Please Stop Calling It Affluenza! It’s Called Rich Prick Disease


First and foremost, life has been…is …and will always be BEAUTIFUL…That being said – let’s get to the main point…For decades I have been trying to warn people about an extremely dangerous and deadly disease that periodically runs rampant across the globe….infecting …and then destroying everything in its path…

It’s called RPD aka “RICH PRICK DISEASE”…this pathogen usually originates in a single individual…then spreads rapidly throughout the infected individual’s family…Once this pathogen infects an entire family, then “it’s off to the races” as they say….meaning it starts to rapidly infect other families…

Once it reaches a critical mass of…let’s say 50 families…RICH PRICK DISEASE then searches for a new “TYPE” of host in order to survive and expand..This NEW “type” of HOST is none other than our GOVERNMENTS…It’s at this point when RICH PRICK DISEASE becomes EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY deadly with a 99.999 percent rate of mortality – to any and all individuals, families, corporations, all branches of governments, religious institutions, nations, militaries, economies, empires, super-powers, cultures, and/or civilizations that it comes across.

A perfect case in point is this SCHMUCK in the pic above..His name is Ethan Couch…This truly IGNORANT schmuck and his even more ignorant family have been plastered all over the news recently due to the fact that after killing 4 people and seriously injuring 9 others while driving under the influence of ALCOHOL…pleaded “NOT GUILTY” in an United States of America’s courtroom citing “Affluenza” (a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation) as his defense…AND HE WAS FOUND “NOT GUILTY”!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, my response was and still is….


I hate to be the BEARER of really bad news AMERICA…but unfortunately, our government AND the corporations/families that own our government  have been infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE not “AFFLUENZA”……It has spread to all branches of our government…America’s CONSTANT mantra of “PROFITS before PEOPLE” is the FINAL stage of our dying NATION, CULTURE, AND CIVILIZATION…

I have used this analogy many times before and I will try to use it one more time in my attempt to explain just how deadly RICH PRICK DISEASE has…and will always be to all of HUMANITY…Let’s take the game of’s a great game..and an extremely fun game…Everyone knows how to play monopoly..and the rules are very simple…THE PERSON WHO ENDS UP WITH ALL THE MONEY wins the game..GAME OVER – that’s it!

But when a super-power (let’s use the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the example) has become infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE..the name “MONOPOLY” is no longer applicable…A new name must be created…and that NEW name is THE NEW WORLD ORDER…

And, unlike  the old game of MONOPOLY…the NEW WORLD ORDER game is not a fun game..and only a few people (all infected with RPD) can play  (unlike MONOPOLY) because you need purchased governments and news media organizations/propaganda machines (not properties) in order to EVEN participate in the game…Plus, the whole purpose of the NEW WORLD ORDER game is to trick the people with the best form of ORWELLIAN speech this planet has ever seen…that “our politicians are here to serve us (the people)”..when, in REALITY….WE (the people) ARE ALL HERE TO SERVE THEM…

Rich Prick Disease has transformed our CULTURE of MONOPOLY into CULTURE of SERVING THEM…or, in other words, our (you, me, and john dupree whoever the fuck that person is) only purpose in life is to make these SICK individuals even  more comfortable than they already are as they continue to rape this planet into oblivion…

But…there is GOOD news AMERICA!!!  I know the cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE…and I am not afraid to reveal the prescription…This prescription is far more potent than a silver bullet shot straight into the heart of a BLOOD-SUCKING vampire…and it works every single time..history has proven this over and over again..The cure to RICH PRICK DISEASE is a BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…And, the best part is…you don’t even need to use the BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotine…

All that is required is to place these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines in very obvious in front WALL STREET..or in front of court houses…or state capitols…or even in front of the white house..Even better, in front of TRUMP properties…For all non-violent persons like myself, these BRAND-NEW, SHINY guillotines don’t even need a BLADE in them…Just the mere image of BRAND-NEW, SHINY, BLADE-LESS guillotine will make all individuals infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE snap their crooked necks and fall into line like a bunch of homeless people at a soup kitchen…

