Please Stop Calling It Affluenza! It’s Called Rich Prick Disease


First and foremost, life has been…is …and will always be BEAUTIFUL…That being said – let’s get to the main point…For decades I have been trying to warn people about an extremely dangerous and deadly disease that periodically runs rampant across the globe….infecting …and then destroying everything in its path…

It’s called RPD aka “RICH PRICK DISEASE”…this pathogen usually originates in a single individual…then spreads rapidly throughout the infected individual’s family…Once this pathogen infects an entire family, then “it’s off to the races” as they say….meaning it starts to rapidly infect other families…

Once it reaches a critical mass of…let’s say 50 families…RICH PRICK DISEASE then searches for a new “TYPE” of host in order to survive and expand..This NEW “type” of HOST is none other than our GOVERNMENTS…It’s at this point when RICH PRICK DISEASE becomes EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY deadly with a 99.999 percent rate of mortality – to any and all individuals, families, corporations, all branches of governments, religious institutions, nations, militaries, economies, empires, super-powers, cultures, and/or civilizations that it comes across.

A perfect case in point is this SCHMUCK in the pic above..His name is Ethan Couch…This truly IGNORANT schmuck and his even more ignorant family have been plastered all over the news recently due to the fact that after killing 4 people and seriously injuring 9 others while driving under the influence of ALCOHOL…pleaded “NOT GUILTY” in an United States of America’s courtroom citing “Affluenza” (a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation) as his defense…AND HE WAS FOUND “NOT GUILTY”!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, my response was and still is….


I hate to be the BEARER of really bad news AMERICA…but unfortunately, our government AND the corporations/families that own our government  have been infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE not “AFFLUENZA”……It has spread to all branches of our government…America’s CONSTANT mantra of “PROFITS before PEOPLE” is the FINAL stage of our dying NATION, CULTURE, AND CIVILIZATION…

I have used this analogy many times before and I will try to use it one more time in my attempt to explain just how deadly RICH PRICK DISEASE has…and will always be to all of HUMANITY…Let’s take the game of’s a great game..and an extremely fun game…Everyone knows how to play monopoly..and the rules are very simple…THE PERSON WHO ENDS UP WITH ALL THE MONEY wins the game..GAME OVER – that’s it!

But when a super-power (let’s use the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the example) has become infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE..the name “MONOPOLY” is no longer applicable…A new name must be created…and that NEW name is THE NEW WORLD ORDER…

And, unlike  the old game of MONOPOLY…the NEW WORLD ORDER game is not a fun game..and only a few people (all infected with RPD) can play  (unlike MONOPOLY) because you need purchased governments and news media organizations/propaganda machines (not properties) in order to EVEN participate in the game…Plus, the whole purpose of the NEW WORLD ORDER game is to trick the people with the best form of ORWELLIAN speech this planet has ever seen…that “our politicians are here to serve us (the people)”..when, in REALITY….WE (the people) ARE ALL HERE TO SERVE THEM…

Rich Prick Disease has transformed our CULTURE of MONOPOLY into CULTURE of SERVING THEM…or, in other words, our (you, me, and john dupree whoever the fuck that person is) only purpose in life is to make these SICK individuals even  more comfortable than they already are as they continue to rape this planet into oblivion…

But…there is GOOD news AMERICA!!!  I know the cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE…and I am not afraid to reveal the prescription…This prescription is far more potent than a silver bullet shot straight into the heart of a BLOOD-SUCKING vampire…and it works every single time..history has proven this over and over again..The cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE is a BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…And, the best part is…you don’t even need to use the BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…

All that is required is to place these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines in very obvious in front WALL STREET..or in front of court houses…or state capitols…or even in front of the white house..Even better, in front of TRUMP properties…For all non-violent persons like myself, these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines don’t even need a BLADE in them…Just the mere image of BRAND-NEW, SHINY, BLADE-LESS guillotine will make all individuals infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE snap their crooked necks and fall into line like a bunch of homeless people at a soup kitchen…

Americans are just like most people on this planet..we have no problem whatsoever with wealthy people..What we do have a problem with is PEOPLE who are infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE who sincerely believe that all who are placed on this beautiful earth MUST now serve them…To all those infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE…here’s my belated christmas gift to you





I Woke Up This Morning Definitely Not Proud To Be An American


Okay, okay… full disclosure here….. the real reason why I woke up in a REALLY, REALLY bad mood is because I didn’t have any HALF & HALF for my coffee today…

Now that I’ve got that out of the way…we can move on to more serious matters i.e. why I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN today!!!

