When Mother Nature Works In Mysterious Ways



Never forget the golden rule of life – greed blinds and blinds the greediest the most.  Do the BOBBLE-HEAD fools with their chinese-made plastics for brains in WASHINGTON owned and controlled by BIG OIL ignorance realize that as our planet continues to grow hotter & dryer (and as our sea-levels continue to rise) every year…there will be less and less demand for their cancerous oil and renewable energy industries…Do these corporate owned renewable dummies and unwiped booty-holes of human WASTES not realize that they should create another type of POLLUTION that actually makes the planet COLDER rather than hotter..if they want to keep “REIGNING” in the “PROPHETS”..I mean, raining in the profits 🙂

Hmmmm…let’s see here..in one corner we have our dearly beloved ALLY  and swine nation AKA the original creators of modern terrorism SAUDI ARABIA relentless trying to lower their oil prices in their futile attempt to bankrupt the POLLUTING american FRACKING industry PERMANENTLY out of business.

And, in the other corner, we have the idiots of WASHINGTON giving never-ending tax payer funded subsidies to our FRACKING industries so that they can continue to pollute our precious drinking water and farm lands of foods and nutrients in their attempt to achieve “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”…

Can these clowns minus the clown-face paint NOT see that this is the “CATCH 44” of our GENERATION..

The answer is…I guess not..

I am no scientist in any form or way…matter of fact, I am the complete opposite…I’m a realist in its purest form…I live every day of my life in the moment – enjoying God’s gift to all on this beautiful planet – THE PRESENT

And, in these PRESENT days…I have turned on my heater ONLY once so far this winter…

Shit!  I had to turn on my fan for a few minutes because it was 72 degrees in new york city this past christmas eve…I have never walked more in life DUE TO our beautifully “FAIR” weather of the past several years…Matter of fact, I have even lost tons of weight (from a chubby 230 pounds to a very sleek and slender 165 pounds) from all the walking I have done..

You’d think I would drive in my car more often due to OUR falling gas prices as of LATE..But I am no fool!!! When I see “POT-HOLES” all over our streets and highways that a herd of ELEPHANTS could comfortably NAP in due to our “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” politicians who would rather “NATION-BUILD” in OIL-COUNTRIES in the MIDDLE EAST instead of AMERICA’S crumbling infrastructure of highways and bridges, I say, “oh Hell’s no!”

And, when I am outside more..guess what happens? I spend less money on ELECTRICITY in my apartment.  Even better is the fact that as our summers become HOTTER and HOTTER..I am more inclined NOT to spend MY MONEY on “$300 a month” AIR CONDITIONING bills simply because….like most americans..I cannot afford those types of bills…which forces me, once again, to go outside in search of a beautiful tree to soak in the cool and shade they provide…and, on my way to that BEAUTIFUL tree, my body is absorbing precious AND extremely healthy VITAMIN D3 – a deficiency that 95% of AMERICANS experience.

For the longest of TIMES, oil was the engine “THAT COULD” in regards to the american ECONOMY…Now, UNFORTUNATELY, china is…Y’all have all heard the constant blabbering from our so-called experts on the U.S. ECONOMY with THEIR “how China goes is how our ECONOMY goes!” bullshit…Well, I am here to burst that IGNORANT bubble with a quickness…The Chinese people (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) have never..are…and will NEVER be STUPID consumers..It is not in their DNA…and NEVER will be…They are TOO intelligent of a PEOPLE and have TOO-LONG of a history to fall for such silly FOLLIES & “TRICK FOR KIDS” as to waste their hard-earned money purchasing things that they don’t and will never need.

But, MOST importantly, when it comes to the CHINESE ECONOMY and BIG OIL..it has become RATHER obvious THAT it MUST be rather DIFFICULT to get to work when you are wearing AIR-FILTERS on your face and cannot see more than 2 feet in front of you due to the DARKER than MIDNIGHT, poisonous smog that envelopes their entire nation…I am no ECONOMIST but I will go on a LIMB and say, “I’m not too sure that is good for their ECONOMY…let alone their workers’ health!”

