George Zimmerman And Lawyers Sue Oxford Dictionary For Using Image For The First Time In Its Definition Of The Word Punk


Calm down all you Zimmerman fans!  I was bored and had some free time while fiending a cigarette so I figured, “Oh! What the heck!” and came up with this.  Funny? – Not so Funny? – Not Funny at All?  I guess that depends on your stance on GUNS right?  But just so all y’all know – I think it’s funny and that’s all that matters to me at least.  But yo! Express yo’self – if you feel like cause I ain’t gonna hate if you do.

Will Someone Please Tell Syria That Only The United States Of America Can Use Naplam On Innocent People From Other Countries


What is WRONG with this friggin world!  Has everyone lost their minds? And Oh yea! I almost forgot – Russia can use them as well but only with America’s permission and only for a nominal fee (because as we all know, Russia provides all chemical weapons to Syria).  Am I the only one starting to get A REAL bad feeling about this whole thing that’s about to go down in Syria?  Is it only me that feels like they are having LSD flashbacks of Vietnam and that a movie called “Vietnam Too In The Middle East”  will be coming to a theater near all of us real soon ( premiering first in the United States, France, and the Middle East only in SELECT theaters).  What depresses me the most is the fact that  tickets will be 10,000 times more expensive than the first BLOCK BUSTER hit some 40 to 50 years ago – and that truly sucks because I was looking forward to another US WAR MOVIE in real time.  But, as the French would say, “C’est La Vie! (That’s life!)” and that’s what scares me the most about this tragic event that seems to be spiraling out of control.  I mean, America and France in theaters of war have made great Hollywood movies in the past BUT, in real life, our track record together hasn’t been too great in the last century.  Long story short, this whole episode REEKS of HISTORY repeating itself and it makes my heart extremely heavy with sadness that violence will always be with us.

United States Gas Mask Manufacturers Successfully Lobby Washington For More Wars Using Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction


I’m just kidding of course but you never know because as we all know, there are NEVER coincidences in the life of the ONLY super power.  In regards to what is about to go down in Syria I have a new slogan.  NO MORE FUCKING WAR – THAT’S WHAT THE FUCKING DRONES ARE FOR.  I obviously woke up fiending a cigarette this morning, I mean, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I am not in the best of moods nor due I have the patience to be dealing with the US military’s and the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican parties’ unrelenting GREED for violence, guns, weapons, wars, deaths and the TRILLIONS of dollars that come with it. But in a few days, I will be CIGARETTE FREE for 2 months which is cool.

The Russian President Vladimir Vladirimovich Putin Is One Sexy Mother


F*cker and he’s lucky he isn’t around me because I’d tear that ass up – that’s how good he looks in this recently painted drawing that was seized by the Russian Government yesterday.  And will someone please tell this clown that the MOST homophobic ALWAYS EQUALS the most gay but I am sure Vlad already knows this. 

George W. Bush And Dick Cheney Personally Thank President Obama For Finding Their Weapons Of Mass Destruction

And just so you know, on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream” while President Obama is giving his speech in Washington D.C. today, America’s military will secretly enter yet another war that, once again, will kill more innocent people so that EVEN more people on this planet will have further reason to continue despising the good ol’ U S of A which, in turn, will cost more money from the pockets of WE THE PEOPLE so that the military and our greedy politicians can protect THEIR self interests even more. Ain’t it just a TOTALLY AWESOME world that we live! USA! USA! USA!


Once Again Best Friends Forever Democrats, Republicans And The Lying Media Prove That Pissing On We The People Is Their Favorite Pastime


Here’s one thing I have learned about America in the last 5 or 6 years. When it comes to massacring innocent Americans by other “sick” Americans (whether it be in Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, or Virginia Tech just to name a few) with their LEGAL/ILLEGAL GUNS manufactured in the good ol’ U S of A and constitutionally protected by our NRA trolls and lobbyists posing as United States Of America politicians, ABSOLUTELY nothing will be done for WE THE PEOPLE and our children.  But, when it comes to the MIDDLE EAST and Muslims who TRULY hate America with every fiber in their body and want nothing more than to kill Americans anyway they possibly can, BOTH PARTIES in the United States Of Creeps, I mean, America will ALL OF A SUDDEN get all “BUDDY-BUDDY”  and start tonguing and fingering each other so that they can move HEAVEN and HELL and spend unlimited amounts of WE THE PEOPLE’S money to make sure that NATION BUILDING, I mean, WAR PROFITEERING becomes an unspoken CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT only to be enjoyed by our politicians and military corporations ALONE so that they can further distance themselves from the people they truly HATE the most – WE THE PEOPLE!  Wake up Americans before killing each other becomes THE AMERICAN WAY!