So….while I am sipping my nasty black cup of coffee with no HALF & HALF in it, I turn my TELEVISION on…and….THE FIRST THING i see (on every single EFFIN channel)  is our NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNING u.s. PRESIDENT obama (in co-hoots with WAR CRIMINALS and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats) STARTING another UNNECESSARY war of IGNORANT CHOICE paid for by HARD WORKING americans’ taxes WHICH will MOST definitely place MANY, MANY boots on the ground in our NEAR future..

Time to turn my TELEVISION off and turn MY COMPUTER on…and what am I bombarded with on the INTERNET..more war PRESIDENT obama starting another war……Jasmine Tridevil and HER three BOOBS…and, LAST BUT not LEAST…teen mom FARRAH ABRAHAM’S back-door entry FUCKABLE SEX DOLL.

america HAS lost its EFFIN mind…or…maybe i have lost my FUCKING mind…”I DON’T KNOW and I DON’T CARE!” is all I have to say…I mean, perhaps Vice President Joe Biden should have said, “we will chase ISIS to the GATES of AMERICA (instead of hell)!!!!”

Get your POPCORN heeeeeere!!!!!!  We are going to WAR again AMERICA…Here’s my proof…the TRAITOROUS WAR CRIMINALS in both OUR republican and democrat parties are TOO cowardly to DEBATE and then PLACE a BINDING vote on this MATTER until AFTER our elections in NOVEMBER…which begs for me to say, “what an EFFIN and insulting JOKE on the american people!!!!”

In regards to JASMINE TRIDEVIL and her 3 boobs…I ask, “Why only 3 boobs and not 8 boobs?  3 boobs on the front..3 boobs on the back….one boob on the forehead..and one boob on the chin (all different sizes)…..NOW THAT IS SEXY!!! Or perhaps, Romney-ama Care (let’s give credit where credit is due yo!  Romneycare came before MORE WAR/COPYCAT obamacare) only covers the first 3 boobs WITH  a $1,000 dollar deductible..all the other boobs come out of POCKET.

Ok…Ok..I got the munchies real bad right now so I’m gonna keep this real short in regards to the  teen mom FARRAH ABRAHAM’S FUCKABLE SEX DOLL (with vibrating ass and pussy)…

“I refuse to purchase this product for false advertising…I do NOT see any VENEREAL DISEASES on that SEX DOLL!!!  Like everything else in AMERICA, it’s counterfeit!!!”

The Election About Nothing

nationgoodSo…let me get this STRAIGHT!!!  Come this November….our congress and senate want us to vote for them when these IMBECILES are incapable of DEBATING and/or VOTING on ANYTHING other than STARTING more WARS…Even more disturbing is how the U.S. MEDIA outlets will be CHIRPING more of their lies to the AMERICAN people again about how “MORE WAR DOES A NATION GOOD!” bullshit propaganda!!!!  And….who wants to make a $10,000 dollar MITT ROMNEY bet that when these WAR-BUSTERS we call our LEADERS come back from their EXTRA-PLUSH vacations THAT they will NOT be discussing the ISSUES that matter MOST to AMERICANS (i.e. the economy, the recession, the INCREASING income gap between rich and poor, climate change…JUST to name a few)….I’ll MOST definitely take that bet cause it will be the EASIEST money I will have ever earned…Stay tuned Y’ALL…I’m in the process of developing the PILOT SHOW for “THE 2014 UNITED STATES SEINFELD ELECTION”…the TITLE will be “WAR, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!” 🙂

Grow A Brain Hollywood – If You Don’t Want Your Nude Pics To Be Seen By The Entire World – Use A Polaroid

yeatopsAnd even better than being 100% HACKER proof..The ONE-STEP polaroid camera is ALSO 100% NSA proof…even ERIC SNOWDEN would agree with me on this one..So, here’s how the POLAROID works hollywood…it’s very simple.  You take a NUDE pictures of yourself…AND THEN…you take those NUDE PICTURES of yourself and you put them in a SAFE (DO NOT! AND I MEAN do not  SCAN YOUR polaroids into your computer OKAY) …and VOILA!!!  No one can steal your NUDE pics…unless they break into your which point YOU have every right to blow their BRAINS away..It is really not that complicated HOLLYWOOD..unless that is…you WANT everyone to see your nude photos..

