4 Reasons Why A Terrible Actor From Hollywood Should Never Become An American Puppet President Ever Again


First and foremost, a PUPPET that takes America from being the #1 CREDITOR in the WORLD to the #1 DEBTOR in the WORLD in a MERE 4 years is not a GREAT leader.  Only a WELFARE KING scumbag who has WE THE PEOPLE pay his FUTURE bills does this type shit.  Get your facts straight idiotic REAGAN lovers.

Reason #1 –


I don’t really need to say much about this PUPPET of a president other than he ran the CIA for many years before becoming VICE PRESIDENT to the PUPPET of the president with the BAD MEMORY ronald reagan.  Perhaps puppet president BUSH sr. wasn’t a PUPPET after all…perhaps he was just a creepy, lying, EX-head of the CIA, war whore president who was terrible at his job.

Reason #2 –


Hey bill “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” clinton!!!!  Just so you know, I’m still waiting for all THE JOBS to be created after passing NAFTA…And, OH YEA!  I almost forgot to say THANKS for repealing GLASS STEAGALL…an extra AWESOME JOB on that one DUDE!

Reason #3 –


And who SAYS, “cheating doesn’t payoff!”  This little, sneaky cheat (who cheated his way into the WHITE HOUSE not just once BUT 2 times!!!) proves that it does in every sense of the word.  Need I remind anyone and everyone of THE many of his more famous  BOLD-FACE LIES like…”the iraq war will pay for itself!” Or how about all the jobs BY THE MILLIONS lost under this loser’s PUPPET presidency….this TRULY idiotic and treasonous republican proves once and for all that “TRICKLE DOWN” is a LYING myth.

Reason #4 –


In full disclosure, I will be honest and say that of all PUPPET presidents mentioned above, puppet president OBAMA is my favorite because he is a FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet president.  It’s my theory that FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet presidents just don’t have the experience to GAME the system like THE ALL white-male-ILLUMinati puppet presidents who have GAMED the system for their own personal profit and fame for the past 50 years or so…In short, I’m not a big fan of the ALL-WHITE SKULL & BONES illuminati puppet presidents….just sayin




I Think I Finally Learned How To Fix Stupid


Maybe one day…..much sooner rather than way later….my fellow Americans will realize that ALWAYS choosing between 2 horrible choices in all of our ELECTIONS is a truly BOGUS form of democracy – the cheapest kind that COPORATE and WALL STREET money can purchase. Wake up AMERICA! Every single UPCOMING election in AMERICAN POLITICS will OFFER a choice between only 2 HORRIBLE candidates debating over multiple TERRIBLE issues (i.e. climate change, gun control, war, pollution just to name a few, etc. etc. etc) that will ALWAYS and ONLY hurt WE THE PEOPLE and everyone on THIS entire PLANET. Look around AMERICA! If you do, you will see that absolutely NOTHING is getting better for any person’s life on THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET (including Americans) except for the %1ers and their corporations that own the WORLD. Matter of fact, with each upcoming AMERICAN ELECTION in our future, I can promise that this world will become a much MORE expensive, violent, polluted, and dangerous (in every sense of the word) WORLD to live in….The solution is simple AMERICA! Purposely consuming LESS is the answer to all of our problems. Corporate America and Washington not only SURVIVE but grossly THRIVE on our CASH-MONEY (and credit too!)…SO, if they want OUR cash-money, they have to START earning it by being GREAT leaders and CORPORATIONS that care once again. I can promise you that if we PURPOSELY consume less (political donations included) the corporations that own WASHINGTON will most definitely WAKE UP (and that’s when things finally happen for the good of all in AMERICA)…and it will be at this moment that both PARTIES will be at their WEAKEST and finally can be removed as the CANCEROUS tumors they have recently become so that a new ERA of politics and political parties can be PROUDLY ushered forth ALL in the name of “FAIRNESS” for all.

MONEY talks AMERICA….so let’s keep our mouths SHUT and keep our money where it belongs – in our WALLETS…and LET’S really get to work

Home Depot Co Founder Kenneth Langone Tests Positive For Rich Prick Disease


Is this truly IGNORANT, corporate TROLL kidding me?  Probably not but that’s one of the horrible side of effects of RICH PRICK DISEASE – being proud of one’s own GREED and IGNORANCE.

