Don’t Be Suprised When The Same People Who Voted For Bush & Cheney Twice Choose 1/5 American Ted Cruz As Their Nominee


What is RPD? RPD = Rich Prick Disease – a very SERIOUS & DEADLY disease that destroys nations from within

The Republican civil war in a nutshell:

The Neo-Cons’ “We Want More Wars Extortion Tour” vs  Donald Trump’s “Reality T.V. Conservatism”..or, in other words, 2 mutations of RICH PRICK DISEASE battling it out for the heart and soul of the Grand Ole Party

Do these fools NOT know that Ted “Freddy Krueger” Cruz worked for the war-mongering Bush & Cheney clan for a better part of his early career…or, in other words…the BUSH clan was Ted’s ticket into WASHINGTON.  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Ted was a major part of the Bush-Cheney theft of our ELECTIONS in 2000 when he was part of their “RECOUNT TEAM” in florida

So, in essence, if we follow the path and thinking of today’s “I always vote against my own self interests” republicans…one can say that Ted Cruz is responsible for the “Socialist Muslim” from “KENYA” Barack Obama becoming president of the UNITED STATES of america in 2008 & 2012…

Follow my thinking here for a quick second…As, we already know…if the Bush & Cheney clan had NOT cheated their way into office…which we already know they did…and then, had not destroyed this country in a manner never seen before in our history…which we already know they did….Is it NOT conceivable to say THAT if 1/5 american Ted Cruz was not part of that “Cheat” I mean “Recount” Team in Florida during 2000 & 2001…there would be no such thing as a PRESIDENT OBAMA today….

A wise word to REPUBLICANS!  If you are truly disgusted with your establishment clowns…then DO your homework!  Once you do, you will find out that EVERYONE running for PRESIDENT on YOUR side (other than TRUMP, CARSON, and FIORINI) have all worked for the BUSH FAMILY.  Or, in other words, the BUSH FAMILY created the IDIOTS of the TEA PARTY…and now, it’s time to CIRCLE the WAGONS with their favorite PET ted cruz…who is nothing more than the BUSH FAMILY’S so-called “outsider” back up if “little” Jebbie “cakes” and/or his minions do not win the nomination…

Meanwhile…on the other side of the kabuki theater, I mean, political aisle…we have the DEMOCRATS yawning us to death during their DEBATES….that is, if you can find THEM on TELEVISION…


A Coloring Book Not To Buy Continued…

A Coloring Book Not To Buy Continued...

Hmmm…I’m starting to wonder if republicans realize by giving Hillary Clinton Jr., I mean, Ted Cruz money Texas will go from a RED STATE to a BLUE STATE by no later than 2016…


A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

All I can say is this idiot is a real-life genuine clown. I mean, he is FAR, FAR behind Mr. Blubber (aka Chris Christie) in the polls as the future republican presidential candidate in 2016 despite the fact that Mr. Blubber will be ejected as governor of New Jersey within the next year due to his Bridge Gate scandal on top of using Hurricane Sandy money as his own personal political slush fund. I can’t wait until the GOP is swept into the unwiped asshole of history and it will be just like the WHIG PARTY of old. I mean, if you clowns cannot even beat a supposed Muslim born in Kenya, don’t even think you have a chance against Hillary. I have never been and will never be a CLINTON fan but Hillary will landslide you clowns 2 times in a row and then see ya! And never forget REPUBLICANS – no war criminal bush jr. and there would have never been a President Obama for 2 terms nor a President Hillary Clinton for another 2 terms – it’s the TRUTH!  So, yet again…YOU LOSE!

When Texas, I Mean, Hell Freezes Over


I guess I will never be able to use the saying, “When Texas, I mean, Hell Freezes Over” or “It will be a cold day in Texas, I mean, Hell” ever again.  That truly sucks!  Listen up America!  The very second we see PIGS start flying in TEXAS – it’s time to turn that ignorant “We Want To Secede”, polluting, DUMB-ASS cowboy STATE into a HUGE PARKING LOT – but that will be for another blog I write in the near future.