Now, do REALIZE hollywood…It’s very difficult to PHOTOSHOP polaroids…so, you won’t be able to achieve that PERFECT look you guys are so fond of recently.. but hey!!! what are gonna do 🙂


The Barbarians In Washington And The U.S. Media Trying To Brainwash America That ISIS Is More Barbaric


Hmmmmm….I pose this very simple question…WHO do you consider more barbaric….War criminals Bush jr. and Prick Cheney starting a BOGUS war of CHOICE in conjunction with our TRULY ignorant Congress controlled by the DEMOCRATS at that time…that killed upwards of 200,000 innocent Iraqi citizens (probably more but we will never know thanks to our LYING media that brainwashed us in the FIRST PLACE), more than 5,000 American brave soldiers (I’m not even going to mention the 10s of THOUSANDS maimed and/or injured), with a cost of 4 to 6 trillion DOLLARS when it’s all said and done to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers…ALL CENTERED AROUND A COMPLETE LIE placed on the FRONT PAGES of our CORPORATE OWNED, LYING MEDIA about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION with a COUNTRY that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11……and, I am not even going to mention the fact that WAR CRIMINALS bush jr and prick cheney and the democrat party BARBARIANS who controlled CONGRESS at the time BANNED the LYING U.S MEDIA from taking PICTURES and/or VIDEOS of dead, BRAVE american soldiers coming back home in caskets.


A terrorist group named ISIS (that was created after and in response to the BOGUS war of CHOICE that was started by war criminals bush jr. and prick cheney, the barbarians of the democrat party who controlled congress, and the SHEER ignorance of the american PEOPLE at the particular moment in HISTORY) who have stolen AMERICAN weapons and USED those very AMERICAN weapons (PAID FOR BY THE U.S. TAXPAYER) to put themselves in a position to be able to BEHEAD an american journalist who was COMPLETELY aware of the DANGERS surrounding him in the MIDDLE EAST knowing full well that AMERICA does not NEGOTIATE with terrorist groups (especially ones POSSESSING american weapons)..all in FRONT of a camera

In regards to who is MORE barbaric….I’ll let you decide..As far as I am CONCERNED though – It’s a DRAW…until ISIS kills more than 200,000 innocent MUSLIMS, more than 5,000 BRAVE, american SOLDIERS, maims and/or injures 100s of thousands of INNOCENTS as well as 10s of thousands of U.S. soldiers, steals more than 4 to 6 trillion dollars from the U.S. TAXPAYERS, and BANS the PRESS from doing their JOBS…I think this answer is RATHER obvious…but THAT’S just me…Here’s another thing I think…that the CURRENT war criminals in Washington and OUR MILITARY COMPLEX (not the SOLDIERS but THE LEADERS) and our LYING MEDIA are using the SEVERED HEAD of an american JOURNALIST to MISSION-CREEP us back into IRAQ paid for by the U.S. TAXPAYER in order to feed their INSATIABLE greed for more PERSONAL profit and power under the guise of DEMOCRACY at THE EXPENSE of the U.S TAXPAYER and INNOCENT civilians…or, in other words, AND once again – It’s COIN-FLIPPING time in WASHINGTON again – it’s HEADS!!!!! WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX wins…OR, it’s TAILS and WE THE PEOPLE lose

And, as far as I am concerned…THIS IS UTTERLY REVOLTING….I mean, does WASHINGTON, the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX, and our LYING MEDIA have no SHAME whatsoever? I guess not


Starbucks Loser


What’s the MORAL of the ERIC CANTOR story…very simple…only LOSERS drink at STARBUCKS….just kiddin starbucks customers 🙂  And, you have to realize that in the WORLD according TO realeyezlife yo….kicking a BEST FRIEND FOREVER republican and/or democrat POLITICIAN when they are down is NOT only HIGHLY condoned but ALSO richly REWARDED…otherwise, what’s the WHOLE point of ME never MINDING my own business while ALWAYS minding YOURS.  The current BATCH of BAD APPLES, I mean, politicians (both republican and democrat) in conjunction with their treasonous WALL STREET/%1ERS buddies having been SCREWING the hard working poor & middle class since THE LAST day of OUR last MILLENNIUM..that’s 14 long years NOW…and in the words of FORREST GUMP, “that’s all I have to say about that!”

Bon Appetit To All Climate Change Deniers 100 Years From Now!


Here’s one thing I know…IGNORANCE will not be so BLISSFUL for the GRAND CHILDREN of today’s TRULY ignorant CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS…Grow a FREAKIN brain ALREADY before your little secret as to why you IGNORANT fools are so ADAMANTLY pro-life is exposed…

Just so you know…that wasn’t meant to be FUNNY!