Duuuuuude!  Do you not GET it?  This country is starting to get sick to its stomach because of SCUMBAGS like you KENNETH LANGONE.  Get this through your ignorant, extra-THICK, treasonous skull.  Many of your low-level employees are on Government Assistance which means WE, the taxpayer, subsidize YOUR extra-greedy WEALTH.  In addition to this and, as if this weren’t insulting enough, 80% (probably more) of your products are MADE-IN-CHINA…not in AMERICA.  And did I mention your treasonous & cancerous support for NAFTA back in the 1990s…OR, your current support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  And what about all your FINANCIAL donations to WASHINGTON scumbags like “FAT-FUCK” Chris Christie or “LA COSA NOSTRA” Andrew Cuomo…..

Bottom line is real SIMPLE…..it’s scumbags like KENNETH LANGONE who are destroying this country in FAST-MOTION.  Hey KENNETH LANGONE!  Your words show how truly IGNORANT & CANCEROUS you are.  My advice to you is…KEEP YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH SHUT…otherwise, your worst nightmare will come true…Americans will wake up to REALITY and stop shopping at your 3RD WORLD corporation, I mean, HOME DEPOT stores that you co-founded.  Allow me to make this as clear as humanly possible to you KENNETH LANGONE…people are NOT jealous of your wealth…PEOPLE ARE BECOMING SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS as to how you make YOUR WEALTH….it is not the AMERICAN way.

So please and by all MEANS…continue using your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT (freedom of speech) to show how truly ignorant you are while MANY, MANY of my FRIENDS and I will continue to use the FREEDOM OF OUR WALLETS never to shop in any of your shitty fucking STORES ever again.

P.S. If it is not made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN – DO NOT BUY IT!!!  That’s the ONLY cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE running rampant in AMERICA these days

Is WordPress The Perfect Platform 4 Generations, Not Nations And Never Corporations, 2 Be Our Salvation?


I think it is…What WE do in LIFE will echo in ETERNITY…that dude Russell Crowe in Gladiator…..KEEP writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading…The true beauty and power of life rests AND moves within all our GENERATIONS…Not in our NATIONS…And, MOST DEFINITELY, never in OUR CORPORATIONS…We are ALL children equal in the EYES of GOD & this BEAUTIFUL earth…This will be our SALVATION….Get to know and become friends with one from another generation…In another nation…when he or she is done working for the CORPORATION…You will see…the purpose of the nations is to manipulate the HATREDS amongst the GENERATIONS…in order to perpetuate the BRUTAL RAPE of this beautiful EARTH by the CORPORATIONS all in the name of unequal nations…Life is simple…Life is short….All we have is the present…Only THE here & THE now are our possessions…So, keep writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading.

Just Another Day In The United States Of Profits Before People, I Mean, America


So…once upon a time somewhere around the year 2004, there was a general motors’ engineer that found out that the CHEVROLET COBALT might have a FAULTY SWITCH problem or two….AND then , he and some other GM engineers proposed some solutions to this FAULTY SWITCH problem in the CHEVROLET COBALT.  What was GM’s response?


and then,


or in another words….totally ignoring every solution their very own engineers recommended to solve this little FAULTY SWITCH problem they had.  But, as we all know, there’s ALWAYS a very NICE and BLOATED profit in looking the other way and keeping one’s mouth shut in AMERICA these days…so, GM starts selling CHEVROLET COBALTS in 2005 with the CORPORATE rubber stamp of APPROVAL from our very own U.S. federal safety officials.

Now flash forward to the present….

10 years and a few hundred dead Americans LATER, general motors finally initiates a RECALL of a couple million of their DEATH TRAPS, I mean, shitty AMERICAN MADE cars.  Even more insulting…is the fact that the very U.S. FEDERAL SAFETY OFFICIALS that looked the other way and then rubber stamped their APPROVAL in 2004 will now fine GM MOTORS 300 million dollars

 WHAT A FUCKING JOKE…and, it’s a true STORY!




It Makes Complete Sense That The Boot Leggin Kennedy Clan Would Be Against Marijuana Legalization

It Makes Complete Sense That The Boot Leggin Kennedy Clan Would Be Against Marijuana Legalization

Here’s one thing I know about the legalization of marijuana….it will definitely cut into ALCOHOL profits..and that’s very bad for the ALCOHOL industry!!! And, here’s another thing I know about alcohol…it’s a drug..a very dangerous & extremely addicting drug…Here’s how I know…and I will use the BOOT LEGGIN kennedy clan to prove my point.

