Soon To Be Unemployed


Will someone please tell this soon to be UNEMPLOYED troll that only a TRULY ignorant american believes that there is a DIFFERENCE between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans when EVERY single intelligent, sensible American knows that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the SAME party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY cap.  In America’s very NEAR FUTURE, ignorant people who point their CROOKED & CORRUPTED partisan fingers as their MAIN form of EMPLOYMENT (99% of today’s MEDIA) will be THE VERY FIRST people on the long line to the GULLOTINE, I mean, for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits that they deem as WELFARE.

 Hey America!  Whether you like this or not, CHANGE is a COMING real fast and will take no PRISONERS just like every other time on this PLANET’S history.  This change will happen to everyday AMERICANS as they wake up from the PRETEND “bi-partisan politics” NIGHTMARE that this country so proudly labels as a “DEMOCRACY” – when in reality, it’s nothing more than CORRUPTED CAPITALISM which is no different than China’s TOTALITARIAN CAPITALISM.  Mark my words – within 2 years (by 2015) the majority of Americans will NO LONGER accept the CURRENT form of PRETEND democracy that we have AND will demand that anyone that even slightly resembles the days of a PAST CENTURY or MILLENIUM be chased down and burned at the stake faster than any and all poor innocent witches from SALEM some 300 years ago.  I will end by quoting ABE LINCOLN (the last republican president that actually cared about AMERICA and AMERICANS), “A house divided against itself CANNOT stand” because it will be those WORDS that precipitate the END of the “paid-for” GROUNDHOG’S day our UBER scummy %1ERS, POLITICIANS, and MEDIA never want to end solely because its how these truly cancerous fools enable themselves to remain wealthy and stay in power.  CHANGE or get the fuck out of the way BECAUSE if you don’t – you will get STAMPEDED by a MOB that will truly enjoy ending YOUR LIFE as only you know it.

The World Series Will Be Won By Either The Detriot Bankrupts, I Mean, Tigers Or The Boston Frauds, I mean, Boston “Strong” Red Sox

Looks I will be correct, ONCE AGAIN, in my prediction

Realizing Life Since 1966


This I promise!  I wish I could pick one or the other as the WINNER so as to prove that I can ACTUALLY see the future.  Well, not exactly see the future but READ the future.  Greed is America’s favorite pastime which means everything is RIGGED to garnish the most ratings and profits.  The best HOLLYWOOD script to the YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO PROFITS in this ever greedy country is to take the best fabricated story then re-wrap it in shiny american colors and then present IT on television as ENTERTAINMENT when, in reality, it’s all staged so that the TRULY greedy can profit even more from the IGNORANTS, I mean, americans (and just in case any of you americans don’t like my words about america, just know that I am american and I couldn’t give a fuck what you think because I am ALSO an american ;)).

But let’s…

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Eternal Welfare For Our Scummy Uber Wealthy And Our U.S. Political Class Is Now Called Too Big To Fail


And RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly STUPID Americans to this very day still do not have a SLIVER of a CLUE how those 4 simple words TRULY ruined the lives of their children, their grand children, their great grand children, and finally THEIR fucking great, great grand children as they continue to point their truly ignorant bi-partisan fingers at each other as to who is responsible for destroying this once beautiful & great country. Hey everyone in fucking BRAIN-DEAD america! I will give you all a REALLY, REALLY big fucking clue – it’s ALL of OUR FAULTS for acting like A BUNCH of ignorant INBREDS.  Here’s another pretty OBVIOUS clue that I will BLESS upon the RENEWABLE DUMMIES of america, I mean, stupid AMERICANS – the trick to ANY successful GOVERNMENT (past, present, or future) is to make it’s OWN citizens AS TRULY IGNORANT as humanly possible (that’s the eternal struggle between good and evil you know what I am saying).  I mean, if you are republican or a democrat (either or – it don’t make a difference to me) who thinks they love America MORE than their political enemy or nemesis who is ALSO an American – well then, you should all be shot DEAD because it is THIS very obvious IGNORANCE that allows our TRULY scummy and corrupted politicians and the corporations who own them to behave like the true BLOOD SUCKING leeches that they are.

 In our very NEAR FUTURE, words like “Too Big To Fail” will become “Too Corrupt To Fail” then “Too Greedy To Fail” then “Too Stupid To Fail” then “Too Obese To Fail” then “Too Horny To Fail” then “Too Ugly To Fail” then “Too Cowardly To Fail” then “Too High & Drunk To Fail” then “Too Polluted To Fail” and I can go and on and on until my asshole is BRIGHT GREEN & glow in the dark BLUE from eating all of Monsanto’s genetically created foods of our future, I mean, our future’s “HEALTH AND ORGANIC” foods.  And still you will see both IGNORANT democrats and republicans, I mean, RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, truly ignorant Americans pointing their bi-partisan fingers at each other as our corrupt politicians & corporations continuously slide their greedy fingers up and down our OBAMA CARE anal canals looking for a more cost effective to exploit another weakness amongst the people.

In ending, I will SUPER-QUICKLY look into AMERICA’S crystal ball and reveal our very near future.  By no later than 50 YEARS from now (probably much sooner is my guess but I’m a pessimist not an optimist) the BLOODY heads of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans’ babies will be rolling down streets of every country and nation on this planet (INCLUDING IN AMERICA) with crowds of 100,000s of thousand cheering at the top of their lungs.  And what will RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, stupid Americans being doing while this is happening?  Pointing their bi-partisan crooked and ignorant fingers at each other screaming at the top of their lungs, “it’s all the REPUBLICANS fault!’ and “it’s all the DEMOCRATS fault!” while watching their IDIOT boxes, I mean, televisions and computers filled with CORPORATE & POLITICAL lies and falsehoods provided by the truly DIRTY WHORES of our lying society otherwise known as our MEDIA.  I will end with “Get off your “SMART” phones and stop texting your lives away with your pudgy, diabetic, lazy, filthy hands and wake up AMERICA!  And the solution is so VERY simple – “Money is the ROOT to all GOVERNMENT evil!”  So, let’s start with the very basics like; for example, ENDING CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately.  Hmmmm, and I’m pretty certain that OUR FOUNDING FATHERS would agree with me on that one, don’t ya think!

The Curse And Downfall Of America


Do NOT worry America!  Any truly ignorant fool that voted for or has given one DAMN red penny of their hard earned money to this TRULY comical & ignorant CLOWN will be rotting in hell within 10 years.  And GOOD RIDDANCE to every single one of you! And, “OH BY THE WAY” if you have wondered why your life SUCKS so much because it does, you can look at this chicken head named sarah palin as the reason why because TRUTH be told, ONLY “ignorant HYPOCRITES live miserable lives and can NEVER be happy!”

A Letter To The New York Stanks, I Mean, Giants From A Born And Raised New Yorker


First things FUCKING first, don’t get your hopes up too high STANKS, I mean, giant fans because you beat the Minnesota Vi-Queens last night and now have a 1-6 record!   Secondly and more importantly, I am not going to go into the litany of ENDLESS reasons why the 2013 New York Stanks, I mean, Giants truly suck my EXTRA hairy BALLS this season because it’s not good for my BLOOD PRESSURE according to my DOCTOR.   But, what I will say faster than a NEW YORK minute is that this horrible, truly disgusting failure of a football season all falls on 2 people – the coach and the $120 million dollar quarterback supposedly ELITE manning who has already thrown 15 interceptions this season.  And, just so you know,  I’m not the type of dude that is going to stomp on a dude while he is down so I am not going to dwell on the past and the 6 games the STANKS, I mean, the giants have already lost simply because NOT even GOD can change the past.

 But being that I am an old school, born and raised, “I don’t give a fuck what you fuckin’ think motherfucker”, Tammany Hall, “uptown baby, uptown baby!” tall, slim and dapper New Yorker, I AM going to cut to the chase and JUST say it as it is – this way we can move on from this already dead, wasted season and HOPEFULLY be PROUD new york giant fans once again in OUR near future.  And unfortunately for the supposedly ELITE manning most of the blame is going to fall on your “$120 million dollar” shoulders so you should most definitely STOP rapping with your brother in STUPID, waste of time commercials and listen to my advice if you EVER want to make the PLAYOFFS again – that’s right! I just said THAT.

Here’s my New York Stanks, I mean, Giants To Do List…

#1. Fire Coach Tom Coughlin immediately!  If his job is NOT on the line, he cannot coach PERIOD! I know, I know! “But he HAS won 2 superbowls for us and…blah, blah, blah and more blah blah blah bullshit” is what I always hear and I totally agree..sort of.  But, if you doubt my words then just look at his record since joining the giants and you will see his 2 Super Bowl wins were the only reason why he hasn’t ALREADY been fired twice.  It sucks that you just signed him to a long term contract for good money but he did win you 2 superbowls so it was money well spent albeit stupidly and after the fact – but whatever! That’s all I am going to say about Coach Coughlin – keep him and don’t make the playoffs for the duration of his new contract or FIRE HIM immediately which lets ELITE manning know “If you ain’t careful, your next motherfucker!” For real!  This is New York City man! There ain’t no HALF-STEPPIN up in this city.

#2. Bench Elite manning IMMEDIATELY for a whole bunch of sensible reasons.  The first and most important reason is because he’s playing worse than stank smells on a burning, hot SHIT.  It’s kind of obvious that ELITE didn’t really work out or “WORK ON HIS GAME” too much in the last off-season.  I mean, when you are doing all these stupid FUCKING commercials rapping with your brother rather than working on your game so you can BECOME the elite quarterback you claim to be, it becomes kind of obvious that you are NOT taking football too seriously anymore.  But whatever! Another reason to bench ELITE is because he is the team leader and when you are making 120 million dollars, YOU shouldn’t be making all these stupid FUCKING commercials so you can make millions more on top of the 120 Million dollars you are already making on your contract – since when has fucking loser ELITE MANNING all of sudden become like  Mitt “the false prophet” Romney now? Be a REAL LEADER eli because you are setting a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE example for the rest of your team by acting like a SELFISH fucking loser scumbag presidential candidate who couldn’t even beat a supposed Muslim from Kenya.  Stop being a truly greedy, selfish asshole who only cares about how much money he makes thus not allowing the STANKS, I mean, the giants to pick up other valuable players in the off season like other nfl teams do who are serious about winning and making the playoffs.  Heed my words ELITE manning or you will NEVER, EVER make the playoffs again which means you will NEVER get a big contract ever AGAIN!

And lastly and most importantly, you need to BENCH elite manning immediately before he gets injured and then, “POOF! There goes $120 million DOLLARS!”  There’s no point in doing this whatsoever.  No matter how angry ELITE manning gets about being benched, all you have to say is, “You better kick back some of those millions we gave you from that fat contract you just signed…you know the one!  The only $120 million dollar fucking contract we have EVER signed with ANYONE in our history.  We need some of that money back so we can get more players so we can get back in the playoffs AGAIN you stupid fuck!”   And if ELITE manning doesn’t take kindly to those words then you tell him, “this season is a bust and it’s all YOUR FAULT!  You are not going to get injured throwing 30 or more interceptions because you can’t stop rapping with your brother in stupid FUCKING commercials in the OFF-SEASON when you should be working out and trying to become a better quarterback ! We are going for a HIGH draft pick and with that TOP 3 draft pick we are going to get a QUARTERBACK…maybe we throw some dollars under the table for JOHNNY football, I mean, the match fixer JOHNNY manziel.”  Oh hells fucking no! The new york STANKS, I mean, giants better NEVER even think about getting Johnny Manziel because FAKE-FUCK homeboy is NEVER going to play in the NFL.  My point is simple – get another QUARTERBACK so ELITE manning knows his days are numbered unless he plays like a real quarterback again! And if ELITE manning has a problem with my words then you can go tell him from me, “Go fucking jerk-OFF a-roid, I mean, alex Rodriguez you FUCKING white-boy team CANCER!”