The ignorance induced GREED of WASHINGTON never ceases to amaze me in regards to how they relentlessly manifest their SHEER hatred toward all of MANKIND on a daily basis..I mean, here we have OUR so-called government of “DEMOCRACY” (constantly PRETENDING to care about CLIMATE CHANGE and the AMERICAN CITIZENS) colluding with a COMMUNIST CHINA (a COUNTRY that has no concern whatsoever for CLIMATE CHANGE and/or its CHINESE CITIZENS) providing a GLOBAL solution to this little pesky problem called “GLOBAL WARMING”…

So, I say to WASHINGTON, “Carry on FOOLS…continue praising the ALMIGHTY prophets, I mean, profits of SATAN..” for it will ONLY hurt you and what you care most about aka “PROFITS always before PEOPLE”…This past year (despite falling gas prices and incredibly warm weather during our most PRIZED shopping season) consumer spending was dramatically lower than past years…and THIS TREND will continue into our foreseeable future.  Whether you believe God created this beautiful earth or not is trivial..BUT, what is of utmost importance here…is the fact that people are starting to realize that MOTHER NATURE has begun working in MYSTERIOUS ways…as 100s AND 100s of millions of people and I continue to consume less and less as we walk HAND-in-HAND with MOTHER NATURE





Check Out This Malaysia Airlines Advertisement From A Couple Of Years Ago


WOW!!!  I guess the days of ART imitating LIFE are officially over…which means we are NOW living in the days where ADVERTISING imitates LIFE…and THAT is most definitely not COOL for all of us….and just so you KNOW…in regards to what happened to missing MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight M370…MY THEORY IS VERY SIMPLE…just follow the MONEY..and by this I mean…there are ONLY 2 scenarios as to what happened to this tragic flight…

#1.  This Boeing 777 had a structural defect  and it exploded in MID-AIR  into a BILLION pieces…which means we will never know the truth because, as we all know, when it COMES to AMERICA…profits ALWAYS come BEFORE people and the TRUTH is ALWAYS bad for business…AND never FORGET…when it comes to the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and the TREASONOUS corporations that own WASHINGTON, the simple WORDS, “being ACCOUNTABLE for one’s actions” is a SIN punishable BY death because as we ALL know..there is NEVER a profit in TELLING the TRUTH….

#2.  Some terrorists BENT on CRASHING a HUGE plane into a BUILDING in a city of a SUPER-POWER (china) took control of that PLANE which then led the CHINESE MILITARY to send some MILITARY planes to smash that SUCKER down into a BILLION pieces…And, once again, we WILL never know THE TRUTH for the reasons MENTIONED above (the truth = NO PROFITS)

I hate to SAY this…but WE all live IN very a CREEPY time..where the DEATH of HUMANS has become nothing MORE than a # that is PLACED in a FORMULA whose ONLY goal is to FEED the FANGS of ETERNAL greed for THE SELECTED few.


The Moral Of The Missing Malaysia Flight MH370 Story Is…


Buy LIFE-INSURANCE before you get on an any AIRPLANE anywhere in this world! I don’t care if it’s ALIENS, GOD, PILOT ERROR, STRUCTURAL DEFECT, TERRORISM, and/or SUPER POWER militaries shooting planes out of the sky…just get LIFE INSURANCE before you step on a plane.  And, just so you know, my money is on the most OBVIOUS conspiracy theory ALWAYS least mentioned – that a SUPER-POWER military (I mean if AMERICA can do it…why can’t the CHINESE do it as well) shot that plane down.  Whether I am correct or not in my gut feeling as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 makes no difference whatsoever simply because we will ALWAYS never know the truth.  So, in a world where THE TRUTH is always BAD for business…just make sure you ALWAYS buy LIFE INSURACE every single time before you fly.  It’s the VERY best thing YOU CAN DO for your family.  Do this now before the EVER-GREEDY airline industry wakes up and starts lobbying WASHINGTON to be exempt from paying out LIFE INSURANCE policies (otherwise known in the airline industry as “frivolous” lawsuits).

