If It’s A Boeing 777 – Do Not Get In It!


That is if you do NOT want to increase your chances of DYING a MOST violent DEATH…or, at the very minimum, if you do get in a BOEING 777…make sure you are not  a TRULY selfish ASSHOLE…and please get some LIFE-INSURANCE..this way, when you are blown out of the sky OR vanish into THIN-AIR…your family will get a little POCKET-CHANGE when you are removed from this planet…So, let’s get to my main point..which is TOOTING my HORN.. If any of you have read any of my past posts in regards to the “missing” MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370, you will already know my main point…and that is – whether the “missing” MALAYSIAN AIRLINES flight 370 of a few months was BLOWN out of the sky by nefarious “terrorists” and/or it exploded in MID-AIR due to a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw in the BOEING 7777….really DOES NOT make a difference…DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  The answer is so very SIMPLE..and the current MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 which blew up in mid-air TODAY over the UKRAINE will be my ultimate proof  to my OVERALL point… And, here it is… cause it’s as PLAIN as DAY…WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH?  Why will we NEVER know the truth..Once again, the ANSWER is so very SIMPLE…because THERE IS NEVER ANY profit in TELLING the truth..We live in an AGE where the ETERNAL FANGS of GREED dominates EVERY facet of our lives.  Now, I am not going to get into a detailed discussion about the GEO-POLITICAL bullshit that our corporate MEDIA so loves to discuss and confuse us all with…matter of fact, I could not GIVE a FLYING FUCK (excuse the PUN) because THERE IS only 2 scenarios that we need to look at.. #1 Scenario…If it was a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw of the BOEINNG 777… we will most DEFINITELY never know the truth..MATTER OF FACT, boeing and the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will go out of their way to blame the “FOREVER” bad guy (terrorists) as to why today’s MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 exploded today…this way BOEING can CONTINUE to ring in the PROFITS by selling PIECES OF SHIT airplanes to all NATIONS on this planet BY being the MOST IMPERIALISTIC MONOPOLY the aviation industry has ever seen… #2 Scenario…Terrorists/Separatists (for whatever reason is not important) blew MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 17 out of the sky TODAY…and, ONCE AGAIN, we will never know the TRUTH…because, AS USUAL, WASHINGTON D.C . (the eternal LIARS) will MAKE sure we NEVER know THE TRUTH..because the REAL truth about everything that is HAPPENING with RUSSIA and the UKRAINE  today HAS everything TO DO with THE FANGS of WASHINGTON’S and BIG OIL’S eternal GREED…and the TRULY piece-of-shit CHICKEN-HAWK neo-cons WHO are addicted to sending BRAVE AMERICANS to die ON foreign SOIL for more PROFITS they DO NOT even need. Which brings me FULL-CIRCLE…if it’s A BOEING 777 flying anywhere on THIS PLANET…do NOT get in IT!!!  If there is one thing I can promise in the ONE life given to me in the AGE of “The FANGS of ETERNAL greed” we are ALL currently living it…it’s that if all people STOP flying on BOEING 777s due to its NOW chronic tendency to either vanish into THIN air or EXPLODE in mid-air…both BOEING and the eternal LIARS in WASHINGTON will GUARANTEE that they STOP taking our TAXES and TRANSFORMING it into BLOOD money that ULTIMATELY and ALWAYS comes back to KILL us…And, NEVER FORGET – violence BREEDS fear which always earns HUGE PROFITS for the scumbags whose only goal is to DIVIDE and CONQUER in their eternal pursuit to PUT profits always before PEOPLE


Just 10 Words To The Newly Elected Mayor Of New York City Bill De Blasio From One New Yorker To Another


Support The Robin Hood Tax And End Stop And Frisk.

 P.S. Hey, Michael “Tammany Hall” Bloomberg!  See Ya!  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out yo!

