“Yes” Compared To “No”


Or, in other words, a false Christian compared to a non Christian…or, in other words, a PERSON who thumps his BIBLE for profits COMPARED to a non-Christian who LIVED the WORDS of CHRIST….or, in other words, Mahatma Gandhi should have more of an impact on our politics than that FOOL pat robertson…

Don’t Be Suprised When The Same People Who Voted For Bush & Cheney Twice Choose 1/5 American Ted Cruz As Their Nominee


What is RPD? RPD = Rich Prick Disease – a very SERIOUS & DEADLY disease that destroys nations from within

The Republican civil war in a nutshell:

The Neo-Cons’ “We Want More Wars Extortion Tour” vs  Donald Trump’s “Reality T.V. Conservatism”..or, in other words, 2 mutations of RICH PRICK DISEASE battling it out for the heart and soul of the Grand Ole Party

Do these fools NOT know that Ted “Freddy Krueger” Cruz worked for the war-mongering Bush & Cheney clan for a better part of his early career…or, in other words…the BUSH clan was Ted’s ticket into WASHINGTON.  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Ted was a major part of the Bush-Cheney theft of our ELECTIONS in 2000 when he was part of their “RECOUNT TEAM” in florida

So, in essence, if we follow the path and thinking of today’s “I always vote against my own self interests” republicans…one can say that Ted Cruz is responsible for the “Socialist Muslim” from “KENYA” Barack Obama becoming president of the UNITED STATES of america in 2008 & 2012…

Follow my thinking here for a quick second…As, we already know…if the Bush & Cheney clan had NOT cheated their way into office…which we already know they did…and then, had not destroyed this country in a manner never seen before in our history…which we already know they did….Is it NOT conceivable to say THAT if 1/5 american Ted Cruz was not part of that “Cheat” I mean “Recount” Team in Florida during 2000 & 2001…there would be no such thing as a PRESIDENT OBAMA today….

A wise word to REPUBLICANS!  If you are truly disgusted with your establishment clowns…then DO your homework!  Once you do, you will find out that EVERYONE running for PRESIDENT on YOUR side (other than TRUMP, CARSON, and FIORINI) have all worked for the BUSH FAMILY.  Or, in other words, the BUSH FAMILY created the IDIOTS of the TEA PARTY…and now, it’s time to CIRCLE the WAGONS with their favorite PET ted cruz…who is nothing more than the BUSH FAMILY’S so-called “outsider” back up if “little” Jebbie “cakes” and/or his minions do not win the nomination…

Meanwhile…on the other side of the kabuki theater, I mean, political aisle…we have the DEMOCRATS yawning us to death during their DEBATES….that is, if you can find THEM on TELEVISION…

West Virginia Workers under Attack in Charleston

100% truth!

Appalachian Chronicle

‘Right-to-Work’ legislation part of ongoing attack on working people by the rich and the politicians they own

By Tom and Becky Berlin

WESTON, W.Va. – In an action that should be of no surprise to anybody, the West Virginia state Senate started off the 2016 legislative session with another attack on workers with the introduction of Senate Bill 1, the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act, also known as the so-called “Right-to-Work” bill.

This is another thinly disguised attack on labor and labor unions, based on the insane idea that labor is the problem and that labor is somehow parasitic on capital and is taking too much of the wealth from the owners of capital. It is part and parcel of the four decade-long war on labor that has been waged by the wealthy and powerful against those who actually work for a living. This is a war that has…

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When Mother Nature Works In Mysterious Ways



Never forget the golden rule of life – greed blinds and blinds the greediest the most.  Do the BOBBLE-HEAD fools with their chinese-made plastics for brains in WASHINGTON owned and controlled by BIG OIL ignorance realize that as our planet continues to grow hotter & dryer (and as our sea-levels continue to rise) every year…there will be less and less demand for their cancerous oil and renewable energy industries…Do these corporate owned renewable dummies and unwiped booty-holes of human WASTES not realize that they should create another type of POLLUTION that actually makes the planet COLDER rather than hotter..if they want to keep “REIGNING” in the “PROPHETS”..I mean, raining in the profits 🙂

Hmmmm…let’s see here..in one corner we have our dearly beloved ALLY  and swine nation AKA the original creators of modern terrorism SAUDI ARABIA relentless trying to lower their oil prices in their futile attempt to bankrupt the POLLUTING american FRACKING industry PERMANENTLY out of business.