The Curse And Downfall Of America


Do NOT worry America!  Any truly ignorant fool that voted for or has given one DAMN red penny of their hard earned money to this TRULY comical & ignorant CLOWN will be rotting in hell within 10 years.  And GOOD RIDDANCE to every single one of you! And, “OH BY THE WAY” if you have wondered why your life SUCKS so much because it does, you can look at this chicken head named sarah palin as the reason why because TRUTH be told, ONLY “ignorant HYPOCRITES live miserable lives and can NEVER be happy!”

After Providing Cover For The Launch Of Obamacare, Ted Cruz Sets His Next Goal On Legalizing 20 Million Latinos


When this idiot Canuck from Canada first burst onto the our national political scene, I originally thought he was just another ignorant Tea-Bagger clown, conservative whose only purpose and goal was to protect THE WAR CRIMINAL bush jr.’s TAX CUTS for the filthy, I mean, wealthy.  But after his most recent escapades in providing Obamacare the cover it so desperately needed so as to not collapse under it’s own GLITCHES, I mean, weight, it has dawned on me that THE TEA PARTY is nothing more than a CLINTON FAMILY mind trick BANK-ROLLED by BILL “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” CLINTON himself; and, whose ONLY purpose is to further promote the LIBERAL AGENDA & to destroy THE GRAND OLD PARTY – i.e. making Obamacare actually more popular amongst Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans despite the fact that not even the VERY best HACKER in the WORLD could get in OR log on to the Obamacare WEBSITE.

 I have given up wasting my time trying to explain to a bunch of RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, Americans who refuse to change with the times because they’ve been IGNORANT trolls to both political parties the majority of their lives who cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and THE SAME PARTY who take turns wearing the bad guy HAT who both allowed CITIZENS UNITED to become the LAW of our land.  If this country does not immediately end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY.  Renewable Dummies, I mean, Americans need to realize ONLY one FACT and TRUTH – that both republican and democratic VOTERS have so much more in common at the BOTTOM of the pyramid on our $1 dollar bills THAN they do with anyone on the TOP of that same pyramid regardless of their political ideology.  If you truly care about this country called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you need WAKE UP, shut up, AND grow a fucking brain BECAUSE if we DO NOT do this, WE THE PEOPLE deserve the very government that we presently have.

So It’s True That Donating Money To Hillary Clinton Jr., I mean, Ted Cruz To Defund Obamacare Was A Very Stupid Idea


And if you were one of these TRULY stupid, complete WASTES OF LIFE, I mean, ignorant Americans that actually gave Ted Cruz one single, damn, red penny of your hard earned money, you DESERVE to die a most painful death (much SOONER rather than LATER) because America cannot survive in today’s world with complete ignorant cancers, I mean, citizens like YOU!  Allow me to repeat myself so as there is no confusion as to what I mean.  PLEASE FUCKING DIE ALREADY!  If I have said this one time, I have said this a ga-ZILLION times, “ONLY truly IGNORANT american idiots do NOT know that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party taking turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  So, long story short, if you gave one damn, red penny of your hard earned money to Ted “I’m a DIRTY Money-Addicted whore” Cruz, you not only CURSED your own life and your family’s life forever; but you also just helped your mortal democratic enemy and future PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2016 Hillary Clinton as well

 My proof to my argument is SO very simple – by donating your IGNORANT money to ted cruz so that he can DEFUND obamacare “MORE” or “FASTER”, you actually increased the percentage of Americans who ARE now in favor of OBAMACARE compared to when the IGNORANT whore, I mean, Teddy first opened his stupid mouth up a few weeks ago.  All you assholes had to do was keep your FAT, STUPID, truly IGNORANT mouths shut and obamacare would have fallen faster than SATAN fell out of heaven into HELL and is why I am correct in saying that democrats and republicans are best friends forever who HATE we the people.  I mean, if you cannot see that TED CRUZ & friends did NOT provide cover for OBAMA and the bill & hillary CLINTON camp during the roll out of the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, then you SERIOUSLY need to GO get YOUR legal GUNS and put them to some VERY GOOD USE by putting the barrel in your IGNORANT mouth and pulling THE TRIGGER because it’s your ONLY way into HEAVEN.  Or, you can just be the same IDIOT that you have always been in your life and ROT in HELL because no one pays taxes down there you stupid, ignorant FOOLS.

