My Cat Gorilla And The Heating Pad


So…I blew my back out real good last week…4 days straight on the heating pad…and then BAM!!! My back clicks back in like nothing ever happened..Unfortunately, now my cat GORILLA will not get off the heating pad…Even worse, every time I try to put the heating pad away, my boy GORILLA starts incessantly wailing like I did when my back was killing me…So…I am wondering…does my kitty have a stiff back???..Or… did my kitty just extort me for a 35 dollar heating pad as his Christmas gift.

Slimbo The Aristo-Cat


Found this cutie by some marshes in Stamford, Connecticut a few days ago…brought him to the Vet..named him Slimbo and then moved him into my forever home with my other 2 cats Chimp and Gorilla…And, after eating some fresh turkey with a little grave yesterday – they all slept together like babies on the same bed for a few hours…The purring was so loud that for an instant I thought I was at the airport πŸ™‚