And, in the other corner, we have the idiots of WASHINGTON giving never-ending tax payer funded subsidies to our FRACKING industries so that they can continue to pollute our precious drinking water and farm lands of foods and nutrients in their attempt to achieve “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”…

Can these clowns minus the clown-face paint NOT see that this is the “CATCH 44” of our GENERATION..

The answer is…I guess not..

I am no scientist in any form or way…matter of fact, I am the complete opposite…I’m a realist in its purest form…I live every day of my life in the moment – enjoying God’s gift to all on this beautiful planet – THE PRESENT

And, in these PRESENT days…I have turned on my heater ONLY once so far this winter…

Shit!  I had to turn on my fan for a few minutes because it was 72 degrees in new york city this past christmas eve…I have never walked more in life DUE TO our beautifully “FAIR” weather of the past several years…Matter of fact, I have even lost tons of weight (from a chubby 230 pounds to a very sleek and slender 165 pounds) from all the walking I have done..

You’d think I would drive in my car more often due to OUR falling gas prices as of LATE..But I am no fool!!! When I see “POT-HOLES” all over our streets and highways that a herd of ELEPHANTS could comfortably NAP in due to our “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” politicians who would rather “NATION-BUILD” in OIL-COUNTRIES in the MIDDLE EAST instead of AMERICA’S crumbling infrastructure of highways and bridges, I say, “oh Hell’s no!”

And, when I am outside more..guess what happens? I spend less money on ELECTRICITY in my apartment.  Even better is the fact that as our summers become HOTTER and HOTTER..I am more inclined NOT to spend MY MONEY on “$300 a month” AIR CONDITIONING bills simply because….like most americans..I cannot afford those types of bills…which forces me, once again, to go outside in search of a beautiful tree to soak in the cool and shade they provide…and, on my way to that BEAUTIFUL tree, my body is absorbing precious AND extremely healthy VITAMIN D3 – a deficiency that 95% of AMERICANS experience.

For the longest of TIMES, oil was the engine “THAT COULD” in regards to the american ECONOMY…Now, UNFORTUNATELY, china is…Y’all have all heard the constant blabbering from our so-called experts on the U.S. ECONOMY with THEIR “how China goes is how our ECONOMY goes!” bullshit…Well, I am here to burst that IGNORANT bubble with a quickness…The Chinese people (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) have never..are…and will NEVER be STUPID consumers..It is not in their DNA…and NEVER will be…They are TOO intelligent of a PEOPLE and have TOO-LONG of a history to fall for such silly FOLLIES & “TRICK FOR KIDS” as to waste their hard-earned money purchasing things that they don’t and will never need.

But, MOST importantly, when it comes to the CHINESE ECONOMY and BIG OIL..it has become RATHER obvious THAT it MUST be rather DIFFICULT to get to work when you are wearing AIR-FILTERS on your face and cannot see more than 2 feet in front of you due to the DARKER than MIDNIGHT, poisonous smog that envelopes their entire nation…I am no ECONOMIST but I will go on a LIMB and say, “I’m not too sure that is good for their ECONOMY…let alone their workers’ health!”

The ignorance induced GREED of WASHINGTON never ceases to amaze me in regards to how they relentlessly manifest their SHEER hatred toward all of MANKIND on a daily basis..I mean, here we have OUR so-called government of “DEMOCRACY” (constantly PRETENDING to care about CLIMATE CHANGE and the AMERICAN CITIZENS) colluding with a COMMUNIST CHINA (a COUNTRY that has no concern whatsoever for CLIMATE CHANGE and/or its CHINESE CITIZENS) providing a GLOBAL solution to this little pesky problem called “GLOBAL WARMING”…

So, I say to WASHINGTON, “Carry on FOOLS…continue praising the ALMIGHTY prophets, I mean, profits of SATAN..” for it will ONLY hurt you and what you care most about aka “PROFITS always before PEOPLE”…This past year (despite falling gas prices and incredibly warm weather during our most PRIZED shopping season) consumer spending was dramatically lower than past years…and THIS TREND will continue into our foreseeable future.  Whether you believe God created this beautiful earth or not is trivial..BUT, what is of utmost importance here…is the fact that people are starting to realize that MOTHER NATURE has begun working in MYSTERIOUS ways…as 100s AND 100s of millions of people and I continue to consume less and less as we walk HAND-in-HAND with MOTHER NATURE