 One last hint to the IGNORANTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY, I mean, Tea Party – how much do you want to bet that OBAMACARE runs like a well OILED machine by the 2014 elections?  Do you want to know why? Because it’s all friggin STAGED stupid Americans! Wake up!  The only way WE the PEOPLE win against the true evil of our society (the corporations that RENT our government until they can find another country filled with idiots to exploit) is by coming TOGETHER – not becoming more and more ignorant filled with more and more HATE towards other fellow AMERCANS.  If you cannot comprehend this, then you need to get out THE fuck OUT OF THE way and die already BECAUSE if we don’t end CORPORATE PERSONHOOD immediately we will ALL lose our country EQUALLY – and that’s why the TEA PARTY is no different than the BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because they, too, say ABSOLUTELY nothing about getting MONEY out of politics.  I am seriously starting to think that all these tea BAGGERS are CLONES with no brains created by our government trained like PAVLOVIAN dogs with little doggy treats to HATE everyone except for the person they see in their own MIRROR – the perfect RENEWABLE dummies to keep best friends forever democrats and republicans in power for another 250 years.

Once Again Best Friends Forever Democrats, Republicans And The Lying Media Prove That Pissing On We The People Is Their Favorite Pastime


Here’s one thing I have learned about America in the last 5 or 6 years. When it comes to massacring innocent Americans by other “sick” Americans (whether it be in Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, or Virginia Tech just to name a few) with their LEGAL/ILLEGAL GUNS manufactured in the good ol’ U S of A and constitutionally protected by our NRA trolls and lobbyists posing as United States Of America politicians, ABSOLUTELY nothing will be done for WE THE PEOPLE and our children.  But, when it comes to the MIDDLE EAST and Muslims who TRULY hate America with every fiber in their body and want nothing more than to kill Americans anyway they possibly can, BOTH PARTIES in the United States Of Creeps, I mean, America will ALL OF A SUDDEN get all “BUDDY-BUDDY”  and start tonguing and fingering each other so that they can move HEAVEN and HELL and spend unlimited amounts of WE THE PEOPLE’S money to make sure that NATION BUILDING, I mean, WAR PROFITEERING becomes an unspoken CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT only to be enjoyed by our politicians and military corporations ALONE so that they can further distance themselves from the people they truly HATE the most – WE THE PEOPLE!  Wake up Americans before killing each other becomes THE AMERICAN WAY!

Will All Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents Just Shut The Fuck Up.


You are all giving me a friggin headache and while you are at it PLEASE tell all the multi-national, trillion dollar, Adam Smith Invisible Hand believing, “we are not going to let facts dictate our campaign”, never paying a damn red penny in taxes to the countries that they continuously rape, %1 GLOBAL corporations to stop spreading their dangerous and ignorant lying propaganda otherwise known as CORPORATE PERSONHOOD, I mean, Citizens United type laws all over the planet as concepts of a TRUE democracy.  How about that for a long sentence!

 A true democracy would never allow CITIZENS UNITED to become law because history has proven over and over and over and over again that MONEY & POLITICS is and will always be the most dangerous AND deadly weapon that can and will be USED against WE THE PEOPLE of any and all nations.  CORPORATE PERSONHOOD has, is, and will always be the cancer that kills all NATIONS ever so slowly in order to suck every last penny and every last drop of warm blood along the way until the HOST finally sighs one last obese breath of death…and then scurries to SATAN with his “please let me in” bribe money.

