Ted “Menopause Face” Cruz Wants To Be False Christian-In-Chief


Here’s what I pray for every night…I pray that Donald Trump destroys our current Republican party forever…just like he destroyed the BUSH dynasty forever…Whether you like Trump or not is irrelevant…what cannot be denied is that he saved this beautiful country and planet from another BUSH…

I also pray daily that Bernie can and will do the same with our current Democratic party…that he destroys the current Democratic party forever…and saves this beautiful country and planet from another CLINTON.

And, here’s why…


Wake up America!  Our government (both parties) has already fallen into the hands of LENDING institutions and MONEYED incorporations via CITIZENS UNITED.  The mere fact that our government earns BILLIONS of DOLLARS a year off of the backs of the MILLENNIALS and their student loan debts is just ONE utterly disgusting example..

Today’s CORPORATE OWNED republicans and democrats have created an ALMOST perfect INVISIBLE cast system via “DIVIDE & CONQUER” politics…where the filthy rich get richer by the minute…the middle class shrinks by the day..and the desperately poor increase in numbers by the second

The apparatus of our current INVISIBLE CAST SYSTEM (natured and nurtured for the past 40 years by our current republican and democratic parties ) specializes in spoon feeding ignorance and FEAR of the “OTHER” to their respective voting bases..Another perfect case in point is our current IMMIGRATION dilemma..Both parties love IL/LEGAL immigrants – republicans for their cheap labor…democrats for the latino/hispanic votes..And, their only solution is to point fingers at each other knowing full well that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS serve 2 purposes – to freeze AMERICAN wages and to cut COSTS for AMERICAN MONOPOLIES (higher profit margins).  Or, in other words, Washington’s current answers and solutions to ANY and ALL problems facing hard working Americans is to maintain the STATUS QUO…

Adding even more insult to injury was watching BOTH PARTIES accomplish NOTHING other than pointing fingers at each other for the past 7 years as to what is ailing America…then out of nowhere and with a quickness & secrecy never seen before, both parties ship millions of more American jobs to communist countries that have no regard WHATSOEVER for environmental and/or labor issues via the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)…or, as I like to refer it as, “the straw that finally broke the middle class’ back”

So, please pray with me America – that Bernie and Trump destroy both parties forever because we have tons of work to do..i.e repealing CITIZENS UNITED, busting up the “TOO BIG TO FAIL” banks, getting out of the MIDDLE EAST NATION BUILDING business, etc., etc. etc…just to name a few

P.S. Mark my words, if America gets hit by jihad terrorism before the 2016 Presidential Elections, it will be BECAUSE Bernie and/or Trump are getting closer to destroying their respective bogus PARTIES forever..Nothing like unleashing FEAR in order to maintain the current STATUS QUO right? ..Plus, I just want the POWERS-THAT-BE to know that I am HIP to their game…







Don’t Be Suprised When The Same People Who Voted For Bush & Cheney Twice Choose 1/5 American Ted Cruz As Their Nominee


What is RPD? RPD = Rich Prick Disease – a very SERIOUS & DEADLY disease that destroys nations from within

The Republican civil war in a nutshell:

The Neo-Cons’ “We Want More Wars Extortion Tour” vs  Donald Trump’s “Reality T.V. Conservatism”..or, in other words, 2 mutations of RICH PRICK DISEASE battling it out for the heart and soul of the Grand Ole Party

Do these fools NOT know that Ted “Freddy Krueger” Cruz worked for the war-mongering Bush & Cheney clan for a better part of his early career…or, in other words…the BUSH clan was Ted’s ticket into WASHINGTON.  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Ted was a major part of the Bush-Cheney theft of our ELECTIONS in 2000 when he was part of their “RECOUNT TEAM” in florida

So, in essence, if we follow the path and thinking of today’s “I always vote against my own self interests” republicans…one can say that Ted Cruz is responsible for the “Socialist Muslim” from “KENYA” Barack Obama becoming president of the UNITED STATES of america in 2008 & 2012…

Follow my thinking here for a quick second…As, we already know…if the Bush & Cheney clan had NOT cheated their way into office…which we already know they did…and then, had not destroyed this country in a manner never seen before in our history…which we already know they did….Is it NOT conceivable to say THAT if 1/5 american Ted Cruz was not part of that “Cheat” I mean “Recount” Team in Florida during 2000 & 2001…there would be no such thing as a PRESIDENT OBAMA today….

