In Regards 2 Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh


Will you just shut your stupid, ignorant, stink like American obesity, ugly ass mouth UP!  You are a fat, disgusting American joke and your fans are nothing more than what everyone on this planet hates about AMERICA…fat, ignorant, extra FUGLY, hypocrisy-filled conservatives – half of who are truly too stupid to realize that paying their taxes enables your other half of your fans (all the poor WHITE, truly stupid ones which you have oh so many of) to secretly live on and suck the WELFARE money from WE THE PEOPLE.  Fortunately for this beautiful country called AMERICA, your “OBESE, STUPID, POOR WHITE FOLK” fans only make up 15% of the AMERICAN population AND won’t be ALIVE in 20 years due to their unhealthy ways of living .  So, I hope you are REAL proud for turning the ONCE POWERFUL and truly respected GRAND OLD PARTY into the next WHIG PARTY just so you can TROLL for more DOLLARS from your ignorant base.  You, and you ALONE, will be responsible for the A HILLARY CLINTON landslide in 2016….KNOW THAT! But why would you care – knowing and actually taking pride in the fact that the majority of Americans (85%) truly hate you! So, mark my words TODAY, Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh – you won’t be on the radio in 7 years not because you will retire (that will be your lying PUBLIC excuse) but because your ignorance will have become extremely YAWN boring and so PASSE…

And just so you know and I want to say this from the deepest part of my heart because it is so VERY true…YOUR present WIFE (Kathryn Rogers) is a dirty WHURE!  Matter of fact, all 3 of your ex wives were dirty WHURES as well.  That is a fact!  How do I know this?  Well, that’s kind of OBVIOIUS – because no normal, sane and halfway intelligent woman would EVER marry such a totally and truly, inside and out, FUGLY man.  Her love of money is a stronger love than yours Douche, I mean, Rush because that what DIRTY WHURES love the most and is THE ONLY explanation why she would have SEX with you.  Just look in the mirror DUDE! Can’t you see the very SECOND you stop TROLLING for DOLLARS, your dirty trophy wife of a WHURE will instantly walk right out YOUR FRONT door and hose you for everything you have. You do REALIZE this correct douche bimbo, I mean, RUSH LIMBAUGH.  If you don’t believe me, here’s my test – go to your WHURE of a wife and ask her, “when THE MONEY stops rolling in, will you leave me HONEY?” and I promise you she will LOOK DOWN to the ground and not into your eyes and say, “HONEY, I will never leave you!” Now, that’s ignorance and proves my point about Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh.  And, even more disgusting to this soon to be TRUE STORY is that when all this goes down Douche, I mean, Rush – you will want the whole WIDE world to feel sorry for you…”oh  THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR to the  poor little baby Rush Limbaugh”  but THAT ain’t GOING to happen Douche BIMBO.  “Look up in the sky…It’s a train…no wait! it’s a plane…No it’s wait….It’s just a stupid fat DOUCHE!”


American Politics – The Return Of Vaudeville


Hmmmmmmm……Let me think about this for a quick minute or two…So last week, the House voted down an amendment to a Defense spending bill from Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) which would have defunded 600 MILLION DOLLARS of WE THE PEOPLE’S money  from the NSA’s collection of phone metadata. Despite the strong opposition of the administration and intelligence leaders, the measure failed in a close 205-217 vote.  Wow! Hot diggity DANG! That was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY close vote! PLEASE!! Just so you know, I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD so fucking really, really, really hard that my friggin eyeballs hurt and now I have to go to the hospital .  Has this GOVERNMENT (both republican & democrat parties) lost it’s fucking mind.  You friggin idiots CANNOT even agree to the fact that this planet is no longer FLAT!  Now, all of a SUDDEN, you want WE THE PEOPLE to think that you care about OUR PRIVACY more than the 600 MILLION DOLLARS you receive yearly from WE THE PEOPLE in order to be a bunch of creeps secretly invading our privacy.  This is what you call Vaudeville or Kabuki Theater plain and simple.  Regardless of what you want to call this, this is NOTHING MORE than the ULTIMATE insult to the intelligence of the AMERICAN SHEEPLE, I mean, PEOPLE!

