Omg Will Someone Please Tell Walmart To Stop Incessantly Running Their New Commercials


It’s stupid, I mean, an insult to any intelligence out there.  Here’s a better cost-effective idea – how about giving all your employees a little bonus (like an across the board 50 cent to $1 dollar raise) for all those who work during your most profitable season (our holiday season) as a gesture of good faith that you do truly appreciate your employees; rather than, let’s say, spending 100s of millions of dollars on your new commercials that are running probably about 10,000 times across America every day trying to brainwash the country into thinking that you actually do care about your employees when, in actuality, you truly despise them.  Can we just be honest here?  Just like Woolworth’s before them, Walmart’s sole purpose is to guarantee that “MOM & POPS shops” never open their doors in America ever again due to back-room deals our politicians made with totalitarian and third world countries in order to strip AMERICA’S middle class of their last vestige of power aka “MADE IN AMERICA.”  I hate to say this but American monopolies creep me out!  So, if you truly care about profits, then give your employees a little more chump change in their pay and I will start shopping there again.  Until then, I won’t buy shit from your store ever again no matter how many stupid and incessant commercials you have.  And guess what?  The number of people who think like me is growing every day.  Just sayin……

A Wise Word Of Advice For The Elephant Man Aka The Soon To Be Whig Party, I mean, Republican Party


Get with the PROGRAM or don’t let the DOOR hit you on the way OUT!  It is really THAT simple.  The Affordable Care Act, I mean, Obamacare will run better than a fine-tuned Oil Rig from Texas by the 2014 Elections.  “What is your proof?” you ask.  I don’t really NEED to show any proof simply because if the GOP continues on their path of IGNORANCE, they will prove my point that by no later than 2024 the republican party will become this country’s next WHIG party who will hear the words, “Adios Amigos” as they disappear into their own ignorant HISTORY books.  But, being that I am a nice guy, I will provide you with just little proof why the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare will run ever so smoothly by upcoming House Elections in 2014. 

 Let’s take Kentucky as my proof.   I am not going to the rehash the PURPOSEFUL horrible launch of THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT aka Obamacare  nationwide because we already know this.  However, I am going to mention that since DAY 1 of the Obamacare launch, it has run ever so smoothly in KENTUCY.  Do you want to know why?  It’s very obvious and you don’t need to be A ROCKET SCIENTIST to know the answer; but, you do need to have a brain slightly bigger than an acorn (something today’s GOP is still looking for in one of its leaders).  Here’s your answer WHY!  Answer #1. Say Good-Bye to Mitch Mcconnell (the ferret on steroids) who will not win RELECTION as senator of Kentucky which means you can kiss his corrupt, PORK LUVING, wrinkled ass away as the GOP Minority Senate Leader.  Mitch knows this and is why he took the PORK of 2.5 billion dollars to have an EXTRA FANCY dam built in his home-state during the most recent government shutdown (and if we know one thing about AMERICAN politicians – it’s that PORK makes them extremely wealthy).

 Once this happens and it will, the democrats will go from one RED state to another and surgically remove one ignorant republican after another as they clear a PATH for a Hillary Clinton’s “NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN OUR HISTORY” landslide in 2016 & 2020 elections.  And then guess what happens?  Elizabeth Warren becomes President for another 2 elections.  If you do the math, you will see that the DEMOCRATS can conceivably run the white house, the senate, and the congress from 2014 thru 2032 – “that’s ONE SCORE minus 2 years” to semi-quote the LAST and ONLY GREAT republican president Abe Lincoln 

 Which brings me back full circle to my original point to the GOP!  Get with THE FUCKING PROGRAM or get the fuck out of this country.  I find it highly ironic that the GOP will hear their favorite words directed at democrats for the past 30-40 years words come right back at them, “Hey! If you don’t like it, then you can move to another country!”   Oh yea!  One last piece of valuable advice – take that BUSH FAMILY CHEAT BOOK that you have been using for the past 30 years or so and throw it into the bottom of the polluted ocean.  If you do not, I promise, you will enter into the DIRTY, UN-WIPED asshole of HISTORY forever because all WE THE PEOPLE ask from our LEARDERS in GOVERNMENT is to JUST simply PRETEND THAT YOU fucking CARE – that’s it!  There will still be 2 parties in AMERICA’S future – the democrats and the progressives unless the GOP changes its way in a blink of an eye –and, unfortunately, that is nothing more than a PIPE “full of crack”DREAM.

