72 Male Virgins?


Okay…I have to be 100% honest here and say, “this shit is fucking straight up nuts!”…pardon my french…I mean, if we have to NOW worry about jihadist, violent, ISIS members who are in the closet and very angry about it…then…WE HAVE DEFINITELY LOST THE WAR ON TERROR!

From the very second the WAR ON TERROR started, the first words to come out of my mouth were, “this war on terror will end the same way as the war on drugs…with cheaper and more lethal terrorists everywhere!”…

Despite spending trillions of dollars, actual people “seeing something and then saying something”, 3 FBI interviews…this loser was still able to kill 49 INNOCENT americans with AMERICA’S favorite toy…SO…am I going too far out on a limb by asking, “I don’t think this WAR ON TERROR thingy is working out too well for us so far?”..

But….I’m gonna propose an idea that our corporate owned government, media outlets, and politicians never seem to think of…Let’s get out of the middle east nation building business, I mean, let’s get the FUCK out of the MIDDLE EAST…Because if we ever do…I will bet TRUMP’S little hands and/or a million cash from the CLINTON foundation…that 98% of all this truly ignorant TERRORISM stupidness disappears instantly into thin air…

Shooting On Capitol Hill Today Must Mean Washington Wants Money To Surveil Us More


Hmmm…Why is it that anytime there are proposed cuts to military spending…or, when Washington wants to surveil Americans more…crazy terrorist acts happen some where in the world and/or americans with guns start doing crazy things…Just wondering 🙂

The Pentagon Wants 8 Billion Dollars More In Order To Drop More “Smart” Bombs In The Middle East


Hmmmm……I guess the 579 billion dollars the Pentagon has ALREADY received in their military budget this year wasn’t ENOUGH….or perhaps the Pentagon underestimated the costs of “SMART” bombs???  I don’t know and I don’t care because our government has lost its FUCKING minds…

Allow me to read your near future AMERICA…the war criminals (republicans) in CONGRESS will give THE PENTAGON the 8 billion dollars they so “desperately” need faster than FAT-FUCK chris christie can swallow a pizza pie…and/or faster than Ted “freddy krueger” Cruz can lie to the war-mongering, FALSE CHRISTIANS of IOWA during the 2016 Iowa caucuses.

And, the democrats will do what they do best – lie better than the republicans AND pretend to care about the AMERICAN people as they find new ways for the AMERICAN people to pay for the politically craven mistakes WASHINGTON always makes…AND, the final insult will be that NO one will go to jail for poisoning children with lead.

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA…or, at the very least, remove your brain from your skulls and then replace with a brand, new, extra shiny “SMART” phone and start taking more “selfies”


If Wall Street Tanks In 2016, Bernie Is President In A Heartbeat


Let us never, EVER forget….bailing out WALL STREET not ONCE but TWICE (one under bush jr for 750 billion dollars in 2008 and one under obama for a trillion dollars in 2009) is SOCIALISM in its PUREST FORM…

A wise word to all SOCIALISTS (inept democrats) and FASCISTS (inept republicans) in CAPITALIST’S clothing presiding in WASHINGTON today…make sure you keep all your SOCIALIST & FASCIST cronies on WALL STREET in check during 2016…OTHERWISE, you will be handing over THE PRESIDENCY to BERNIE on a SLIVER PLATTER..

And, if you fools try to tank WALL STREET after 2016…you will be handing over the presidency to ELIZABETH WARREN on a GOLD PLATTER in 2020.

Bottom line here is very, very, very simple….today’s republicans and democrats (the baby boomer politicians) are responsible for creating OUR new-age, modern class of INDENTURED SERVANTS…otherwise known as the MILLENNIALS…Every single day that turns into night, this POOR generation of AMERICANS will have to pay more and more out of their pockets in order to just BARELY sustain our unsustainable socialist/fascist corrupt system of cronyism nurtured and natured by Big Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street and Washington.