Americans are just like most people on this planet..we have no problem whatsoever with wealthy people..What we do have a problem with is PEOPLE who are infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE who sincerely believe that all who are placed on this beautiful earth MUST now serve them…To all those infected with RICH PRICK DISEASE…here’s my belated christmas gift to you





If It Is Not Broken Then WordPress Will Definitely Fix It

This is a true story…So, I wake up this morning thinking I’m going post a quick blog on wordpress then go about my usual daily business..BUT low AND behold..after signing in, I notice that everything about wordpress in regards to posting a blog is NO longer what it used to be.  I mean, what is it with AMERICA…is there some invisible rule that our FOUNDING FATHERS never told us about…that whenever something is working perfectly fine..that’s the EXACT time to throw the MONKEY wrench into it…or even worse, when is something is COMPLETELY broken..all interests in solving the problem instantly vanishes into thin, hot, climate-changed air..

But what is one to do other than to say, “WHATEVER!”…one day the majority of us will realize that the ONLY reason why we are on THIS planet is to make the lives of the SELECTED few (the powers that be) easier by making our lives more complicated..I have already realized this and am just waiting for some others to join…

In the meantime, here’s some funny emails I received today..the first one being the pic I posted above or in wordpress’ new terminology “FEATURED IMAGE”…and the other one goes like this…

Japanese Sex….

A Japanese couple is having an argument over ways of performing highly erotic sex:

Husband: “Sukitaki”

Wife replies: “Kowanini!”

Husband says: “Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo bakatuka!”

Wife, on her knees literally begging: “Mimi nakaundinda tinkoujuia!”

Husband replies angrily: “Na miaou kina tim koujia!”



I cannot believe that you just sat and tried to read this – like you really understand Japanese!  You’ll read anything as long as it is about sex..You need help! 🙂


With Truly Garbage Websites Like Yahoo And Msn, All I Can Say Is Thank The Lord For WordPress


First and foremost and in full disclosure, I have to be 100% honest and say that I am banned from both YAHOO and MSN…and by banned I mean, both YAHOO and MSN will no longer ALLOW me to post COMMENTS…and I couldn’t be FRIGGIN happier. When it comes to TROLLING garbage websites like YAHOO and MSN, there is none better on this planet THAN me…that’s a straight up fact!!!

Long story short, I perfected my TROLLING skills to such a degree on these GARBAGE websites that I could literally post one comment and within 10 minutes…I’d have 10,000 DISLIKES to one LIKE…an hour later – 50,000 DISLIKES and 25 LIKES…so, who says I don’t have GAME….

Due to time CONSTRAINTS, I will give you JUST one of my MORE favorite AND juicy COMMENTS that I would ALWAYS post for any and all yahoo and msn articles REGARDING the NRA, senseless gun violence, and/or MASS MURDERS from the hands of COWARDLY americans WITH their LEGAL firearms…

“Abort a freedom stealing GUN-NUT baby in its FINAL trimester with an EXTRA long and rusty hanger TODAY…save the LIVES of INNOCENT little CHILDREN attending ELEMENTARY school TOMORROW…”

Within 3 seconds of POSTING and without FAIL, the amount of DISLIKES I would receive for my words above would be astronomical…and ALSO without FAIL, most of the THOUSANDS of comments that I would receive from the GUN-NUTS who were on yahoo and msn when I posted those words would be, “if I were to ever MEET you, I’d shoot you DEAD with my LEGAL firearm!”…MY POINT PROVEN and the very REASON why I trolled in the FIRST PLACE…that to many in this country…THE 2ND amendment ALWAYS trumps THE 1st AMENDMENT..and that is TRULY horrifying..

And….as far as I’m concerned…Yahoo and Msn News should be changed to YAHOO and MSN TROLLS…simply because GARBAGE SITES like yahoo and msn are TROLLING me…their SO-CALLED news insults the VERY intelligence of every american who actually has a FUNCTIONING brain..when, in actuality, yahoo and msn are NOTHING more than CORPORATE TROLLERS whose only GOAL is to DATA-MINE the ever-shrinking AMERICAN mind in order to garner as many CLICKS as humanly possible which they then RE-SELL to their CORPORATE MASTERS of non-news…or as WOODY ALLEN once said in the 1971 movie BANANAS…yahoo and msn news are nothing more than “a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham!”