A wise word to REPUBLICANS!  If you are truly disgusted with your establishment clowns…then DO your homework!  Once you do, you will find out that EVERYONE running for PRESIDENT on YOUR side (other than TRUMP, CARSON, and FIORINI) have all worked for the BUSH FAMILY.  Or, in other words, the BUSH FAMILY created the IDIOTS of the TEA PARTY…and now, it’s time to CIRCLE the WAGONS with their favorite PET ted cruz…who is nothing more than the BUSH FAMILY’S so-called “outsider” back up if “little” Jebbie “cakes” and/or his minions do not win the nomination…

Meanwhile…on the other side of the kabuki theater, I mean, political aisle…we have the DEMOCRATS yawning us to death during their DEBATES….that is, if you can find THEM on TELEVISION…

A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Ted Cruz Will Make Sure Whitey Is No Longer On The Moon

cruz12Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz will soon be the chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness..or, in other words, he will oversee NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Mark my words…this will NOT end well for NASA…for Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz..and, the ENTIRE universe AS we know it….SUBSIDIZE TO PRIVATIZE, I mean, the IDIOT-IFICATION of AMERICA continues

*FOOTNOTE – the word SCIENCE in the PIC was MIS-spelled intentionally 🙂

The Clown, I Mean, Conservative Political Action Conference 2014


An extra long YAWN for the same OLD, HOT GARBAGE from different clown faces (notice I didn’t put a clown face on the JEB BUSH and that’s because ALL BUSHES are clowns).  If you support bigger government, more guns, Wall Street, more pollution, less regulation higher crime, less jobs, the healthcare for profit system of old, starting bogus wars for profit, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, citizen united, bail-outs, too-big-to fail, slave labor in 3rd world countries, more jobs in CHINA and INDIA, more subsidies for POLLUTING oil and coal corporations, voter suppression, bigotry, sexism, more prisons for profit, less education, and the “WE TRULY HATE AMERICA” list can go on forever – then by all means you should definitely vote republican.  But here’s a fact idiot republicans of today just do NOT want to admit – the CLINTON FAMILY cheat book is far superior to the BUSH FAMILY cheat box.  So, get your POPCORN HERE!  Because it’s going to be so much fun watching the treasonous GOP disappear into history like the WHIG PARTY of old right before our very eyes 6,666 days after New Year’s Eve 2000 (January 25th, 2018).

 And to all democrats – you best wipe those smug smiles off of your CORRUPT faces.  Do not be proud that you have finally learned how to lick corporate ASSHOLE better than the republicans – you friggin CREEPS.  In many ways, you idiot clowns are even bigger sellouts than the republicans; and, you will pay dearly as well.  We have a problem AMERICA and the only solution is to remove both parties from the history books forever.  And the only way this can happen is to first remove the more dangerous cancer (the GOP) so the other will follow (the DEMOCRATS).  The republicans are the weaker of both parties today with their BOGUS trickle down bullshit theories, so let’s remove them first; and, I promise the LYING, cheating DEMOCRATS will follow.  Or, a 3rd party needs to be created immediately after the 2016 election.  In addition to this, every signal scumbag politician in WASHINTON today (both parties included) should be voted out in the next few, upcoming elections–  let me repeat, “Every Single FUCKING one of them”.  This must be the first step as a warning salvo that CHANGE is coming real fast.  Long story short AMERICA, if you care about this country then take these simple steps every single day until the 2016 elections – CONSUME LESS, VOTE OUT every scumbag in WASHINGTON today, and be ready for change cause it’s coming whether we like it or not.

