Please Stop With The “I’m An Energy Voter” Commercials


Omg!! If I have to watch this Koch Brothers/Citizens United commercial one more time, I’m going to kill my cable and go internet only…


When Mother Nature Works In Mysterious Ways



Never forget the golden rule of life – greed blinds and blinds the greediest the most.  Do the BOBBLE-HEAD fools with their chinese-made plastics for brains in WASHINGTON owned and controlled by BIG OIL ignorance realize that as our planet continues to grow hotter & dryer (and as our sea-levels continue to rise) every year…there will be less and less demand for their cancerous oil and renewable energy industries…Do these corporate owned renewable dummies and unwiped booty-holes of human WASTES not realize that they should create another type of POLLUTION that actually makes the planet COLDER rather than hotter..if they want to keep “REIGNING” in the “PROPHETS”..I mean, raining in the profits 🙂

Hmmmm…let’s see one corner we have our dearly beloved ALLY  and swine nation AKA the original creators of modern terrorism SAUDI ARABIA relentless trying to lower their oil prices in their futile attempt to bankrupt the POLLUTING american FRACKING industry PERMANENTLY out of business.

And, in the other corner, we have the idiots of WASHINGTON giving never-ending tax payer funded subsidies to our FRACKING industries so that they can continue to pollute our precious drinking water and farm lands of foods and nutrients in their attempt to achieve “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”…

Can these clowns minus the clown-face paint NOT see that this is the “CATCH 44” of our GENERATION..

The answer is…I guess not..

I am no scientist in any form or way…matter of fact, I am the complete opposite…I’m a realist in its purest form…I live every day of my life in the moment – enjoying God’s gift to all on this beautiful planet – THE PRESENT

And, in these PRESENT days…I have turned on my heater ONLY once so far this winter…

Shit!  I had to turn on my fan for a few minutes because it was 72 degrees in new york city this past christmas eve…I have never walked more in life DUE TO our beautifully “FAIR” weather of the past several years…Matter of fact, I have even lost tons of weight (from a chubby 230 pounds to a very sleek and slender 165 pounds) from all the walking I have done..

You’d think I would drive in my car more often due to OUR falling gas prices as of LATE..But I am no fool!!! When I see “POT-HOLES” all over our streets and highways that a herd of ELEPHANTS could comfortably NAP in due to our “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” politicians who would rather “NATION-BUILD” in OIL-COUNTRIES in the MIDDLE EAST instead of AMERICA’S crumbling infrastructure of highways and bridges, I say, “oh Hell’s no!”

And, when I am outside more..guess what happens? I spend less money on ELECTRICITY in my apartment.  Even better is the fact that as our summers become HOTTER and HOTTER..I am more inclined NOT to spend MY MONEY on “$300 a month” AIR CONDITIONING bills simply because….like most americans..I cannot afford those types of bills…which forces me, once again, to go outside in search of a beautiful tree to soak in the cool and shade they provide…and, on my way to that BEAUTIFUL tree, my body is absorbing precious AND extremely healthy VITAMIN D3 – a deficiency that 95% of AMERICANS experience.

For the longest of TIMES, oil was the engine “THAT COULD” in regards to the american ECONOMY…Now, UNFORTUNATELY, china is…Y’all have all heard the constant blabbering from our so-called experts on the U.S. ECONOMY with THEIR “how China goes is how our ECONOMY goes!” bullshit…Well, I am here to burst that IGNORANT bubble with a quickness…The Chinese people (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) have never..are…and will NEVER be STUPID consumers..It is not in their DNA…and NEVER will be…They are TOO intelligent of a PEOPLE and have TOO-LONG of a history to fall for such silly FOLLIES & “TRICK FOR KIDS” as to waste their hard-earned money purchasing things that they don’t and will never need.

But, MOST importantly, when it comes to the CHINESE ECONOMY and BIG has become RATHER obvious THAT it MUST be rather DIFFICULT to get to work when you are wearing AIR-FILTERS on your face and cannot see more than 2 feet in front of you due to the DARKER than MIDNIGHT, poisonous smog that envelopes their entire nation…I am no ECONOMIST but I will go on a LIMB and say, “I’m not too sure that is good for their ECONOMY…let alone their workers’ health!”

