When Mother Nature Works In Mysterious Ways



Never forget the golden rule of life – greed blinds and blinds the greediest the most.  Do the BOBBLE-HEAD fools with their chinese-made plastics for brains in WASHINGTON owned and controlled by BIG OIL ignorance realize that as our planet continues to grow hotter & dryer (and as our sea-levels continue to rise) every year…there will be less and less demand for their cancerous oil and renewable energy industries…Do these corporate owned renewable dummies and unwiped booty-holes of human WASTES not realize that they should create another type of POLLUTION that actually makes the planet COLDER rather than hotter..if they want to keep “REIGNING” in the “PROPHETS”..I mean, raining in the profits 🙂

Hmmmm…let’s see here..in one corner we have our dearly beloved ALLY  and swine nation AKA the original creators of modern terrorism SAUDI ARABIA relentless trying to lower their oil prices in their futile attempt to bankrupt the POLLUTING american FRACKING industry PERMANENTLY out of business.

And, in the other corner, we have the idiots of WASHINGTON giving never-ending tax payer funded subsidies to our FRACKING industries so that they can continue to pollute our precious drinking water and farm lands of foods and nutrients in their attempt to achieve “ENERGY INDEPENDENCE”…

Can these clowns minus the clown-face paint NOT see that this is the “CATCH 44” of our GENERATION..

The answer is…I guess not..

I am no scientist in any form or way…matter of fact, I am the complete opposite…I’m a realist in its purest form…I live every day of my life in the moment – enjoying God’s gift to all on this beautiful planet – THE PRESENT

And, in these PRESENT days…I have turned on my heater ONLY once so far this winter…

Shit!  I had to turn on my fan for a few minutes because it was 72 degrees in new york city this past christmas eve…I have never walked more in life DUE TO our beautifully “FAIR” weather of the past several years…Matter of fact, I have even lost tons of weight (from a chubby 230 pounds to a very sleek and slender 165 pounds) from all the walking I have done..

You’d think I would drive in my car more often due to OUR falling gas prices as of LATE..But I am no fool!!! When I see “POT-HOLES” all over our streets and highways that a herd of ELEPHANTS could comfortably NAP in due to our “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” politicians who would rather “NATION-BUILD” in OIL-COUNTRIES in the MIDDLE EAST instead of AMERICA’S crumbling infrastructure of highways and bridges, I say, “oh Hell’s no!”

And, when I am outside more..guess what happens? I spend less money on ELECTRICITY in my apartment.  Even better is the fact that as our summers become HOTTER and HOTTER..I am more inclined NOT to spend MY MONEY on “$300 a month” AIR CONDITIONING bills simply because….like most americans..I cannot afford those types of bills…which forces me, once again, to go outside in search of a beautiful tree to soak in the cool and shade they provide…and, on my way to that BEAUTIFUL tree, my body is absorbing precious AND extremely healthy VITAMIN D3 – a deficiency that 95% of AMERICANS experience.

For the longest of TIMES, oil was the engine “THAT COULD” in regards to the american ECONOMY…Now, UNFORTUNATELY, china is…Y’all have all heard the constant blabbering from our so-called experts on the U.S. ECONOMY with THEIR “how China goes is how our ECONOMY goes!” bullshit…Well, I am here to burst that IGNORANT bubble with a quickness…The Chinese people (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) have never..are…and will NEVER be STUPID consumers..It is not in their DNA…and NEVER will be…They are TOO intelligent of a PEOPLE and have TOO-LONG of a history to fall for such silly FOLLIES & “TRICK FOR KIDS” as to waste their hard-earned money purchasing things that they don’t and will never need.

But, MOST importantly, when it comes to the CHINESE ECONOMY and BIG OIL..it has become RATHER obvious THAT it MUST be rather DIFFICULT to get to work when you are wearing AIR-FILTERS on your face and cannot see more than 2 feet in front of you due to the DARKER than MIDNIGHT, poisonous smog that envelopes their entire nation…I am no ECONOMIST but I will go on a LIMB and say, “I’m not too sure that is good for their ECONOMY…let alone their workers’ health!”