In the end, both political parties use different tactics to serve only ONE MOTIVE – fleecing the american sheeple for every penny we have.  Whether we like it or not, this country has become one big FUCKING scam.

p.s. The POWERS-THAT-BE must have me confused for someone else – I was not put on THIS EARTH so that SCUMBAGS with WAY TOO MUCH money can make EVEN more money.

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A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

All I can say is this idiot is a real-life genuine clown. I mean, he is FAR, FAR behind Mr. Blubber (aka Chris Christie) in the polls as the future republican presidential candidate in 2016 despite the fact that Mr. Blubber will be ejected as governor of New Jersey within the next year due to his Bridge Gate scandal on top of using Hurricane Sandy money as his own personal political slush fund. I can’t wait until the GOP is swept into the unwiped asshole of history and it will be just like the WHIG PARTY of old. I mean, if you clowns cannot even beat a supposed Muslim born in Kenya, don’t even think you have a chance against Hillary. I have never been and will never be a CLINTON fan but Hillary will landslide you clowns 2 times in a row and then see ya! And never forget REPUBLICANS – no war criminal bush jr. and there would have never been a President Obama for 2 terms nor a President Hillary Clinton for another 2 terms – it’s the TRUTH!  So, yet again…YOU LOSE!

After Providing Cover For The Launch Of Obamacare, Ted Cruz Sets His Next Goal On Legalizing 20 Million Latinos


When this idiot Canuck from Canada first burst onto the our national political scene, I originally thought he was just another ignorant Tea-Bagger clown, conservative whose only purpose and goal was to protect THE WAR CRIMINAL bush jr.’s TAX CUTS for the filthy, I mean, wealthy.  But after his most recent escapades in providing Obamacare the cover it so desperately needed so as to not collapse under it’s own GLITCHES, I mean, weight, it has dawned on me that THE TEA PARTY is nothing more than a CLINTON FAMILY mind trick BANK-ROLLED by BILL “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” CLINTON himself; and, whose ONLY purpose is to further promote the LIBERAL AGENDA & to destroy THE GRAND OLD PARTY – i.e. making Obamacare actually more popular amongst Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans despite the fact that not even the VERY best HACKER in the WORLD could get in OR log on to the Obamacare WEBSITE.

 I have given up wasting my time trying to explain to a bunch of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans who refuse to change with the times because they’ve been IGNORANT trolls to both political parties the majority of their lives who cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and THE SAME PARTY who take turns wearing the bad guy HAT who both allowed CITIZENS UNITED to become the LAW of our land.  If this country does not immediately end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY.  Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans need to realize ONLY one FACT and TRUTH – that both republican and democratic VOTERS have so much more in common at the BOTTOM of the pyramid on our $1 dollar bills THAN they do with anyone on the TOP of that same pyramid regardless of their political ideology.  If you truly care about this country called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you need WAKE UP, shut up, AND grow a fucking brain BECAUSE if we DO NOT do this, WE THE PEOPLE deserve the very government that we presently have.

So It’s True That Donating Money To Hillary Clinton Jr., I mean, Ted Cruz To Defund Obamacare Was A Very Stupid Idea


And if you were one of these TRULY stupid, complete WASTES OF LIFE, I mean, ignorant Americans that actually gave Ted Cruz one single, damn, red penny of your hard earned money, you DESERVE to die a most painful death (much SOONER rather than LATER) because America cannot survive in today’s world with complete ignorant cancers, I mean, citizens like YOU!  Allow me to repeat myself so as there is no confusion as to what I mean.  PLEASE FUCKING DIE ALREADY!  If I have said this one time, I have said this a ga-ZILLION times, “ONLY truly IGNORANT american idiots do NOT know that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party taking turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  So, long story short, if you gave one damn, red penny of your hard earned money to Ted “I’m a DIRTY Money-Addicted whore” Cruz, you not only CURSED your own life and your family’s life forever; but you also just helped your mortal democratic enemy and future PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2016 Hillary Clinton as well