 Perhaps one day, sooner rather than later, Americans will realize that the PYRAMID on the ONE DOLLAR bill (you know the one to the left of “IN GOD WE TRUST”) is nothing more than the SYMBOL of the PONZI SCHEME that the ever greedy %1ers created as their INSIDE JOKE on WE THE PEOPLE!  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, Americans need to realize that the majority of people in this country have far much more in common at the bottom of the AMERICAN pyramid (the %99ers) than they do with anyone at the top of that AMERICAN pyramid (the %1ers).  Think about it for a minute.  And keep that A SECRET please!  Because as we all know, the fastest way to end up DEAD in America is to start talking about THE HAVES and THE HAVE NOTS – that’s BLASPHEMY and against the law PUNISHABLE by death OF ANY KIND in this country.

 The moral of this story will be a very simple one!  Let’s stop with the pretend democracy that we PROUDFULLY think we have but don’t and let’s start all over again.  By this I mean, let’s stop voting for PUPPETS, I mean, people for PRESIDENTS and POLITICIANS because, as we all know and history has proven a GAZILLION times – that anyone and everyone can and will be PURCASHED for a price – so that’s one continuous complete waste of time.  I propose that we be the true democracy of the FUTURE and no LONGER vote for people/politicians who decide where and how our tax money can be spent BUT let’s ONLY VOTE on a list created ONLY by WE THE PEOPLE as to where our tax money should and will be SPENT.  Let’s put our TRUST where it truly belongs AND began – with WE THE PEOPLE so we can stop being WE THE SHEEPLE.  And now, I am thinking it’s time for a SEX CHANGE – this way I have a head start on the NSA when they accuse me of being some pinko, commie, fidel castro & sharia law luvin, muslim TREASON and TRAITOR.  And just so YOU know, unlike Bradley, I mean, Chelsea Manning (just another YAWN dumb blond), I think I’ll go for the  perky, bouncy, sassy and sexy brunette look.

If I Were A Fire Fighter Fighting Wildfires Anywhere In America Today

I would most definitely NOT risk my life saving the homes and property of TRUE idiots who take pride in being CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS & COAL POLLUTERS or anyone who voted for the cowardly false prophet Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.  It’s really that simple.  Matter of fact (if I were a fire fighter), I would go to people’s homes in the area of the wildfire and politely knock on their door and patiently wait for the person to come to the door and then I would respectfully ask that person, “Do you believe in climate change?”  And if their answer was “No, I don’t believe in that stupid shit!”  My reply would be very simple, “Ok, that’s cool!  You have every right to believe whatever you want in this country – that’s what makes this country so beautiful.  But just so you know, I ALSO have the right NOT to risk my life to save your home or any of your belongings in your home.  So, if I were you, I’d evacuate immediately because your home and everything in it is going to burn to the ground faster than all the buildings in the blockbuster Hollywood movie starring Bruce Willis in the 1990s called BackDraft.  And if you have a problem with this, then me and my big fire fighting friends here with me will beat you senseless in front of your family and friends.”  And then I would go to the next house and repeat until every home in the vicinity of the wildfire understood that we all have right to believe in whatever we want to believe in and it’s NOT an obligation to risk one’s life for what another person believes or does not believe in.  Once again, life does NOT have to be so complicated because it’s really that simple.

The moral of this story for me is real simple – fortunately for this country, I am not a fire fighter fighting wildfires anywhere in America today.  And in the country that has one party (the republicans) completely denying climate change versus the other party (the democrats) who pretend to care about climate change but do ABSOLUTELY nothing WHATSOEVER about climate change, I am left with no choice but to believe that my life is FAR MORE important to me than any STANK garbage either POLITICAL party in conjunction with their trillion dollar %1 corporate carbon polluting buddies that pay no taxes sponsoring them are trying so desperately to stuff down my throat in order to reap more profits before the inevitable wrath of MOTHER nature COCK slaps us across the face a few more times like hurricane Sandy just recently did.  I’ll end with, “Where are the fuck are the DINOSAURS when you TRULY need them!”


Here’s One Thing I Know About Rand Paul

The voice that will never be president….

