Just Another Day In The United States Of Profits Before People, I Mean, America


So…once upon a time somewhere around the year 2004, there was a general motors’ engineer that found out that the CHEVROLET COBALT might have a FAULTY SWITCH problem or two….AND then , he and some other GM engineers proposed some solutions to this FAULTY SWITCH problem in the CHEVROLET COBALT.  What was GM’s response?


and then,


or in another words….totally ignoring every solution their very own engineers recommended to solve this little FAULTY SWITCH problem they had.  But, as we all know, there’s ALWAYS a very NICE and BLOATED profit in looking the other way and keeping one’s mouth shut in AMERICA these days…so, GM starts selling CHEVROLET COBALTS in 2005 with the CORPORATE rubber stamp of APPROVAL from our very own U.S. federal safety officials.

Now flash forward to the present….

10 years and a few hundred dead Americans LATER, general motors finally initiates a RECALL of a couple million of their DEATH TRAPS, I mean, shitty AMERICAN MADE cars.  Even more insulting…is the fact that the very U.S. FEDERAL SAFETY OFFICIALS that looked the other way and then rubber stamped their APPROVAL in 2004 will now fine GM MOTORS 300 million dollars

 WHAT A FUCKING JOKE…and, it’s a true STORY!




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