OMFG! I’m Going To Friggin Puke All Over Myself. Check Out Miley Cyrus Nasty Butt Implants


Ewwww and fucking GROSS!  Check out Miley Cyrus’ ass implants! Just so everyone knows, this is the type of NASTY shit that would instantly TURN ME gay if I were to meet a woman with NASTY, GROSS ass and/or butt implants like these. The United States Of Creeps, I mean,America has TRULY lost its friggin mind!  Unfortunately, I am a VERY sad and EMBARRASSED American today and I didn’t even watch one split second of the Video Music Awards last night  – 4 Realz!

Will All Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents Just Shut The Fuck Up.


You are all giving me a friggin headache and while you are at it PLEASE tell all the multi-national, trillion dollar, Adam Smith Invisible Hand believing, “we are not going to let facts dictate our campaign”, never paying a damn red penny in taxes to the countries that they continuously rape, %1 GLOBAL corporations to stop spreading their dangerous and ignorant lying propaganda otherwise known as CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, I mean, Citizens United type laws all over the planet as concepts of a TRUE democracy.  How about that for a long sentence!

 A true democracy would never allow CITIZENS UNITED to become law because history has proven over and over and over and over again that MONEY & POLITICS is and will always be the most dangerous AND deadly weapon that can and will be USED against WE THE PEOPLE of any and all nations.  CORPORATE PERSONHOOD has, is, and will always be the cancer that kills all NATIONS ever so slowly in order to suck every last penny and every last drop of warm blood along the way until the HOST finally sighs one last obese breath of death…and then scurries to SATAN with his “please let me in” bribe money.

 Perhaps one day, sooner rather than later, Americans will realize that the PYRAMID on the ONE DOLLAR bill (you know the one to the left of “IN GOD WE TRUST”) is nothing more than the SYMBOL of the PONZI SCHEME that the ever greedy %1ers created as their INSIDE JOKE on WE THE PEOPLE!  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Americans need to realize that the majority of people in this country have far much more in common at the bottom of the AMERICAN pyramid (the %99ers) than they do with anyone at the top of that AMERICAN pyramid (the %1ers).  Think about it for a minute.  And keep that A SECRET please!  Because as we all know, the fastest way to end up DEAD in America is to start talking about THE HAVES and THE HAVE NOTS – that’s BLASPHEMY and against the law PUNISHABLE by death OF ANY KIND in this country.

 The moral of this story will be a very simple one!  Let’s stop with the pretend democracy that we PROUDFULLY think we have but don’t and let’s start all over again.  By this I mean, let’s stop voting for PUPPETS, I mean, people for PRESIDENTS and POLITICIANS because, as we all know and history has proven a GAZILLION times – that anyone and everyone can and will be PURCASHED for a price – so that’s one continuous complete waste of time.  I propose that we be the true democracy of the FUTURE and no LONGER vote for people/politicians who decide where and how our tax money can be spent BUT let’s ONLY VOTE on a list created ONLY by WE THE PEOPLE as to where our tax money should and will be SPENT.  Let’s put our TRUST where it truly belongs AND began – with WE THE PEOPLE so we can stop being WE THE SHEEPLE.  And now, I am thinking it’s time for a SEX CHANGE – this way I have a head start on the NSA when they accuse me of being some pinko, commie, fidel castro & sharia law luvin, muslim TREASON and TRAITOR.  And just so YOU know, unlike Bradley, I mean, Chelsea Manning (just another YAWN dumb blond), I think I’ll go for the  perky, bouncy, sassy and sexy brunette look.

Iowa Woman Who Swallowed Tape Worm In Order To Lose Weight Voted For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan In 2012 Presidential Election

Just kiddin Republicans!  If you know me or have read anything that I have written you know that I am NOT a big fan of either POLITICAL party in the United States of America – nor do I have any kind of love WHATSOEVER for the PRETEND DEMOCRATS from 10 years ago, I mean, the Libertarian Party.  Matter of fact, they are all gutter drunk bums addicted to the extra, EXTRA cold hard cash & dope from the consumer/drug dealing cartels otherwise known as The Washington Insiders/Lobbyists class that TRULY owns this country.  And, as far as I am concerned, they are all the same party wearing DIFFERENT HATS whose only desire is to keep sucking from the NIPPLE of WE THE PEOPLE while taking turns pretending to care about this country and it’s constitution…but who am I to judge right! Either way, ending corporate personhood would INSTANTLY get rid of 80% of the problems this country currently faces if we want to remain the so-called “IDEAL” political system.  Until then, as Woody Allen said, (in one of his movies that I have seen but cannot currently recall the name of) “It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham!”