Last Night’s Republican Debate In A Nutshell


We’re fucked AMERICA!  Other than Bernie Sanders & Rand Paul…every single candidate running for PRESIDENT (including HILLARY) wants to spoon-feed us MORE WAR…Whether it’s the republicans with their bogus “MORE BOOTS” on the ground mentality; or, the democrats’ “REGIME CHANGE” follies…it is all the SAME thing.  Arming terrorists with more weapons in the MIDDLE EAST as the ONLY means to winning the so-called “WAR ON TERROR” will only lead to more terrorism..and is why I always say, “the most dangerous terrorists in the world are always the ones who arm other terrorists!”

And, it gets even worse AMERICA!  Other than Bernie Sanders & Rand Paul…every single candidate running for PRESIDENT (including HILLARY) is nothing more than future “bailer-outers” of scummy WALL STREET…

I am, NOW, firmly convinced that WASHINGTON’S favorite game is called “MUSICAL CHAIRS on the TITANIC”…and, just like on the real TITANIC..it will be the fake white male Christians of AMERICA and their wives with their “WE WANT MORE WARS” simple minded thinking who will be THE ONES who drown in their own ignorance and hypocrisy….

“Americans will be FREE again ONLY until fake white male christians of america lose everything”

Realeyez Life

El Chapo And The Joke That Is The U.S. War On Drugs


Wow! I didn’t know cocaine-sniffing and so-called Hollywood actor Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) was an UNDERCOVER government NARC!!!


Here are the ONLY 2 ways to win “THE WAR ON DRUGS”

  1. Legalize drugs
  2. Require all drugs be purchased thru your local cable company’s customer service department

If these 2 very simple steps are NOT followed…then the lives of MILLIONS of americans and their families will continue to be FOREVER destroyed for the sole purpose of feeding our industrial “PRISONS FOR PROFIT” system…



Famous Quote Update


So, let me get this straight now…WASHINGTON is spending TRILLIONS of AMERICA’S DOLLARS in fighting an ENEMY that WASHINGTON created whose claim to fame is BE-HEADING people aka “ISIS”…while, at the same time, it is “DONATING” trillions of dollars in WEAPONS & ARMS to SWINE-NATION & ALLY saudi arabia so it can continue BE-HEADING people..

All I have to say is…..




NRA And Wayne Lapierre Lies Corrected


What is the difference between an NRA member of 50 years ago and an NRA member of TODAY?

It’s a very simple answer…but, it’s a TRUTH our (gun-addicted) government never wants to tell us.

Answer is: More than 50% of today’s NRA members suck on the MAMMARY GLAND of hard working Americans’ TAX-FUNDED welfare system…Or, in other words , these so called “FREEDOM-FIGHTERS” are welfare leeches…Do NOT get me wrong now..I got nothing against people on the welfare..and I have no problems whatsoever with my taxes helping out my DEAR fellow Americans in need of food and shelter through no fault of their own other than being born into a “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” corrupt system/nation that specializes in the art of ORWELLIAN triple-talk using fascist slogans like “HOME of THE BRAVE” and “LAND OF THE FREE” rubbish.

LET US NEVER FORGET…our NATION was founded on a LIE…that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL..except for Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, and Women”..

And, when a NATION is founded on a LIE..it goes without saying that it will perish in a LIE..history has proven this TIME and TIME again..

Here are just a few CLASSIC american EXAMPLES of so-called “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” who are PROUDLY on the HARD-WORKING-AMERICAN tax-payers FUNDED welfare system.

  1. The second coming of JESUS CHRIST with guns David Koresh and THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS…all on the WELFARE
  2. Timothy McVeigh & Friends aka the Oklahoma City Bomber & Osama Bin Laden’s only and favorite american HERO and INSPIRATION (a true story)…all on the WELFARE
  4. TRUE LOSERS & MEMBERS of “3% Of Idaho” – who are presently OCCUPYING the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in OREGON…all on the WELFARE

Long story short, TODAY’S nra is “IGNORANCE’S SAFEST PLACE”…Keep your guns BUT please stop sucking on the TEAT of HARD-WORKING AMERICANS’ taxes…You are NOT fighting TYRANNY..and you are not “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”…You are nothing more than FASCISTS on the WELFARE…the TRUE cockroaches of LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS

p.s. FOREVER REMEMBER…because it is the TRUTH…every SINGLE “illegal” gun in AMERICA…was born “LEGAL” in AMERICA…

Inc. God We Trust.