So, I sincerely AND personally want to THANK both garbage websites YAHOO and MSN for banning me…you have LITERALLY saved my BRAIN from a most horrifying american END…the INCREDIBLE SHRINKING-BRAIN. For here is one of the MOST absolute TRUTHS in the history of HUMAN life – living in IGNORANT bliss ALWAYS and ONLY steals from the FUTURE of your CHILDREN…and that’s THE WHOLE PURPOSE of GARBAGE SITES like yahoo and msn.

So please WORDPRESS…do no not EVER sell yourself to such companies like yahoo and msn..Please do NOT make the same mistake TUMBLR did…I am BEGGING you with all my HEART and soul…but if YOU do..all I ask for is to PLEASE give me a FEW days NOTICE…this way I can smoke some PCP and SWAN-DIVE off the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING while I’m truly TRIPPING as I walk HAND-IN-HAND with JESUS naked all the way DOWN.

If Everyone In America Had A WordPress Page Instead Of A Facebook Or Twitter Page, This World Would Be A Better Place For All


And the REASON for this is SO very simple…Having a WORDPRESS page means you actually HAVE to have a functioning BRAIN…meaning you have to actually be able to READ and WRITE….Any demo-monkey of an AMERICAN can COPY and PASTE links or take SELFIES…this WE already KNOW…THERE is a MOST definite reason WHY america is a SUPER POWER in rapid DECLINE…and NO LONGER the SHINING beacon of DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, and HOPE…and that REASON is IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS, and NARCISSISM…which all go HAND in HAND…spoon fed to US by our GOVERNMENT and the CORPORATIONS that own it.

There is a WAR going on AMERICA…it’s a war between the STUPID vs the INTELLIGENT…and unfortunately AMERICA, the STUPID are winning. “WHY?” do you ask? Very simple…the corporations and the U.S. government they own are on the side OF the STUPID…ignorance only BREEDS two outcomes…immense WEALTH for the %1ers and A NATION of SLAVES..or, in other words, the NEW WORLD ORDER.

So, I say, “Let the ignorants STAY on sites like SLAVE-FACE-BOOK and/or”….this way, when the SHIT hits THE FAN for these RENEWABLE DUMMIES, I mean, the IGNORANTS of AMERICA…they will realize it DOES not TAKE a rocket-scientist to look INTO their OWN mirrors AND see why THEY have nothing in their TRULY meaningless lives other than THEIR simple PASSWORDS to login into their favorite SITES of IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.

Shiiiiiiiiit! The more I think about it, the more I realize that NOT everyone IN america should HAVE a WORDPRESS page…just the thought of having to see an endless array of SELFIES from STUPID americans who can barely read and write and/or having to read what some IDIOT had for breakfast or what shitty CHINESE-MADE PRODUCT they purchased from A treasonous AMERICAN CORPORATION….makes me TRULY cringe…


Is WordPress The Perfect Platform 4 Generations, Not Nations And Never Corporations, 2 Be Our Salvation?


I think it is…What WE do in LIFE will echo in ETERNITY…that dude Russell Crowe in Gladiator…..KEEP writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading…The true beauty and power of life rests AND moves within all our GENERATIONS…Not in our NATIONS…And, MOST DEFINITELY, never in OUR CORPORATIONS…We are ALL children equal in the EYES of GOD & this BEAUTIFUL earth…This will be our SALVATION….Get to know and become friends with one from another generation…In another nation…when he or she is done working for the CORPORATION…You will see…the purpose of the nations is to manipulate the HATREDS amongst the GENERATIONS…in order to perpetuate the BRUTAL RAPE of this beautiful EARTH by the CORPORATIONS all in the name of unequal nations…Life is simple…Life is short….All we have is the present…Only THE here & THE now are our possessions…So, keep writing beautiful folks/bloggers….cause I’ll keep reading.