It’s The End Of The World – Facebook Is Down

fakebookHa! Facebook is garbage..I’m glad I killed my account 2 years ago…BUT..there are many in AMERICA who are losing their minds right now..probably like 1,000 hairs a minute jumping off their heads…Facebook better get their act together real fast before the majority of Americans become bald….or, die from a stress-induced heart attack..

Calm down Americans!  Facebook will be up AND running soon…and you can resume wasting more time in the one life you have on FACEBOOK..I’m sure WASHINGTON is not too happy though – NSA’s facial recognition programs on FACEBOOK won’t be able to spy on Americans wherever they go AND 3rd party bidders that give FACEBOOK tons of money in order to STEAL your digital lives will be DEMANDING a refund real soon 🙂

Dream In Peace Yogi Berra

yogisMy Top #5 Yogisms

  1. “It ain’t over til it’s over”
  2. “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore”
  3. “The future ain’t what it used to be”
  4. “You better cut that pizza in 4 pieces because I’m not hungry enough to  eat six”
  5.  “Pitchers are liars or crybabies”

You will be missed and loved forever Yogi…Thank you for blessing us with your grace

Don’t Let Carly Fiorina’s “Profits Before People’s Face” Fool You


Unlike the DONALD, I have always believed that BEAUTY “is in the eye of the beholder….but more importantly….. THAT a person’s INNER beauty can be seen by ALL.”

I will use 2 “faces” (one male and one female) to prove my point


face1Now..Mahatma Gandhi’s FACE is not a SUPER MODEL’S face in any and every sense of the word..MATTER of is the complete OPPOSITE…but yet, his INNER BEAUTY is one of the most beautiful that has AND will EVER grace this EARTH…even his staunchest deniers/enemies could NEVER deny this.  This beautiful man’s  FACE is a face of EMPATHY, INTELLIGENCE, INDEPENDENCE, TRUTH, LOVE, FAITH, and NON-VIOLENCE for all mankind..In short, Mahatma Gandhi’s FACE/INNER BEAUTY is one of “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS”


face4In regards to MOTHER TERESA…just imagine if she had graced one FRONT COVER of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT MAGAZINE…how truly DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL this world would be…I am 100% certain that if she had GRACED just one COVER of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT MAGAZINE…WORLD POVERTY as we know it would NO LONGER exist…In short, the INNER BEAUTY of this TRULY beautiful WOMAN exposes the sheer UGLINESS of SATAN and all of his followers’ VANITIES…

Which brings me full circle back to my point…There is nothing wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face physically…so, the DONALD is 100% incorrect with his “LOOK AT HER FACE” comment last week…What the DONALD should have said is – “Carly Fiorina’s FACE is the FACE of 10s of THOUSANDS of AMERICANS JOBS lost as CEO of HEWLITT PACKARD as she FLOATED AWAY in her 40 MILLION dollar GOLDEN PARACHUTE.”

Just like in the movie “APOLLO 13” when Tom Hanks says, “Houston…we have a problem”…I’m going to say, “America…we have a problem”….Every single CANDIDATE (in both political parties) that is running for the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, only one FACE puts “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS” – and his NAME is BERNIE SANDERS


Ha! The Donald Beating The Bush Family At Their Own Dirty Trick

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Wake up Jeb supporters!

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*Laughing Out Loud*

I’ll keep this one short…You gotta give THE DONALD some credit on this one…This ad is hysterically funny..but, more importantly, it is truly Old-School NYC style when it comes to political street fighting (reminds me of the good old TAMMANY HALL days of NYC)..Now, in regards to THE DONALD and his PLEDGE to the REPUBLICAN party…as far as I am concerned, it’s all KABUKI THEATER.

And unfortunately, I no longer trust the GOP…and may NEVER-EVER again..In regards to the DEMOCRATS, President Obama broke my MIDDLE-CLASS heart when he did the “SLICK WILLIE” (“New Democrat”) trick on the AMERICAN PEOPLE by passing the TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (aka BOEHNER TRADE) – when at no point in his presidential runs in 2008 or 2012 did Obama say this was one of his priorities (to ship millions of u.s. jobs overseas to communist countries who have no regards in the slightest to workers’ rights as well as a host of other very disturbing issues that concern all of humanity)

In my opinion, THE DONALD made a HUGE mistake by pledging his allegiance to the GOP..but then again, I am not inside THE DONALD’S head….so, this might all be part of his MASTER-PLAN…Hopefully it is and in the near future, THE DONALD runs as an INDEPENDENT 3RD PARTY like ROSS PEROT in 1992…

I sincerely believe that if the LAST 25 years has proven one THING to America, it has proven that there is no difference between the republican and democratic parties other than who wears THE STUPID HAT and WHEN aka a total lack of POLITICAL LEADERSHIP in every sense of the word. Both parties need to be PUBLICLY chastised extra properly by someone who knows how our current, CORRUPT system works.  Both parties sincerely NEED to feel that they are going to LOSE in a big way i.e. swept into the un-wiped booty hole of history similar to the WHIG PARTY of old…otherwise, nothing will change and only progressively get worse for all hard working, honest Americans

What I do know is very simple…and VERY obvious…REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC voters are SCREAMING one thing and ONE THING only..and that is:


Hmmmm..perhaps I should purchase the DOMAIN name for this slogan!