The Plunkies In The Mouth Awards


Otherwise known as the “My Nutz In Your Mouth Awards” will be my new reoccurring section that will pop in and out of this blog.  It will be similar to my “In Regards 2” section in that I, and I alone, am and will be the JUDGE and JURY only – a section where I can rip people, corporations, countries, governments, products, Hollywood stars, political leaders, institutions, theories, facts, fiction, anything and everything, etc. A NEW ASSHOLE just because I feel like it.  I do not have to provide an explanation and/or reason/s or, for that matter, any kind of facts or non-facts as to why someone and/or something wins this prestigious award EVER.  That’s just the type of guy I am.  So, for example, let’s take the super, mega store monopoly Walmart.  This corporation definitely wins THE PLUNKIES IN THE MOUTH AWARDS not because this corporation represents EXACTLY everything that is CURRENTLY wrong, crooked, and corrupt in America currently.  I mean, there is no reason to mention that every single item that this corporation sells to the public is made in china or India – EXCEPT for all the AMERICAN made ASSAULT WEAPONS, guns and bullets.  Nor is there any reason to mention the SLAVE labor they hire in those countries to make these extra cheap products – nor the fact that this company has been, still is, and will always be a MONOPOLY that literally bankrupts small businesses across the country.  And, it’s not important that this US corporation that is worth some 100 billion dollars enjoys UNDERPAYING its employees while bribing other countries like MEXICO with cash PRIZES to start opening stores in South America as its MODERN DAY business model all the while constantly hiring expensive lobbyist lawyers to find ways to hide their BILLIONS in profits from the TAX man.  I mean, mentioning those fact would be trivial and a waste of time.

I am just going to mention the DEAD PEASANT CLAUSE that this corporation put in it’s fine print in the late 1990s when hiring low level workers until they were caught and found guilty in a court of law and forced to pay 10s of millions of dollars in damages to the families of these low level employees as to the reason why they win THE PLUNKIES IN THE MOUTH AWARDS.  Long story short, this evil corporation took out life insurance policies on their unhealthy low-level employees so that when they died, Walmart could legally collect MONIES from the insurance policies taken out on those Walmart employees. Even more disgusting is the fact that Walmart did not even give one damn red penny to the families of these employees from those insurance policies.  Matter of fact, the employee and his or her families never knew what Walmart was doing until Walmart mistakenly sent the wrong letter to the wrong family with the insurance policy in it and the amount that Walmart collected.  Just google Walmart & Dead Peasant Clause and you’ll find out what I am talking about.  So, you can call me a friggin LUNATIC all you want but, as far as I am concerned, this is STRAIGHT UP as cold blooded as you can get and why I am glad I have never spent nor will I ever spend one damn red penny of my hard earned money at Walmart ever.  So, a big MIDDLE finger to Sam “and every other” Walton out there – you friggin LOSERS who will rot in HELL!


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