Here’s One Thing I Know About The George Zimmerman Case…

Is that if  Trayvon Martin had profiled, stalked, and then murdered the fat, guilty Casey Anthony LOOKALIKE, I mean, george zimmerman with a LEGAL gun, Trayvon would have been shot 5 times more than Amadou Diallo was in New York City in 1999 for doing nothing more than trying to show the police his wallet.  So, let’s do the math because it’s very simple – the police shot 41 bullets at Amadou Diallo of which 19 hit and killed him (and let’s not forget that they used full metal jacket bullets, otherwise known as FMJ bullets). So, in regards to Trayvon Martin, the police would have shot 205 bullets in Trayvon’s direction out of which 95 bullets would have hit and killed Trayvon.  Once again, I will ask, “What the fuck is wrong with this picture?” Because if white people in this country think that what happened to Trayvon will never happen to them, well then, I can promise you that you are truly IGNORANT because when it comes to guns in this country – NO ONE WILL BE SAFE regardless of what your race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation is.  And in our very near future, I promise my words will ring true.  Here’s another thing I know about george Zimmerman – he is a punk and he gives all white people on this planet a terrible & horrible name and he BEST never come to New York City because if he does, HE BETTER WATCH HIS BACK.  I don’t need a gun to prove that I am a MAN…and I am WHITE DUDE saying this.


In Regards 2


Will be my new section that will reoccur throughout my blog where I, ALONE, am the fucking judge and fucking jury.  In this courtroom, I will be doling out the sentences like the new pope gives blessings to the poor in any way I feel fit. Guilt and/or innocence, facts, untruths, or whatever is of no concern to me in this section.  The only thing that matters is I get to say my PIECE about any person, subject matter, and/or topic that I choose – you feel me HOME-SLICE!

Dang! I need a cigarette real bad, FOR REALZ…but that ain’t going to happen. I will write a thousand (maybe 10,000) little mini blogs before I suck on the evil CANCER stick/lung dart.  I am NEVER going to say “NEVER” because, if I have learned one thing in the thousands of lives I have already lived so far in my ONE life, it’s that when one says, “I will never…” THIS IS the fastest and surest way for ONE to ALWAYS do what you never wanted to do again – that’s fact.  Alright, let me get back to the point about my new section “In Regards 2”…here are some quick examples:

In Regards 2 the ROYAL BABY


Make sure you pass this on to the QUEEN and the ROYAL FAMILY – I couldn’t give a FLYING FUCK about that forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY…do you want to know why? …because that forever lecherous & lazy ROYAL BABY that was just born doesn’t and will NEVER give a flying fuck about ME. So, there you go!  But, don’t get me wrong now.  If the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY ever reads my words sometime in the future, and wants to change my attitudes towards him – the solution is very simple. Send me some big DOLLARS & then we can be BFFs…Yea right! Unfortunately for the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, I don’t give a FUCK about MONEY so I don’t think my attitudes will ever change (notice how I didn’t use the word “NEVER”:)

 And if I don’t give a flying TURD about the forever lecherous and lazy ROYAL BABY, it goes without saying that I care even less about KIM KARDASHIAN’S & KAYNE WEST’S ever so ugly new born baby that we haven’t seen yet for unknown reasons.  @Kayne West…you are a one-hit LOSER alcoholic whose art suffers due to your denials about what is actually true about you – go get some help before you kill yourself in a blind raging BLACKOUT…@Kim Kardashian…I’ve seen you in real life and you are one GROSS lady whose eternal greed for money and fame makes you even more ugly than you TRULY already are in real life…my advice is to STOP pimping your life and your baby’s life for more DOLLARS…it will end in a most ugly FASHION that I promise.  To any all TV stations, radio stations, internet sites that profit from this horse manure of PRETEND-NEWS, know this – I turn the station instantly when I see or hear anything about these truly NO-BODY babies.