Incorporated God We Trust


Pointing ignorant partisan fingers at each other will be the ARSENIC that kills us all because it ENABLES the CANCER THAT TRULY KILLS, I mean, our trillion dollar corporations that pay no TAXES who own our COUNTRY as well as our BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican politicians to further DIVIDE renewable dummies, I mean, WE THE SHEEPLE, I mean, PEOPLE.  Wake up AMERICA! If you cannot see that MONEY is the root of all GOVERNMENT EVIL, then this country is DOOMED to DIE a most horrible, violent, and painful DEATH – and deservedly so.   To any person who truly LOVES America, you need to step up and make it OBVIOUSLY clear to the CORPORATIONS that are destroying our once beautiful country with their unrelenting greed that we are on to their CORRUPTED game of MONOPLY and TOO BIG TO FAIL politics.  And if push comes to shove, I am ready to hide whatever money I have and I will never spend another penny other than what keeps me alive in this world – a little food, water, shelter, and warmth and THAT’S FUCKING it.  I’ll even quit my job so the government can no longer steal my taxes and do ABSOLUTELY nothing with them other than padding their POCKETS with more of America’s hard earned money.

 I am ALSO so terribly sick of our GOVERNMENT GONE WILD who can only SPEAK IN TONGUE and read a teleprompter OWNED by THEIR CORPORATE owners and lobbyists  who are literally CHOKING the very life out of this country right before our own eyes.  I am even more horrified about this nation’s newest commodity – RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, american CITIZENS who now ACTUALLY take pride in their own IGNORANCE and who continuously yell “We’re #1!  We’re #1!  We #1!” – when, in reality, this country ranks LOWER and LOWER each year with practically EVERY vital STATISTIC that matters most to HUMAN BEINGS; i.e education, life-expectancy, quality of life, pollution, pre-school education, jobs, healthcare, etc., etc., etc.  Ironically, the three statistics where America is #1 (OBSESITY, GUN VIOLENCE and GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE) should send SHIVERS through the spines of every AMERICAN alive today. And the solution is so VERY SIMPLE – end corporate PERSONHOOD immediately otherwise our government and the corporations that own US will NEVER get another damn, red penny from me ever again.  And if they try to force me OR try to steal my money, then it will have to be over my dead body – and then good luck finding my money because you won’t.

Renewable Dummies, I Mean, Americans Need To Learn How To Listen In Tongue

Because our politicians ONLY know how to SPEAK in TONGUE to the detriment of every single Renewable Dummy, I mean, american citizen in this country.  Let’s take Ted Kennedy’s famous, “WHEN DOES THE GREED STOP!” speech in 2007 as the perfect example of an AMERICAN politician speaking in TONGUE and why WE THE PEOPLE need to learn how to LISTEN in tongue for our OWN very survival.

Every single friggin time I hear this speech, I ONLY have one question for TEDDY KENNEDY and here it is, “I don’t know TEDDY!  You tell me WHEN THE GREED STOPS!” I mean, these WORDS are from the mouth of ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST, if not THE WEALTHIEST, political family on the FACE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL planet.

So, please listen CLASS…golden rule #1.when a politician uses words like, “it’s for the betterment of WE THE PEOPLE” that’s your cue to realize that those words mean, “IT’S THE VERY WORST THING” for we the people.  Or here’s another example, “THIS will help our middle class become stronger and more competitive in the GLOBAL markets of today!” which really means, “GIVE ME MORE MONEY bitches so I can further enslave the America’s middle class!”

Friggin slaves to SATAN, I mean, CORPORATIONS who will one day rot in hell speaking TONGUE the whole way.  It’s becoming rather obvious that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats’ and republicans’ sole purpose is to ETERNALLY enrich themselves at the expense of the very people who put them in power.

I will end by saying that THE KENNEDY FAMILY is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of BAD KARMA gone full CIRCLE.  I mean, the patriarch of the family, JOE KENNEDY SR., was so CORRUPT in his days as BOOT-LEGGING irish GANGSTER that after his STROKE which left him POWERLESS, paralyzed, deaf, and unable to speak so that he could ONLY watch the death of his 2 PRIZED and FAVORITE sons being shot to death live on the TELEVISION.  Now, that’s bad fucking karma – a fate that most of our political leaders will have to endure in their very NEAR futures for selling THEIR SOULS to corporations whose only concern is an eternal source of PROFIT – not the betterment of WE the PEOPLE.