The Plunkies In The Mouth Awards


Otherwise known as the “My Nutz In Your Mouth Awards” will be my new reoccurring section that will pop in and out of this blog.  It will be similar to my “In Regards 2” section in that I, and I alone, am and will be the JUDGE and JURY only – a section where I can rip people, corporations, countries, governments, products, Hollywood stars, political leaders, institutions, theories, facts, fiction, anything and everything, etc. A NEW ASSHOLE just because I feel like it.  I do not have to provide an explanation and/or reason/s or, for that matter, any kind of facts or non-facts as to why someone and/or something wins this prestigious award EVER.  That’s just the type of guy I am.  So, for example, let’s take the super, mega store monopoly Walmart.  This corporation definitely wins THE PLUNKIES IN THE MOUTH AWARDS not because this corporation represents EXACTLY everything that is CURRENTLY wrong, crooked, and corrupt in America currently.  I mean, there is no reason to mention that every single item that this corporation sells to the public is made in china or India – EXCEPT for all the AMERICAN made ASSAULT WEAPONS, guns and bullets.  Nor is there any reason to mention the SLAVE labor they hire in those countries to make these extra cheap products – nor the fact that this company has been, still is, and will always be a MONOPOLY that literally bankrupts small businesses across the country.  And, it’s not important that this US corporation that is worth some 100 billion dollars enjoys UNDERPAYING its employees while bribing other countries like MEXICO with cash PRIZES to start opening stores in South America as its MODERN DAY business model all the while constantly hiring expensive lobbyist lawyers to find ways to hide their BILLIONS in profits from the TAX man.  I mean, mentioning those fact would be trivial and a waste of time.

I am just going to mention the DEAD PEASANT CLAUSE that this corporation put in it’s fine print in the late 1990s when hiring low level workers until they were caught and found guilty in a court of law and forced to pay 10s of millions of dollars in damages to the families of these low level employees as to the reason why they win THE PLUNKIES IN THE MOUTH AWARDS.  Long story short, this evil corporation took out life insurance policies on their unhealthy low-level employees so that when they died, Walmart could legally collect MONIES from the insurance policies taken out on those Walmart employees. Even more disgusting is the fact that Walmart did not even give one damn red penny to the families of these employees from those insurance policies.  Matter of fact, the employee and his or her families never knew what Walmart was doing until Walmart mistakenly sent the wrong letter to the wrong family with the insurance policy in it and the amount that Walmart collected.  Just google Walmart & Dead Peasant Clause and you’ll find out what I am talking about.  So, you can call me a friggin LUNATIC all you want but, as far as I am concerned, this is STRAIGHT UP as cold blooded as you can get and why I am glad I have never spent nor will I ever spend one damn red penny of my hard earned money at Walmart ever.  So, a big MIDDLE finger to Sam “and every other” Walton out there – you friggin LOSERS who will rot in HELL!

If I Were A Fire Fighter Fighting Wildfires Anywhere In America Today

I would most definitely NOT risk my life saving the homes and property of TRUE idiots who take pride in being CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS & COAL POLLUTERS or anyone who voted for the cowardly false prophet Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.  It’s really that simple.  Matter of fact (if I were a fire fighter), I would go to people’s homes in the area of the wildfire and politely knock on their door and patiently wait for the person to come to the door and then I would respectfully ask that person, “Do you believe in climate change?”  And if their answer was “No, I don’t believe in that stupid shit!”  My reply would be very simple, “Ok, that’s cool!  You have every right to believe whatever you want in this country – that’s what makes this country so beautiful.  But just so you know, I ALSO have the right NOT to risk my life to save your home or any of your belongings in your home.  So, if I were you, I’d evacuate immediately because your home and everything in it is going to burn to the ground faster than all the buildings in the blockbuster Hollywood movie starring Bruce Willis in the 1990s called BackDraft.  And if you have a problem with this, then me and my big fire fighting friends here with me will beat you senseless in front of your family and friends.”  And then I would go to the next house and repeat until every home in the vicinity of the wildfire understood that we all have right to believe in whatever we want to believe in and it’s NOT an obligation to risk one’s life for what another person believes or does not believe in.  Once again, life does NOT have to be so complicated because it’s really that simple.