When Blowing Planes Out Of The Sky Is Just As Good For Business As Never Telling The Truth


Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please and a 1,000 more PLEASES with every single grain of sugar top….will SOMEONE please tell every single U.S. media outlet/news organization TO SHUT THE FUCK UP about Malaysia Flight MH370.  What these fucking idiots don’t want to admit is the simple fact that the COMMON MAN & WOMAN of today all know that you are all CORPORATE freakin TROLLS with no morals and even less BRAINS.  So please – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Here are the ONLY 2 OPTIONS as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – and regardless of which option – THEY (and by “THEY” I mean SUPER POWERS) will NEVER tell us the truth

Option #1 – The ALWAYS PERFECTLY MADE american PLANE (the boeing 777) exploded in mid-air due to a structural defect that the ALWAYS PERFECT CORPORATIONS OF AMERICA will NEVER ADMIT TO because they can always BLAME terrorism for why PERFECT AMERICA always has an a BACK-DOOR excuse for being the MOST IMPERFECT nation this planet has EVER seen.  Long story short, if Malaysia Flight MH370 exploded in mid-flight in mid-air due to a STRUCTURAL DEFECT in the BOEING 777…we will NEVER know the TRUTH simply because we currently live in a country that ALWAYS puts profit before people – “as long as its good for the U.S. ECONOMY, fuck the AMERICAN PEOPLE!” that’s the golden rule in AMERICA these days.


Option #2 – Terrorists got on that plane and were trying to give a SUPER-POWER (china) or TWO (china & America) a little bit of THEIR own TERROR & MEDICINE.  And, as we all ALREADY know, SUPER-POWERS truly despise swallowing their own TERROR & MEDICINE. This leads us to the next LOGICAL conclusion – every single time a plane is hijacked by terrorists, the SUPER-POWER in conjunction with OTHER SUPER POWERS will ALWAYS shoot that MOTHERFUCKER down in mid air above a very DEEP BODY OF WATER.   This is FACT and if you don’t believe then keep being an idiot and keep flying because one day (sooner rather than later), you will be sitting in your little, comfortable airplane seat looking out your little airplane window and you will say to yourself as your jaws drop, “why is that little, heat seeking, scud MISSILE looking thing flying 10,000 miles per hour right toward my plane?”  And, it will be at this VERY moment when you REALIZE the real TRUTH about SUPER POWERS – CONSPIRACY THEORIES (untruths used by the POWERS THAT BE to confuse the real truth) and THE TRUTH are one and the SAME THING.

So please U.S. MEDIA OUTLETS/NEWS MEDIA…SHUT THE FUCK UP & STOP SPEWING YOUR IGNORANCE 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Every single day that you continue with your BLANTANT lies about Malaysia Flight MH370 – you reveal more of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH as to what is truly destroying THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET.

Lies from the MOUTHS of SUPER-POWERS always create TERRORISM.   TERRORISM has recently become very, very BIG BUSINESS in the LIFE OF SUPER POWERS these days.  BIG BUSINESS & SUPER POWERS go hand in hand like a BIG NOSE and PINOCCHIO so that the status quo of their TREASONOUS GREED that has no borders or morals can live on FOREVER.

The Powers That Be That Can Find A Drop Of Oil Anywhere On This Planet Now Cannot Find Malaysia Flight MH370


Hmmmmm……First and foremost, my sincere condolences go out to all 239 passengers lost on Malaysia Flight MH370 as well as to all their families/loved ones.  As we all know, life can truly SUCK sometimes… but it’s events like these that make me truly wonder.  I mean, if there is one thing I know about history, it’s that there is no such thing as COINCIDENCES in the life of a SUPER POWER; it defeats the whole PURPOSE of being a super-power!  And let’s not forget that paranoia (the PERFECT blend of propaganda and conspiracy theories) ALWAYS equals NICE & JUICY profits (the lootchi) for all governments who are unfortunate enough to become SUPER-POWERS one day.