 P.S.  I am not really a big fan of either party because, as far as I am concerned, both parties have been in power so long playing their favorite game of MUSICAL CHAIRS that they have created a cozy, little BEST FRIENDS FROEVER relationship AMONGST themselves where each party takes turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  But enough is enough and the bottom line is THE DEMOCRATS pretend to care just a tiny-weeny little bit more about WE THE PEOPLE than the current GOP.

I Wish You All A Merry Made In China And India Christmas


I am done complaining and preaching about the change I refuse to become!  I have finally learned the most valuable lesson in life – “ALL TALK & NO ACTION” is AMERICANS favorite slogan.  So, this year (2013 A.D.) the ONLY gifts I will be purchasing will be products that are MADE only IN AMERICA!  If this means I have to pay more for each gift so be it!  And if it means that I find out that there are NO PRODUCTS that are MADE only IN AMERICA, I guess I won’t be purchasing any gifts this holiday season.  At least I know my hard-earned money will be going toward another hard working fellow American who is guilty of nothing more than JUST trying to make a honest and simple living in America; or, at the very least, my hard earned MONEY remains in my pocket (which is always a good thing).

So, if you are a Walmart, a Target, or an Apple, etc or any other AMERICAN CORPORATION whose Christmas inventory is made up of cheap products made from China or India…THEN my Christmas gift to you is an extra large and healthy FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID FUCKING STUPID FUCKS!!! Stop choking this country to death with your treasonous GREED!  I know! I know! One person in of a country of 300 million will have no impact whatsoever.  But that is not what is important to me right now.  What is MOST important to me right now is that I show some loyalty to my fellow AMERICAN – not to some TRILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION that pays pennies only in taxes and leaves it all up to the AMERICAN tax payer to subsidize our working poor who show up to work every single day at these GREEDY CORPORATIONS whose only purpose and concern is to make EVEN more dollars by the BILLIONS.  Those days are OVER for me!  And ironically, IT’S THE VERY BEST and ONLY GIFT I CAN AFFORD to give my fellow AMERICAN.  You can call me A SCROOGE or you can call me A LOYAL AMERICAN.  Either or is just fine with me because A TRUE gift comes from the HEART.

Omfg Now I Have To Worry About Getting Mowed Down By A Blind Man WIth A Legal Gun When I Am In Iowa


Mental Note To Myself:  NEVER go to Iowa ever again and NEVER spend another damn, red penny on anything ever MADE and/or FROM Iowa ever again.  And, it goes without saying, all my 10,000 and growing Facebook friends will follow suit.  I mean, we are already ALL boycotting NRA and any and all businesses related to the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in this country so this won’t be difficult either.  This is yet another perfect example of how our so-called DEFENDERS of OUR FREEDOMS, I mean, all you 2nd Amendment lovers, the NRA, and the GUN MANUFACTURERS of this country have become the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT that our founding fathers feared so much.  Don’t get me wrong now – I don’t anything against blind people whatsoever; but by allowing blind people to legally pack heat (carry guns) in Iowa perfectly ILLUSTRATES the truly corrupting impact and influence that money has in POLITICS.  IT IS OBVIOUS that this law was passed due to the strong arming, I mean, bribing, I mean, lobbying of NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS in the state of Iowa.  It also highlights just how corrupt some of our politicians who constantly claim to be against CORPORATE PERSONHOOD but always seem to have a huge brown bag filled with CASH underneath their desks.

 If I have said this once, I have said a trillion times to all legal gun owners in America, “BUY & KEEP ALL THE GUNS YOU WANT BUT GET FUCK OUT OF THE STRONG ARMING, I mean, BRIBING, I mean, LOBBYING BUSINESS.  You idiots can no longer pretend to be patriotic hiding behind the AMERICAN FLAG & the 2ND AMENDMENT while you selfish assholes sit idly by as the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS spread their cancer and sell our freedoms for pennies on the dollar.  Do you understand what I am saying!  It’s very simple!  Corporate personhood via LOBBYING by corrupt, corporate LOBBYISTS are destroying this country – not guns or responsible legal gun owners.  And being that the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS of America created the PLAYBOOK on how to correctly corrupt our politicians and political system, other corrupt CORPORATIONS and INDUSTIRES like, for example, WALL STREET say to themselves, “Hey! If Americans are truly THIS stupid and ignorant…Why don’t we STRONG-ARM, I mean, BRIBE, I mean, LOBBY our greedy and corrupt politicians so that we can get more of the AMERICAN PIE just like the NRA & GUN MANUFACTURERS do!”

