRILLIONS in PROFITS.  The LIES must end AMERICA…..As of today, we MUST starve the EVIL-BEAST…and it is so VERY simple to do..ORGANIZE then BOYCOTT…purposefully CONSUME less and communicate to WASHINGTON as to why..And if they DO NOT listen which they will not…it will be at this MOMENT that we MUST take back our COUNTRY.  Because here’s the BOTTOM line AMERICA…if we DO NOT take steps IMMEDIATELY, I can promise YOU one thing (and you can THANK me later for READING your future)…the lives of HONEST, HARD-WORKING, ordinary americans will continue to DECLINE as the EVIL lives of everyone in WASHINGTON and WALL STREET will ONLY get BETTER!  God Bless The American People Because Satan Has Cursed Wall Street And The American Government…



The Coughing Ends Here!


DUDES!  How totally AWESOME is this…a weed PATCH for chronic COUGHERS, I mean, weed smokers like myself…and, when people see my stomach, they always ask me, “hey dude! how did you get your SIX-PACK abs…situps, push-ups, crunches?”…and I always answer, “Here, smoke some of this SHIT!  It’ll make you cough so hard; your stomach will have no choice but to get RIPPED!”…that’s because I don’t SMOKE no shwag…EVER…only KIND buds yo! Of course, it goes without saying that I no longer have any short-term memory whatsoever so I’ll just leave it at 🙂


Can We Stop With The Stupid Earth Days And Start Having Earth Decades

Or how about…Earth Century…or even better Earth Millennium…and instead of polluting our oceans, atmosphere and planet…why don’t we just send all of our pollution up into SPACE in the direction of our SUN….or, even better, deep into the planet of UR-ANUS…just kidding :)…

What will not be so funny 100 years from now is when everything we eat, breathe, and drink will have extremely HIGH-LEVELS of pollution IN it. But not to WORRY…I’m sure the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT will subsidize a NEW corporate STUDY that will prove that EATING american MONEY is just as delicious and nutritious as eating FOOD. I mean, the AMERICAN dollar is GREEN…full of FIBER…and, most importantly, extremely LOW on calories,  saturated fats and SODIUM…Unfortunately, however, it is HIGHLY processed….

Wake the FUCK up AMERICA! Earth Day is one BIG, corporate, POLLUTED joke…if you TRULY care about YOUR CHILDREN and their children’s CHILDREN…Consume LESS and let WASHINGTON know why because this POLLUTING MADNESS is starting to get out of hand…until THEN….bon appetit!


A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Stupid Whitey Is Still On The Moon


Just so Y’ALL all know…I will NEVER stop minding my OWN business and I will ALWAYS continue to mind yours…Okay, Okay!  Let me re-PHRASE…As long as the ONCE great AMERICA continues on its path of HYPOCRISY, IGNORANCE, and the DESTRUCTION of this BEAUTIFUL planet, I WILL never MIND my own BUSINESS and i WILL always MIND yours.  Destroying this planet IN ORDER to save the U.S. economy is NO LONGER important to me simply because the U.S. economy is not about GREATNESS…it’s about GREED garnered through DEATH, VIOLENCE, and POLLUTION.  The TRULY deadly CANCER known as AMERICA is spreading ever-so-quickly throughout our PLANET as AMERICANS continue to CHEER, “WE’re #1”  I hate to BURST america’s LITTLE bubble…but WE ARE NOT #1.

Whether we like it OR not…america has TRANSFORMED itself from the BEACON of hope for all INTO the burning hot, stank PIT of hell where PROFITS always come BEFORE the people.  There is only ONE reason why YOU are on this planet…and that REASON is to make the VERY SELECTED few MORE profits on top of the IMMENSE PROFITS these CANCEROUS fools already have.  What else would explain the ACCELERATED pace of our WORLD POPULATION, POLLUTION, and WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.  The end is (as we know it)  COMING on PURPOSE…and then IT will start ALL over again on PURPOSE….but this TIME, in a WORLD with NO BEAUTY and HOPE.

I hate to be the PESSIMIST because my nature is truly OPTIMISTIC…but I can no LONGER live BLINDLY in america’s ignorant bliss any longer.  My soul HAS given up on the ways of the past as I search for a NEW FUTURE and REALM of hope.  I am 48 years old and I have never had a child…this was done on PURPOSE…a child BORN into a WORLD of lies has VERY LITTLE HOPE..and his or her child even LESS.  Many out there will call me SELFISH…but am I any less SELFISH than the AMERICAN with children who DOES nothing BUT continue to ACCELERATE our path to IGNORANT ungreatness so that the VERY FEW can own ALL and disperse VITAL resources for a NOMINAL fee that ALWAYS increases…NO, i DON’T think so….for I know, the CHILD or CHILDREN I never had TODAY or YESTERDAY will save the LIVES of 1,000 babies 100 YEARS from now.  And once again…just so all y’all know…I was NOT placed ON this PLANET so as to make corrupt GOVERNMENTS and the %1ers who own them MORE PROFITS.  Death has always been PART of LIFE…this I know..but DEATH for PROFIT is something NEW.  I will NOT accept this…and will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop this…and is why I will NEVER stop minding my own business and will ALWAYS mind yours.

Wake up AMERICA and tell our GOVERNMENT to stop spending 70 million dollars (the cost to send ONE ASTRONAUT) of U.S. taxpayers money so that RUSSIANS can send us TO space.  Gil Scott Heron was A GREAT poet who was FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL for ONLY one reason..he SPOKE the TRUTH about the WORLD that he was BORN into…POETS with BLOGS should PAY very close ATTENTION…do not ONLY write about yourselves  while denying your surrounding world – that’s for TRIVIAL liars..WRITE about the REAL TRUTH in a world devoid OF ANY….History has proven that ONLY artists can CHANGE the world for the BETTER…it is in your words, vision, and works of art that TRUTH for all can be spread.  So, once again, I ask, “Why are we giving RUSSIA 500 million dollars so that THEY can send OUR ASTRONAUTS to SPACE?  I know the answer but do you…

Is WordPress The Perfect Platform 4 Generations, Not Nations And Never Corporations, 2 Be Our Salvation?


I think it is…What WE do in LIFE will echo in ETERNITY…that dude Russell Crowe in Gladiator…..KEEP writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading…The true beauty and power of life rests AND moves within all our GENERATIONS…Not in our NATIONS…And, MOST DEFINITELY, never in OUR CORPORATIONS…We are ALL children equal in the EYES of GOD & this BEAUTIFUL earth…This will be our SALVATION….Get to know and become friends with one from another generation…In another nation…when he or she is done working for the CORPORATION…You will see…the purpose of the nations is to manipulate the HATREDS amongst the GENERATIONS…in order to perpetuate the BRUTAL RAPE of this beautiful EARTH by the CORPORATIONS all in the name of unequal nations…Life is simple…Life is short….All we have is the present…Only THE here & THE now are our possessions…So, keep writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading.