Insect Selfie


All I have to say is…when it comes to taking a SELFIE…this LITTLE bugger most definitely wins THE gold MEDAL…I mean, if you are going to take a SELFIE…do IT with STYLE and CONFIDENCE….now, don’t get me wrong here..and in full disclosure..I will be 100% honest to all out there…if I had come across this BRIGHT GREEN little bugger..I MOST definitely would have started SPRINTING in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION  screaming at the  tippy-TOP OF MY lungs blindly running over and around ANYONE  and/or ANYTHING in my way including kids, grandmothers and fathers, tall buildings and very deep OCEANS…that is how afraid I am of insects…I do NOT believe in killing any of GOD’S beautiful creatures so when it comes to FIGHT or FLIGHT…good luck CATCHING me because I am a real LANKY and EXTRA-SKINNY 6 foot 4 inches who can run FASTER than any wind that this planet has ever seen…

So, let’s never forget..It will be in our GENERATIONS…not in our NATIONS..and NEVER, EVER in our CORPORATIONS…that will be OUR only SALVATION…let’s stop being the VIOLENT alien RACE that WE currently are..let’s stop destroying THIS truly beautiful PLANET in the NAME of profits…In the end, if we do not…it will BE the TRULY beautiful grand-children of OUR TOMORROW that will SUFFER the most..left alone to survive in a VOID world stripped of all beauty & nourishment so THAT the VERY few true ASSHOLES (big OIL) of today can have EVEN more profits than THEY already do as they spread their TREASONOUS cancer, violence, death and pollution to ALL corners of this universe…Dying an extremely SLOW death in ONE’S own ignorance HAS, IS, and WILL never be FREEDOM


Poor Little Kitty!!!


What’s up with the BIGFOOT of an ASSHOLE who just walked by this poor little kitty with his cheap, KNOCK-OFF wearing ITALIAN shoes…Because if I had walked by this little adorable kitten…he’d have a FOREVER home in my HOUSE with A quickness…but then again, if this poor, little kitty’s mother was just a few feet away…I guess I wouldn’t be able to do that..but, at the very least, I would’ve given them a few cans of delicious cat food for the mamma and her kittens to chump on for the day

Luis Sabertooth Saurez Of Uruguay Should Be Banned For Life For Biting An Italian Player During Their World Cup Match Today


Only because this is HIS third TIME biting someone during a FUTBOL/SOCCER match in his career..What a horrible example to set for the youth of future soccer stars of TOMORROW…plus the HUMAN mouth is DISGUSTINGLY filled with all kinds of dangerous germs and bacteria THAT can cause very dangerous INFECTIONS…if you are UPSET…then, be a MAN and FIGHT like a MAN…not like some RABID rodent

Uncle Sam The Socialist


For the LOVE of EVERYTHING that is BEAUTIFUL on this WONDERFUL planet, will WASHINGTON please stop spending our TAXES starting WARS for profits…and while you are at it, can you stop giving THE POLLUTING oil companies (the real terrorists that every single person on this planet should truly terrified of) TAX BREAKS.  I’m starting to get that really sick feeling in my stomach that ALL my LABOR in this WEAK economy and NOT so GREAT country is nothing MORE than BLOOD MONEY for morally CORRUPT politicians and their EVEN more treasonous .01% buddies.  This is NOT how I want to live my LIFE!!!

Do you really know if it’s a person your talking to right now?!

Very interesting…which means our future will be pretty scary


Do you really know if it’s a person your talking to right now?! 

61.5% of internet traffic is generated by automated programs called bots, and to me that’s pretty scary. Drones, bots…I dunno, maybe it’s that I keep thinking back to the Terminator movies where we let the machines take over, but who’s going to watch over this? Government?  The private sector? What kind of watchdogs do we have in place? 

Somebody has to get a handle on this before Arnold tells us, “Come with me if you want to live”.


Life:Connected | 9 June 2014

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Intelligent machines that can pass for humans have long been dreamed of, but as Chris Baraniuk argues, they’re already among us.