Renewable Dummy, I Mean, Yahoo Ceo Marissa Mayer Plays The Dumb Blond As Her Feeble Defense For Allowing The NSA To Spy On Its Users


Corporate America never ceases to AMAZE me in regards to its ETERNAL, cancerous SHAMELESS, lying greed.  I mean, we all know that CORPORATE CEOs of billion dollar American corporations that pay barely any taxes NEVER go to jail for whatever crime they commit.  Has she lost her friggin mind!  And, of all the companies in bed with the NSA, Yahoo, by far, is the CREEPIEST in regards to the invasion of our privacy (reading people’s emails) and, even worse, censoring comments of its users about their corporate sponsors (I just finished up with a little personal ONLINE experiment AND found out that these rumors, in fact, were TRUE.) And it is EXACTLY this that creeps me out the most about CORPORATE AMERICA these days– that they actually believe with all THEIR hearts and souls that humans beings are born SOLELY to be their CUSTOMERS – like there’s a RACE between CORPORATE AMERICA (little sister) and the U.S. Government (big brother) to see who gets our DOLLARS first while shredding every single constitutional privacy rights we supposedly have!   And for these reasons ALONE, the corporate TROLL Yahoo Ceo Marissa Mayer wins The September 2013 My Plunkies In The Mouth Awards. 


If you like to read the article, just click on the yahoo link below.  But remember, they will track you!


United States Gas Mask Manufacturers Successfully Lobby Washington For More Wars Using Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction


I’m just kidding of course but you never know because as we all know, there are NEVER coincidences in the life of the ONLY super power.  In regards to what is about to go down in Syria I have a new slogan.  NO MORE FUCKING WAR – THAT’S WHAT THE FUCKING DRONES ARE FOR.  I obviously woke up fiending a cigarette this morning, I mean, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I am not in the best of moods nor due I have the patience to be dealing with the US military’s and the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican parties’ unrelenting GREED for violence, guns, weapons, wars, deaths and the TRILLIONS of dollars that come with it. But in a few days, I will be CIGARETTE FREE for 2 months which is cool.

Will All Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents Just Shut The Fuck Up.


You are all giving me a friggin headache and while you are at it PLEASE tell all the multi-national, trillion dollar, Adam Smith Invisible Hand believing, “we are not going to let facts dictate our campaign”, never paying a damn red penny in taxes to the countries that they continuously rape, %1 GLOBAL corporations to stop spreading their dangerous and ignorant lying propaganda otherwise known as CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, I mean, Citizens United type laws all over the planet as concepts of a TRUE democracy.  How about that for a long sentence!

 A true democracy would never allow CITIZENS UNITED to become law because history has proven over and over and over and over again that MONEY & POLITICS is and will always be the most dangerous AND deadly weapon that can and will be USED against WE THE PEOPLE of any and all nations.  CORPORATE PERSONHOOD has, is, and will always be the cancer that kills all NATIONS ever so slowly in order to suck every last penny and every last drop of warm blood along the way until the HOST finally sighs one last obese breath of death…and then scurries to SATAN with his “please let me in” bribe money.

 Perhaps one day, sooner rather than later, Americans will realize that the PYRAMID on the ONE DOLLAR bill (you know the one to the left of “IN GOD WE TRUST”) is nothing more than the SYMBOL of the PONZI SCHEME that the ever greedy %1ers created as their INSIDE JOKE on WE THE PEOPLE!  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Americans need to realize that the majority of people in this country have far much more in common at the bottom of the AMERICAN pyramid (the %99ers) than they do with anyone at the top of that AMERICAN pyramid (the %1ers).  Think about it for a minute.  And keep that A SECRET please!  Because as we all know, the fastest way to end up DEAD in America is to start talking about THE HAVES and THE HAVE NOTS – that’s BLASPHEMY and against the law PUNISHABLE by death OF ANY KIND in this country.

