“Yes” Compared To “No”


Or, in other words, a false Christian compared to a non Christian…or, in other words, a PERSON who thumps his BIBLE for profits COMPARED to a non-Christian who LIVED the WORDS of CHRIST….or, in other words, Mahatma Gandhi should have more of an impact on our politics than that FOOL pat robertson…


Citizens United Will Prove That The Road To Heaven Will Be Paved With Bad Intentions

incgod1First and foremost, if you are a war mongering supporter of CITIZENS UNITED, you are FALSE christian in every sense of the word; and, you are the TRUE cancer of GOD’S beautiful planet..Even worse is the fact that if FALSE christians (not all but they are many in America i.e. the Televangelists) of America continue to have their way in their attempt to pave THEIR way into their false HEAVEN with their BAD intentions i.e. by actually legalizing unlimited amounts of MORE dark money into our politics and/or religions…It’ll be just a matter of time (probably within the next 50 years) that there will be a SAINT Exxon Mobil or SAINT JP Morgan Chase..as well as a POPE Jamie Dimon or David Koch…And, just a matter of time when children will be singing “Onward Halliburton and BlackWater soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Citizens United going on before…”  Or, in other words, until they choke this planet AND all of its beautiful, innocent children to death with their ignorance, greed and hypocrisy.

There is NO such thing as DEMOCRACY in a CITIZENS UNITED world…that would be like saying, “The only PEOPLE who will get into HEAVEN are the ONES with the MOST money.” We have already lived that HORROR SHOW in our past.  Plus, it’s an insult and face slap to our historical forefathers and shepherds of Democracy, america, and Christianity.

In a CITIZENS UNITED world…there is no such things as MERCENARY ARMIES like the days of old…They have been replaced by THE new-age weapons of today’s TECHNOLOGY i.e. Drones, Satellites, Robots, Smart Phones, Space Ships, etc.  The NEW mercenary armies of today and the future are and will be LOBBYISTS aka the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX.  This complex will be the BEASTS of all BEASTS whose hunger (aka its addiction to fame, power and money) can and will never be satisfied.  This beast of all beasts will monetize any and everything on this beautiful planet…then steal it under the guise of “JUST” legality..then sell it for an immense profit…until there is nothing left on earth except for the stench of war, poverty, disease, famine, pollution, and finally… decay and death..at WHICH POINT..they will move to the NEXT planet…and then…repeat and rinse like instructions on a shampoo bottle.

Which brings me to my last & final point..the recent “happenings” in INDIANA and all this religious personhood (RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT) lunacy and madness that happened last week.  I mean, am I the only person who sees the TRUE comical IRONY in regards to this entire sordid affair that occurred? Perhaps I am…perhaps I’m not..perhaps I’m insane..perhaps I’m not…who knows and who cares..That’s the beauty of AMERICA – the first amendment 🙂

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will soon become a case study as to how CITIZENS UNITED and the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX only further pollutes our already polluted GOVERNMENT in the name of PROFITS and RELIGION.  LOBBYISTS don’t care about RELIGION…just like they don’t give a FLYING shit about LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDER rights…LOBBYISTS only CARE about MONEY and how much more they can make by INFLAMING both sides of a coin, I mean, debate…THEN, they move onto the next MOST PROFITABLE debate..

Long story short, I find it highly comical that it was the fake christians of the Republican Party that wanted and then gave us CITIZENS UNITED in 2010…it is, NOW, these same people who are getting beaten over their NOGGINS with CITIZENS UNITED.  This is the war (corporate vs religious personhood) that will destroy the republican party first..then the democratic party next, and finally AMERICA and it’s beautiful DEMOCRACY – but that’s a whole other SITCOM that will be discussed in one of my future blogs

Mark my words FALSE christians of America, if CITIZENS UNITED is not repealed in our very near future..There will be a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady (probably within 20 years)in the WHITE HOUSE….”not that there is anything wrong with that!” – Jerry Seinfeld and George Constanza.  And, if you think President Obama and/or President Hillary Clinton drives you insane – just wait until there is a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady in the WHITE HOUSE…that WILL BE the final nail in your forever COFFIN.