The problem with our current MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, I mean, capitalists on wall street is that they DEEM themselves to be PERFECT…when, in reality, they are nothing more than a bunch of CRAVEN sociopaths who LOVE socialism AKA “too big to fail” just as much as they love fascism AKA the “war on terror” as the conduit to globalization



Famous Quote Update


So, let me get this straight now…WASHINGTON is spending TRILLIONS of AMERICA’S DOLLARS in fighting an ENEMY that WASHINGTON created whose claim to fame is BE-HEADING people aka “ISIS”…while, at the same time, it is “DONATING” trillions of dollars in WEAPONS & ARMS to SWINE-NATION & ALLY saudi arabia so it can continue BE-HEADING people..

All I have to say is…..




Dropping More Taxes, I Mean, War On This Planet Is The Answer To All Of America’s Problems


Fact #1: The “War On Terror” will end the same way as the “Cold War”, the “War On Drugs”, and/or the “War On Poverty”…with an increasing abundance of more lethal terrorists everywhere…Has there not been A PROLIFERATION of NUCLEAR BOMBS all over this BEAUTIFUL planet since the “Cold War” was first introduced to this planet and then won by AMERICA?  Are there NOT more ADDICTING, POWERFUL and LETHAL drugs in AMERICA today compared to 60 years ago (especially with Big Pharma providing the MOST DEADLY drugs that just happen to be LEGAL)..Is there not MORE poverty…a smaller MIDDLE CLASS…in AMERICA today compared to 60 years ago…a WIDER gap BETWEEN the UBER wealthy and the “rest of us”?

When Washington declares “War” on anything – it has absolutely nothing to do with winning that “War”…and everything to do with SUCKING more taxes from HARD-WORKING americans IN ORDER to PROLONG that “War” for every SINGLE penny that “War” is worth….

Fact #2: Just as there has been…is…and will always be tons of “RENEWABLE” energy in america…there has been..is..and will always be 100s of millions of “RENEWABLE” dummies in america..

Definition of a “RENEWABLE” dummy: A “STUPID, CONSUMING” american i.e. someone who buys a “gas-guzzling” SUV (on the credit card) because they actually believe the price of gas will remain this low for an extended period of time..There a millions who have done this and gas will not be this cheap for much longer (no later than 2017)..and if it is..THIS world IS in BIG trouble

Let’s flash back to….let’s say….a MERE 60 years ago…There was no such thing as an american consumer that would purchase ANYTHING that was not MADE IN AMERICA….by AN AMERICAN…

The reason for this was VERY simple – back then….EVERYTHING was MADE IN AMERICA…by AN AMERICAN…and EVERYTHING was VERY affordable…and this is WHAT made AMERICA the most powerful nation on this planet..AN economical ECO-SYSTEM that self fed itself

Fact #3: In regards to “BLOOD and TREASURE”…nothing DRAINS a nation of people more than “War” – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!  Conversely, nothing profits (BLOOD and TREASURE) an IDEOLOGICAL military more than WAR…

So, let’s flash back to 60 years ago again..We have the beginning of the “Cold War”…where you have 2 IDEOLOGICAL MILITARIES spending 100s of BILLIONS of TAX-PAYERS dollars on WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION that literally could blow up 3/4 of this GALAXY faster than a cow releases METHANE, I mean, farts…A few years later, we enter the bogus VIETNAM WAR under the guise of words like “THE DOMINO THEORY”

Definition of the “DOMINO THEORY”: the theory that a political event in one country will cause similar events in neighboring countries, like a falling domino causing an entire row of upended dominoes to fall.

