Will All Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents Just Shut The Fuck Up.


You are all giving me a friggin headache and while you are at it PLEASE tell all the multi-national, trillion dollar, Adam Smith Invisible Hand believing, “we are not going to let facts dictate our campaign”, never paying a damn red penny in taxes to the countries that they continuously rape, %1 GLOBAL corporations to stop spreading their dangerous and ignorant lying propaganda otherwise known as CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, I mean, Citizens United type laws all over the planet as concepts of a TRUE democracy.  How about that for a long sentence!

 A true democracy would never allow CITIZENS UNITED to become law because history has proven over and over and over and over again that MONEY & POLITICS is and will always be the most dangerous AND deadly weapon that can and will be USED against WE THE PEOPLE of any and all nations.  CORPORATE PERSONHOOD has, is, and will always be the cancer that kills all NATIONS ever so slowly in order to suck every last penny and every last drop of warm blood along the way until the HOST finally sighs one last obese breath of death…and then scurries to SATAN with his “please let me in” bribe money.

 Perhaps one day, sooner rather than later, Americans will realize that the PYRAMID on the ONE DOLLAR bill (you know the one to the left of “IN GOD WE TRUST”) is nothing more than the SYMBOL of the PONZI SCHEME that the ever greedy %1ers created as their INSIDE JOKE on WE THE PEOPLE!  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Americans need to realize that the majority of people in this country have far much more in common at the bottom of the AMERICAN pyramid (the %99ers) than they do with anyone at the top of that AMERICAN pyramid (the %1ers).  Think about it for a minute.  And keep that A SECRET please!  Because as we all know, the fastest way to end up DEAD in America is to start talking about THE HAVES and THE HAVE NOTS – that’s BLASPHEMY and against the law PUNISHABLE by death OF ANY KIND in this country.

 The moral of this story will be a very simple one!  Let’s stop with the pretend democracy that we PROUDFULLY think we have but don’t and let’s start all over again.  By this I mean, let’s stop voting for PUPPETS, I mean, people for PRESIDENTS and POLITICIANS because, as we all know and history has proven a GAZILLION times – that anyone and everyone can and will be PURCASHED for a price – so that’s one continuous complete waste of time.  I propose that we be the true democracy of the FUTURE and no LONGER vote for people/politicians who decide where and how our tax money can be spent BUT let’s ONLY VOTE on a list created ONLY by WE THE PEOPLE as to where our tax money should and will be SPENT.  Let’s put our TRUST where it truly belongs AND began – with WE THE PEOPLE so we can stop being WE THE SHEEPLE.  And now, I am thinking it’s time for a SEX CHANGE – this way I have a head start on the NSA when they accuse me of being some pinko, commie, fidel castro & sharia law luvin, muslim TREASON and TRAITOR.  And just so YOU know, unlike Bradley, I mean, Chelsea Manning (just another YAWN dumb blond), I think I’ll go for the  perky, bouncy, sassy and sexy brunette look.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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