The moral of this story for me is real simple – fortunately for this country, I am not a fire fighter fighting wildfires anywhere in America today.  And in the country that has one party (the republicans) completely denying climate change versus the other party (the democrats) who pretend to care about climate change but do ABSOLUTELY nothing WHATSOEVER about climate change, I am left with no choice but to believe that my life is FAR MORE important to me than any STANK garbage either POLITICAL party in conjunction with their trillion dollar %1 corporate carbon polluting buddies that pay no taxes sponsoring them are trying so desperately to stuff down my throat in order to reap more profits before the inevitable wrath of MOTHER nature COCK slaps us across the face a few more times like hurricane Sandy just recently did.  I’ll end with, “Where are the fuck are the DINOSAURS when you TRULY need them!”


The Faces Of A Generation That Stole A Nation And A Planet And Our Rights Too


Beware of the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 – 1964) because they will take FUCKING everything and leave this planet with absolutely NOTHING – all with HUGE SMILES on their faces and all with the same STUPID fucking looks on their faces of “WHAT? Every single thing on this PLANET is not FOR ME and ONLY me! I don’t understand!  Life is so fucking UNFAIR! Blah, Blah, Blah and more FEEL SORRY FOR ME blah bullshit!”  This is the generation that accomplished nothing AND complained about everything – all the while reversing JFK’s words and making pure SELFISHNESS as the only way to show your PATRIOTISM in this country.  I mean, didn’t JFK once say, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” Well, ummmmm…it’s pretty friggin obvious that the BOOMERS must have been smoking some of that shitty weed with .001% THC that the 1960s were famous for when JFK said those words because they did the complete opposite.  This is the generation that ridiculed their own brave generation of soldiers when fighting the VIETNAM war so that they could start future wars without fighting in them while having future generations do their dirty work while claiming to be anti-war SAINTS.  This is the generation that did not suffer from the horrors and plight of the DEPRESSION but yet created regular recessions as an every day occurrence in America.  And let’s not forget the LAST recession which was actually a DEPRESSION and how it was the BOOMERS that sold us the ultimate lie that “the banks were too BIG to FAIL!” thus enabling THIS vicious CYCLE to happen all over again in our very NEAR future.

As a first generation Xer born in 1966, I can honestly say that the BABY BOOMER generation was the first to look at babies like me and NOT say, “Ohhh! Look how cute and adorable that little GEN xer baby is!” This MOST DEFINITELY did not happen! Instead, what I heard and sensed from the Boomers looking at me as a cute little, just born Gen Xer was, “How much money can I suck and steal from this little, stupid DEMO monkey Gen Xer in my future!” and “what stupid PRODUCTS like the Sony WALKMAN or the Sony PLAYSTATION or APPLE i-phones/I-pads can I create that will make this generation of stupid DEMO monkey Gen Xers and future generations after them more anti-social amongst themselves thus increasing my WEALTH by further dividing more people!”

I can go on for days and days and days and months and months and months and years and years and years and decades and decades and decades until eternity with ACTUAL FACTS about this ever greedy, TAKE EVERYTHING including the rusty, useless, kitchen SINK generation (but I don’t have to and I wont because I will ALLOW our future history to do this for me) because if there is ONE THING the BOOMERS have truly LEARNED – it’s NOT to listen to anyone else other than themselves because they KNOW best.  All I can pray for is that with each passing day more and more of you cancerous, hypocrisy filled A-holes meet your maker six feet under the ground.  And what makes life so BEAUTIFUL is that with each passing day, more and more of the BOOMERS will ACTUALLY meet their maker six feet under.  And you know what AMERICA?  This COUNTRY will become GREAT AGAIN…mark my words.

P.S. No need to apologize BOOMERS because we know YOU WON’T!  It’s in your DNA to be the greediest generation that this beautiful PLANET has ever experienced.  But you won’t be here much longer and that’s a good thing.

P.P.S. Do not get me wrong and think I am painting all Baby Boomers as the eternal Cancer that will never die…just the so called “AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY” baby boomers!  To all the rest of you bastards, GROW some BALLS and speak up and fight for your CHILDREN and GRAND CHILDREN and GREAT GRAND CHILDREN. Is that too much to ask for really?