I use the term “BOGUS” vietnam war because that war had NOTHING to do with the “DOMINO THEORY”…and EVERYTHING to do with helping a “SOCIALIST” military (FRANCE) protect its “SOCIALIST MILITARY INTERESTS” in that particular region of the world from the threat of a”COMMUNIST” military in China…

And then, a few years after (well actually during) the BOGUS vietnam war…we had PRESIDENT Dick Nixon open the “TRADE” doors to COMMUNIST chairman MAO of CHINA for the first time in history…

So..in essence…and, in hindsight…One can say that the “COLD WAR” aka the “ARMS RACE TO NOWHERE” between 2 different MILITARY IDEOLOGIES (United States and the Soviet Union) needed the VIETNAM WAR in order to permanently install PERPETUAL WAR into our psyches from here to eternity..Ironically similar to the “RELIGIOUS” (Judaism vs Islam vs Christianity and vice versa) WARS that have engulfed this planet for the previous 1,900 years…

And, what is the PURPOSE of PERPETUAL war?  The purpose of PERPETUAL WAR has been, is, and will always be two-fold..The first purpose is to distract the MASSES with fear so that it is easier for its MILITARY (under the guise of government) to “steal” their taxes (labor) under the guise of “patriotic nationalism.”  The second purpose of PERPETUAL WAR…and the more important one…is for the STRONGER military to destabilize the region of the WEAKER military in order to implement its “ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY” on that region…

So, let’s go back to the BOGUS vietnam war so we can come full circle to today…That BOGUS war was initiated not to protect us from COMMUNISM but to destabilize the region….so that PRESIDENT dick NIXON (and friends – the “WE HATE NIXON” democrats) could open the “TRADE” doors to CHINA…which purposely sent millions of AMERICAN jobs OVERSEAS for decades to come…so that AMERICANS, in their near future, could purchase their “NOT MADE IN AMERICA” goods at a cheaper cost in order to off-set their INCREASING taxes DUE to the INSATIABLE appetite (blood and treasure) of our IDEOLOGICAL military as it imposes its “GREED IS GOOD” mantra aka “MORE WARS” all over this globe…which explains WHY some 40 years after the BOGUS vietnam war ended..President OBAMA (and friends – the “WE HATE OBAMA” republicans) passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement last year…It’s a very simple formula AMERICA has been using OVER and OVER with the sole purpose to dupe the AMERICAN people into FUTURE bankruptcy

Now….follow my logic and mark my words…30 years (probably less) after the BOGUS IRAQ WAR was initiated in 2003…a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the  ATTACKS  on 9/11/01…one of our future presidents will sign into law a TRADE AGREEMENT similar to the TRANS-PACIFIC TRADE AGREEMENT but this time in the MIDDLE EAST…even the name will be similar – probably the TRANS-MIDDLE EAST TRADE AGREEMENT.

There is no coincidence why the ONLY things that are MADE IN AMERICA today are our guns, weapons, ammunition, wars and “GREED IS GOOD” ideology…I mean, you can see it every single second of every single day in how our government puppets and bobble heads, I mean, servants to our military react to almost every situation that happens to the people of AMERICA…

For example, AMERICA’S infrastructure is crumbling and WASHINGTON’S response is…”I know what will fix the problem…MORE WAR!”

The middle class is rapidly shrinking – Washington’s response…”I know what will fix the problem…MORE WAR!”

Wall Street collapses – Washington’s response…”I know what will fix the problem…MORE WAR!”

A depression/recession hits AMERICA – Washington’s response…”I know what will fix the problem…MORE WAR!”

Our educational system is failing our children – Washington’s response….”I know what will fix the problem…MORE WAR!”

AMERICANS are drowning due to MASSIVE FLOODS as a consequence GLOBAL WARMING, I mean, climate change and will desperately need new homes and belongings – Washington’s response…”I know what will fix this problem..MORE WAR!”

I can go on and on and on and on and on…but what’s the point if the only ANSWER will always be “MORE WARS!”

The answer to all of AMERICA’S problems is ORGANIC BOYCOTTS…



An organic boycott is when a single person of any kind (regardless of race, sex, creed, religion and/or age) wants to puke from the stench of a corrupt system that has entrapped their entire lives with bogus and out-right lies, theories, concepts, economics, and/or beliefs..and who, most importantly, REFUSES to BUY into THE SYSTEM..