Sometimes it’s the promise of…

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A Real Life Genuine WannaBe From Canada

that’s what “K Beezy Is Viral” is..even worse is his little Canadian kinder-garden class BOOK called “the false reality of martin” AND “the dark knight ascends his horse” that this petty, little vain idiot CONSTANTLY tries to sell on barnes and noble..I’m GONNA keep this real short… People don’t buy GARBAGE and I’m done with crazy LOSERS!  For whatever little, petty reason you may have had for writing your IGNORANT BLABBER about me and my blog is no concern to me…just take a look at the link above and you will get yours..just like every other homo-thug Canadian WANNA-BEE with horrible KARMA…since you OBVIOUSLY have me TOTALLY confused for a whole other MOTHER-f%CKER….I’m gonna HAVE some real fun with you online…start googling your name and image and blog in your near will see how I roll..i hope your little WACK-ASS likes MOBB-DEPP…last time I checked…there’s a whole lot of websites out there..If and when you want to discuss your petty little UNKNOWN-TO-ME grievances that you may have toward me…I’m a man but can you MAN up is the QUESTION…so hit me up in PUBLIC..through our blogs…otherwise, continue spewing your ignorance and bad karma..cause that’s all you got…and remember this old chinese proverb…”you never know who is going to save your life”…and if you ever talk about my DEAD mother again,I WILL find YOU…and I don’t NEED a gun to prove I AM a man..ALL i NEED is my EXPERIENCED hands..and you will NEVER breath again..

p.s. I have dealt with a MANY light-skin in my LONG 48 years of living…(being that I grew up in a real city – nyc…uptown baby..uptown baby…for the crown baby! PETER GUNZ and LORD TARIQ…..and all you light-skinned brothers always have the same problem..sort of like what short people feel like…some kind of inferiority complex or something..SO, make sure every morning that you check your IGNORANT self IN your mirror before you spew off any more go smoke seeded schwag and keep trying to be your favorite IDOL justin beiber…

p.p.s one final note..I’m going to give you a little piece of advice that will save you much heart-break in your LOSER future..and you can THANK me LATER because everything I’m about to tell 100% true…Keep your job serving hamburgers at BURGER KING okay! Maybe one day, if you work hard enough, you will rise to be a great ASSISTANT manager there…I’m going to keep this real simple for you so you won’t have to think so hard…anyone can buy a THESAURUS and pretend to be a wannabe rapper or poet…I know many home-less cats who have lived that way…put an END to your dream IMMEDIATELY cause if you do NOT heed my words…you’ll be just wasting your time with the one life given to you..LISTEN to a brother who has actually accomplish many big things in the world you seek to be in (hip-hop and spoken word)…If you lived a thousand lives, you’d still never get close to what I have accomplished in those 2 worlds…I have made MANY an artists DREAMS come, I know what I’m talking about in regards to what is truly dope in HIP-HOP and SPOKEN word…just so you know…you don’t GOT it…plus you are CRAZY in a dangerous way toward yourself..and that’s straight UP ignorance…Only a straight up, ignorant PUNK wannabe from CANADA would start a BEEF for unknown reasons other than a perceived unknown PETTINESS…If you have beef with me or my blog or something you read, then hit me up first so there is no confusion..that’s the DIGITAL WORLD we live in…make sure you get your FACTS straight before you make IGNORANT, losing moves on people..unfortunately, you may be too YOUNG or too IGNORANT to heed such wise advice…and why you will always be working at your LOCAL burger king..

p.p.p.s beware women and children out there, kyle bell is more dangerous than elliot rodger and adam lanza put together…something ain’t right with this dude’s truly ugly mug that is between his puny be warned…



Your idiocy just got TAGGED for LIFE yo!  And, oh yeah! Now I know you are a TRUE buster with no future..just read your smashwords ain’t even a real ball player..I had vertical of 40 inches and was mvp of rucker league with lloyd SWEET PEA daniels..also was first team all city NYC…throughout the STREETS of street name was BLACK JESUS..just like your writing, your bball game is BOOTY…I’d beat your ignorant light skinned ass playing only with my left hand and spot you 10 points n a game of 11..all dunks baby – not one jumpshot…long story short, everything about you is started it and I’ll end it

Contrast And Compare


Oranges and Apples….and then…this utterly ADORABLE little PIGGIE and this UTTERLY despicable HUMAN BEING otherwise known as an UNITED STATES politician who, LITERALLY, still takes pride in EVERYTHING that is so CURRENTLY wrong with AMERICA since the turn of the NEW millennium…how can america be GREAT when every single politician in WASHINGTON is SO despicably FAKE…flanked by an ARMY of scumbags, I mean, LOBBYISTS who DESPISE america so that they can FEED their insatiable hunger for even more MONEY and POWER…

Despite what the DRIVEN 4 PROFITS united states DEPARTMENT of agriculture and their evil LOBBYISTS says….eating more VEGETABLES and FRUITS will NOT only prevent your body from being A TOMB for adorably cute animals like the LITTLE baby piglet above…but it will ALSO..and, most IMPORTANTLY…delay your own eventual demise and placement into your own future TOMB….or, in other words…you will be MUCH more healthy which means you will be much more HAPPY 🙂


“If man wants freedom why keep birds and animals in cages?  Truly man is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them.  We live by the death of others.  We are burial places!  I have since an early age abjured the use of meat” Leonardo Da Vinci