In Regards 2 Anthony Weiner


Hey Anthony! Yo, Weiner! Duuuuude! Just give it up in regards to trying to be MAYOR of New York City. I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps since 1966…I have lived through the GOOD and the BAD times of this truly beautiful but, at times, INSANE city…I am one of the few NEW YORKERS who can glide through all different kinds of neighborhoods whether they be filthy rich, middle class, poverty stricken, White, Black, Latino, Asian, and/or whatever because I “GOT it” like that. RESPECT for all is THE ONLY rule I follow and have always followed. “If I don’t know where you are from and you don’t know where I am from” that’s mutual respect for me. Unlike MOST AMERICANS or people on this planet who get threatened INSTATNLY by people who are different from them.  That is the MOST DANGEROUS way to live in my opinion. But hey! Who am I to question how others live on this planet. That’s none of my fucking business which is another common trait amongst true new yorkers.

But, let’s get back to the WEINER.  I am not going to vote for you not because YOU ARE a flasher who takes cock “SELFIES” and sends them to damaged, ugly younger women, or because you are a shameless LIAR who actually believes that you are more intelligent than all New Yorkers put together.  I am not VOTING FOR YOU because you are an Internet ADDICT probably high on some type of speed like ADDERRALL.  And as we all know, you can never trust an addict until he/she seeks the help that he/she so desperately needs WILLINGLY. Until then, all is a waste of complete time because addicts are very sick people who will do anything and everything to continue to be sick in order to continue living their lives of self-denial. And the first step TO recovery is complete HONESTY to yourself and all in your life. “You are as sick as your secrets” is the old but true saying and YOU, Anthony Weiner, have not been honest with yourself FIRST which means you will never be honest with the New York City voters.  Go get some fucking help Anthony, then get back to us.  And, Oh yea!  By the way! Just because you take VIAGRA and can bend your cock downwards when you have HARD-ON doesn’t make you “A BIG GUY” if you know what I mean – it just makes you look like SMALL-PENIS liar.

In Regards 2 War Criminal Dick Cheney


I will keep this one really short…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE…WITH ALL THE SUGAR IN THE WORLD ON TOP..PRETTY PLEASE die already!  You are the very WORST thing that has EVER happened to this BEAUTIFUL planet and this WONDERFUL world WILL REJOICE when your fake, plastic heart malfunctions and you die.  KNOW THAT!

Beware Of The Nation Of Demo Monkeys


 Otherwise known as the Americans and their “SMART” phones & useless APPS.  Let’s get to the fucking point right off the bat because I am in no mood to be wasting time today.  The problem with AMERICA is that it’s filled with AMERICANS.  Let’s take a quick look at America’s favorite company APPLE as an example – here is a company that has made TRILLIONS in profits over the years, paid the absolute lowest in TAXES off of their profits, who actually lobbies politicians on live TV so as to pay even less taxes, has more than 700,000 CHINESE employees compared to less than 40,000 American employees, who charges the HIGHEST PRICES (1000S of dollars) for a product that actually makes Americans even more stupid than they already are so that the NSA can track them even more efficiently in real time so that other US companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Msn, Twitter, etc. can sell their customers’ digital lives to the highest, ever greedy CORPORATE bidder and, then, the whole vicious cycle starts all over again when the Chinese make the new line of  “Smart” phones.


 Can someone please tell me what the FUCK is wrong with this picture in regards to America? Is there anyone out there who can take a wild guess as to what the answer is to our problems or am I just a dumb IDIOT amongst a nation of demo-monkeys.  I mean, am I wrong in thinking that America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of the planet and in the history of time and now we have the most ignorant consumers who actually, now, take pride in their IGNORANCE as being the #1 SHEEPLE in the world just as long as companies like APPLE rake in their TRILLIONS.  Will someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this PICTURE! Anyone? Someone? No one! Dang!  On the bright side though, Apple will soon be coming out with a brand new line of “SMART” iphones and ipads in the very near future that will cost even more top dollar so all you DEMO monkeys can line up like a bunch of barking sea lions on some far-off  shore

If Jesus Were Alive In America Today, He Would Die Of Multiple Gunshot Wounds


to be continued when I feel like it….

