Famous Quote Update


So, let me get this straight now…WASHINGTON is spending TRILLIONS of AMERICA’S DOLLARS in fighting an ENEMY that WASHINGTON created whose claim to fame is BE-HEADING people aka “ISIS”…while, at the same time, it is “DONATING” trillions of dollars in WEAPONS & ARMS to SWINE-NATION & ALLY saudi arabia so it can continue BE-HEADING people..

All I have to say is…..





Famous Quote Update


Being that the Communist Manifesto was first published on February 21st, 1848…and I was born on February 21st, 1966…I felt this need to update Karl Marx’s famous and very true quote..That being said, I’ve never been a Karl Marx fan.  He always seemed a little too self-conceited in his written words.  However, Friedrich Engels has always been my hero – the brains behind the Karl Marx face

Inc. God We Trust


Friedrich Engels For President 2016