Terrorism To Hit Germany And Britain Next


And it will hit within 6 weeks….if not sooner….How do I know this?  Because just like with FRANCE, the UK and GERMANY have now decided to join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in continuing their unrelenting bombing of the MIDDLE EAST.

There is only ONE WAY to put an END to all this MADNESS..and that ONE WAY is NEVER EVER mentioned by WASHINGTON and/or by any of its lying bobble-head corporate owned media/news/foreign policy pundits…and that way is to


Here are the 3 things that will happen to any and all governments who join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S coalition against the so called “WAR ON TERROR”

  1. More innocent tax-payers of these countries will continue to be massacred
  2. Your national debt will SKYROCKET into the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS within 5 years
  3. Your ECONOMIES will SHRINK to very dangerous levels

How do I know this….? Very simple…Because this is EXACTLY what has happened to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since it started all this bullshit by starting that TRULY bogus IRAQI WAR in 2003.

If I have said this once, I have said this more times than there are guns in america (300 million times)…this so called WAR ON TERROR will end EXACTLY the same was as WASHINGTON’S war on poverty and/or WASHINGTON’S war on drugs – with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE….And, our recent history is already proving this for all the world to see.

Simply because…It is NOT about protecting its tax paying citizens – IT IS ALL ABOUT extracting 100s of BILLIONS of $$$$s from its TAX PAYERS so as to continue their profitable myriad of EXTREMELY BOGUS ponzi schemes under the guise of words like freedom, capitalism, and security…

But…there is GOOD NEWS coming soon!  Our collective moment of clarity is EXTREMELY close at hand WO/MANKIND!  And it will be BEAUTIFUL and EVERLASTING!!  It is already happening in small pockets across this beautiful GLOBE….AND will only continue to grow bigger and bigger by the day….and it will be NON-VIOLENT…but, most importantly, it will restore the natural order of life- PEOPLE before PROFITS…

Organic boycotts are the ANSWER to all of our problems…and I will explain why in my next blog, “It’s Going To Be A Bloody Christmas And An Even Bloodier New Year!”







Will Someone Please Tell Syria That Only The United States Of America Can Use Naplam On Innocent People From Other Countries


What is WRONG with this friggin world!  Has everyone lost their minds? And Oh yea! I almost forgot – Russia can use them as well but only with America’s permission and only for a nominal fee (because as we all know, Russia provides all chemical weapons to Syria).  Am I the only one starting to get A REAL bad feeling about this whole thing that’s about to go down in Syria?  Is it only me that feels like they are having LSD flashbacks of Vietnam and that a movie called “Vietnam Too In The Middle East”  will be coming to a theater near all of us real soon ( premiering first in the United States, France, and the Middle East only in SELECT theaters).  What depresses me the most is the fact that  tickets will be 10,000 times more expensive than the first BLOCK BUSTER hit some 40 to 50 years ago – and that truly sucks because I was looking forward to another US WAR MOVIE in real time.  But, as the French would say, “C’est La Vie! (That’s life!)” and that’s what scares me the most about this tragic event that seems to be spiraling out of control.  I mean, America and France in theaters of war have made great Hollywood movies in the past BUT, in real life, our track record together hasn’t been too great in the last century.  Long story short, this whole episode REEKS of HISTORY repeating itself and it makes my heart extremely heavy with sadness that violence will always be with us.