 So, let’s play PRETEND again…Let’s say I am a bad guy with no money in Iowa but I want to get my hands on a GUN.  Here’s all I would have to do in order to obtain my gun.  First things first, I would burn on a cheap Compact Disc my voice screaming, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  I would then put that CD with my voice on it in a cheap BOOM BOX that I stole a few days ago and then put that cheap boom box in my barely working car that I ALSO stole a few days ago.  I would then go to the nearest gun store and/or gun show and patiently wait for a blind man to enter and then leave with a brand new firearm he just purchased.  I would then follow the blind man home and when he was about 20 feet from his door I would put down my cheap BOOM BOX with my CD in it and press play.  Suddenly, The blind man would hear, “hey you BLIND MOTHERFUCKER…give me all your fucking MONEY before I put some LUMPS on your head!”  The blind man who just purchased his legal firearm would abruptly turn around and then start shooting in order to save his life.  Naturally, he’d probably hit some innocent people (not me because I would be laying on the ground to the side of him) in the vicinity because the poor guy is FUCKING BLIND and would unload in the direction of the boom box with my recorded voice on it.  It would be at this point that the blind man would hear my voice saying, “Close but no cigar dude!!!  And, by the way, you just shot your next door neighbor mowing his lawn across the street you stupid ASS blind fuck!”  Then I would calmly grab his gun (I wouldn’t even have to push him to the ground – how easy is that) and take off yelling, “look who has a brand new motherfucking GUN now!”

 Or, if I just was a lazy bad guy in search of a GUN, I would follow a blind man home from a gun show and/or gun store and wait until it was dark.  Once it was dark, I would just break into his home and repeat above and guess who would have, “a brand new motherfucking gun now?”  BINGO! You answered correctly – ME the bad guy!  So, until you ignorant fools grow half a fucking BRAIN and a quarter set of fucking BALLS and stand up THE CORPORATE PERSONHOOD whores of the NRA and GUN MANUFACTURERS who are corrupting our politicians and government, I can proudly say that “guns are for punks who are afraid of other punks with guns” – it’s really that simple! And, if you could just admit to this simple fact, half of the gun control crowd would instantly disappears! Until this happens, then you are “THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT” our founding fathers never wanted in our country in the first place.  So, keep killing each other STUPID AMERICANS…it’s the AMERICAN way!

Please Drug Test Our Best Friends Forever Republican And Democrat Politicians Before Drug Testing The Working Poor Who Need Food Assistance


It never ceases to amaze me just how truly IGNORANT some Americans have become.  I mean, we NOW elect LEADERS whose only purpose is to further enrich themselves by making the %1ers even more FILTHY wealthy than they already are.  How ironic is it that this clown of a COKE head (Henry “Trey” Radel) NOT ONLY voted to slash food assistance for the poor but also voted for drug testing in order for them to be able to receive the food assistance they so desperately need.  Hey Stupid Americans!  I’m going to let you in on a dirty, little secret the %1ers spend billions of dollars on YEARLY – CORPORATE WELFARE is much MORE expensive than regular old welfare for the poor.  Let’s take EXXON MOBIL (the 3rd richest corporation in America today) as THE perfect example – here you have corporation that has made the MOST MONEY (some 40-50 billion in one year just a couple of years ago) in the history of the world EVER; and yet, they receive 5 billion dollars in CORPORATE WELFARE, I mean, GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES paid for by we the people.  Does anyone want to take a WILD, WILD GUESS as to who made this possible?  BINGO! You guessed correctly – our freaking BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrat and republican POLITICIANS.  If, we the people, could actually LOOK at the books, we would find that CORPORATE WELFARE for the eternally SCUMMY uber rich is trillions and trillions and trillions more than the working poor receive in government subsidies