This way ELITE manning knows the STANKS, I mean, the GIANTS are for real about their name and reputation AMONGST their loyal fans and will no longer be BULLIED around by a quarterback too selfish in his pursuit of making money instead of playing football any longer.  Just so you know, ELITE manning, “this ain’t your CITY – it’s OURS! And if you ain’t careful, I’ll bust out the ENERGIZER D BATTERIES us new york city fans are most FAMOUS for!  Yea, you know those batteries – the ones we love to pelt GREEDY BOGUS over-paid  athletes with – you greedy fuck!”

Ok! Let me STOP! I just took my blood pressure and it’s SKYROCKETING and that ain’t cool!

After Providing Cover For The Launch Of Obamacare, Ted Cruz Sets His Next Goal On Legalizing 20 Million Latinos


When this idiot Canuck from Canada first burst onto the our national political scene, I originally thought he was just another ignorant Tea-Bagger clown, conservative whose only purpose and goal was to protect THE WAR CRIMINAL bush jr.’s TAX CUTS for the filthy, I mean, wealthy.  But after his most recent escapades in providing Obamacare the cover it so desperately needed so as to not collapse under it’s own GLITCHES, I mean, weight, it has dawned on me that THE TEA PARTY is nothing more than a CLINTON FAMILY mind trick BANK-ROLLED by BILL “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” CLINTON himself; and, whose ONLY purpose is to further promote the LIBERAL AGENDA & to destroy THE GRAND OLD PARTY – i.e. making Obamacare actually more popular amongst Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans despite the fact that not even the VERY best HACKER in the WORLD could get in OR log on to the Obamacare WEBSITE.

 I have given up wasting my time trying to explain to a bunch of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans who refuse to change with the times because they’ve been IGNORANT trolls to both political parties the majority of their lives who cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and THE SAME PARTY who take turns wearing the bad guy HAT who both allowed CITIZENS UNITED to become the LAW of our land.  If this country does not immediately end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY.  Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans need to realize ONLY one FACT and TRUTH – that both republican and democratic VOTERS have so much more in common at the BOTTOM of the pyramid on our $1 dollar bills THAN they do with anyone on the TOP of that same pyramid regardless of their political ideology.  If you truly care about this country called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you need WAKE UP, shut up, AND grow a fucking brain BECAUSE if we DO NOT do this, WE THE PEOPLE deserve the very government that we presently have.

As The Government Shutdown Ends And We Avert A Debt Default, Mr. Weasel, I Mean, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Squeals


Wow!!!!  Am I missing something here or what? So, the WEASEL on STEROIDS gets 2.918 BILLION DOLLARS in PORK, I mean, “in funding to the Army Corps Of Engineers For The Olmsted dam and lock project on the Ohio River, and would benefit Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois” according to buzzfeed politics.  Don’t get me wrong now, I am not against dam and lock building anywhere if needed; but what I am tired of is all these so called “CONSERVATIVES” who LOVE to spend more DOLLARS than any blue blooded so called “LIBERAL” out there.  Urban areas need to stop subsidizing “BUM-FUCK” everywhere!

3 Words That Truly Send Shivers Through The Crooked Spines Of Every Single Politician And Political Party In The United States Of America


End Corporate Personhood!  And to the person who is able to get this “LIFE or DEATH of a SUPER POWER” message to WE THE PEOPLE, do realize YOU WILL NOT LIVE long.  Those 3 words (END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD) are the KYPONITE that will kill our “SUPERgreedyMAN” from another MOTHER, I mean, UNIVERSE that is currently posing as our GOVERNMENT owned and purchased by MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL conglomerates who pay NO TAXES.