Ok, Ok! I apologize.  There are a few things I know about Rand “ the pipsqueak” Paul.  First and foremost, the PIPSQUEAK rand paul will NEVER be president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…that’s fact!  Do you hear me Rand? Shall I repeat myself? Yea! I think so!  And let make this a little more personal just so you fully understand what I am saying.  “Hey Rand “the pipsqueak” Paul! You will never be fucking PRESIDENT of this beautiful country due to your blinding ignorance, totally pure and shameless hypocrisy, and your PIPSQUEAK of a “GIMME, GIMMIE, GIMME!” completely annoying voice.  All I can say is if you were my child, I would slap you upside-down and backwards if you ever talked back to me in that little nasal, whiny voice of yours – I SWEAR TO GOD I would.

Here’s another thing I know…if you EVER try to start another fight/argument of any kind with Chris Christie, you will run for the hills like the coward you truly are just like you did in the argument with MR. BLUBBER, chris christie, last week.  You started IT and he ended IT – it’s really that simple.  Don’t get me wrong now!  I am no chris christie fan so there’s no point in trying to prove that you are some tough guy type of politician when you are nothing more than CREEPIER than your own father Ron Paul who NEVER dares to come up to the northeast.  And one last final thing that I know about Rand “the pipsqueak” Paul – and that is, if republican voters are ignorant enough to elect you to be GOP nominee for president in 2016, you will get landslided like no other in the history of this beautiful and once great country by Hillary Clinton and the GOP will go the way of the WHIG PARTY by no later than 2024.  So, please STOP trolling FOR dollars because it will ONLY make you look more ridiculous than you already are.

In Regards 2 Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh


Will you just shut your stupid, ignorant, stink like American obesity, ugly ass mouth UP!  You are a fat, disgusting American joke and your fans are nothing more than what everyone on this planet hates about AMERICA…fat, ignorant, extra FUGLY, hypocrisy-filled conservatives – half of who are truly too stupid to realize that paying their taxes enables your other half of your fans (all the poor WHITE, truly stupid ones which you have oh so many of) to secretly live on and suck the WELFARE money from WE THE PEOPLE.  Fortunately for this beautiful country called AMERICA, your “OBESE, STUPID, POOR WHITE FOLK” fans only make up 15% of the AMERICAN population AND won’t be ALIVE in 20 years due to their unhealthy ways of living .  So, I hope you are REAL proud for turning the ONCE POWERFUL and truly respected GRAND OLD PARTY into the next WHIG PARTY just so you can TROLL for more DOLLARS from your ignorant base.  You, and you ALONE, will be responsible for the A HILLARY CLINTON landslide in 2016….KNOW THAT! But why would you care – knowing and actually taking pride in the fact that the majority of Americans (85%) truly hate you! So, mark my words TODAY, Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh – you won’t be on the radio in 7 years not because you will retire (that will be your lying PUBLIC excuse) but because your ignorance will have become extremely YAWN boring and so PASSE…

And just so you know and I want to say this from the deepest part of my heart because it is so VERY true…YOUR present WIFE (Kathryn Rogers) is a dirty WHURE!  Matter of fact, all 3 of your ex wives were dirty WHURES as well.  That is a fact!  How do I know this?  Well, that’s kind of OBVIOIUS – because no normal, sane and halfway intelligent woman would EVER marry such a totally and truly, inside and out, FUGLY man.  Her love of money is a stronger love than yours Douche, I mean, Rush because that what DIRTY WHURES love the most and is THE ONLY explanation why she would have SEX with you.  Just look in the mirror DUDE! Can’t you see the very SECOND you stop TROLLING for DOLLARS, your dirty trophy wife of a WHURE will instantly walk right out YOUR FRONT door and hose you for everything you have. You do REALIZE this correct douche bimbo, I mean, RUSH LIMBAUGH.  If you don’t believe me, here’s my test – go to your WHURE of a wife and ask her, “when THE MONEY stops rolling in, will you leave me HONEY?” and I promise you she will LOOK DOWN to the ground and not into your eyes and say, “HONEY, I will never leave you!” Now, that’s ignorance and proves my point about Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh.  And, even more disgusting to this soon to be TRUE STORY is that when all this goes down Douche, I mean, Rush – you will want the whole WIDE world to feel sorry for you…”oh  THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR to the  poor little baby Rush Limbaugh”  but THAT ain’t GOING to happen Douche BIMBO.  “Look up in the sky…It’s a train…no wait! it’s a plane…No it’s wait….It’s just a stupid fat DOUCHE!”


