Please Send To CNN

Please Send To CNN

It’s now finally OFFICIAL…I would rather watch miley cyrus twerking her skanky, little ass filled with saggy butt implants 24/7/365 on MTV than ever watch CNN (cable non news) ever again. Are you EFFING losers kidding me! Eleven straigth days in a row of nothing more than LYING news about MALAYSIA FLIGHT mh 370. Here’s a better idea CNN..when you actually have some REAL NEWS then come back on the air and let us know OKAY. Until then, the only form of PRICK CHENEY’S ENHANCED INTERROGATION I support for terrorists who want to harm AMERICA is forcing them to WATCH cnn NON-STOP until they reveal all information needed (usually within 2 weeks)

p.s. I’m serious about paying more to any and all cable providers who can offer me a cable package minus CNN…

p.p.s in regards to malaysia flight mh370…my money is on the chinese military shooting that plane down…I mean, if AMERICA can do it why can’t the CHINESE


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