The ignorance induced GREED of WASHINGTON never ceases to amaze me in regards to how they relentlessly manifest their SHEER hatred toward all of MANKIND on a daily basis..I mean, here we have OUR so-called government of “DEMOCRACY” (constantly PRETENDING to care about CLIMATE CHANGE and the AMERICAN CITIZENS) colluding with a COMMUNIST CHINA (a COUNTRY that has no concern whatsoever for CLIMATE CHANGE and/or its CHINESE CITIZENS) providing a GLOBAL solution to this little pesky problem called “GLOBAL WARMING”…

So, I say to WASHINGTON, “Carry on FOOLS…continue praising the ALMIGHTY prophets, I mean, profits of SATAN..” for it will ONLY hurt you and what you care most about aka “PROFITS always before PEOPLE”…This past year (despite falling gas prices and incredibly warm weather during our most PRIZED shopping season) consumer spending was dramatically lower than past years…and THIS TREND will continue into our foreseeable future.  Whether you believe God created this beautiful earth or not is trivial..BUT, what is of utmost importance here…is the fact that people are starting to realize that MOTHER NATURE has begun working in MYSTERIOUS ways…as 100s AND 100s of millions of people and I continue to consume less and less as we walk HAND-in-HAND with MOTHER NATURE




In Regards 2 Finding Water On Mars

yeahsCome on now! I know they (Washington) found more than just water on Mars…my hunch is that they found tons of OIL too..

If I know one thing about Washington….it’s that 100 out of 100 times, it will put PROFITS before PEOPLE..Bottom line here is very simple – Washington will only care about our WATER and our ENVIRONMENT when H2O costs $100 a barrel

In My Next Life – I Want One Of These

Unfortunately…BEST FRIENDS FOREVER big oil and big governments won’t let this happen….And, therein lies humanity’s biggest obstacle – ever GREEDY corporations and even greedier governments want nothing more…and will do everything humanly possible – to keep HUMANITY frozen in time.

The Joke, I mean, Koch Brothers Are #2 On My “Please Just Effin Die Already” Wish List

drtssFirst and foremost, these 2 losers contracted “RICH PRICK” disease at birth…So, it goes without saying that it’s a “NICE” life when your AMERICAN father (Fred C. Koch) is an AMERICAN TREASON who earned his 100s of millions of DOLLARS selling OIL and CHEMICALS to NAZI/Germany during World War 2….It’s an even “NICER” life when Fred C. Koch’s loser SONS (Charles & David) can INHERIT 300 million dollars so that they can FURTHER pollute this world with their oil and chemicals as well destroying AMERICA’S democracy in their FATHER’S name (another symptom of “RICH PRICK” disease)…

@Charles & David Koch – do KNOW that when you PASS AWAY (hopefully much, much sooner RATHER than later), 100s of millions of americans, 100s of millions of people from all over the globe, and MOTHER NATURE will cheer like never before..There will be no pity or sorrow for you cancerous LOSERS other than from the few brainless corporate puppets that you employ…and, in your very near futures, you fools of AMERICAN HUBRIS will meet your MAKER in a very, very, very HOT place…Matter of fact, I already have a blog all cued up titled “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

If It’s A Boeing 777 – Do Not Get In It!