ok! I’m back! Now do realize that I just quit smoking THE EVIL cigarettes about 2 weeks ago for the first time in 30 years so be warned that my words and thoughts might seem a little…ummmm…how shall I say this properly…fucking NUTS! I apologize for this but “It comes with the territory” as the old saying says…so, let’s get back to the point…which is, if Jesus were alive in America today, he’d most definitely die of multiple gunshot wounds…maybe on the CROSS but, more than likely, probably not. This, in my humble opinion, would be a far more appropriate scenario if Jesus were alive today in America:

ok, here’s the SCENARIO:  Jesus is about to sermonize on some MOUNT(ain) in America….”Where?” you ask….I have no FUCKING idea…you pick the FUCKING place…my point will still be the FUCKING same…OK! How about Mount Rushmore for convenience’s sake.  So, Jesus is on Mount Rushmore about to sermonize in front of many people:

(From Matthew 5:1 thru Matthew 5:9 in the Bible) –

And when He (Jesus) saw the multitudes, He (Jesus) went up on the mountain; and after He (Jesus) sat down, His disciples came to Him (Jesus).  And opening His mouth He (Jesus) began to teach them, saying,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

“Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they shall be satisfied.”

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.”

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of


And then, SUDDENLY, out of nowhere….Multiple BAM BAM BAM BOOM BOOM BAM…the sounds of multiple gunshots and various types of assault weapons with unlimited clips going off somewhere behind Jesus…

Then the words “I claim STAND MY GROUND” are heard from the cowardly GUNMAN with his LEGAL assortment of guns and unlimited clips purchased over the internet and strapped all over his body with his hands above his head so as not to resist arrest…

Then THUD…the sound of Jesus’ body DROPPING to the floor instantly DEAD…

Long story short, the nra & gun manufacturers are turning this BEAUTIFUL country into THE HOME OF THE IGNORANT COWARDS…not the brave…all in the name of PROFITS…I’m NOT going to say anymore at this time about this topic and this country’s LETHAL addiction to guns and violence with total government complicity behind it because there is no POINT simply due to the fact this country has lost its FUCKING MIND when it comes to GUNS! I mean, just look at our GOVERNMENT – one day we are selling guns to Shiites in Iraq and then, on another day, we are selling them to the Sunnis in Syria…which is TOTALLY fucking awesome!  IT MAKES no kind of sense WHATSOEVER unless you say IT MAKES EVERY KIND OF CENTS…I will just end by saying that this country was THE GREATEST COUNTRY on this planet in the history of time about 275 millions LEGAL GUNS ago – that’s not too long ago…

In The Land Of The Blind, The Two Eyed Man Is The Clown Puppet

First and foremost, there are no great presidents in the history of the United States…There have been a few great PUPPET presidents in our past but never has there been a GREAT PRESIDENT.  There may be a day in the future that we have a GREAT PRESIDENT but I sincerely doubt that will ever happen for a simple, obvious reason – there are no profits in being a GREAT PRESIDENT because that would entail actually trying to bring people together rather than separating WE THE PEOPLE – that’s where the TRUE profits kick in for a money addicted society that AMERICA has become.  So, if there has never been a GREAT PRESIDENT in this country and there has only been a few GREAT PUPPET presidents in this country – it goes without saying that the media is really not THE TRUE GREAT UNBIASED MEDIA they claim to be – which means the so called SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES in this country are NOT really that successful. Which leads me to my MAIN point. – that the GENIUS in our founding fathers was not the society that they created BUT the image of a SOCIETY that only THEY could experience as the AMERICAN dream.  And it was this false DREAM that has been passed down from one generation to another and then to another until we arrive at TODAY – a nation built on lies, hypocrisy and unrelenting greed or, in other words, what has become the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE for practically 99% of We The People.