Contrary to what most Americans think..I know for a fact that one of the last few freedoms we have as Americans today (other than freedom of speech and the freedom to defend oneself) is the FREEDOM to either purchase or not to purchase…The most important and ONLY freedom washington cares about…When a nation has decided that PERPETUAL WAR will be its ECONOMIC MODEL of choice…I say, “OH HELL’S FUCKING NO TO PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE ECONOMICS!  I AIN’T NO RENEWABLE DUMMY AND YOU AIN’T GETTING ANY OF MY MONEY!”

I have been ONE-MAN boycotting everything AMERICAN for 3 years now..and I have never had so much fun…have never been more healthy… have never felt better in my life…AND, have never saved as much money before in my life (despite only working PART-TIME)..In short, I am loving life like never before…all because I refuse to be an american RENEWABLE DUMMY…

And, the beautiful part is – there is only ONE rule to follow.  If it is NOT made in AMERICA…by an AMERICAN..then I ain’t BUYING it!  Now granted, and it goes without saying, that “I ain’t buying much!” – which is GOOD for me, and BAD for the”PROFITS before PEOPLE” bobble heads in washington…

For example, I have never and will never buy a pair of NIKE sneakers and/or an APPLE “smart” phone…until they have one MANUFACTURING PLANT in AMERICA that hires AMERICANS..that’s all I ask..Matter of fact, I’d even pay more for their products if they had an AMERICAN manufacturing plant producing their products…But, if these 2 GREEDY and TREASONOUS corporations cannot even PRETEND to care..then why should I?

America is suffering from a bad case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from all the unnecessary wars this country has started in their pursuit of “PROFITS before PEOPLE” and “GREED is GOOD” false dreams…and now it’s trying to export its PTSD to all countries and nations IGNORANT enough to fall for the BOGUS american DREAM…George Carlin said it the best, “You have to be asleep to participate in the AMERICAN DREAM.”






As People Are Drowning To Death In Missouri, The Big News In America Is That A Skyscraper In Dubai Is Burning


To be 100% honest with you…I really couldn’t give a flying FUCK what happens to SAUDI ARABIA…I mean, this is the country that provided 19 out of the 21 hijackers whose favorite hobby was flying big planes into AMERICAN structures…that led AMERICA to start a TRULY bogus war with IRAQ…a COUNTRY that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with GROUND ZERO on 9/11/01

I’m 100% certain that our treasonous NEO-CONS in our MILITARY are screaming into PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ears, “TIME FOR MORE WAR big guy!  How about an IRAQ WAR 3…The AMERICAN sheeple love SEQUELS!”

So, I will answer the question, “Has America Lost Its Mind?” with another question…”Does Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner Have Sexier Tits Than His Step Daughter Kim Kardashian?”

And, the answer is….a RESOUNDING


P.S. to WASHINGTON – please take care of the Americans who lost everything due to the MASSIVE FLOODING in the MID-WEST…that is your FIRST PRIORITY




Terrorism To Hit Germany And Britain Next


And it will hit within 6 weeks….if not sooner….How do I know this?  Because just like with FRANCE, the UK and GERMANY have now decided to join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in continuing their unrelenting bombing of the MIDDLE EAST.

There is only ONE WAY to put an END to all this MADNESS..and that ONE WAY is NEVER EVER mentioned by WASHINGTON and/or by any of its lying bobble-head corporate owned media/news/foreign policy pundits…and that way is to


Here are the 3 things that will happen to any and all governments who join the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S coalition against the so called “WAR ON TERROR”

  1. More innocent tax-payers of these countries will continue to be massacred
  2. Your national debt will SKYROCKET into the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS within 5 years
  3. Your ECONOMIES will SHRINK to very dangerous levels

How do I know this….? Very simple…Because this is EXACTLY what has happened to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since it started all this bullshit by starting that TRULY bogus IRAQI WAR in 2003.