That is if you do NOT want to increase your chances of DYING a MOST violent DEATH…or, at the very minimum, if you do get in a BOEING 777…make sure you are not  a TRULY selfish ASSHOLE…and please get some LIFE-INSURANCE..this way, when you are blown out of the sky OR vanish into THIN-AIR…your family will get a little POCKET-CHANGE when you are removed from this planet…So, let’s get to my main point..which is TOOTING my HORN.. If any of you have read any of my past posts in regards to the “missing” MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370, you will already know my main point…and that is – whether the “missing” MALAYSIAN AIRLINES flight 370 of a few months was BLOWN out of the sky by nefarious “terrorists” and/or it exploded in MID-AIR due to a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw in the BOEING 7777….really DOES NOT make a difference…DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  The answer is so very SIMPLE..and the current MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 which blew up in mid-air TODAY over the UKRAINE will be my ultimate proof  to my OVERALL point… And, here it is… cause it’s as PLAIN as DAY…WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH?  Why will we NEVER know the truth..Once again, the ANSWER is so very SIMPLE…because THERE IS NEVER ANY profit in TELLING the truth..We live in an AGE where the ETERNAL FANGS of GREED dominates EVERY facet of our lives.  Now, I am not going to get into a detailed discussion about the GEO-POLITICAL bullshit that our corporate MEDIA so loves to discuss and confuse us all with…matter of fact, I could not GIVE a FLYING FUCK (excuse the PUN) because THERE IS only 2 scenarios that we need to look at.. #1 Scenario…If it was a STRUCTURAL DESIGN flaw of the BOEINNG 777… we will most DEFINITELY never know the truth..MATTER OF FACT, boeing and the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will go out of their way to blame the “FOREVER” bad guy (terrorists) as to why today’s MALAYSIA AIRLINES 17 exploded today…this way BOEING can CONTINUE to ring in the PROFITS by selling PIECES OF SHIT airplanes to all NATIONS on this planet BY being the MOST IMPERIALISTIC MONOPOLY the aviation industry has ever seen… #2 Scenario…Terrorists/Separatists (for whatever reason is not important) blew MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 17 out of the sky TODAY…and, ONCE AGAIN, we will never know the TRUTH…because, AS USUAL, WASHINGTON D.C . (the eternal LIARS) will MAKE sure we NEVER know THE TRUTH..because the REAL truth about everything that is HAPPENING with RUSSIA and the UKRAINE  today HAS everything TO DO with THE FANGS of WASHINGTON’S and BIG OIL’S eternal GREED…and the TRULY piece-of-shit CHICKEN-HAWK neo-cons WHO are addicted to sending BRAVE AMERICANS to die ON foreign SOIL for more PROFITS they DO NOT even need. Which brings me FULL-CIRCLE…if it’s A BOEING 777 flying anywhere on THIS PLANET…do NOT get in IT!!!  If there is one thing I can promise in the ONE life given to me in the AGE of “The FANGS of ETERNAL greed” we are ALL currently living it…it’s that if all people STOP flying on BOEING 777s due to its NOW chronic tendency to either vanish into THIN air or EXPLODE in mid-air…both BOEING and the eternal LIARS in WASHINGTON will GUARANTEE that they STOP taking our TAXES and TRANSFORMING it into BLOOD money that ULTIMATELY and ALWAYS comes back to KILL us…And, NEVER FORGET – violence BREEDS fear which always earns HUGE PROFITS for the scumbags whose only goal is to DIVIDE and CONQUER in their eternal pursuit to PUT profits always before PEOPLE

Insect Selfie


All I have to say is…when it comes to taking a SELFIE…this LITTLE bugger most definitely wins THE gold MEDAL…I mean, if you are going to take a SELFIE…do IT with STYLE and CONFIDENCE….now, don’t get me wrong here..and in full disclosure..I will be 100% honest to all out there…if I had come across this BRIGHT GREEN little bugger..I MOST definitely would have started SPRINTING in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION  screaming at the  tippy-TOP OF MY lungs blindly running over and around ANYONE  and/or ANYTHING in my way including kids, grandmothers and fathers, tall buildings and very deep OCEANS…that is how afraid I am of insects…I do NOT believe in killing any of GOD’S beautiful creatures so when it comes to FIGHT or FLIGHT…good luck CATCHING me because I am a real LANKY and EXTRA-SKINNY 6 foot 4 inches who can run FASTER than any wind that this planet has ever seen…

So, let’s never forget..It will be in our GENERATIONS…not in our NATIONS..and NEVER, EVER in our CORPORATIONS…that will be OUR only SALVATION…let’s stop being the VIOLENT alien RACE that WE currently are..let’s stop destroying THIS truly beautiful PLANET in the NAME of profits…In the end, if we do not…it will BE the TRULY beautiful grand-children of OUR TOMORROW that will SUFFER the most..left alone to survive in a VOID world stripped of all beauty & nourishment so THAT the VERY few true ASSHOLES (big OIL) of today can have EVEN more profits than THEY already do as they spread their TREASONOUS cancer, violence, death and pollution to ALL corners of this universe…Dying an extremely SLOW death in ONE’S own ignorance HAS, IS, and WILL never be FREEDOM


Uncle Sam The Socialist


For the LOVE of EVERYTHING that is BEAUTIFUL on this WONDERFUL planet, will WASHINGTON please stop spending our TAXES starting WARS for profits…and while you are at it, can you stop giving THE POLLUTING oil companies (the real terrorists that every single person on this planet should truly terrified of) TAX BREAKS.  I’m starting to get that really sick feeling in my stomach that ALL my LABOR in this WEAK economy and NOT so GREAT country is nothing MORE than BLOOD MONEY for morally CORRUPT politicians and their EVEN more treasonous .01% buddies.  This is NOT how I want to live my LIFE!!!