NRA And Wayne Lapierre Lies Corrected


What is the difference between an NRA member of 50 years ago and an NRA member of TODAY?

It’s a very simple answer…but, it’s a TRUTH our (gun-addicted) government never wants to tell us.

Answer is: More than 50% of today’s NRA members suck on the MAMMARY GLAND of hard working Americans’ TAX-FUNDED welfare system…Or, in other words , these so called “FREEDOM-FIGHTERS” are welfare leeches…Do NOT get me wrong now..I got nothing against people on the welfare..and I have no problems whatsoever with my taxes helping out my DEAR fellow Americans in need of food and shelter through no fault of their own other than being born into a “PROFITS ALWAYS BEFORE PEOPLE” corrupt system/nation that specializes in the art of ORWELLIAN triple-talk using fascist slogans like “HOME of THE BRAVE” and “LAND OF THE FREE” rubbish.

LET US NEVER FORGET…our NATION was founded on a LIE…that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL..except for Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, and Women”..

And, when a NATION is founded on a goes without saying that it will perish in a LIE..history has proven this TIME and TIME again..

Here are just a few CLASSIC american EXAMPLES of so-called “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” who are PROUDLY on the HARD-WORKING-AMERICAN tax-payers FUNDED welfare system.

  1. The second coming of JESUS CHRIST with guns David Koresh and THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS…all on the WELFARE
  2. Timothy McVeigh & Friends aka the Oklahoma City Bomber & Osama Bin Laden’s only and favorite american HERO and INSPIRATION (a true story)…all on the WELFARE
  4. TRUE LOSERS & MEMBERS of “3% Of Idaho” – who are presently OCCUPYING the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in OREGON…all on the WELFARE

Long story short, TODAY’S nra is “IGNORANCE’S SAFEST PLACE”…Keep your guns BUT please stop sucking on the TEAT of HARD-WORKING AMERICANS’ taxes…You are NOT fighting TYRANNY..and you are not “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”…You are nothing more than FASCISTS on the WELFARE…the TRUE cockroaches of LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS

p.s. FOREVER REMEMBER…because it is the TRUTH…every SINGLE “illegal” gun in AMERICA…was born “LEGAL” in AMERICA…

Inc. God We Trust.




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