#1. maybe if joe kennedy sr. weren’t such an evil, malicious alcoholic – he would NOT have given his daugher a lobotomy when she was a young child…OR….he wouldn’t have suffered a stroke of bad karma that left him paralyzed, deaf, and unable to speak so that he would be forced to watch the assassinations of his two beloved sons live on television.

#2. maybe if jfk wasn’t such an alcoholic, he wouldn’t have banged that skanky mob whore marilyn monroe

#3. maybe if ted kennedy wasn’t such a lying alcoholic, Mary Jo Kopechne (the woman with teddy when he drove off that bridge into that river and then sneakily swam off into the night not bothering to save this beautiful & kind woman) would still be alive

#4. and let’s not forget jfk jr….perhaps if he wasn’t such an alcoholic, he would have never tried to fly that little, rinky, dinky plane right into the middle of a STORM and he’d still be alive

#5. or what about the other kennedy kids…maybe one wouldn’t have DIED playing FOOTBALL while skiing and had not gone head first into a tree EXTREMELY drunk trying to catch a HAIL MARY pass..OR…the other kennedy kid who was found innocent (when he was really guilty) of raping a woman while drunk in FLORIDA.

I mean, my list can go on into eternity as to why the BOOT LEGGIN kennedy CLAN should keep their mouths shut when it comes to THEIR non-support for MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION – but I won’t…Here’s a better idea for the BOOT LEGGIN kennedy clan – be accountable for your actions while DRUNK and then, MAYBE, you might turn into some HONEST sons-of-BITCHES


Please Send To CNN

Please Send To CNN

It’s now finally OFFICIAL…I would rather watch miley cyrus twerking her skanky, little ass filled with saggy butt implants 24/7/365 on MTV than ever watch CNN (cable non news) ever again. Are you EFFING losers kidding me! Eleven straigth days in a row of nothing more than LYING news about MALAYSIA FLIGHT mh 370. Here’s a better idea CNN..when you actually have some REAL NEWS then come back on the air and let us know OKAY. Until then, the only form of PRICK CHENEY’S ENHANCED INTERROGATION I support for terrorists who want to harm AMERICA is forcing them to WATCH cnn NON-STOP until they reveal all information needed (usually within 2 weeks)

p.s. I’m serious about paying more to any and all cable providers who can offer me a cable package minus CNN…

p.p.s in regards to malaysia flight mh370…my money is on the chinese military shooting that plane down…I mean, if AMERICA can do it why can’t the CHINESE

The Moral Of The Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 Story Is…


Buy LIFE-INSURANCE before you get on an any AIRPLANE anywhere in this world! I don’t care if it’s ALIENS, GOD, PILOT ERROR, STRUCTURAL DEFECT, TERRORISM, and/or SUPER POWER militaries shooting planes out of the sky…just get LIFE INSURANCE before you step on a plane.  And, just so you know, my money is on the most OBVIOUS conspiracy theory ALWAYS least mentioned – that a SUPER-POWER military (I mean if AMERICA can do it…why can’t the CHINESE do it as well) shot that plane down.  Whether I am correct or not in my gut feeling as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 makes no difference whatsoever simply because we will ALWAYS never know the truth.  So, in a world where THE TRUTH is always BAD for business…just make sure you ALWAYS buy LIFE INSURACE every single time before you fly.  It’s the VERY best thing YOU CAN DO for your family.  Do this now before the EVER-GREEDY airline industry wakes up and starts lobbying WASHINGTON to be exempt from paying out LIFE INSURANCE policies (otherwise known in the airline industry as “frivolous” lawsuits).

Rick Scott Giving All Rich Pricks In America A Bad Name


Dude!!!! You spent 70 million dollars of your own money in order to cheat your way into the GOVERNOR’S office in FLORIDA.  Here’s all you need to know about RICH PRICK rick scott – when he was CEO of Columbia/HCA, his company was FINED 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS for Medicaid FRAUD.

There is nothing more low in life than a RICH PRICK scamming our elderly and/or government services/funds that they so deservedly need and have earned in order to become personally more wealthy so that, then, you can spend 70 million dollars that you stole in order to CHEAT your way into the GOVERNOR’S office.

