72 Male Virgins?


Okay…I have to be 100% honest here and say, “this shit is fucking straight up nuts!”…pardon my french…I mean, if we have to NOW worry about jihadist, violent, ISIS members who are in the closet and very angry about it…then…WE HAVE DEFINITELY LOST THE WAR ON TERROR!

From the very second the WAR ON TERROR started, the first words to come out of my mouth were, “this war on terror will end the same way as the war on drugs…with cheaper and more lethal terrorists everywhere!”…

Despite spending trillions of dollars, actual people “seeing something and then saying something”, 3 FBI interviews…this loser was still able to kill 49 INNOCENT americans with AMERICA’S favorite toy…SO…am I going too far out on a limb by asking, “I don’t think this WAR ON TERROR thingy is working out too well for us so far?”..

But….I’m gonna propose an idea that our corporate owned government, media outlets, and politicians never seem to think of…Let’s get out of the middle east nation building business, I mean, let’s get the FUCK out of the MIDDLE EAST…Because if we ever do…I will bet TRUMP’S little hands and/or a million cash from the CLINTON foundation…that 98% of all this truly ignorant TERRORISM stupidness disappears instantly into thin air…


Starbucks Loser


What’s the MORAL of the ERIC CANTOR story…very simple…only LOSERS drink at STARBUCKS….just kiddin starbucks customers 🙂  And, you have to realize that in the WORLD according TO realeyezlife yo….kicking a BEST FRIEND FOREVER republican and/or democrat POLITICIAN when they are down is NOT only HIGHLY condoned but ALSO richly REWARDED…otherwise, what’s the WHOLE point of ME never MINDING my own business while ALWAYS minding YOURS.  The current BATCH of BAD APPLES, I mean, politicians (both republican and democrat) in conjunction with their treasonous WALL STREET/%1ERS buddies having been SCREWING the hard working poor & middle class since THE LAST day of OUR last MILLENNIUM..that’s 14 long years NOW…and in the words of FORREST GUMP, “that’s all I have to say about that!”

What Do You Call One Political Party In Congress That Shuts Down The U.S. Government Over Defunding Obamacare And Another Political Party In Congress That Did Not Shut Down The U.S. Government To Prevent America From Entering 2 Bogus Wars In Iraq And Afghanistan


Best Friends Forever RepubliCUNTS, I mean, republicans & DemoRats, I mean, Democrats.  Stop texting your lives away with your fancy Chinese made, multi-colored, extra expensive “SMART” phones and pocketful of useless apps STUPID American DEMO-MONKEYS!  If you do NOT wake up real quick, it will only be a matter of time before our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATONS that own and control this government realize that it would be FAR more profitable for them to UNLEASH its CLONED-CREATED zombies that can only digest stupid little American brains before starting this whole EXTREMELY profitable scam all over again in another country full of idiots.  ALWAYS remember & NEVER forget, IGNORANCE is CHOICE.  And if HISTORY has proven ONE thing throughout all of TIME on this planet, it’s that IGNORANT PEOPLE always GET slaughtered and deservedly so.

And just in case there are any stupid Americans who read my words and might be offended by them I was born and raised in AMERICA.  Do realize THE TRUTH always hurts the feelings of THE IGNORANT.  So, if my words bother you, go look in YOUR ignorant CHINESE MADE mirror from WALMART and leave your useless comment there.  I no longer waste my time with the one life I have arguing with STUPID PEOPLE, I mean, AMERICANS who cannot see it’s their OWN ignorance as to why they live such miserable lives and why this once beautiful country will continue to slip closer and closer to its own demise.  If have said this one time, I have said this A MILLION times – republicans and democrats are ONE and the same party who take turns WEARING the BAD GUY hat; or in other words, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.   And, the only PEOPLE who CANNOT comprehend this are TRULY ignorant AMERICANS because they are TOO busy blaming everyone else but themselves for their own hypocrisy, cowardice and ignorance.  If you are a true-blue AMERICAN and truly LOVE this country like so many of you PUBLICLY claim, then stop HATING each other and START hating your government and the corporations that own OUR GOVERNMENT.  I will end with 3 EXTREMELY simple questions that I will even PROVIDE the answers to –

QUESTION #1 – who has THE VERY BEST healthcare on the face of this PLANET?

ANSWER – republicans and democrats! And I am not even going to ask who PAYS for the best HEALTHCARE on the face of this PLANET for our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER politicians – that’s too difficult a question for now

QUESTION #2 – who is receiving their salaries despite the fact that they are responsible for SHUTTING DOWN their OWN jobs, I mean, the government?