 My proof to my argument is SO very simple – by donating your IGNORANT money to ted cruz so that he can DEFUND obamacare “MORE” or “FASTER”, you actually increased the percentage of Americans who ARE now in favor of OBAMACARE compared to when the IGNORANT whore, I mean, Teddy first opened his stupid mouth up a few weeks ago.  All you assholes had to do was keep your FAT, STUPID, truly IGNORANT mouths shut and obamacare would have fallen faster than SATAN fell out of heaven into HELL and is why I am correct in saying that democrats and republicans are best friends forever who HATE we the people.  I mean, if you cannot see that TED CRUZ & friends did NOT provide cover for OBAMA and the bill & hillary CLINTON camp during the roll out of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, then you SERIOUSLY need to GO get YOUR legal GUNS and put them to some VERY GOOD USE by putting the barrel in your IGNORANT mouth and pulling THE TRIGGER because it’s your ONLY way into HEAVEN.  Or, you can just be the same IDIOT that you have always been in your life and ROT in HELL because no one pays taxes down there you stupid, ignorant FOOLS.

 One last hint to the IGNORANTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY, I mean, Tea Party – how much do you want to bet that OBAMACARE runs like a well OILED machine by the 2014 elections?  Do you want to know why? Because it’s all friggin STAGED stupid Americans! Wake up!  The only way WE the PEOPLE win against the true evil of our society (the corporations that RENT our government until they can find another country filled with idiots to exploit) is by coming TOGETHER – not becoming more and more ignorant filled with more and more HATE towards other fellow AMERCANS.  If you cannot comprehend this, then you need to get out THE fuck OUT OF THE way and die already BECAUSE if we don’t end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY – and that’s why the TEA PARTY is no different than the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because they, too, say ABSOLUTELY nothing about getting MONEY out of politics.  I am seriously starting to think that all these tea BAGGERS are CLONES with no brains created by our government trained like PAVLOVIAN dogs with little doggy treats to HATE everyone except for the person they see in their own MIRROR – the perfect RENEWABLE dummies to keep best friends forever democrats and republicans in power for another 250 years.

The Whore That Will Ensure A Hillary Clinton Landslide Victory For President In 2016.


Will someone please send or relay this message to THE WHORE THAT TROLLS ONLY 4 DOLLARS ted cruz.  He is a fucking clown that actually enjoys stealing $$$s from his ignorant base so long as he becomes more wealthy and famous.  Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton jr., I mean, Rand Paul (if elected to be the GOP’s candidates for President & Vice Presidnet in 2016) will be the reason why the republican party will go the way of the Whig Party by no later than 2024.  And guess what! This will ALL be STAGED for a huge Hillary LANDSLIDE in 2016 and that’s why you know the democrats and republicans are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.  If you truly want this country to move in the right direction and want any chance of not having ANOTHER CLINTON in the WHITE HOUSE, do not listen to a SINGLE word this clown EVER says.  Ted Cruz is in the Hillary’s pocket!  And if you don’t know this…well then, watch as my words come true – the more republicans that fall for this SAD clown, the LARGER the landslide victory will be by HILLARY in 2016.

 And just so EVERYONE knows, if you do NOT, as a POLITICIAN in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have an alternative to OBAMACARE while you are constantly SCREAMING to de-fund it, THEN you actually want OBAMACARE for WE THE PEOPLE  just as much as the democrats do.  If this TROLL 4 DOLLARS were serious and honest about his views on Obamacare, he’d pay for his own HEALTHCARE out of his own POCKET and offer an ALTERNATIVE to obamacare instead of continuously LEECHING and sucking from the NIPPLE of WE THE PEOPLE time after time after time with his USELESS words and views, I mean, LIES paid for by HILLARY.  I can promise you one thing, EVERY single politician in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, today and tomorrow, can more than definitely AFFORD their own HEALTHCARE that’s how rich OUR POLITICIANS have all become in the last decade or two.  And this is why you know all politicians currently in the US are filthy fucking LIARS.  The %1ers (LITTLE SISTER) have made sure that it is NO LONGER cool for their paid politicians to pretend that they EVEN SLIGHTLY care about WE THE PEOPLE any longer.  So, long story short, if you want HILLARY to win in a landslide, then by all means, SUPPORT your whore TED CRUZ.