So It’s True That Donating Money To Hillary Clinton Jr., I mean, Ted Cruz To Defund Obamacare Was A Very Stupid Idea


And if you were one of these TRULY stupid, complete WASTES OF LIFE, I mean, ignorant Americans that actually gave Ted Cruz one single, damn, red penny of your hard earned money, you DESERVE to die a most painful death (much SOONER rather than LATER) because America cannot survive in today’s world with complete ignorant cancers, I mean, citizens like YOU!  Allow me to repeat myself so as there is no confusion as to what I mean.  PLEASE FUCKING DIE ALREADY!  If I have said this one time, I have said this a ga-ZILLION times, “ONLY truly IGNORANT american idiots do NOT know that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party taking turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  So, long story short, if you gave one damn, red penny of your hard earned money to Ted “I’m a DIRTY Money-Addicted whore” Cruz, you not only CURSED your own life and your family’s life forever; but you also just helped your mortal democratic enemy and future PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2016 Hillary Clinton as well

 My proof to my argument is SO very simple – by donating your IGNORANT money to ted cruz so that he can DEFUND obamacare “MORE” or “FASTER”, you actually increased the percentage of Americans who ARE now in favor of OBAMACARE compared to when the IGNORANT whore, I mean, Teddy first opened his stupid mouth up a few weeks ago.  All you assholes had to do was keep your FAT, STUPID, truly IGNORANT mouths shut and obamacare would have fallen faster than SATAN fell out of heaven into HELL and is why I am correct in saying that democrats and republicans are best friends forever who HATE we the people.  I mean, if you cannot see that TED CRUZ & friends did NOT provide cover for OBAMA and the bill & hillary CLINTON camp during the roll out of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, then you SERIOUSLY need to GO get YOUR legal GUNS and put them to some VERY GOOD USE by putting the barrel in your IGNORANT mouth and pulling THE TRIGGER because it’s your ONLY way into HEAVEN.  Or, you can just be the same IDIOT that you have always been in your life and ROT in HELL because no one pays taxes down there you stupid, ignorant FOOLS.

 One last hint to the IGNORANTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY, I mean, Tea Party – how much do you want to bet that OBAMACARE runs like a well OILED machine by the 2014 elections?  Do you want to know why? Because it’s all friggin STAGED stupid Americans! Wake up!  The only way WE the PEOPLE win against the true evil of our society (the corporations that RENT our government until they can find another country filled with idiots to exploit) is by coming TOGETHER – not becoming more and more ignorant filled with more and more HATE towards other fellow AMERCANS.  If you cannot comprehend this, then you need to get out THE fuck OUT OF THE way and die already BECAUSE if we don’t end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY – and that’s why the TEA PARTY is no different than the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because they, too, say ABSOLUTELY nothing about getting MONEY out of politics.  I am seriously starting to think that all these tea BAGGERS are CLONES with no brains created by our government trained like PAVLOVIAN dogs with little doggy treats to HATE everyone except for the person they see in their own MIRROR – the perfect RENEWABLE dummies to keep best friends forever democrats and republicans in power for another 250 years.

The World Series Will Be Won By Either The Detriot Bankrupts, I Mean, Tigers Or The Boston Frauds, I mean, Boston “Strong” Red Sox


This I promise!  I wish I could pick one or the other as the WINNER so as to prove that I can ACTUALLY see the future.  Well, not exactly see the future but READ the future.  Greed is America’s favorite pastime which means everything is RIGGED to garnish the most ratings and profits.  The best HOLLYWOOD script to the YELLOW BRICK ROAD TO PROFITS in this ever greedy country is to take the best fabricated story then re-wrap it in shiny american colors and then present IT on television as ENTERTAINMENT when, in reality, it’s all staged so that the TRULY greedy can profit even more from the IGNORANTS, I mean, americans (and just in case any of you americans don’t like my words about america, just know that I am american and I couldn’t give a fuck what you think because I am ALSO an american ;)).