Famous Quote Update


Being that the Communist Manifesto was first published on February 21st, 1848…and I was born on February 21st, 1966…I felt this need to update Karl Marx’s famous and very true quote..That being said, I’ve never been a Karl Marx fan.  He always seemed a little too self-conceited in his written words.  However, Friedrich Engels has always been my hero – the brains behind the Karl Marx face

Inc. God We Trust


Friedrich Engels For President 2016


@Gun Hoarders Of America – Background Checks On Ammunition Are Coming To A Theater Near You Real Soon


First things first…Guns do not kill…neither do people…BULLETS kill!  Now that we got that out of the way..let’s move on to my next point…So called “feedom fighting” gun hoarders of AMERICA better grow a fucking BRAIN really, really, really fast..AND ORGANIZE and MOBILIZE to have stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE fired as the HEAD of the NRA.

This truly ugly, EVIL being is the cancer that will permanently destroy the 2nd Amendment…He has no regards for “FREEDOM” or “RIGHTS” whatsoever…He is NOTHING MORE than a fucking TOOL to the gun manufacturers of AMERICA..and his only concern is ringing in MORE profits (by hook or by crook) into the pockets of the CREATORS of CITIZENS UNITED, I mean, the gun manufacturers of america.  It is the gun manufacturers of america who have created the perfect BLUE-PRINT as to how to further corrupt our already corrupt politicians with their suitcases full of LOBBYING cash and re-election victories…which has, IRONICALLY, led MANY other TYPES of american industries to follow the same path – threatening our ALREADY fragile democracy by LEGALLY allowing MORE MONEY to overflow into the POCKETS of WASHINGTON’S already stuffed pockets via CITIZENS UNITED…(this paragraph was purposely very redundant because if Washington has taught me ONE THING – it has taught me that if you say something enough times – it must be “TRUE” 🙂

If you do not HEED my VERY wise words…MARK MY WORDS..within 15 years (maybe 10)…STATE by STATE (starting with California) will start introducing and passing bills/laws that will BACKGROUND CHECK american citizens for the ammunition they want to purchase for their FIREARMS…

And guess what?   BACKGROUND CHECKS on ammunition does not, IN ANY WAY OR FORM, impact, affect, and/or impinge on the 2ND AMENDMENT aka “THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS”…You will still be able to “BEAR ALL THE ARMS” your heart desires..SHOOOT! You will EVEN be able to purchase BAZOOKAS and MACHINE GUNS under this scenario…BUT you WON’T get NO ammo…because you will NOW be back-ground checked for that ammo…and, ANY PERSON who wants ammo for their newly purchased BAZOOKA and/or MACHINE GUNS is obviously telling the ENTIRE world that they are SEVERELY & MENTALLY insane!  “So, no soup, I mean, BAZOOKAS for you!” – the jerry seinfeld show circa the 1990s 😉

ALLOW ME TO REPEAT…to further allow this to SINK into your THICK NOGGINS gun hoarders of america!  THE RIGHT TO BEAR AMMUNITION can be FOUND no-where in the 2ND AMENDMENT and/or THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!  Perhaps this was A mistake/typo by OUR FOUNDING FATHERS – perhaps this was INTENTIONAL???  I don’t fucking know!!! Nor, do I fucking care!!! It’s just a FACT!!!  And, unfortunately for all you gun hoarders out there…if LIFE has taught me only ONE THING – it has taught me that NO ONE can change the past…NOT EVEN GOD!

Okay! Okay!  There is one more thing we need to clear up for the gun hoarders of america who seem to love living on the DE-NILE (denial) river…If you actually believe that WASHINGTON (on both sides of the political aisle) wants to TAKE your GUNS away…here’s what I would like you to do…

  1. Go get your unlocked GUN..probably within reach of your children
  2. Walk into your bathroom
  3. Lock your bathroom door
  4. Sit on the toilet
  5. Put your gun in your mouth
  6. and PULL the FUCKING trigger

If there is only ONE THING that this entire planet (and all the NATIONS in it) know with 100% certainty…is that WASHINGTON’S favorite song is “C.R.E.A.M” – CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME” by the great WU TANG CLAN..

