Home Depot Co Founder Kenneth Langone Tests Positive For Rich Prick Disease


Is this truly IGNORANT, corporate TROLL kidding me?  Probably not but that’s one of the horrible side of effects of RICH PRICK DISEASE – being proud of one’s own GREED and IGNORANCE.

Duuuuuude!  Do you not GET it?  This country is starting to get sick to its stomach because of SCUMBAGS like you KENNETH LANGONE.  Get this through your ignorant, extra-THICK, treasonous skull.  Many of your low-level employees are on Government Assistance which means WE, the taxpayer, subsidize YOUR extra-greedy WEALTH.  In addition to this and, as if this weren’t insulting enough, 80% (probably more) of your products are MADE-IN-CHINA…not in AMERICA.  And did I mention your treasonous & cancerous support for NAFTA back in the 1990s…OR, your current support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  And what about all your FINANCIAL donations to WASHINGTON scumbags like “FAT-FUCK” Chris Christie or “LA COSA NOSTRA” Andrew Cuomo…..

Bottom line is real SIMPLE…..it’s scumbags like KENNETH LANGONE who are destroying this country in FAST-MOTION.  Hey KENNETH LANGONE!  Your words show how truly IGNORANT & CANCEROUS you are.  My advice to you is…KEEP YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH SHUT…otherwise, your worst nightmare will come true…Americans will wake up to REALITY and stop shopping at your 3RD WORLD corporation, I mean, HOME DEPOT stores that you co-founded.  Allow me to make this as clear as humanly possible to you KENNETH LANGONE…people are NOT jealous of your wealth…PEOPLE ARE BECOMING SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS as to how you make YOUR WEALTH….it is not the AMERICAN way.

So please and by all MEANS…continue using your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT (freedom of speech) to show how truly ignorant you are while MANY, MANY of my FRIENDS and I will continue to use the FREEDOM OF OUR WALLETS never to shop in any of your shitty fucking STORES ever again.

P.S. If it is not made in AMERICA by an AMERICAN – DO NOT BUY IT!!!  That’s the ONLY cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE running rampant in AMERICA these days


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