The Moral Of The Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 Story Is…


Buy LIFE-INSURANCE before you get on an any AIRPLANE anywhere in this world! I don’t care if it’s ALIENS, GOD, PILOT ERROR, STRUCTURAL DEFECT, TERRORISM, and/or SUPER POWER militaries shooting planes out of the sky…just get LIFE INSURANCE before you step on a plane.  And, just so you know, my money is on the most OBVIOUS conspiracy theory ALWAYS least mentioned – that a SUPER-POWER military (I mean if AMERICA can do it…why can’t the CHINESE do it as well) shot that plane down.  Whether I am correct or not in my gut feeling as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 makes no difference whatsoever simply because we will ALWAYS never know the truth.  So, in a world where THE TRUTH is always BAD for business…just make sure you ALWAYS buy LIFE INSURACE every single time before you fly.  It’s the VERY best thing YOU CAN DO for your family.  Do this now before the EVER-GREEDY airline industry wakes up and starts lobbying WASHINGTON to be exempt from paying out LIFE INSURANCE policies (otherwise known in the airline industry as “frivolous” lawsuits).


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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