Here’s the first and only verse you need to know if you haven’t already heard this classic song from the 1990s…”CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME! CREAM! GET THE MONEY! DOLLA, DOLLA BILL Y’ALL!”

Now, getting back to the point – There is no way in HEAVEN, HELL and/or PURGATORY that the gun hoarding POLITICIANS of washington (the biggest gun hoarders this planet and history has ever seen) EVER, EVER want to take away or prevent the sales of any amount of GUNS and/or AMMUNITION to any KIND of american…past, present and/or future.  The amount of MONEY that the SPLENDOR of guns and ammunition sales brings into our country and our economy would make even SATAN  so jealous that he would bloody diarrhea in his pants faster than a chipotle customer soils himself after eating one of their ecoli infested burritos

And, it is only the truly selfish, ignorant stupid cunt WAYNE LAPIERRE followers of AMERICA who cannot and/or do not want to admit this…And, it’s these ASSHOLES that simply cannot comprehend that it is NOT washington that wants COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL…It is your FELLOW AMERICANS who want common sense gun control..BECAUSE it is your FELLOW AMERICANS who have lost the most by the senseless and violent deaths of their sons & daughters, mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters, husbands and wives, etc., etc. etc. at the hands of  cowards with guns.

It is why every time a horrible act of senseless gun violence happens in america….Washington parades its VERY best KABUKI THEATER actors out (in both the democratic and republican parties) to initiate a PRETEND debate about PRETENDING to do something i.e. passing MORE gun laws that we all know WILL NEVER BE ENFORCED…Never forget – in the LAND OF THE BLIND, the one-eyed men who lie the best BECOME the MONEY kings (it will the democrats not the republicans)…Meaning both parties will fund themselves as they cover their political asses by appeasing their respective political bases with their usual and monotonous “blah, blah, blah” bullshit which brings us RIGHT back to SQUARE one – with more guns being sold to more mentally insane Americans

But, things are changing…What is currently happening in AMERICA is not only truly revolutionary, but also, truly amazing.  And, it is terrifying WASHINGTON to its core.  I like to call this new phenomenon ORGANIC BOYCOTTS…There is an increasing amount (in the millions and soon to be in the 10s of millions) of patriotic AMERICANS who are so fucking sick of our “PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE” politics that they are CONSCIOUSLY no longer buying into “THE AMERICAN DREAM” aka “AMERICAN CONSUMERISM”

Take me for example:  I will never ever visit any state that has OPEN & CARRY laws on the books..despite the fact that it’s been a childhood dream of mine to live in every state for at least 3 months before I die..and I have the money to make this happen..But now, all OPEN and CARRY USA STATES will never get ONE SINGLE PENNY from me…I know there will be many an ignorant gun hoarder (a stupid cunt wayne lapierre follower) in those states that will immediately respond by saying, “Good! We don’t want OR like your KIND down here!” And, those fools have every right to say that just as much as it is my right not to spend my money in any of those states.

And guess what?  More and more patriotic AMERICANS are realizing this fact – if our government and the corporations that own it are unwilling to change its “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” ideology..then WE the citizens will consciously go out of OUR way not to spend OUR hard earned money as WE pick and choose what corporations best fit OUR personal morals.  It is really that simple; and it is already happening…

Once again, heed my words gun hoarders of AMERICA.  If you do NOT want BACKGROUND CHECKS on AMMUNITION to come to a theater near you REAL soon, then FIRE wayne lapierre..and do it soon…That ignorant AND truly selfish fool has “SACRIFICIAL LAMB” written all over his face.  Throw him under the bus NOW..for if you do NOT – you are telling the WORLD you have no regards for the 2ND AMENDMENT..

P.S. @gun hoarders of America – I am A staunch defender of the 2ND AMENDMENT…I will fight until my death to protect the right of any and all stupid, selfish, cowardly AMERICANS who want to use their guns as their PERMANENT SOLUTION to fixing their TEMPORARY PROBLEMS in life aka “committing suicide.”  Ending one’s life in such an easy and cowardly way..despite knowing the fact that everyone who loves you will be incomprehensibly devastated by your cowardly choice…means you do not deserve LIFE and everything beautiful in IT..and good riddance BECAUSE you are EXACTLY the person WASHINGTON wants to own a gun…