But let’s say I had a gun to my head and was forced to pick THE WINNER of the world series so that another AMERICAN MURDERING bullet won’t rip through my brain, I’d have to pick the BOSTON FRAUDS, I mean, the boston “STRONG” red sox.  At first, I thought the Detroit Bankrupts, I mean, Tigers would win because the city of Detroit is going bankrupt and what better way to pad the pockets of GREEDY politicians with more money  than with a WORLD SERIES win.  Even better is the fact that not one damn red penny of profits from a DETROIT world series win will go to any person living in Detroit because THEIR only prize will be their PRIDE that their team won the BIG game- knowing full well any and all profits will not go to them but to their politicians that bankrupted Detroit.

But, as I thought about this more, I realized this country is filled with IGNORANT, racist ASSHOLES that would rather hurt fellow INNOCENT americans of different color, religions, and creeds than ever hurt the very politicians who so thoroughly enjoy raping their very ignorant constituents.  Add to this fact that boston Massachusetts is CURRENTLY, if not more racist than any confederate slave loving state from our past but also recently had to endure a terrorist act by russian muslims during their last BOSTON marathon thus creating the EXTREMELY PROFITABLE term BOSTON fraud, I mean, STRONG which means my pick for the 2013 world series WINNER goes to the BOSTON frauds, I mean, Boston “strong” Red Sox – there are way just too many non-white people on the other teams still left in the playoffs and even more NON-WHITE people in the stadiums of the teams still left in the playoffs for this not to happen.  But I can be wrong about boston winning the world series but I won’t be WRONG in picking either the red sox or the tigers as baseball champions of 2013 and I have never played one ORGANIZED single game of baseball ever in the 47 years I have been alive on this planet.  And if I am incorrect in my pick of the 2013 world series winner, it’s because major league baseball has read this blog and is going out of their way to show me up 🙂


The Fastest Way To Ending The Government Shutdown Is Some Good Old Fashion American Style Rioting And Looting In Gerrymandered Republican And Democrat Districts

Not because BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans would care or do anything in the slightest to help any of the people who would be maimed and killed in RIOTS similar to the ones that occurred in 1992 in Los Angeles.  I mean, just look at the video I’ve posted and you will see helicopters are MUCH more interested in gathering film footage of the riots in order to INCREASE their ratings than trying to protect any of the american citizens caught in the middle of those horrible, terrible riots through no fault of their own.

 Good old fashion American style riots and looting will immediately END the government SHUTDOWN because it would enable our corrupt POLITICAL PARTIES to join forces and become one SUPER PARTY for a week or two TO SQUASH such types of POPULAR UPRISINGS in order to protect THE LOBBYISTS that pay both POLITICAL PARTIES to stay in power ALL IN THE NAME of their NO TAXED, multi-BILLION dollar PURELY SELFISH personal interests but will prove my main point for all to see – that both political parties sole concern is to SURVIVE and PROFIT from the division they create amongst us

 William Skakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, all men and women merely players” when he should have said, “All politics in AMERICA is a STAGE, best friends forever REPUBLICunts, I mean, republicans  and DEMONRATS, I mean, democrats are merely players.”

 If one takes a closer look at the CURRENT government SHUTDOWN, one will see and then realize that this STUPD shit has to END immediately.  I mean, in one corner you have the REPUBLICAN party filled with lying, douche bag, slimy ASSHOLES in EXTRA shiny suits flanked by extra expensive LAWYERS constantly crying “LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT” but YET will never give up their EXTRA CUSHY and PLUSH government jobs, salaries, medical, pension, etc ALL PAID FOR by we the people.  In the other CORNER, you have the TRULY CANCEROUS and TOO ignorant TEA BAGGER, I mean, TEA PARTY assholes also flanked by extra expensive slimeball LAWYERS with slicked back, extra greasy HAIR who are FAR more interested in PROTECTING the LOBBYISTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY and the bush jr. TAX CUTS for the extra wealthy  than trying to help any true BLOODED american citizen trying to survive in a TRULY dirty and corrupt CAPITALIST system owned by FOREVER greedy OLIGARCHS using BIG WORDS like democracy when, in reality, they believe in COMMUNISM for the EXTRA wealthy, I mean, %1ERS!  And finally, in the LAST CORNER, you have the PRETEND THAT WE CARE extortionists of the DEMOCRAT PARTY with their EXTRA, EXTRA greedy hands ALSO FLANKED by douchebag, scummy LAYWERS in cheap suits with wild wavy HIPPIE HAIR constantly rifling through WE THE PEOPLE’S pockets better than any PICKET POCKET scumbag on the #1 TRAIN during RUSH HOUR in NEW YORK CITY constantly pretending to care about the hard working MIDDLE CLASS & UNIONS, I mean, their constituents that they so thoroughly ENJOY raping year after year.  And let’s NOT EVER forget the role of the PURCHASED DIRTY whores of the media whose only concern is profiting from THE CLICKS and THE RATINGS of ignorant Americans who are too STUPID and SELFISH to know that the BIGGEST THREAT to the safety of their LIVES and way of LIVING are the actual POLITICAL PARTIES that they vote for