Don’t get me wrong now!  I am not saying that AMERICA had anything to do with the disappearance of this tragic flight But…I will say that I know for certain that our government and military know EXACTLY what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370.  Remember everyone!  We live in a country where our government and the corporations that own it deem themselves as PERFECTION in the most DIVINE sense of the word.  It is for this reason alone why our government and the treasonous %1ers are so allergic to accountability. In simpler terms, being accountable for one’s actions is only for WE THE PEOPLE.  So, let’s just be honest here AMERICA…we are nothing more than pretend romantics who have a soft spot in our hearts for fake freedom when, in reality, our sole purpose in life (from birth to death) is to make the DISGUSTINGLY wealthy even more disgusting in their WEALTH.

So, let’s just cut the CRAP and take a closer look at THE ONLY five scenarios as to what possibly could have happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 and why the u.s government & u.s. military  (with many other governments & militaries in co-hoots) will blatantly lie about any and all of them (provide NOT one sliver of truth).

Scenario #1: ALIENS took Malaysia Flight MH370!  If this were true, then it is also true that WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY would NEVER admit to this until we killed or made slaves out of every single one of them ALIENS – that’s what super-powers do.  In my opinion, I don’t think ALIENS took Malaysia Flight MH370.

 Scenario #2: GOD took Malaysia Flight MH370!  And I say, if this were true…then you could also say that SATAN took Malaysia Flight MH370.  Once again, Washington and the U.S. MILITARY would NEVER reveal this because they would be too BUSY trying to hunt him (God and/or satan) down so they could send him back to where he belongs (heaven or hell) for threatening their cozy little lying lives.  In regards to scenario #2, I don’t think GOD took Malaysia Flight MH370 simply because GOD has many more serious things on his mind than trying to be THE BEST at being greedy, polluting little pricks.

Scenario #3: TERRORISM took Malaysia Flight MH370! There’s a strong possibility that this could have happened to Malaysia Flight MH370.  But, I would also like to add that there’s an even stronger probability that if this were the case, WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY would most definitely lie about this (need I mention the last 2 BOGUS wars).  In no way or form is America a kinder and/or gentler version of any super-power from man’s past.  This planet will never see a more ruthless SUPER-POWER than America simply because WASHINGTON and the TREASONOUS %1ers of today are bent on destroying this planet and all of its beauty so that a SELECTED small FEW can possess more than all past super-power combined.

Scenario #4: The Boeing 777 (the plane itself) had a structural defect in it or it was pilot error and/or a combination of both.  This, too, makes sense to me.  One day we will all realize that GREED has aged rather well in the past 50 years or so – BOEING is nothing more than a government subsidized monopoly that views people only as dollars signs that can be tabulated on their smart phone calculators in their eternal pursuit to create the perfect mathematical formula for eternal profits.  Whether we like it or not, we live in an AGE of GILDED greed coupled with CUT-BACKS fever.  So, it would not surprise me in the slightest to find out that it was a structural defect in the plane itself and/or pilot error due to a lack of experience in pilot hours brought about by an increase in global airline travel (basically cutting corners in every conceivable way imaginable).  Let’s not fool ourselves anymore…there is NEVER a profit in telling the truth.  Anyway you look at this scenario, WASHINGTON and the U.S. MILITARY would go into INSTANT liar mode in order to keep selling BOEING 777 airplanes to other countries – that’s BIG, BIG business

 Scenario #5 – Malaysia Flight MH370 was blown out of the SKY by a couple of SUPER-POWER militaries (i.e. China and/or America) for all of the scenarios mentioned above. And, if this is the CASE, then we are fucked.

In the end, “we are ulimately all dead men” (some actor dude in the movie Gladiator) or, in other words, we’re all just BUYING time from the POWERS-THAT-BE in a corrupt world where the TRUTH always cuts into PROFITS