Here’s my advice RICK – get the FUCK out of our COUNTRY – or, at the very least, GET THE FUCK out of our SIGHT….!  And ironically, my words will come true simply because all the RICH PRICKS of  FLORIDA are not stupid and they, too, will CHASE you out OFFICE in order to deflect the REAL truth about RICH PRICKS (they don’t care for nothing but themselves and their profits)

Let’s never forget AMERICA – pointing ignorant, bi-partisan fingers as to who is to blame for AMERICA’S current decline will NOT help our situation.  What will help AMERICA’S declining situation is REALIZING that RICH PRICK republican politicians like RICK SCOTT enable RICH PRICK democrats to do ABSOLUTELY nothing when they win THEIR ELECTIONS.

America currently has an extremely dangerous RICH PRICK problem on both sides of our political aisle.  But, recognition is half the battle democrats and republicans!  So…what are you going to do about this problem democrats and republicans?  Are you just going to sit there and blame each other, “Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s all the republicans’ fault!” OR “Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s all the democrats’ fault!” Or, are you going to finally wake THE FUCK up and realize that we have a RICH PRICK problem and do something about it like, for example…getting money out of POLITICS.  I mean, it’s just A THOUGHT.

When Blowing Planes Out Of The Sky Is Just As Good For Business As Never Telling The Truth


Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please and a 1,000 more PLEASES with every single grain of sugar top….will SOMEONE please tell every single U.S. media outlet/news organization TO SHUT THE FUCK UP about Malaysia Flight MH370.  What these fucking idiots don’t want to admit is the simple fact that the COMMON MAN & WOMAN of today all know that you are all CORPORATE freakin TROLLS with no morals and even less BRAINS.  So please – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Here are the ONLY 2 OPTIONS as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – and regardless of which option – THEY (and by “THEY” I mean SUPER POWERS) will NEVER tell us the truth

Option #1 – The ALWAYS PERFECTLY MADE american PLANE (the boeing 777) exploded in mid-air due to a structural defect that the ALWAYS PERFECT CORPORATIONS OF AMERICA will NEVER ADMIT TO because they can always BLAME terrorism for why PERFECT AMERICA always has an a BACK-DOOR excuse for being the MOST IMPERFECT nation this planet has EVER seen.  Long story short, if Malaysia Flight MH370 exploded in mid-flight in mid-air due to a STRUCTURAL DEFECT in the BOEING 777…we will NEVER know the TRUTH simply because we currently live in a country that ALWAYS puts profit before people – “as long as its good for the U.S. ECONOMY, fuck the AMERICAN PEOPLE!” that’s the golden rule in AMERICA these days.


Option #2 – Terrorists got on that plane and were trying to give a SUPER-POWER (china) or TWO (china & America) a little bit of THEIR own TERROR & MEDICINE.  And, as we all ALREADY know, SUPER-POWERS truly despise swallowing their own TERROR & MEDICINE. This leads us to the next LOGICAL conclusion – every single time a plane is hijacked by terrorists, the SUPER-POWER in conjunction with OTHER SUPER POWERS will ALWAYS shoot that MOTHERFUCKER down in mid air above a very DEEP BODY OF WATER.   This is FACT and if you don’t believe then keep being an idiot and keep flying because one day (sooner rather than later), you will be sitting in your little, comfortable airplane seat looking out your little airplane window and you will say to yourself as your jaws drop, “why is that little, heat seeking, scud MISSILE looking thing flying 10,000 miles per hour right toward my plane?”  And, it will be at this VERY moment when you REALIZE the real TRUTH about SUPER POWERS – CONSPIRACY THEORIES (untruths used by the POWERS THAT BE to confuse the real truth) and THE TRUTH are one and the SAME THING.

So please U.S. MEDIA OUTLETS/NEWS MEDIA…SHUT THE FUCK UP & STOP SPEWING YOUR IGNORANCE 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Every single day that you continue with your BLANTANT lies about Malaysia Flight MH370 – you reveal more of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH as to what is truly destroying THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET.

Lies from the MOUTHS of SUPER-POWERS always create TERRORISM.   TERRORISM has recently become very, very BIG BUSINESS in the LIFE OF SUPER POWERS these days.  BIG BUSINESS & SUPER POWERS go hand in hand like a BIG NOSE and PINOCCHIO so that the status quo of their TREASONOUS GREED that has no borders or morals can live on FOREVER.