It’s Official! I Can Start Calling Him…


Let us never forget America!  If (and when) fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump starts “sashaying” his belly around the White House, all blame will fall on Hillary “fracking” Clinton, Bill “wall street shill” Clinton, and President Monsanto “ask what you can do for wall street” Obama

In my “humble” opinion, the day Hillary “fracking” Clinton chose war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine as her Vice President was the day the wall street owned NEO-LIBERALS of the DEMOCRAT PARTY handed over ALL 3 BRANCHES of government to the treacherous GOP..

Or, in other words, the only reason why Fracking Hillary, Wall Street Shill Bill Clinton, and President Monsanto Obama did not want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as Vice President was/is because Wall Street is terrified of a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Vice Presidency despite the fact that the Vice President really doesn’t have any power.

Even the most ignorant of ignorant Republicans fat-fuck & “heavy weight” pretender Donald “il douche” Trump himself knows that there is no way in hell or heaven that the Democrats lose with a Hillary/Obama/Bernie/Warren/Stein coalition…

If (and when) the Democrats lose the White House, it will be for one reason – they would/could not COMPROMISE with THEIR own BASE!  For if they had done so (by picking Sander or Warren as Vice President), Hillary “fracking” Clinton could have literally SLEPT WALKED into the WHITE HOUSE.

P.s. In my “humble” opinion, the DEMOCRATS should grow a FUCKING BRAIN really, really fast…and compromise with their own base….and kick war monger/wall street/TPP trade deal puppet Tim “I want less regulations for the TOO BIG TO FAIL banks” Kaine to the WALL STREET curb…and replace him with Sanders or Warren…that is if the DEMOCRATS want to win in a LANDSLIDE.  Bottom line here is VERY SIMPLE – if Hillary wins, she will just barely win…meaning…Wall Street gets exactly what they want – a DEMOCRAT president, a REPUBLICAN senate and congress AKA the status quo to even more “YUUUUUUUUGE” profits for Wall Street!






Hillary Better Pick Bernie As Her Vice President Otherwise Bernie Will Pick ELizabeth Warren As His Vice President

vxxxsi.JPGAnd then, it’s game over for the CLINTONS…Another scenario that might happen is that Hillary picks Elizabeth Warren as her vice president…but that would mean the “Socialist” wins then…

Now, let’s get to the gist of this matter…Everything that is currently happening with the CLINTONS is all the CLINTON’S fault…They can scream all they want about the “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” until their faces turn BLUE…but, the bottom line here is very simple…It was not a REPUBLICAN who put those SERVERS in the CLINTON’S posh crib – it was the CLINTONS…

Now, we all know that the REPUBLICANS love sucking up to WALL STREET and have cut their OWN throats in order to collect 100s of thousands of dollars of CASH from WALL STREET for SPEAKING FEES behind closed doors…so, why would the CLINTONS be so UTTERLY ignorant and risk HILLARY’s chances of becoming the first woman president in AMERICAN history by doing the same thing???

The answer is SIMPLE – there is no DIFFERENCE between the CLINTON and the BUSH dynasties…and let us please not forget the KENNEDY dynasty which gave us PUPPET, I mean, president obama…

Dynasties serve one purpose..and that purpose is to stay in power..and, in order to stay in power, dynasties need TONS of CASH…it’s really that simple…

Now, in regards to Obama and HIS legacy…this, too, is very simple..President Obama shit on his own LEGACY just like NEW DEMOCRAT bill clinton did by passing NAFTA and then repealing GLASS STEAGALL when he was president in the 1990s..

The birth and rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders happened because of ONE reason AND one REASON only – When Obama and the “we hate obama” republicans met in the dark of the night, behind closed doors and passed the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement…thus proving to the majority of AMERICANS that there is no difference between today’s BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans other than who wears the STUPID HAT and WHEN…or, in other words…IT’S ALL a FUCKING CHARADE…

And, when it comes to WASHINGTON’s addiction to WAR…whether it’s the republicans starting bogus wars for WALL STREET profits by putting BOOTS on the GROUND…or the democrats’ “LEAD FROM BEHIND” and sneaky drone bullshit..IT IS ALL THE SAME THING – Middle East nation building in its worst form.

Long story short, if Hillary TRULY wants to win the her party’s nomination and the presidential election, she better pick Bernie as her vice president with a quickness…If she doesn’t OR she wants to continue playing the DELAY-GAME then BERNIE will pick Elizabeth Warren as his VP…and then you can FOREVER kiss HILLARY good-bye…as well as OBAMA’S legacy..

In regards to Jeb Bush, the republican voters better put him down like a rabid dog real fast.  For those not in the know: Jebbie is the SON of a war mongering father who was head of the CIA before he was a Vice President and then a one-term president…as well as the younger brother of a war criminal who BANKRUPTED everything he touched in life (including america) with a SMUG smile on his smug face..And unfortunately and I hate to say this…but I will because it is true…every day that JEBBIE (cakes) stays in the race is one day closer to America getting hit by jihad terrorism..







4 Reasons Why A Terrible Actor From Hollywood Should Never Become An American Puppet President Ever Again


First and foremost, a PUPPET that takes America from being the #1 CREDITOR in the WORLD to the #1 DEBTOR in the WORLD in a MERE 4 years is not a GREAT leader.  Only a WELFARE KING scumbag who has WE THE PEOPLE pay his FUTURE bills does this type shit.  Get your facts straight idiotic REAGAN lovers.