And, even much worse, I fear that CITIZENS UNITED will set the table for our very near future, DIGITAL version of the soon to be reincarnation of ADOLF HITLER the SECOND aka the ANTI-CHRIST…Let’s just be THANKFUL that the first HITLER believed in his FALSE “the Aryan race is superior” bullshit instead of God or Allah..or even worse, Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed..In a CITIZENS UNITED world, we won’t be so LUCKY.

War mongering FALSE CHRISTIANS who support CORPORATE and RELIGIOUS personhood legislation need to STOP playing GOD on a planet that BELONGS to all MANKIND with all of its IMPERFECTIONS…for, if they DO NOT, they will be casting their innocent and beautiful children into SATAN’S heart before they are even BORN.

Inc. God We Trust

In The Eyes Of The Today’s Pharisees, Terrorism Is All About Profits and Photo-Ops

sermonmountHere’s one I thing I know for certain..if Jesus were alive TODAY…he’d march immediately into the offices of CHARLIE HEBDO and lose his FUCKING mind…And then, after ripping these pharisees a new asshole, he’d head directly to Palestine and scream so all could hear, “massacre ME! Not the Palestinians!!”…and then yell directly at Benjamin Netanyahu “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”…because, let’s not forget…in the EYES of the PHARISEES – it’s only the RICH & the POWERFUL that can enter HEAVEN….And, MOST UNFORTUNATELY, it’s because of poisonous political leaders like Netanyahu why INDIFFERENCE towards ISRAEL will never subside…

This new WAR on TERRORISM will have the same ENDING as the WAR on DRUGS….cheaper and more dangerous terrorists EVERYWHERE!

The 2nd Coming Of Christ Will Most Definitely Be Incoporated


When I was a young chap, I used to think that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL….but now… I know for certain that government is the ROOT of all EVIL – simply because it’s THE GOVERNMENT that prints all of the money. Fifty years from now when AMERICA is no longer GREAT, historians will look back and see that CITIZENS UNITED (in 2010), and now, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 (in 2014)  will be known as the major reasons for AMERICA’s rapid decline. Our truly corrupt and treasonous SUPREME COURT (in a 5-4 decision), once again, says it’s totally fucking cool for EVEN more money to be allowed to further pollute our democracy.

The conspiracy THEORIST in me wants to say that “the recent 24/7 NON-STOP media blitz for the past 3 weeks about the missing MALAYSIA FLIGHT MH 370 served its SINISTER and primary purpose of distracting the masses long enough while the SUPREME COURT secretly passed the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 under the table in exchange for many SUITFULS of cash…but I won’t say that!

Today was a very, very BAD day AMERICA (thanks to our treasonous SUPREME COURT). More money in politics means a MUCH WEAKER vote for all in all future elections – and, one day in our near future, the people’s vote will no longer count. Governments and corporations NEVER make a country GREAT…ONLY people make a COUNTRY, or a government, or a corporation GREAT. We live in an UPSIDE-DOWN, BACKWARDS & FORWARD world where greed is RICHLY rewarded and the truth always COSTS – where waste is profitable and honesty always compromised. Or as I like to put it, “WE live in a TRULY FUCKED up world and has EVERYONE lost THEIR fucking MINDS!!!”

Which brings us to my MAIN point. I used to think if Jesus were alive in America TODAY, he would die of multiple GUNSHOT wounds shot from the hands of an AMERICAN coward holding a LEGAL FIREARM who would THEN claim “STAND YOUR GROUND” solely because he didn’t agree with the MESSAGE of JESUS…I still think this now just so you know…but I would also like to add that JESUS should consider incorporating himself before coming back for the 2ND TIME because this will be the only way to get his MESSAGE out to the people. So, once again, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our truly corrupt and treasonous U.S. SUPREME COURT JUDGES for selling AMERICA out to the highest bidder ONCE AGAIN….awesome JOB dudes!