If I have said this once, I have said this more times than there are guns in america (300 million times)…this so called WAR ON TERROR will end EXACTLY the same was as WASHINGTON’S war on poverty and/or WASHINGTON’S war on drugs – with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE….And, our recent history is already proving this for all the world to see.

Simply because…It is NOT about protecting its tax paying citizens – IT IS ALL ABOUT extracting 100s of BILLIONS of $$$$s from its TAX PAYERS so as to continue their profitable myriad of EXTREMELY BOGUS ponzi schemes under the guise of words like freedom, capitalism, and security…

But…there is GOOD NEWS coming soon!  Our collective moment of clarity is EXTREMELY close at hand WO/MANKIND!  And it will be BEAUTIFUL and EVERLASTING!!  It is already happening in small pockets across this beautiful GLOBE….AND will only continue to grow bigger and bigger by the day….and it will be NON-VIOLENT…but, most importantly, it will restore the natural order of life- PEOPLE before PROFITS…

Organic boycotts are the ANSWER to all of our problems…and I will explain why in my next blog, “It’s Going To Be A Bloody Christmas And An Even Bloodier New Year!”






Clown Face Wayne Lapierre – A Jihadist’s Wet Dream Come True

Hmmmm….let’s see…the federal Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act has been stalled in Washington for eight years now…

Anyone want to take a wild AND crazy guess as to who is making this happen?  It’s a very simple answer…

BINGO! You guessed it!  The NRA and ignorant bobble-head whore Wayne Lapierre and his suitcases full of SPECIAL INTEREST/LOBBYISTS’ blood money and RE-ELECTION victories as well as every single BOBBLE HEAD/CORPORATE puppet in WASHINGTON from all sides of the political spectrum…

Now…if I were a “MENTALLY UNSTABLE” jihadist in AMERICA who is extremely angry at AMERICA for starting BOGUS WARS in the MIDDLE EAST (that has killed more than 350,000 innocent civilians – women and children always included) solely for the purpose of reaping huge profits off the THEFT of OIL and THE SALES of unlimited guns/ammo to all peoples who hate each other in the MIDDLE EAST….there’s going to be 72 “dark-eyed” Mulsim virgins in PARADISE who are going to be very, very, very angry at me…simply because the mere glimpse of WAYNE LAPIERRE’S face and what he STANDS for (profits ALWAYS before people and freedom) would make me CREAM in my PANTS…




This Video Proves That The Iraq War And The 2nd Amendment Are Responsible For Killing 4 Brave Marines In Tennessee Yesterday

This video proves that gun nuts of AMERICA better grow an effin BRAIN really, really, really, really (did I say REALLY enough times) FAST….

Because if you do NOT heed my words…and GROW an EFFIN brain…within 10 YEARS…UNCLE sam will come & take your guns..PERMANENTLY!

Yesterday’s tragedy in Tennessee proves that, in the EYES of washington, it is TOTALLY kosher and cool for muslim terrorists to kill INNOCENT americans of all kinds IN america…even if you are a brave AMERICAN MARINE/PURPLE HEART recipient who SERVED two TOURS in the MIDDLE EAST.

Let me repeat – as long as muslim terrorists who truly hate america use AMERICA’S favorite COWARDLY toy (the GUN) to kill innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA – “it’s ALL GOOD BABY BABY” to quote BIGGIE SMALLS..in WASHINGTON’S eyes..

I mean, it is NO COINCIDENT that every time a MUSLIM TERRORIST kills innocent AMERICANS in AMERICA…wayne lapierre waynebabyinstantly disappears into THIN air faster than BARBARA EDEN from I DREAM OF JEANNIE (hot diggity damn barbara eden is one fine one woman!)


And that’s pretty DANG hard to do…

But back to the POINT (i apologize for letting barbara eden distract me)…As we all already know, the ONLY time non-sensible GUN CONTROL laws seems to be PASSED is when AMERICAN GUNS are pointed and/or shot at our POLITICIANS..