 The moral of this story will be a very simple one!  Let’s stop with the pretend democracy that we PROUDFULLY think we have but don’t and let’s start all over again.  By this I mean, let’s stop voting for PUPPETS, I mean, people for PRESIDENTS and POLITICIANS because, as we all know and history has proven a GAZILLION times – that anyone and everyone can and will be PURCASHED for a price – so that’s one continuous complete waste of time.  I propose that we be the true democracy of the FUTURE and no LONGER vote for people/politicians who decide where and how our tax money can be spent BUT let’s ONLY VOTE on a list created ONLY by WE THE PEOPLE as to where our tax money should and will be SPENT.  Let’s put our TRUST where it truly belongs AND began – with WE THE PEOPLE so we can stop being WE THE SHEEPLE.  And now, I am thinking it’s time for a SEX CHANGE – this way I have a head start on the NSA when they accuse me of being some pinko, commie, fidel castro & sharia law luvin, muslim TREASON and TRAITOR.  And just so YOU know, unlike Bradley, I mean, Chelsea Manning (just another YAWN dumb blond), I think I’ll go for the  perky, bouncy, sassy and sexy brunette look.

If I Were A Fire Fighter Fighting Wildfires Anywhere In America Today

I would most definitely NOT risk my life saving the homes and property of TRUE idiots who take pride in being CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS & COAL POLLUTERS or anyone who voted for the cowardly false prophet Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.  It’s really that simple.  Matter of fact (if I were a fire fighter), I would go to people’s homes in the area of the wildfire and politely knock on their door and patiently wait for the person to come to the door and then I would respectfully ask that person, “Do you believe in climate change?”  And if their answer was “No, I don’t believe in that stupid shit!”  My reply would be very simple, “Ok, that’s cool!  You have every right to believe whatever you want in this country – that’s what makes this country so beautiful.  But just so you know, I ALSO have the right NOT to risk my life to save your home or any of your belongings in your home.  So, if I were you, I’d evacuate immediately because your home and everything in it is going to burn to the ground faster than all the buildings in the blockbuster Hollywood movie starring Bruce Willis in the 1990s called BackDraft.  And if you have a problem with this, then me and my big fire fighting friends here with me will beat you senseless in front of your family and friends.”  And then I would go to the next house and repeat until every home in the vicinity of the wildfire understood that we all have right to believe in whatever we want to believe in and it’s NOT an obligation to risk one’s life for what another person believes or does not believe in.  Once again, life does NOT have to be so complicated because it’s really that simple.

The moral of this story for me is real simple – fortunately for this country, I am not a fire fighter fighting wildfires anywhere in America today.  And in the country that has one party (the republicans) completely denying climate change versus the other party (the democrats) who pretend to care about climate change but do ABSOLUTELY nothing WHATSOEVER about climate change, I am left with no choice but to believe that my life is FAR MORE important to me than any STANK garbage either POLITICAL party in conjunction with their trillion dollar %1 corporate carbon polluting buddies that pay no taxes sponsoring them are trying so desperately to stuff down my throat in order to reap more profits before the inevitable wrath of MOTHER nature COCK slaps us across the face a few more times like hurricane Sandy just recently did.  I’ll end with, “Where are the fuck are the DINOSAURS when you TRULY need them!”


Beware Of The Nation Of Demo Monkeys


 Otherwise known as the Americans and their “SMART” phones & useless APPS.  Let’s get to the fucking point right off the bat because I am in no mood to be wasting time today.  The problem with AMERICA is that it’s filled with AMERICANS.  Let’s take a quick look at America’s favorite company APPLE as an example – here is a company that has made TRILLIONS in profits over the years, paid the absolute lowest in TAXES off of their profits, who actually lobbies politicians on live TV so as to pay even less taxes, has more than 700,000 CHINESE employees compared to less than 40,000 American employees, who charges the HIGHEST PRICES (1000S of dollars) for a product that actually makes Americans even more stupid than they already are so that the NSA can track them even more efficiently in real time so that other US companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Msn, Twitter, etc. can sell their customers’ digital lives to the highest, ever greedy CORPORATE bidder and, then, the whole vicious cycle starts all over again when the Chinese make the new line of  “Smart” phones.


