Wow! I Guess “Stop And Frisk” Changed Into “Shoot Dead And Frisk”


It is against the law to shoot unarmed Americans dead.  The (police) blue code of silence is no different than the Mafia’s (La Cosa Nostra’s) Omerta.  It gives all good cops a bad name and will lead to more good cops being killed in our near future.  A simple question needs to be asked, “Up until last weekend (when North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma happened), how many unarmed Americans were shot dead by police after those 2 lunatics killed all those good cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge 3 months ago?  Answer is ZERO!



Just 10 Words To The Newly Elected Mayor Of New York City Bill De Blasio From One New Yorker To Another


Support The Robin Hood Tax And End Stop And Frisk.

 P.S. Hey, Michael “Tammany Hall” Bloomberg!  See Ya!  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out yo!