In AMERICA’S very near FUTURE, one of THESE cowardly MUSLIM TERRORISTS will get their cowardly hands on LEGAL AMERICAN GUNS and point and aim and fire at AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN/S…at which point, you can kiss the 2ND AMENDMENT’S ass (as we know it) GOOD-BYE forever…It will be like WASHINGTON winning the MEGA LOTTERY of ALL-TIME with a JACK-POT prize of 500 million NON-SENSIBLE gun control laws passed faster than any SPEEDING BULLET and SUPERMAN combined…that I promise you.

Now, look AMERICA…I am a very, very busy man with many, many things to do in my VERY VERY important life (in the tone of  TRUE sarcasm)…SO, I really don’t have time to waste with TRULY STUPID, single ISSUE voters OF america any longer..you know the ONES I am talking about – the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools.

But, because I truly LOVE america AND americans (even the “GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE more GUNS” fools)..I will BLESS you by spending a few minutes of my very very important time in my very very important life to pass on some VERY wise advice to Y’ALL who CHERISH the 2ND AMENDMENT and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who created IT.

But, before I do pass on some very wise advice..we must first discuss some facts that CAN no longer be IGNORED..


Before lying war criminals bush jr and cheney started THE BOGUS IRAQ war in 2003…THERE WAS NO SUCH THING as ISIS….so, IN ESSENCE, isis CAN be called SADDAMISTS…and, SADDAMISTS can be called ISIS..they are one and the same people.


SADDAMISTS/ISIS has AMERICAN WEAPONS..and are using AMERICAN WEAPONS to create HAVOC all OVER the MIDDLE EAST…in their ATTEMPT to lure BRAVE AMERICAN SOLDIERS back into the MIDDLE EAST to fight THE HOLY WAR of all WARS.  Even more creepy is the fact that SADDAMISTS/ISIS are using EX vice-president PRICK CHENEY style propaganda (the use of spreading lies and fear TO start WARS) to accomplish their GOALS..


SADDAMISTS/ISIS not ONLY hate america BUT ALSO americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this PLANET…and, THEY will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to kill INNOCENT americans ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on this planet…america INCLUDED.

If you doubt me THEN just watch AND listen to the VIDEO above –

So, here is my ADVICE to all GUN-NUTS of AMERICA who cherish the 2ND AMENDMENT

*GROW SOME LONG HAIR like THESE “totally awesome” DUDES from the 1960s

hipp*Organize protests AND march on WASHINGTON yelling and screaming




Heed my advice AMERICA…and DEMAND that our GOVERNMENT gets out of the MIDDLE EAST asap…For, if you continue to IGNORE – this once great & beautiful country & democracy AND all of our freedoms (many of which have already been stolen under the PATRIOT ACT) is ONE mere “COWARDLY muslim TERRORIST with AMERICAN GUNS PROTECTED BY THE 2ND AMENDMENT and AIMED AT an american POLITICIAN” away from the OPPOSITE of what OUR FOUNDING FATHERS dreamed about WHEN founding this GREAT COUNTRY….

The handwriting is on the WALL america….SO FUCKING READ IT or FOREVER NEVER HOLD YOUR


When It Comes To The Middle East, Playing Dumb Is What America Does Best

playindumbAccording to a recent CBS poll, 57% of Americans support putting OUR TROOPS in the Middle East again…which BEGS a serious question that NEEDS to be answered immediately….Are these the SAME effin IDIOTS who supported AMERICA starting a BOGUS war of IGNORANT choice with IRAQ in 2003.  Allow me to REMIND these EFFIN idiots that ISIS (aka SADDAMISTS) is AMERICAN-made with AMERICAN weapons USING american-STYLE propaganda..and THEY want NOTHING more than for AMERICA to put boots on the ground in the MIDDLE EAST again…