 Can someone please tell me what the FUCK is wrong with this picture in regards to America? Is there anyone out there who can take a wild guess as to what the answer is to our problems or am I just a dumb IDIOT amongst a nation of demo-monkeys.  I mean, am I wrong in thinking that America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time and now we have the most ignorant consumers who actually, now, take pride in their IGNORANCE as being the #1 SHEEPLE in the world just as long as companies like APPLE rake in their TRILLIONS.  Will someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this PICTURE! Anyone? Someone? No one! Dang!  On the bright side though, Apple will soon be coming out with a brand new line of “SMART” iphones and ipads in the very near future that will cost even more top dollar so all you DEMO monkeys can line up like a bunch of barking sea lions on some far-off  shore

In The Land Of The Blind, The Two Eyed Man Is The Clown Puppet

First and foremost, there are no great presidents in the history of the United States…There have been a few great PUPPET presidents in our past but never has there been a GREAT PRESIDENT.  There may be a day in the future that we have a GREAT PRESIDENT but I sincerely doubt that will ever happen for a simple, obvious reason – there are no profits in being a GREAT PRESIDENT because that would entail actually trying to bring people together rather than separating WE THE PEOPLE – that’s where the TRUE profits kick in for a money addicted society that AMERICA has become.  So, if there has never been a GREAT PRESIDENT in this country and there has only been a few GREAT PUPPET presidents in this country – it goes without saying that the media is really not THE TRUE GREAT UNBIASED MEDIA they claim to be – which means the so called SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES in this country are NOT really that successful. Which leads me to my MAIN point. – that the GENIUS in our founding fathers was not the society that they created BUT the image of a SOCIETY that only THEY could experience as the AMERICAN dream.  And it was this false DREAM that has been passed down from one generation to another and then to another until we arrive at TODAY – a nation built on lies, hypocrisy and unrelenting greed or, in other words, what has become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE for practically 99% of We The People.

It’s an age old problem that can be traced back to our earliest so called GREAT civilizations – the common thread that connects WE THE PEOPLE of today with the peoples of our past and our future – in simple words, it’s the CORPORATIZATION of the military AND the militarization of the corporations that created the AMERICAN night terrors of today which will turn into THE global NIGHTMARE of TOMORROW…Shame on ALL Americans of today who sense there is something terrible wrong coming down the American pipe and still do nothing about it…SHAME on all Americans who believe in the DREAM but are really too DISHONEST to admit to themselves that it will be THEM who leaves their future generations with NOTHING.  Shame on all Americans who become too afraid to say something or speak out or behave differently from the conformity of ignorance prevailing this beautiful ONCE GREAT COUNTRY.  Shame on this now horrible country that will allow the deaths of billions globally in the near future only so the cancerous %1ers can profit even more.  SHAME ON AMERICA for the future deaths of billions of people in our very near future whether it be from war, disease, starvation, etc. WHICH has been planned perfectly so that these cancerous %1ers OF HORSE MANURE can profit like NEVER before AND then start the whole FORMULA over again…SHAME ON AMERICA for continuously rewarding the most VIOLENT from our pasts to be OUR ideal LEADERS in this UNGREAT COUNTRY…once WE THE PEOPLE wake up and realize that it was & is VIOLENCE that has made men & countries GREAT in our past, it goes without saying that it will be NON-VIOLENCE that takes this power away from men & countries who are not so GREAT today…that’s the beautiful IRONY of life. That today’s GREATNESS is based on complete UNTRUTHS and is why no country HAS EVER BEEN nor will ever BE great throughout time.  The true, ultimate PITY of this once great country is that WE THE PEOPLE know deep within our hearts that this country is NO LONGER great and yet we still do nothing to change this. Shame on AMERICA for continuously hoping & waiting for that someone who is GREAT to arrive but, deep, deep down within our soul, we know will never come because we are unable to stop PREACHING the ignorance & hypocrisy THAT we have become