Lucky Puppies Delight in Swimming Pool Pawty

SKINNY DIPPING time!!!!  This is hysterical…notice how the GREAT DANE keeps jumping into the SHALLOW SECTION of the pool….He won’t dare go into the deep section but keeps contemplating the plunge..and then says to himself, “Oh hells no…I’ll let all these other crazy dogs go into the deep section and I will just stay here!”

The Barbarians In Washington And The U.S. Media Trying To Brainwash America That ISIS Is More Barbaric


Hmmmmm….I pose this very simple question…WHO do you consider more barbaric….War criminals Bush jr. and Prick Cheney starting a BOGUS war of CHOICE in conjunction with our TRULY ignorant Congress controlled by the DEMOCRATS at that time…that killed upwards of 200,000 innocent Iraqi citizens (probably more but we will never know thanks to our LYING media that brainwashed us in the FIRST PLACE), more than 5,000 American brave soldiers (I’m not even going to mention the 10s of THOUSANDS maimed and/or injured), with a cost of 4 to 6 trillion DOLLARS when it’s all said and done to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers…ALL CENTERED AROUND A COMPLETE LIE placed on the FRONT PAGES of our CORPORATE OWNED, LYING MEDIA about WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION with a COUNTRY that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11……and, I am not even going to mention the fact that WAR CRIMINALS bush jr and prick cheney and the democrat party BARBARIANS who controlled CONGRESS at the time BANNED the LYING U.S MEDIA from taking PICTURES and/or VIDEOS of dead, BRAVE american soldiers coming back home in caskets.


A terrorist group named ISIS (that was created after and in response to the BOGUS war of CHOICE that was started by war criminals bush jr. and prick cheney, the barbarians of the democrat party who controlled congress, and the SHEER ignorance of the american PEOPLE at the particular moment in HISTORY) who have stolen AMERICAN weapons and USED those very AMERICAN weapons (PAID FOR BY THE U.S. TAXPAYER) to put themselves in a position to be able to BEHEAD an american journalist who was COMPLETELY aware of the DANGERS surrounding him in the MIDDLE EAST knowing full well that AMERICA does not NEGOTIATE with terrorist groups (especially ones POSSESSING american weapons)..all in FRONT of a camera

In regards to who is MORE barbaric….I’ll let you decide..As far as I am CONCERNED though – It’s a DRAW…until ISIS kills more than 200,000 innocent MUSLIMS, more than 5,000 BRAVE, american SOLDIERS, maims and/or injures 100s of thousands of INNOCENTS as well as 10s of thousands of U.S. soldiers, steals more than 4 to 6 trillion dollars from the U.S. TAXPAYERS, and BANS the PRESS from doing their JOBS…I think this answer is RATHER obvious…but THAT’S just me…Here’s another thing I think…that the CURRENT war criminals in Washington and OUR MILITARY COMPLEX (not the SOLDIERS but THE LEADERS) and our LYING MEDIA are using the SEVERED HEAD of an american JOURNALIST to MISSION-CREEP us back into IRAQ paid for by the U.S. TAXPAYER in order to feed their INSATIABLE greed for more PERSONAL profit and power under the guise of DEMOCRACY at THE EXPENSE of the U.S TAXPAYER and INNOCENT civilians…or, in other words, AND once again – It’s COIN-FLIPPING time in WASHINGTON again – it’s HEADS!!!!! WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX wins…OR, it’s TAILS and WE THE PEOPLE lose

And, as far as I am concerned…THIS IS UTTERLY REVOLTING….I mean, does WASHINGTON, the U.S. MILITARY COMPLEX, and our LYING MEDIA have no SHAME whatsoever? I guess not


Walking The Dog + Texting = Not Cool

dogiicelaCome on HUMANS!!!  When walking the pooch…leave the “smart” phone in the pockets..if there’s an emergency, they’ll call you…If we ALL don’t make a stand against this very new and disturbing trend…our beloved pooches will have no choice but summons their inner-wolf and start looking at us like the picture below


Surprises In A Box

image019aOh……………….My………………..God!!!!!!  Look at these 2 kitties!!!!  Now….if I had walked into this room and saw these 2 kitties sitting in a box….my IMMEDIATE response would be, “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!”…then, it would have dawned me….”Oh I see what’s going on in here!!!  You guys think that by looking so cute…you guys are going to be able to extort me for some TASTY treats!!!  Unfortunately guys!!! That’s NOT going to happen….. because it’s TASTY TREAT and CATNIP time!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Beware Criminals Because There Is A New Superman In Town

pic13648aDon’t say I did not WARN you CRIMINALS…if you commit the CRIME, you will be doing the TIME….because the new SUPERMAN is no JOKE…and he is for REAL!!! Unlike our PAST superman, this adorable SUPER HERO will MOST DEFINITELY take a REAL BITE out of CRIME…….So, make sure you have some extra DELICIOUS treats in your pockets CRIMINALS of the WORLD…it’s your ONLY hope…. 🙂

Miley Cyrus Twerking With Butt Implants Again

bambooAlright guys….I couldn’t resist..I was sitting here in front of my computer googling images…and VIOLA!!!! I came across this image…and suddenly…and then, out of nowhere..THE words “MILEY CYRUS”, “TWERKING”, and “BUTT IMPLANTS” popped up into my stream of consciousness…

It…..then….dawned on me that if AND when someone in the future were  to google the words “MILEY CYRUS”, “TWERKING”, and “BUTT IMPLANTS”….my BLOG just might pop up for that person…which made me laugh….and LAUGHING is always a GOOD-THING for the SOUL & SPIRIT..