Reason #1 –


I don’t really need to say much about this PUPPET of a president other than he ran the CIA for many years before becoming VICE PRESIDENT to the PUPPET of the president with the BAD MEMORY ronald reagan.  Perhaps puppet president BUSH sr. wasn’t a PUPPET after all…perhaps he was just a creepy, lying, EX-head of the CIA, war whore president who was terrible at his job.

Reason #2 –


Hey bill “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” clinton!!!!  Just so you know, I’m still waiting for all THE JOBS to be created after passing NAFTA…And, OH YEA!  I almost forgot to say THANKS for repealing GLASS STEAGALL…an extra AWESOME JOB on that one DUDE!

Reason #3 –


And who SAYS, “cheating doesn’t payoff!”  This little, sneaky cheat (who cheated his way into the WHITE HOUSE not just once BUT 2 times!!!) proves that it does in every sense of the word.  Need I remind anyone and everyone of THE many of his more famous  BOLD-FACE LIES like…”the iraq war will pay for itself!” Or how about all the jobs BY THE MILLIONS lost under this loser’s PUPPET presidency….this TRULY idiotic and treasonous republican proves once and for all that “TRICKLE DOWN” is a LYING myth.

Reason #4 –


In full disclosure, I will be honest and say that of all PUPPET presidents mentioned above, puppet president OBAMA is my favorite because he is a FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet president.  It’s my theory that FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet presidents just don’t have the experience to GAME the system like THE ALL white-male-ILLUMinati puppet presidents who have GAMED the system for their own personal profit and fame for the past 50 years or so…In short, I’m not a big fan of the ALL-WHITE SKULL & BONES illuminati puppet presidents….just sayin



The Faces Of A Generation That Stole A Nation And A Planet And Our Rights Too


Beware of the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 – 1964) because they will take FUCKING everything and leave this planet with absolutely NOTHING – all with HUGE SMILES on their faces and all with the same STUPID fucking looks on their faces of “WHAT? Every single thing on this PLANET is not FOR ME and ONLY me! I don’t understand!  Life is so fucking UNFAIR! Blah, Blah, Blah and more FEEL SORRY FOR ME blah bullshit!”  This is the generation that accomplished nothing AND complained about everything – all the while reversing JFK’s words and making pure SELFISHNESS as the only way to show your PATRIOTISM in this country.  I mean, didn’t JFK once say, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!” Well, ummmmm…it’s pretty friggin obvious that the BOOMERS must have been smoking some of that shitty weed with .001% THC that the 1960s were famous for when JFK said those words because they did the complete opposite.  This is the generation that ridiculed their own brave generation of soldiers when fighting the VIETNAM war so that they could start future wars without fighting in them while having future generations do their dirty work while claiming to be anti-war SAINTS.  This is the generation that did not suffer from the horrors and plight of the DEPRESSION but yet created regular recessions as an every day occurrence in America.  And let’s not forget the LAST recession which was actually a DEPRESSION and how it was the BOOMERS that sold us the ultimate lie that “the banks were too BIG to FAIL!” thus enabling THIS vicious CYCLE to happen all over again in our very NEAR future.

As a first generation Xer born in 1966, I can honestly say that the BABY BOOMER generation was the first to look at babies like me and NOT say, “Ohhh! Look how cute and adorable that little GEN xer baby is!” This MOST DEFINITELY did not happen! Instead, what I heard and sensed from the Boomers looking at me as a cute little, just born Gen Xer was, “How much money can I suck and steal from this little, stupid DEMO monkey Gen Xer in my future!” and “what stupid PRODUCTS like the Sony WALKMAN or the Sony PLAYSTATION or APPLE i-phones/I-pads can I create that will make this generation of stupid DEMO monkey Gen Xers and future generations after them more anti-social amongst themselves thus increasing my WEALTH by further dividing more people!”

I can go on for days and days and days and months and months and months and years and years and years and decades and decades and decades until eternity with ACTUAL FACTS about this ever greedy, TAKE EVERYTHING including the rusty, useless, kitchen SINK generation (but I don’t have to and I wont because I will ALLOW our future history to do this for me) because if there is ONE THING the BOOMERS have truly LEARNED – it’s NOT to listen to anyone else other than themselves because they KNOW best.  All I can pray for is that with each passing day more and more of you cancerous, hypocrisy filled A-holes meet your maker six feet under the ground.  And what makes life so BEAUTIFUL is that with each passing day, more and more of the BOOMERS will ACTUALLY meet their maker six feet under.  And you know what AMERICA?  This COUNTRY will become GREAT AGAIN…mark my words.

P.S. No need to apologize BOOMERS because we know YOU WON’T!  It’s in your DNA to be the greediest generation that this beautiful PLANET has ever experienced.  But you won’t be here much longer and that’s a good thing.

P.P.S. Do not get me wrong and think I am painting all Baby Boomers as the eternal Cancer that will never die…just the so called “AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY” baby boomers!  To all the rest of you bastards, GROW some BALLS and speak up and fight for your CHILDREN and GRAND CHILDREN and GREAT GRAND CHILDREN. Is that too much to ask for really?