How To Pass Gun Control In America


First and foremost, let’s get our facts straight about GUNS …guns are for punks and cowards who are afraid of other punks and cowards with GUNS…if this WERE not TRUE, our founding FATHERS would have never have CREATED the 2ND AMENDMENT in the first place…end of STORY. Everything that is COMPLETELY wrong about AMERICA today can be traced back to the NRA…it has created the ULTIMATE blueprint on how to destroy freedom and democracy in every sense of the word….

DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM are about the POWER of the PEOPLE…not the POWER of MONEY or CORPORATIONS…it’s really that simple…the NRA has been bullying, I mean, lobbying our government with suitcases full of CASH & RE-ELECTION victories for the LONGEST time now (more than 200 years now)….Our genius FOUNDING FATHERS warned us ABOUT money in POLITICS….and how it would truly DESTROY freedom for FREEDOM loving people.

This has led to other industries copying the NRA blueprint on how to STEAL more freedoms from WE THE PEOPLE and to make life more EXPENSIVE for ALL…like for example the HEALTHCARE for PROFIT industry and OBAMACARE…or the u.s. subsidized POLLUTING for PROFITS oil INDUSTRY…or the EVER-INCREASING in size u.s. POLICE STATE…or the WALL STREET bailout…and how about the SHITTY-FOOD for PROFIT industry that refuses to LABEL the ingredients in our FOODS…or the POLLUTING coal industry that WILL never stop POLLUTING our waters that we drink…or how about the SAM WALTONOPOLIES, I mean, WALMARTS in AMERICA who refuse to increase the MINIMUM WAGE because they TRULY love government SUBSIDIES like FOOD ASSISTANCE so that their employees can only purchase their shitty products and foods because they cannot afford to shop anywhere else….who TOTALLY supported and funded the NAFTA trade agreement back in the 1990s and now totally supports and funds the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP that will lead to more AMERICANS jobs being lost.

What do all THESE INDUSTRIES now have in COMMON…they have all used THE nra BLUEPRINT…step ONE – give enough MONEY to politicians to ensure their RE-ELECTION victory so that THE PROFITS can rain in which then is PUMPED back into our NOW corrupt and treasonous GOVERNMENT so they can stay in power and steal OUR FREEDOMS for CENTURIES to come.

I want to make this COMPLETELY 100% clear…keep your GUNS…but tell the NRA to stop giving BLOOD MONEY to Washington…it will NOT be GUNS that will destroy OUR will be the MONEY given to WASHINGTON by the INDUSTRIES that ALWAYS put PROFITS before PEOPLE that will…I will ask 2 very SIMPLE questions that even the MOST ignorant of IGNORANT americans can ANSWER…

QUESTION #1: What COUNTRY has the BIGGEST government on THE face OF THIS earth?
QUESTION #2: What COUNTRY has the MOST amount of GUNS on THE face of THIS earth?

Now, put ONE and ONE together and GROW a FUCKING brain…and you WILL arrive at a VERY SIMPLE answer…that THERE is a DIRECT correlation between THE SIZE of a GOVERNMENT and THE amount OF GUNS it has…so PLEASE!!!! Keep your GUNS but PLEASE be honest LYING gun NUTS of AMERICA and stop SPEWING your IGNORANCE about GUNS, FREEDOM, and SMALL government.


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