West Virginia Workers under Attack in Charleston

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Appalachian Chronicle

‘Right-to-Work’ legislation part of ongoing attack on working people by the rich and the politicians they own

By Tom and Becky Berlin

WESTON, W.Va. – In an action that should be of no surprise to anybody, the West Virginia state Senate started off the 2016 legislative session with another attack on workers with the introduction of Senate Bill 1, the West Virginia Workplace Freedom Act, also known as the so-called “Right-to-Work” bill.

This is another thinly disguised attack on labor and labor unions, based on the insane idea that labor is the problem and that labor is somehow parasitic on capital and is taking too much of the wealth from the owners of capital. It is part and parcel of the four decade-long war on labor that has been waged by the wealthy and powerful against those who actually work for a living. This is a war that has…

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