With ignorant and cowardly AMERICAN tools, I mean, political parties & citizens like these WHO NEEDS ENEMIES right!  Here’s a brief, extra quick look into our future that I know for CERTAIN will happen on this planet simply because THIS has happened many times before in MAN’S history; and UNFORTUNATELY, it will be WE THE PEOPLE  (not our politicians nor the EXTRA wealthy nor our political parties) that suffer the most brought about by THE VERY TAXES we pay.  Here’s the little DIRTY secret our POLITICAL PARTIES and POWERS THAT BE who OWN our once beautiful and great COUNTRY and THIS ENTIRE planet will NEVER tell us.  When this PLANET is filled with TOO MANY ignorant tools, I mean, people, out of nowhere and SUDDENLY and just like many times in our PAST, some HUGE man-made WAR or virus or disease like the BLACK PLAGUE will suddenly appear and literally end the LIVES of billions of good people so that the EXTRA GREEDY and even more WEALTHY can start the whole corrupt system all over again with just a mere few RE-WRITES of history.

 In ending, here’s one last little secret that HISTORY will LET you in on when this all happens in our very NEAR future.  The ignorant ones who CLAIM to be the SUPERIOR race, as USUAL, will be the very IDIOTS who lose EVERYTHING just like they have every time in the PAST so do NOT listen to those fools because THIS TIME AROUND will be their VERY last HOORAY.  This planet is UTTERLY and COMPLETELY tired of ignorant people who claim to be the SUPERIOR race when, in reality,it is these VERY trolls who are ALWAYS the most inferior.  This is a planet FOR ALL and this planet will make SURE that it stays that way FOREVER even if it has to wipe the TRUE DINOSAURS of today – AMERICA and all forms of NATIONALISM as well as every person breathing on this planet.

My My America Die


As I sit here in the country of the lie

I wonder always how my days would end

As far back as I can remember yesterdays’ clear blue skies

Knowing deep down when it was my time to say bye

The whole WIDE world would cheer hearts and souls

Stomping their feet  waving their hands

With lungs full of pride

To the blind, anger ALWAYS comes first followed by pity

With words of why why why

Then acceptance from a cold, obese heart

broken promises after promise with praying hands and words

“Never again!”

Please lord forgive me for america’s LIES

A baby born today

In the home of the lies

50 years from now I swear

the world will wonder then see when and why

their bloody heads can’t stop rolling by

minus the body and lacking a soul

Fuck you America because you know the whole world is waiting

for you to die

To the home of the unfree and the land of the coward

With a sideway face, look in the mirror

The anger is real, oh so real

A fire that burns forever just started that will never die

Immediately please stop sending OUR soldiers to other shores

where they will die

So a few American assholes can have a lot more of the American


You will rot in hell with legs & lungs extra hot filled with pride

Aiming your guns and your fake Hollywood smile

Never to be seen forever again

In memory of yesterdays’ clear blue skies

This planet will cheer and babies will cry

deep, deep down in our souls to be

My my America will finally die