When I was a YOUNG little LAD..I used to believe that the ACT of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..But now, I realize I was wrong…The act of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again NOT realizing that THE RESULTS will ALWAYS be MUCH worse…Mark my words…if WASHINGTON decides to put TROOPS on the ground in the MIDDLE EAST again, this will be the very second that ISIS and AL QAEDA become BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and join forces with EVERY other terrorist organization currently in the Middle East – all aiming their AMERICAN & RUSSIAN guns at our TROOPS…

Here’s the BOTTOM line…there are 20,000 ISIS fighter as of today – NOT 200,000 troops like JEB “smells like sulfur” Bush claimed last week when he declared that “he was his own man” (as he hired 30 NEO-CON advisers from his father and brother’s staff when they were PRESIDENT)..So, if there are only 20,000 ISIS fighters in the MIDDLE EAST and there are 100s of MILLIONS of MUSLIMS in the many different MUSLIM countries in the MIDDLE EAST…why is it in OUR INTEREST to get INVOLVED in a CIVIL WAR that needs to be SETTLED amongst MUSLIMS..

The answer is EXTREMELY simple…WASHINGTON, the U.S. MILITARY, and WALL STREET are powerless over their ADDICTION to:

#1. In regards to WASHINGTON – BLANK CHECKS paid for by the U.S. MIDDLE CLASS to fund the “WAR ON TERROR” which only LEADS to more terrorism…Unfortunately for us all is that the “WAR ON TERROR” will end the same way  as our “WAR ON DRUGS”..with cheaper and more lethal terrorists EVERYWHERE!!!

#2. In regards to the U.S. Military – Selling GUNS & AMMUNITION to all PEOPLES who HATE each other in the MIDDLE EAST…

#3. In regards to Wall Street & The Banks – The BLACK MARKET that is ALWAYS created during times of WAR where banks get to launder all kinds of dirty MONEY thru the proceeds of drugs, weapons, diamonds, gold, oil, etc that ALL pass through WAR-ZONES unchecked.  Even more insidious is the fact that the TO BIG TOO FAIL banks know that WAR costs LOTS of money thus begging the question…”What better way is there to make a few hundred billion dollars then to squeeze the taxpayers of the countries at war with ridiculous loans that will always “GUARANTEE VICTORIES?”

Did you hear that SUCKING sound?  I did and do EVERY day…Do you want to know what that SUCKING sound is…IT’S THE SOUND OF OUR TAXES being spent on everything BUT protecting AMERICAN’S values and dreams.

So, until our leaders in WASHINGTON regain their PATRIOTISM for AMERICA instead of their TREASONOUS greed for MORE profits, I will continue my ONE-MAN boycott of EVERYTHING american with this simple rule..If it is not MADE in America…by and an AMERICAN…then I won’t BUY it – simply because it is the ONLY power I have left..AMERICA’S current path to ZERO will not be MADE in my NAME nor in my TAXES

No More Blank Checks, I Mean, War…


One day, hopefully much sooner rather than much later, Americans will realeyez that when WASHINGTON declares WAR on anything…i.e. whether it be on poverty, drugs, terror, and/or WHATEVER, etc…what they really want is BLANK CHECKS from the MIDDLE CLASS…which IRONICALLY, only further weakens and impoverishs the MIDDLE CLASS…

And, the solutions to all of  AMERICA’S current problems are so very simple…if you are going to vote for either party in our currently, corrupt politics of today (citizens united, corporate welfare, too-big-to-fail, too-big-to jail, etc)…THEN put your MONEY where your MOUTH is…meaning BOYCOTT the american corporations that own our POLITICIANS and POLITICAL APPARATUS…meaning if IT IS NOT MADE IN AMERICA by an AMERICAN…then DON’T buy it…and LET washington know..

Otherwise, Americans will have no choice but to be continuously forced to choose between 2 horrible choices one election after another until there is no longer a MIDDLE CLASS in america…I will end by using NANCY REAGAN’S words, “JUST SAY NO…to BLANK CHECKS!”