And….then…it dawned on me that MILEY CYRUS herself might one day GOOGLE her name…and how my blog and this image might pop up on her computer screen….and i LAUGHED even harder..which is even better for the SOUL & SPIRIT…

p.s. “Hey Miley!  Next time you want to try to sell more albums or gain more publicity…DO something TRULY artistic…stop taking the EASY way…because, as we all know, any BAMBOON can shake their ass like a LUNATIC…and they don’t even need BUTT IMPLANTS to make it LOOK good…IF you have ANY talent MILEY…use it…OR…get OUT of the WAY..and let some real artists SHINE

Sleepy Time!!!

coo20a“Ok guys!!!  Let’s try to keep the pre bed-time conversation to a minimum tonight alright!!! I had kinda of a rough day today…and to add insult to injury…I’m sleeping in the CARDBOARD box while you guys are about to enter SLUMBER-LAND on those extra-COMFY beds with those extra-SOFTY pillows under those extra-WARMY blankets…Plus, my food tasted a little STALE tonight but that’s neither here nor there…I just want to get a little SHUT-EYE tonight and not have to hear about that “CUTE” cashier at the supermarket one more time cause I’m so much cuter than her..AND finally…………


People Watching In New York City

poochie14So…it’s around 8:15 pm Saturday night (8/9/14)..I’m walking down 111th street between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway on the Upper West Side in Manhattan…and, suddenly and out of nowhere, I get this incredibly strong feeling that someone is WATCHING me very intently….Do realize and do not get me wrong now…when it comes to PEOPLE-WATCHING, I am the ultimate JUDGE and JURY…meaning that I have no problems whatsoever when it comes to people watching me in New York City…It’s just that I want to know who’s doing the watching…

Anyway, as I am walking down 111th street and sense that INVISIBLE eyes are intently watching..I stop in my tracks and look around in order to BUST the culprit with the NOSEY eyes…and LOW & BEHOLD, I see this DAPPER and extra GOOD LOOKING fella sitting perfectly still in his window sill…At first glance, I thought it was a statue of a dog that some crazy New Yorker placed there for whatever crazy New York City reason they may have had…and I was like, “WTF! Someone has a statue of their dog and they place it on their window sill – crazy NEW YORKER!!!!”

And…it was at this point that this ADORABLE pooch sensed that I was onto him totally BUSTING him people watching…and, ever so slowly, the pooch began to SLINK backwards in his attempt to hide behind the ONE flower seen in the pic…I know THAT in this pooch’s mind…he believed that hiding and staying ABSOLUTELY and perfectly still behind that ONE FLOWER would make him invisible to all…It didn’t..But, I will give this DAPPER FELLA much credit tho…because he DID NOT flinch a centimeter when I kept asking her/him, “You want a TREAT!”…Now, that’s PEOPLE WATCHING in its purest form

Israel And Uncle Sam’s Worst Nightmare Come True

84whyUnfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to live in a world (or on a planet) where ALL governments, politicians and military leaders reside in a U.S. taxpayer funded “BUBBLE”… Even more unfortunate is the fact that this “BUBBLE” enables these same governments, politicians, and military leaders to only hear the ECHOS of their truly ignorant and narcissist voices…AND not the people’s voices…

The current CRISIS and/or CONFLICT between Israel and Palestine will PROVE this point..with each passing day that THIS manufactured WAR whose only PURPOSE is to feed military complexes on both sides with BILLIONS of dollars at the expense of innocent WOMEN and CHILDREN who are MASSACRED daily…Hold up!!!  Allow me to RE-PHRASE: the MEDIA-WAR that is being currently fought by both Israel and Palestine funded by U.S. DOLLARS falsely allows BOTH sides to commit WAR CRIMES in the NAME of SELF-PRESERVATION.  This will come to an ABRUPT end in our very near future…and here’s why!

U.S. taxpayers are STARTING to wake up…The days of the MINORITY whose goal is to divide the MAJORITY so that their “INTERESTS” can be protected at the expense of the MAJORITY will soon be OVER.  World War 3 will be the MOTHER of all WARS…but it will be a PEACEFUL war AND it will be TELEVISED…Allow me to repeat…It will be a peaceful WAR (much to the chagrin of WASHINGTON and our MILITARY COMPLEX) simply because this WAR will be fought over U.S. TAXPAYERS’ $$$s and how they will be spent in our future…

World War 3 will NOT be a war fought amongst will be a PEACEFUL war between the U.S. Taxpayer and UNCLE SAM..and UNCLE sam will lose trillions of dollars DEARLY..but WE THE PEOPLE will not..and, WE can thank Israel & Palestine for bursting this U.S. taxpayer “BUBBLE” that is enslaving our world for they HAVE created the MARTYRS of our FUTURE – innocent women and their children who have been massacred for doing nothing wrong other than being born right in the middle of a MEDIA WAR that allows no ACCOUNTABILITY for the WAR CRIMES being committed on BOTH sides. 

Heed my words very CAREFULLY Israel & Uncle Sam…STOP THIS WAR IMMEDIATELY…The american PEOPLE are sick of FIGHTING in wars AS WELL AS paying for wars…which means, Uncle Sam and Israel’s worst NIGHTMARE will come TRUE – where WE THE PEOPLE take full control of our LIVES and our TAXES..the awakening has already BEGUN