I Think I Finally Learned How To Fix Stupid


Maybe one day…..much sooner rather than way later….my fellow Americans will realize that ALWAYS choosing between 2 horrible choices in all of our ELECTIONS is a truly BOGUS form of democracy – the cheapest kind that COPORATE and WALL STREET money can purchase. Wake up AMERICA! Every single UPCOMING election in AMERICAN POLITICS will OFFER a choice between only 2 HORRIBLE candidates debating over multiple TERRIBLE issues (i.e. climate change, gun control, war, pollution just to name a few, etc. etc. etc) that will ALWAYS and ONLY hurt WE THE PEOPLE and everyone on THIS entire PLANET. Look around AMERICA! If you do, you will see that absolutely NOTHING is getting better for any person’s life on THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET (including Americans) except for the %1ers and their corporations that own the WORLD. Matter of fact, with each upcoming AMERICAN ELECTION in our future, I can promise that this world will become a much MORE expensive, violent, polluted, and dangerous (in every sense of the word) WORLD to live in….The solution is simple AMERICA! Purposely consuming LESS is the answer to all of our problems. Corporate America and Washington not only SURVIVE but grossly THRIVE on our CASH-MONEY (and credit too!)…SO, if they want OUR cash-money, they have to START earning it by being GREAT leaders and CORPORATIONS that care once again. I can promise you that if we PURPOSELY consume less (political donations included) the corporations that own WASHINGTON will most definitely WAKE UP (and that’s when things finally happen for the good of all in AMERICA)…and it will be at this moment that both PARTIES will be at their WEAKEST and finally can be removed as the CANCEROUS tumors they have recently become so that a new ERA of politics and political parties can be PROUDLY ushered forth ALL in the name of “FAIRNESS” for all.

MONEY talks AMERICA….so let’s keep our mouths SHUT and keep our money where it belongs – in our WALLETS…and LET’S really get to work


3 thoughts on “I Think I Finally Learned How To Fix Stupid

  1. true that and I totally agree with you 🙂 and I am huge, huge fan of repealing citizens united and taking all money out of politics..it’s insanity…

  2. Or we could simply force them to make lobbying an elected official illegal. The only way to break this cycle of corruption is by driving a wedge between the lobbyist and congress (senate included).

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