 Just as disgusting is the fact that this LOSER cokehead Henry “Trey” Radel got busted with an 8 ball (3.5 grams) of cocaine and did not even get arrested or spend one night in jail.  Matter of fact, the ultimate joke is that his punishment is only ONE YEAR OF PROBATION and a $250 dollar fine.  ARE FUCKING KIDDIN ME!  I mean, if it was me who was BUSTED with an 8 ball of COCAINE, I know for a fact that DON JOHNSON of MIAMI VICE and CLINT EASTWOOD from DIRTY HARRY would pop up out of nowhere with all of their guns drawn screaming at the top of their lungs, “FREEZE motherfucker!  Or I will blow your fucking Cokehead brains into OBLIVION” immediately followed by 75 to 100 steroid-filled, para-military robot looking policemen pouncing on my neck and back as they break both of my arms to arrest me.  Not only would this happen but then it would be a month in jail (at the very least) before I even saw a judge who then would subject me to some ignorant blabbering about “THE WAR ON DRUGS” and “Just Say No!” nonsense before he or she sentenced me to 5 to 8 years in a maximum security prison (and that would be considered a SWEET deal from our corrupt criminal justice system of today where the rich are always innocent while the poor have to pay ridiculously outrageous amounts of money to prove that they are NOT GUILTY).  Will someone PLEASE tell me what the FUCK  is wrong with THIS PICTURE!

The Moral Of The Fat, Guilty Casey Anthony Look Alike, I mean, George Zimmerman Story


It’s REAL, REAL easy to be a tough guy WANNABE while stalking and then murdering an unarmed teenager with your cowardly legal gun; or, pointing your cowardly legal gun in the face of your girlfriend while smashing all of her belongings with it before you push her out of her OWN house – It’s NOT so easy being a cowardly, fat, guilty Casey Anthony look alike punk in a maximum security prison surrounded by violent felons without your cowardly LEGAL gun.  Just sayin…And, where were all of fatty Georgie’s friends and family yesterday?  I mean, did you see the fat punk in court yesterday – his brother, mother, father, etc. NO ONE was there!  He was all by his lonesome in that courtroom with his public defender lawyers.  Poor little creepy Georgie says he only has $144 dollars to his name because he owes his extra-fancy and extra expensive lawyers from his last case 2.5 million dollars.  And, where were all his ignorant, racist, bigot friends who claimed they weren’t racist BUT were all giving FATSO all kinds of money in his defense in the Trayvon Martin case?  Oh I guess, putting your cowardly legal gun in the face of white, blond woman is not cool enough for you losers anymore so you left poor, little, fat Georgie all by himself in the courtroom yesterday.  So, the REAL moral of this story is if you are going to be PUNK and stalk then kill an innocent unarmed person with your cowardly legal gun, it will cost you about 2.5 to 3 million dollars to be found innocent.  It’s really that simple.  One last final thought….just imagine if creepy FATSO, I mean, georgie Zimmerman had just continued taking his martial arts class and learned how to defend himself like a REAL MAN.  But fat, stupid, lazy, ignorant Americans ALWAYS take the easy way in life; and guess what!  There are no EASY ways in LIFE – unless, that is, you are born with a half gold, half  “blood” diamond spoon in your fucking mouth, I mean, you are born into the greedy, corrupt, and treasonous 1%.

 As long as Americans keep killing each other for whatever reason they deem fit, the %1ers never have to worry about losing a single, damn, red penny of their wealth.  They can just sit back sipping on some EXTRA expensive champagne while snacking on some FRESH caviar with brie cheese on a crunchy stick of celery and have their paid for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republican and democrat PUPPETS, I mean, POLITICIANS play on the prejudices, fears, ignorance, and cowardice of the people they deem as the animals of THEIR society – the middle class and poor.  Even more sinister is the fact that EVERY single TIME the middle class and/or poor start getting A CLUE about the corrupt game of MONOPOLY in this country and start speaking their mind about equality and human rights is EXACTLY when the A hired COWARD with A GUN (paid in full by the %1ers) hides in the shadows and pulls the trigger; and, then all that SILLINESS & STUPIDNESS about equality and human rights and BETTERMENT of all (Lincoln, Jfk, Mlk just to name a few) instantly disappears.

The 2nd Amendment Plus Citizens United Equals An Extra Gross And Fugly Whore On Crack, I Mean, The Death Of America


  • Let us never forget…America does not have a gun has a cowardly American males (of all colors) with guns problem…And guns don’t kill, cowardly a
  • American males (of all colors) with guns kill – THAT’S FACT!

Here’s the little dirty secret our cowardly, gun loving, ignorant, selfish corporate personhood WHORES, I mean, our SO-CALLED defenders of our freedoms NEVER want to admit; and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will be the reason why they are they are the CANCER that truly kills all freedom.  If I have said this ONCE, I have SAID this a ga-zillion TIMES – I have no problems whatsoever with responsible gun owners in the once LAND OF THE FREE (now the land of the corporate slave) and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE (now the home of the ignorant coward).  What I do have a problem with is very simple – you cannot be a DEFENDER OF OUR FREEDOM if you support CORPORATE PERSONHOOD or, in other words, you do NOT believe that MONEY is the ROOT of all GOVERNMENT evil.