In Regards To American Sniper, I’m Still Waiting For Hollywood To Produce “The United States Should Have Never Started The Iraq War” Movie

smokeybuildLet’s play PRETEND for a couple of seconds AND see where it takes us..

#1. Let’s pretend that AMERICANS have a FUNCTIONING brain…

#2. Let’s pretend that the U.S. media actually believes in DUE DILIGENCE.. i.e. our news organizations/corporations and their reporters actually doing their jobs by providing the TRUTH

#3. Let’s pretend that we DO NOT have a GOVERNMENT that is INCAPABLE of EVER telling the truth to its citizens…

we’d all REALEYEZ that IRAQ had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the DREADFUL attacks that OCCURRED on that TRULY tragic day on SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001…

Which would mean:

#1. The LIVES of more than 5,000 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been lost.

#2. More than 32,226 truly BRAVE american SOLDIERS would NOT have been maimed and/or injured as a result of the IRAQ WAR (and let’s be 100% honest and admit that the 32,226 injured soldiers is a GROSS under-estimate provided by guess WHO?…our LYING government)

#3. More than 250,000 (also grossly under-estimated) innocent IRAQI lives (women and children ALWAYS included) would not have been LOST.  And, I am not even going to mention the 100’s of thousands of INNOCENTS maimed and/or injured…

#4. The more than 3 TRILLION DOLLARS (when it’s all said and done) of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ hard-earned money that would NOT have been SPENT in an unnecessary WAR that has ONLY created a permanent ASSEMBLY-LINE of  jihadist terrorists FROM the middle east for generations to come.

AND FINALLY and most importantly…

#5. Chris Kyle (the american sniper) would STILL be ALIVE today simply because he would NEVER have been killed by a FELLOW american SOLDIER suffering form POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME as a result of the IRAQ WAR.

Which brings me back to my MAIN point…IRAQ HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001..

Which means the life and death of CHRIS KYLE is nothing more than the proverbial representation of THE MIRROR america REFUSES to look into – for it exposes us as the true PARIAHS that we have ALL become as americans

“A country that puts PROFITS before PEOPLE will ALWAYS fail…” realeyezlife yo

In The Eyes Of The Today’s Pharisees, Terrorism Is All About Profits and Photo-Ops

sermonmountHere’s one I thing I know for certain..if Jesus were alive TODAY…he’d march immediately into the offices of CHARLIE HEBDO and lose his FUCKING mind…And then, after ripping these pharisees a new asshole, he’d head directly to Palestine and scream so all could hear, “massacre ME! Not the Palestinians!!”…and then yell directly at Benjamin Netanyahu “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”…because, let’s not forget…in the EYES of the PHARISEES – it’s only the RICH & the POWERFUL that can enter HEAVEN….And, MOST UNFORTUNATELY, it’s because of poisonous political leaders like Netanyahu why INDIFFERENCE towards ISRAEL will never subside…

This new WAR on TERRORISM will have the same ENDING as the WAR on DRUGS….cheaper and more dangerous terrorists EVERYWHERE!

Only When Christians Stop Killing Innocent People In the Name Of God Will Muslims Stop Killing Innocent People For The Name Of God


If and until this HAPPENS…CONTINUE on killing each other MANKIND…. cause this is EXACTLY what the PHOBES of all SOCIETIES most desire…and IRONICALLY, is how THESE truly evil HUMAN BEINGS earn their IMMENSE profits from regardless of where they reside on this planet….The answer to all of MAN’S problems is 100% brutal honesty to oneself FIRST..then to others SECOND….the TRUE beauty in LIFE is that THERE is always A way NOT just ONE way…or, IN OTHER WORDS, not the just AMERICAN way.  This so-called BEAUTIFUL country was FOUNDED on the ULTIMATE lie…”ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL (except for blacks, minorities, and women)”…and, until AMERICA and AMERICANS confront this FACT with 100% brutal HONESTY, the KILLINGS of INNOCENTS has always been AND will always BE the AMERICAN way….