4 Reasons Why A Terrible Actor From Hollywood Should Never Become An American Puppet President Ever Again


First and foremost, a PUPPET that takes America from being the #1 CREDITOR in the WORLD to the #1 DEBTOR in the WORLD in a MERE 4 years is not a GREAT leader.  Only a WELFARE KING scumbag who has WE THE PEOPLE pay his FUTURE bills does this type shit.  Get your facts straight idiotic REAGAN lovers.

Reason #1 –


I don’t really need to say much about this PUPPET of a president other than he ran the CIA for many years before becoming VICE PRESIDENT to the PUPPET of the president with the BAD MEMORY ronald reagan.  Perhaps puppet president BUSH sr. wasn’t a PUPPET after all…perhaps he was just a creepy, lying, EX-head of the CIA, war whore president who was terrible at his job.

Reason #2 –


Hey bill “HOLLA 4 THE DOLLA” clinton!!!!  Just so you know, I’m still waiting for all THE JOBS to be created after passing NAFTA…And, OH YEA!  I almost forgot to say THANKS for repealing GLASS STEAGALL…an extra AWESOME JOB on that one DUDE!

Reason #3 –


And who SAYS, “cheating doesn’t payoff!”  This little, sneaky cheat (who cheated his way into the WHITE HOUSE not just once BUT 2 times!!!) proves that it does in every sense of the word.  Need I remind anyone and everyone of THE many of his more famous  BOLD-FACE LIES like…”the iraq war will pay for itself!” Or how about all the jobs BY THE MILLIONS lost under this loser’s PUPPET presidency….this TRULY idiotic and treasonous republican proves once and for all that “TRICKLE DOWN” is a LYING myth.

Reason #4 –


In full disclosure, I will be honest and say that of all PUPPET presidents mentioned above, puppet president OBAMA is my favorite because he is a FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet president.  It’s my theory that FIRST-OF-A-KIND puppet presidents just don’t have the experience to GAME the system like THE ALL white-male-ILLUMinati puppet presidents who have GAMED the system for their own personal profit and fame for the past 50 years or so…In short, I’m not a big fan of the ALL-WHITE SKULL & BONES illuminati puppet presidents….just sayin




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