It’s an age old problem that can be traced back to our earliest so called GREAT civilizations – the common thread that connects WE THE PEOPLE of today with the peoples of our past and our future – in simple words, it’s the CORPORATIZATION of the military AND the militarization of the corporations that created the AMERICAN night terrors of today which will turn into THE global NIGHTMARE of TOMORROW…Shame on ALL Americans of today who sense there is something terrible wrong coming down the American pipe and still do nothing about it…SHAME on all Americans who believe in the DREAM but are really too DISHONEST to admit to themselves that it will be THEM who leaves their future generations with NOTHING.  Shame on all Americans who become too afraid to say something or speak out or behave differently from the conformity of ignorance prevailing this beautiful ONCE GREAT COUNTRY.  Shame on this now horrible country that will allow the deaths of billions globally in the near future only so the cancerous %1ers can profit even more.  SHAME ON AMERICA for the future deaths of billions of people in our very near future whether it be from war, disease, starvation, etc. WHICH has been planned perfectly so that these cancerous %1ers OF HORSE MANURE can profit like NEVER before AND then start the whole FORMULA over again…SHAME ON AMERICA for continuously rewarding the most VIOLENT from our pasts to be OUR ideal LEADERS in this UNGREAT COUNTRY…once WE THE PEOPLE wake up and realize that it was & is VIOLENCE that has made men & countries GREAT in our past, it goes without saying that it will be NON-VIOLENCE that takes this power away from men & countries who are not so GREAT today…that’s the beautiful IRONY of life. That today’s GREATNESS is based on complete UNTRUTHS and is why no country HAS EVER BEEN nor will ever BE great throughout time.  The true, ultimate PITY of this once great country is that WE THE PEOPLE know deep within our hearts that this country is NO LONGER great and yet we still do nothing to change this. Shame on AMERICA for continuously hoping & waiting for that someone who is GREAT to arrive but, deep, deep down within our soul, we know will never come because we are unable to stop PREACHING the ignorance & hypocrisy THAT we have become



I Am Friggin Done With All The Stupidness

That’s it! I am fucking done! My days of being an ignorant fucking American consumer (otherwise knowns as a DEMO MONKEY) are over once and for all. This story begins in NYC 1966…the day I was born…the day I was brought into this country of ignorance and profits…and by “DONE” I do not mean violence – that would show that I, too, am a PROUDFUL ignorant product of this UNGREAT society (and I am not and never will be). Violence is the BIGGEST business in the COUNTRY of prideful IGNORANCE.  It’s the blood and veins of a cowardly country that constantly proclaims FREEDOM but despises & distorts the TRUE concept of FREEDOM with joy.  It’s what this country TRULY loves and cannot survive without…It’s more than the HEART & SOUL of this country…IT’S THE ESSENCE.  And if HISTORY proves ONLY one thing to mankind…it proves that VIOLENCE as entertainment and as a source of unlimited source of profits to the STATE is the fastest & most direct means TO the end of that STATE.   When the citizens of a country take pride in being the #1 SHEEPLE in the world, everything no longer makes sense unless it is covered in BLOOD of innocent children.  So, let’s start at the very beginning because that seems like a very logical place to start.   Americans have become the most IGNORANT CONSUMERS on the face of this BEAUTIFUL planet & in history of TIME. Even more insulting and LETHAL to this beautiful planet is the fact that the majority of AMERICANS take pride in this IGNORANCE…and this is TRULY horrifying.  And to truly prove my point, I will bring up JESUS as my example…and it’s a very simple EXAMPLE and it is TRUE…if JESUS were alive today HE would die of multiple gunshot wounds…not on a WOODEN CROSS.

It’s like talking about BIG BROTHER (the government) but never mentioning LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers) who actually created the concept of BIG BROTHER (and the structure of big brother) as THE MEANS to a very BLOODY END in hopes of deflecting future violence upon THE TRUE liars of OUR COMMON history.  It will be in this country that THE MASSES will finally WAKE up to a very simple fact – that the writers of history have spent untold trillions of dollars and the deaths of billions in our COMMON HISTORY to write THEIR untrue VERSION of man’s history…The TRUE beauty of TRUTH is that NON VIOLENCE is and will always be what moves our HISTORY into OUR future – this has always been the case and will always be. Once we can admit as a people on this BEAUTIFUL planet called earth that Violence has always been used throughout history TO FORCE people to be untrue to their hearts and souls…mankind can never moved forward nor do we deserve to simply because OUR future must be earned from the GOODNESS of our beautiful HEARTS and SOULS. It’s our ONLY way to be able to cherish life’s MOST PRECIOUS moment – life’s EQUAL gift to ALL on earth – the PRESENT.  Until then, WE ARE ALL sinners to MOTHER NATURE, I mean, life……