All I Ask From My Country Is To Please Have The Common Decency To Pull The Condom Out Of My Ass When You Are Done


Or is this just too much to ask of my country.  I mean every time I leave my apartment, I have a vulture to the right of me and a vulture to the left of me following my every step through life.  Both praying that I make one, little, tiny mistake so they can gauge my eyeballs out first, then go after my liver and intestines and finally finishing with my heart – all in the name of profits.  So, as NOT to be misunderstood, when I use the word “vultures” I mean, the government (big brother) and the %1ers hiding behind corporate America (little sister) or as Benito Mussolini once said, ““Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” which is exactly what has happened to our once great and beautiful country otherwise known as the United States Of America since the late 1970s/early 1980s.   If I have said this once, I have said it a million times – America used to have the SMARTEST consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time.  A country that used take pride in the words “MADE IN AMERICA” because we knew those simple words truly stood for something GENUINE and ORIGINAL and DURABLE.  Unfortunately, this has changed dramatically in the past 40 years due to the 2 vultures mentioned above who started cutting cash deals under the table behind WE THE PEOPLE’S back in some closed door, private suite on top of some shiny, new, fancy sky rise somewhere unknown to the common people.

When was this moment? I can’t really pin point exactly when and where in the United States this happened but it doesn’t take a nuclear, bio-rocket and fusion scientist to see that somewhere along the line in the past 40 years, US corporations started to militarize their business models while, at the same time, the US military started to corporatize their operations thus making WE THE PEOPLE ever more vulnerable to getting raped like NEVER before in our history – once again, all for the SOLE purpose of profits.  A perfect example of what I mean is the so-called WAR ON DRUGS!  This so called “WAR ON DRUGS” accomplished 3 things – #1 the government (big brother) was able to rake in TRILLIONS of taxpayers dollars to build super prisons so that #2 the INDUSTRIAL PRISON COMPLEX (little sister) could profit like never before with the end result being #3 BETTER AND MORE drugs at a CHEAPER price every where throughout AMERICA. I can go on infinitely about the word “WAR” and what its TRUE meaning is to the 2 VULTURES of this country but I won’t – that will be for another day.

So, in ending, do not get confused by my words VULTURES. I completely understand about getting it from behind every once in awhile and how it can be a useful part of life in regards to learning experiences for future endeavors in one’s life.  Take for example INTERNS – who, in the past, worked for free for US corporations with the understanding that one day THOSE same interns would get a job by gaining valuable CORPORATE experience compared to TODAY where INTERNS are expected to work for free so that these same corporations can THEN hire people from other COUNTRIES at a cheaper, I mean, slave rates.  LET ME REPEAT MYSELF, I completely understand that GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS from behind when you least expect it (otherwise known as a “DONKEY FUCK”) can be a very valuable part of life in that it prepares you with experiences that enable you to stand up for yourself in the future in order to get a better deal from the VULTURES of this country.  The only problem I have with today’s DONKEY FUCK way of life compared to the ONES of the past is that now I am EXPECTED to pull the used, purple condom out of my OWN ass which tells me there is no longer and any LOVE for WE THE PEOPLE in this country anymore which completely sucks.

Please heed my words Big Brother (the government) and Little Sister (the %1ers hiding behind corporate America) otherwise I am going to stick a BEAR TRAP way up my ass so that when you come a rolling by and expect  to get some that NICE SWEET ASS from WE THE PEOPLE again, you won’t be A RUTHLESS prick with a smile anymore – you will be a DICKLESS asshole crying, “Oh my God! The world is so unfair TO ME! How dare THE PEOPLE treat me so unfairly.  Don’t they KNOW their whole lives revolve around me!  That they were specifically put on this earth to serve me and me only!”  To Big Brother – stop with the lies and the propaganda and the useless regulations and violations and useless words like “NATION BUILDING” in order to protect greedy Little Sister.  And to Little Sister – stop with the useless & endless array of commercials for products not made in this country by cheap, slave labor that is congesting and choking this beautiful planet with all your horrendous pollution.  And while you are at it, tell the IGNORANT, ONLY FOR THE DOLLARS media/news organizations to do their JOBS before the guillotine does it for them.  There is a whole bunch of news out there that WE THE PEOPLE need to know.