 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with all the SUGAR in the world ON TOP, PRETTY PLEASE stop quoting our founding father and THE 2nd AMENDMENT unless you stupid, FREAKIN products of daddy banging granny, I mean, ignorant INBREDS are also going to quote our FOUNDING FATHERS’ feelings and words about MONEY corrupting our GOVERNMENT in our CONSTITUTION.

Always REMEMBER and never FORGET, MONEY corrupts – it’s just a FACT of life! Is that too DIFFICULT of a concept for you CORPORATE PERSONHHOD whores to comprehend or are you guys just a bunch of lying, FREAKIN cowards who actually dream of the day that A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT is born.  I mean, you fucking idiots DO UNDERSTAND that the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT our founding father feared so much is A GOVERNMENT owned and controlled by MONEY & CORPORATIONS.  Look up it idiots!  It’s ALL right there in OUR PAST, in our HISTORY BOOKS and in our fucking CONSTITUTION.  So, once again, if you FOOLS are going to constantly QUOTE our founding fathers and the 2ND amendment; then, you must ALSO quote their words and thoughts about MONEY in POLITICS; or otherwise, you are nothing more than AN UGLY CRACKHEAD who constantly promises herself/himself and the world, “I swear to GOD, this TIME, I swear, will be my last COCK I suck for a hit of crack!” (only to suck another cock 5 minutes later for yet another bell-ringer hit)

 Long story short, the GUN MANUFACTURERS and the NRA have been bribing, I mean, strong-arming, I mean, lobbying our EASY TO CORRUPT (best friends forever democrats and republicans) politicians and government for the longest of time.  SHIIIIT! I’ll bet you that our MUSKET MANUFACTURERS from our past bribed, I mean, strong-armed, I mean lobbied our founding fathers to put the 2nd Amendment into our CONSTITUTION in the first place.

 So, the MORAL of THIS STORY is extremely simple.  If you want to be the TRUE DEFENDERS OF OUR FREEDOMS then keep your guns and GET THE FUCK OUT of the CORPORATE PERSONHOOD and LOBBYING business; or, in your very near future you treasonous ignorant fools will be lower on the TOTEM POLE than WALL STREET – the TRUE epitome of scum. Or, you can continue as is and be the best corporate personhood, lying WHORES on the face of this planet so that you can keep giving your hard-earned money to the GUN MANUFACTURERS & NRA so that they can CONTINUE bribing, I mean, strong arming, I mean, LOBBYING our corrupt politicians and government until this once beautiful country is CHOKED to death from your OWN ignorance and your OWN hypocrisy.   You CANNOT have your cake (the 2nd amendment) and eat it (citizens united) too because THIS is the TYRANNICAL government you fools claim to be protecting us from.   If your crack, I mean, your guns have made you TOO IGNORANT to understand this THEN you are the REAL enemy that will LOSE dearly.

 P.S. Let’s the get the definition of the word TRAGEDY in regards to Gun Violence correct okay assholes.  If you are a MODERN DAY pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-corporate personhood asshole and someone very dear & close to you (i.e. a family member, child, best friend, wife, or whomever) dies at the hands of a GUN for whatever reason…THIS is NOT a tragedy – IT’S fucking ignorant BAD KARMA.  But, if you are for ENDING CORPORATE personhood so that only TRULY responsible people can own LEGAL guns like our founding father intended and a close family member, friend, etc. is SHOT to death or maimed then that’s A TRUE TRAGEDY.


When Wearing Glasses Most Definitely Makes One Look More Stupid


Hey Everyone!  What up Dough! Check out the Brainiac with no brain rocking the new-style glasses.  I’m wondering if Ricardo, I mean, Rick Perry realizes that glasses ONLY make a person look smarter.  I mean, if wearing glasses actually made people more intelligent, I know my extra lazy, puffing only kind weed azz would be “rockin them glasses 24/7/365 yo…4 REAL yo! (as they’d say in nyc).  And this is exactly the fucking type of fucking horse manure that truly makes my forty-seven year old blood pressure explode like when you hear a Muslim say, “bomb go boom!”