The ignorance induced GREED of WASHINGTON never ceases to amaze me in regards to how they relentlessly manifest their SHEER hatred toward all of MANKIND on a daily basis..I mean, here we have OUR so-called government of “DEMOCRACY” (constantly PRETENDING to care about CLIMATE CHANGE and the AMERICAN CITIZENS) colluding with a COMMUNIST CHINA (a COUNTRY that has no concern whatsoever for CLIMATE CHANGE and/or its CHINESE CITIZENS) providing a GLOBAL solution to this little pesky problem called “GLOBAL WARMING”…

So, I say to WASHINGTON, “Carry on FOOLS…continue praising the ALMIGHTY prophets, I mean, profits of SATAN..” for it will ONLY hurt you and what you care most about aka “PROFITS always before PEOPLE”…This past year (despite falling gas prices and incredibly warm weather during our most PRIZED shopping season) consumer spending was dramatically lower than past years…and THIS TREND will continue into our foreseeable future.  Whether you believe God created this beautiful earth or not is trivial..BUT, what is of utmost importance here…is the fact that people are starting to realize that MOTHER NATURE has begun working in MYSTERIOUS ways…as 100s AND 100s of millions of people and I continue to consume less and less as we walk HAND-in-HAND with MOTHER NATURE





The Storm Before The Calm

Open your eyes MANKIND….We have angered MOTHER NATURE…This winter will be the advent of storm after storm after storm after storm….each one becoming larger and larger and larger… and when enough INNOCENT people have died…THEN, there will be CALM…

What will WE do when the CALM comes?  Will we continue on like we have in the past?  Or will we OPEN our EYES and REALEYEZ that we are all here to SERVE one purpose…to pass on this beautiful planet to the beautiful children of tomorrow?

Mother Nature has sacrificed everything…now is our TIME

Why The Hell Was I Forced To Take All Those Science Classes In School If The Republicans And Democrats Are Now Either Denying Or Ignoring It?


This is the type of stupid American horse manure bullshit that drives me nuts!!!  What the hell is going on here GUYS!  I mean, every year from like 4th grade until I graduated from college, I had to stress over studying science so that I could keep my GPA high enough in order to get into a decent college; and then, graduate from that decent college.  And, now our CORPORATE TROLL politicians gleefully mock and ignore SCIENCE to the detriment of every human being living on this planet today (and all future children tomorrow)…what a fucking JOKE!  I guess the old saying, “Hindsight has 20/20 vision” now rings “OH!” so true because if I had known back then what I know now – instead of being forced to take science class every year, I would have demanded that I be allowed to take “How To Blow A Crooked Politician Like A Dirty Whore Lobbyist” class and everything would have been all good!

 God Bless Americans Because Satan Has Cursed The American Government

The Homes Of Our Future


At least for the people who can afford one of these SNAZZY water proof, floatable homes.  I’m just waiting for some EXTRA GREEDY, filthy RICH, genius GA-ZILLIONAIRE to invent a cheaper version (even if it’s just some poor white trash TRAILER-HOME version) so that myself and all COASTAL living, POOR people from around the world can have a fighting chance of survival with this whole GLOBAL WARMING thing that is happening to our planet.

 Has this world lost its FRIGGIN mind or what!  If I’ve said this once, I have said it a million times because it’s TRUE, “if Jesus were alive today in AMERICA, he’d die of multiple gunshot wounds from a cowardly american with a LEGAL gun.”  Now, I am going to start saying, “If Noah were alive today floating around the planet with is his OLD-STYLE boat with a pair of every animal on board, some OIL COMPANY would burn his OLD-STYLE ship and every animal on it into oblivion when it sailed too close to an OIL RIG whose only purpose is to melt this planet to death so that scummy rich people can become EVEN MORE wealthy.”

 Just so you know, there will be an ETERNALLY long FLOOD on this planet in our very NEAR FUTURE and the last thought of millions of people as they sink to their DEATHS at the bottom of the ocean will be, “Wow! They’re digging for OIL down HERE! That’s totally AWESOME duuuude!  I just wish I could text and send SELFIES pics of all this to  my friends but my SMART phone doesn’t seem to work at the bottom of the ocean! ”