ANSWER – republicans and democrats

QUESTION #3 – what do you call truly ignorant people who take pride in their IGNORANCE?

ANSWER – stupid AMERICANS who actually think there is a difference between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans

All I Ask From My Country Is To Please Have The Common Decency To Pull The Condom Out Of My Ass When You Are Done


Or is this just too much to ask of my country.  I mean every time I leave my apartment, I have a vulture to the right of me and a vulture to the left of me following my every step through life.  Both praying that I make one, little, tiny mistake so they can gauge my eyeballs out first, then go after my liver and intestines and finally finishing with my heart – all in the name of profits.  So, as NOT to be misunderstood, when I use the word “vultures” I mean, the government (big brother) and the %1ers hiding behind corporate America (little sister) or as Benito Mussolini once said, ““Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” which is exactly what has happened to our once great and beautiful country otherwise known as the United States Of America since the late 1970s/early 1980s.   If I have said this once, I have said it a million times – America used to have the SMARTEST consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time.  A country that used take pride in the words “MADE IN AMERICA” because we knew those simple words truly stood for something GENUINE and ORIGINAL and DURABLE.  Unfortunately, this has changed dramatically in the past 40 years due to the 2 vultures mentioned above who started cutting cash deals under the table behind WE THE PEOPLE’S back in some closed door, private suite on top of some shiny, new, fancy sky rise somewhere unknown to the common people.

When was this moment? I can’t really pin point exactly when and where in the United States this happened but it doesn’t take a nuclear, bio-rocket and fusion scientist to see that somewhere along the line in the past 40 years, US corporations started to militarize their business models while, at the same time, the US military started to corporatize their operations thus making WE THE PEOPLE ever more vulnerable to getting raped like NEVER before in our history – once again, all for the SOLE purpose of profits.  A perfect example of what I mean is the so-called WAR ON DRUGS!  This so called “WAR ON DRUGS” accomplished 3 things – #1 the government (big brother) was able to rake in TRILLIONS of taxpayers dollars to build super prisons so that #2 the INDUSTRIAL PRISON COMPLEX (little sister) could profit like never before with the end result being #3 BETTER AND MORE drugs at a CHEAPER price every where throughout AMERICA. I can go on infinitely about the word “WAR” and what its TRUE meaning is to the 2 VULTURES of this country but I won’t – that will be for another day.

So, in ending, do not get confused by my words VULTURES. I completely understand about getting it from behind every once in awhile and how it can be a useful part of life in regards to learning experiences for future endeavors in one’s life.  Take for example INTERNS – who, in the past, worked for free for US corporations with the understanding that one day THOSE same interns would get a job by gaining valuable CORPORATE experience compared to TODAY where INTERNS are expected to work for free so that these same corporations can THEN hire people from other COUNTRIES at a cheaper, I mean, slave rates.  LET ME REPEAT MYSELF, I completely understand that GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS from behind when you least expect it (otherwise known as a “DONKEY FUCK”) can be a very valuable part of life in that it prepares you with experiences that enable you to stand up for yourself in the future in order to get a better deal from the VULTURES of this country.  The only problem I have with today’s DONKEY FUCK way of life compared to the ONES of the past is that now I am EXPECTED to pull the used, purple condom out of my OWN ass which tells me there is no longer and any LOVE for WE THE PEOPLE in this country anymore which completely sucks.

Please heed my words Big Brother (the government) and Little Sister (the %1ers hiding behind corporate America) otherwise I am going to stick a BEAR TRAP way up my ass so that when you come a rolling by and expect  to get some that NICE SWEET ASS from WE THE PEOPLE again, you won’t be A RUTHLESS prick with a smile anymore – you will be a DICKLESS asshole crying, “Oh my God! The world is so unfair TO ME! How dare THE PEOPLE treat me so unfairly.  Don’t they KNOW their whole lives revolve around me!  That they were specifically put on this earth to serve me and me only!”  To Big Brother – stop with the lies and the propaganda and the useless regulations and violations and useless words like “NATION BUILDING” in order to protect greedy Little Sister.  And to Little Sister – stop with the useless & endless array of commercials for products not made in this country by cheap, slave labor that is congesting and choking this beautiful planet with all your horrendous pollution.  And while you are at it, tell the IGNORANT, ONLY FOR THE DOLLARS media/news organizations to do their JOBS before the guillotine does it for them.  There is a whole bunch of news out there that WE THE PEOPLE need to know.