 I mean, has it REALLY gotten to the point where Big Brother (the government) has licked Little Sister’s (the %1ers) dirty, filthy bruised ham, I mean, puss-filled anal cavity so much and for so long that they can no longer EVEN pretend that we the people EVEN exist any longer– as if our memories reset every time the sun goes down.  “Hey Ricardo, I mean, Rick…take the FUCKING glasses OFF okay!” Once again, I’m starting to get all worked up and shit thinking about how our so called leaders are nothing more than corporate welfare whores with an extra, big, fake smile on their smug faces who WE PAY so they can become more wealthy by making the wealthy ridiculously more wealthy.  Whatever!!  Let me stop before I get loaded and ingest some of America’s new favorite drug of choice – Bath Salts!  I hear they make AMERICAN FACE taste extra tasty.

Is early retirement possible? My thoughts on America and self reliance/responsibility

I love this guy…read all of his blogs..they are all extra awesome and he is one of the best writers out there in my opinion….I totally agree with this and will say…a penny saved is a penny earned is my golden rule and the Kryptonite to our TOO BIG TO FAIL capitalist, corrupt system…Corporate personhood is the cancer that truly kills because freedom cannot be purchased…it must be earned…America used to have the smartest consumers on the face of this earth and in the history of time and that’s what made us great – “MADE IN AMERICA” …now we have the most ignorant consumers and I find it HIGHLY ironic that this transformation occurred right around the time BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans tricked we the people with CITIZENS UNITED. And I agree in that there is no coincidence that obamacare just happened to become the law of the land as America became the most obese country in the world..even creepier than corporate personhood will be religious personhood that will be happening in our very near future..then we are all screwed forever…let me stop cause I can go on forever 🙂

My Letter Using My New Alphabet For Our Creepy NSA to Decipher


Peek-A-Boo I see you!  Well, actually I don’t see you but I know you are there you FREAKIN creepy losers!  Now get a FREAKIN life and get off your LAZY, good for nothing, fat, extra OBESE, cellulite-filled, spying ASSES and do some REAL work like deciphering my new alphabet so you can read my quick little letter to you.  I don’t have all fucking day to waste with LOSER assholes who get extra plush salaries paid for by we the people to spy on OTHER fellow Americans.  Do you have NO shame or what?  Oh yea! I forgot, I have to continuously remind myself that I live in a country filled with RENEWABLE dummies, I mean, Americans who actually take pride in their ignorance and obesity as long as they have the RIGHT to kill whenever & whomever they want for whatever reason that tickles their fancy at any particular moment with their cowardly symbol of freedom, I mean, legal firearms.   Like I always say, “Keep killing each other stupid Americans!  It’s the AMERICAN way!”

 Anyway and Whatever!  Let me end by saying to any ignorant American who says, “Hey dude! If you haven’t done anything wrong or ILLEGAL…why do you care so much what the NSA does.  You must be hiding something because no normal person who is doing absolutely nothing wrong thinks like you!” WRONG IDIOT!!  Here’s my point and history has proven this over and over and over and over and fucking over again.  When a government becomes as POWERFUL, CORRUPT, and INTRUSIVE as the current United States of America has – it’s not what you (the citizen) thinks or does!  It’s what the GOVERNMENT thinks or does ABOUT YOU and the information they have collected on you and how they can manipulate this information in any form or way that our creepy government deems fit.

 Like for example, let’s say I walk into a WALMART store with my tracking device, I mean, smart phone and I happen to be in the same isle for just a few seconds with a cowardly terrorist that I don’t know whatsoever looking for diapers to purchase.  My government now might get the impression that I am collaborating with the cowardly terrorist because my tracking device, I mean, smart phone and his were next to each other for a brief moment which then leads our creepy government to look at the “VIDEO TAPE”, I mean, surveillance cameras and then they see that when I don’t shave I look like a Muslim – I now am put on some terrorist watch list and creepy drones start hovering over my home and following me everywhere I go like that helicopter that followed Ray Liotta in the movie Good Fellas (the only difference is  I can’t see the fucking drones like he could see the helicopters) .  And don’t waste everyone’s time pointing ignorant partisan fingers at each other as to who is to blame for this when we all know it was BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans in conjunction with the cowardice and ignorance of WE THE PEOPLE and the lying, thieving Media.  Now go do your job you fucking creeps and decipher my alphabet and quick little letter  to you and your agency (and grow a fucking conscience while you are at it if you call yourself true AMERICANS)