A Country That Does ABSOLUTELY Nothing When 20 Innocent American Children Are Slaughtered In An Elementary School By A Lunatic With His Legal Gun Deserves A Government That Never Listens To Its People


This is the LITTLE secret, I mean, fact that THE AMERICAN people do NOT want to EVER admit because it HIGHLIGHTS exactly everything that is wrong with America’s current definition of the word DEMOCRACY.  Allow me to rephrase please: A government that watches its citizens do ABSOLUTELY nothing EXCEPT to purchase even more guns after the massacre of SANDY HOOK is a GOVERNMENT that will NEVER listen to or respect its CITIZENS ever again.  So, in a way, the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the AMERI CAN GOVERNMENT are a MATCH made in fucking “HELLheaven”. 

 And once again, I have to ask myself out loud, “WHAT THE FUCK is up with OUR once great & beautiful COUNTRY called AMERICA”.  I mean, in the next few weeks our government and media will FLOOD our televisions, computers, I-pads, Smart phones, newspapers, magazines, and BLOODSHOT eyeballs with a CONSTANT & UNENDING BARRAGE of very depressing images of Syrian children suffering from the HORRORS of chemical warfare as the ENDS to the U.S. government’s MEANS to enter a “War-Weary” America in yet another BOGUS war.  In short and once again, this government will use dead children as the preferred choice of propaganda in order to REAP in trillions of dollars more from WE THE PEOPLE all in the name of “NATIONAL SECURITY.”

 But when it comes to the SLAUGHTER of our innocent American children by an AMERICAN LUNATIC with a cowardly LEGAL military gun, our LYING, CHEATING & ALL FOR PROFIT government and media will NOT show ONE single image of this truly tragic HORROR for one simple REASON – that those truly horrifying images of beautiful American children RIDDLED with cowardly BULLET HOLES in an Elementary school would instantly, and without a DOUBT, force this country to take MORAL steps so that INSANE PEOPLE will never be able to obtain  LEGAL/ILLEGAL guns EVER AGAIN.  Instead the NRA, GUN MANAFACTURERS, and the U.S. government used this tragedy to spread more TOTALLY IRRATIONAL fears so that they could quadrupled their PROFITS to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars so that AMERICANS can feel more “FREE” in their choice as to who they want to kill for whatever personal reason they may have with their cowardly 2nd amendment RIGHTS & GUNS.

 So, get your POPCORN heeeeeeere!!!!!  Because it’s going to be REAL FUN watching our government and military ignoring one stupid idiot AMERICAN after another live on our televisions, computers, I-pads, and smart phones all begging and pleading for America NOT to enter yet another BOGUS war in the Middle East with Syria when it’s these same IDIOTS who actually felt like they “DODGED A BULLET” when this cowardly government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make sure this kind of horrifying tragedy at SANDY HOOK never happens again.

 I am going to let America in on a LITTLE SECRET that we used to LIVE and DIE by with 100% PRIDE and is the only reason why this country became the most powerful country on the face of the planet and in the history of time.  Just like REAL men ALWAYS take care of their children and families FIRST (compared to COWARDS who purchase LEGAL/ILLEGAL firearms in order to feel more patriotic or macho), so it goes without saying that REAL super powers take care of their PEOPLE first (not other countries’ peoples first).  Or, in other words, get your fucking priorities straight AMERICA if you SINCERELY want our government & military TO RESPECT us EVER AGAIN!  Until then, take your fucking cry-baby, SOB story to PRESIDENT putin in RUSSIA because you’ll have a better chance over there you stupid friggin FUCKING stupid fucks! 

Once Again Best Friends Forever Democrats, Republicans And The Lying Media Prove That Pissing On We The People Is Their Favorite Pastime


Here’s one thing I have learned about America in the last 5 or 6 years. When it comes to massacring innocent Americans by other “sick” Americans (whether it be in Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, or Virginia Tech just to name a few) with their LEGAL/ILLEGAL GUNS manufactured in the good ol’ U S of A and constitutionally protected by our NRA trolls and lobbyists posing as United States Of America politicians, ABSOLUTELY nothing will be done for WE THE PEOPLE and our children.  But, when it comes to the MIDDLE EAST and Muslims who TRULY hate America with every fiber in their body and want nothing more than to kill Americans anyway they possibly can, BOTH PARTIES in the United States Of Creeps, I mean, America will ALL OF A SUDDEN get all “BUDDY-BUDDY”  and start tonguing and fingering each other so that they can move HEAVEN and HELL and spend unlimited amounts of WE THE PEOPLE’S money to make sure that NATION BUILDING, I mean, WAR PROFITEERING becomes an unspoken CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT only to be enjoyed by our politicians and military corporations ALONE so that they can further distance themselves from the people they truly HATE the most – WE THE PEOPLE!  Wake up Americans before killing each other becomes THE AMERICAN WAY!