American Politics – The Return Of Vaudeville


Hmmmmmmm……Let me think about this for a quick minute or two…So last week, the House voted down an amendment to a Defense spending bill from Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) which would have defunded 600 MILLION DOLLARS of WE THE PEOPLE’S money  from the NSA’s collection of phone metadata. Despite the strong opposition of the administration and intelligence leaders, the measure failed in a close 205-217 vote.  Wow! Hot diggity DANG! That was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY close vote! PLEASE!! Just so you know, I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD so fucking really, really, really hard that my friggin eyeballs hurt and now I have to go to the hospital .  Has this GOVERNMENT (both republican & democrat parties) lost it’s fucking mind.  You friggin idiots CANNOT even agree to the fact that this planet is no longer FLAT!  Now, all of a SUDDEN, you want WE THE PEOPLE to think that you care about OUR PRIVACY more than the 600 MILLION DOLLARS you receive yearly from WE THE PEOPLE in order to be a bunch of creeps secretly invading our privacy.  This is what you call Vaudeville or Kabuki Theater plain and simple.  Regardless of what you want to call this, this is NOTHING MORE than the ULTIMATE insult to the intelligence of the AMERICAN SHEEPLE, I mean, PEOPLE!

If Jesus Were Alive In America Today, He Would Die Of Multiple Gunshot Wounds


to be continued when I feel like it….

ok! I’m back! Now do realize that I just quit smoking THE EVIL cigarettes about 2 weeks ago for the first time in 30 years so be warned that my words and thoughts might seem a little…ummmm…how shall I say this properly…fucking NUTS! I apologize for this but “It comes with the territory” as the old saying says…so, let’s get back to the point…which is, if Jesus were alive in America today, he’d most definitely die of multiple gunshot wounds…maybe on the CROSS but, more than likely, probably not. This, in my humble opinion, would be a far more appropriate scenario if Jesus were alive today in America:

ok, here’s the SCENARIO:  Jesus is about to sermonize on some MOUNT(ain) in America….”Where?” you ask….I have no FUCKING idea…you pick the FUCKING place…my point will still be the FUCKING same…OK! How about Mount Rushmore for convenience’s sake.  So, Jesus is on Mount Rushmore about to sermonize in front of many people:

(From Matthew 5:1 thru Matthew 5:9 in the Bible) –

And when He (Jesus) saw the multitudes, He (Jesus) went up on the mountain; and after He (Jesus) sat down, His disciples came to Him (Jesus).  And opening His mouth He (Jesus) began to teach them, saying,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

“Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they shall be satisfied.”

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.”

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of


And then, SUDDENLY, out of nowhere….Multiple BAM BAM BAM BOOM BOOM BAM…the sounds of multiple gunshots and various types of assault weapons with unlimited clips going off somewhere behind Jesus…

Then the words “I claim STAND MY GROUND” are heard from the cowardly GUNMAN with his LEGAL assortment of guns and unlimited clips purchased over the internet and strapped all over his body with his hands above his head so as not to resist arrest…

Then THUD…the sound of Jesus’ body DROPPING to the floor instantly DEAD…

Long story short, the nra & gun manufacturers are turning this BEAUTIFUL country into THE HOME OF THE IGNORANT COWARDS…not the brave…all in the name of PROFITS…I’m NOT going to say anymore at this time about this topic and this country’s LETHAL addiction to guns and violence with total government complicity behind it because there is no POINT simply due to the fact this country has lost its FUCKING MIND when it comes to GUNS! I mean, just look at our GOVERNMENT – one day we are selling guns to Shiites in Iraq and then, on another day, we are selling them to the Sunnis in Syria…which is TOTALLY fucking awesome!  IT MAKES no kind of sense WHATSOEVER unless you say IT MAKES EVERY KIND OF CENTS…I will just end by saying that this country was THE GREATEST COUNTRY on this planet in the history of time about 275 millions LEGAL GUNS ago – that’s not too long ago…