Citizens United Will Prove That The Road To Heaven Will Be Paved With Bad Intentions

incgod1First and foremost, if you are a war mongering supporter of CITIZENS UNITED, you are FALSE christian in every sense of the word; and, you are the TRUE cancer of GOD’S beautiful planet..Even worse is the fact that if FALSE christians (not all but they are many in America i.e. the Televangelists) of America continue to have their way in their attempt to pave THEIR way into their false HEAVEN with their BAD intentions i.e. by actually legalizing unlimited amounts of MORE dark money into our politics and/or religions…It’ll be just a matter of time (probably within the next 50 years) that there will be a SAINT Exxon Mobil or SAINT JP Morgan well as a POPE Jamie Dimon or David Koch…And, just a matter of time when children will be singing “Onward Halliburton and BlackWater soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Citizens United going on before…”  Or, in other words, until they choke this planet AND all of its beautiful, innocent children to death with their ignorance, greed and hypocrisy.

There is NO such thing as DEMOCRACY in a CITIZENS UNITED world…that would be like saying, “The only PEOPLE who will get into HEAVEN are the ONES with the MOST money.” We have already lived that HORROR SHOW in our past.  Plus, it’s an insult and face slap to our historical forefathers and shepherds of Democracy, america, and Christianity.

In a CITIZENS UNITED world…there is no such things as MERCENARY ARMIES like the days of old…They have been replaced by THE new-age weapons of today’s TECHNOLOGY i.e. Drones, Satellites, Robots, Smart Phones, Space Ships, etc.  The NEW mercenary armies of today and the future are and will be LOBBYISTS aka the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX.  This complex will be the BEASTS of all BEASTS whose hunger (aka its addiction to fame, power and money) can and will never be satisfied.  This beast of all beasts will monetize any and everything on this beautiful planet…then steal it under the guise of “JUST” legality..then sell it for an immense profit…until there is nothing left on earth except for the stench of war, poverty, disease, famine, pollution, and finally… decay and WHICH POINT..they will move to the NEXT planet…and then…repeat and rinse like instructions on a shampoo bottle.

Which brings me to my last & final point..the recent “happenings” in INDIANA and all this religious personhood (RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT) lunacy and madness that happened last week.  I mean, am I the only person who sees the TRUE comical IRONY in regards to this entire sordid affair that occurred? Perhaps I am…perhaps I’m not..perhaps I’m insane..perhaps I’m not…who knows and who cares..That’s the beauty of AMERICA – the first amendment 🙂

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will soon become a case study as to how CITIZENS UNITED and the U.S. INDUSTRIAL LOBBYING COMPLEX only further pollutes our already polluted GOVERNMENT in the name of PROFITS and RELIGION.  LOBBYISTS don’t care about RELIGION…just like they don’t give a FLYING shit about LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, and TRANSGENDER rights…LOBBYISTS only CARE about MONEY and how much more they can make by INFLAMING both sides of a coin, I mean, debate…THEN, they move onto the next MOST PROFITABLE debate..

Long story short, I find it highly comical that it was the fake christians of the Republican Party that wanted and then gave us CITIZENS UNITED in 2010…it is, NOW, these same people who are getting beaten over their NOGGINS with CITIZENS UNITED.  This is the war (corporate vs religious personhood) that will destroy the republican party first..then the democratic party next, and finally AMERICA and it’s beautiful DEMOCRACY – but that’s a whole other SITCOM that will be discussed in one of my future blogs

Mark my words FALSE christians of America, if CITIZENS UNITED is not repealed in our very near future..There will be a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady (probably within 20 years)in the WHITE HOUSE….”not that there is anything wrong with that!” – Jerry Seinfeld and George Constanza.  And, if you think President Obama and/or President Hillary Clinton drives you insane – just wait until there is a GAY PRESIDENT and a SAME-SEX, transgender first lady in the WHITE HOUSE…that WILL BE the final nail in your forever COFFIN.

And, even much worse, I fear that CITIZENS UNITED will set the table for our very near future, DIGITAL version of the soon to be reincarnation of ADOLF HITLER the SECOND aka the ANTI-CHRIST…Let’s just be THANKFUL that the first HITLER believed in his FALSE “the Aryan race is superior” bullshit instead of God or Allah..or even worse, Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed..In a CITIZENS UNITED world, we won’t be so LUCKY.

War mongering FALSE CHRISTIANS who support CORPORATE and RELIGIOUS personhood legislation need to STOP playing GOD on a planet that BELONGS to all MANKIND with all of its IMPERFECTIONS…for, if they DO NOT, they will be casting their innocent and beautiful children into SATAN’S heart before they are even BORN.

Inc. God We Trust

The Very Best Thing That Could Happen To Israel And The World Is To Vote Benjamin Netanyahu Out Of Office

benjieI’m sorry Benjie…but you are a NEO-CON, a WAR CRIMINAL, and, EVEN WORSE, a political HACK (the definition of a POLITICAL HACK is – a person who is a member of a political party apparatus whose intentions are more aligned with POLITICAL VICTORY than any personal convictions) ….and this world is getting SICK of POLITICAL HACKS like you BENJIE…just like it did when NEO-CONS, WAR CRIMINALS, and POLITICAL HACKS george w. bush and dick cheney were in power in the UNITED STATES…

And, just like I have said so many times in the past, “THAT george w. bush and dick cheney would be the VERY worst things to EVER happen to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA…” and I was correct…so too I will say, “THAT benjamin netanyahu will BE the very worst thing to EVER happen to ISRAEL…”

So, please BEAUTIFUL Israel…pretty please with all the SUGAR in the whole-wide WORLD on top…do NOT make the same mistake America made.. DO NOT re-elect this POLITICAL HACK back into office EVER again.

Citizens United Has Best Friends Forever Republicans And Democrats Singing Their Favorite Song Again For 2016 Elections

“I used to think that MONEY was the root of all evil…then I realized I was wrong…Washington is the ROOT of all EVIL because they PRINT all the money…” realeyezlife

While the honest, hard-working MIDDLE CLASS of AMERICA continues to ask, “What we can do for our COUNTRY?..” the TREASONOUS %1ers ask, “Since we own all those CORRUPT politicians, what can WASHINGTON do for ME?…”

Grow a BRAIN already AMERICA!!!  PROFITS before PEOPLE is the complete ANTITHESIS of DEMOCRACY.  If you think for EVEN one SPLIT second that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats care about your vote….well then, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND…

Washington does NOT care about OR need your vote….they NEED your subservience to their CORRUPT version of DEMOCRACY..or, IN OTHER WORDS,



AND, be quiet

*I hope you DIG the little video I created 🙂 🙂

The 2nd Coming Of Christ Will Most Definitely Be Incoporated


When I was a young chap, I used to think that MONEY was the ROOT of all EVIL….but now… I know for certain that government is the ROOT of all EVIL – simply because it’s THE GOVERNMENT that prints all of the money. Fifty years from now when AMERICA is no longer GREAT, historians will look back and see that CITIZENS UNITED (in 2010), and now, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 (in 2014)  will be known as the major reasons for AMERICA’s rapid decline. Our truly corrupt and treasonous SUPREME COURT (in a 5-4 decision), once again, says it’s totally fucking cool for EVEN more money to be allowed to further pollute our democracy.

The conspiracy THEORIST in me wants to say that “the recent 24/7 NON-STOP media blitz for the past 3 weeks about the missing MALAYSIA FLIGHT MH 370 served its SINISTER and primary purpose of distracting the masses long enough while the SUPREME COURT secretly passed the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 under the table in exchange for many SUITFULS of cash…but I won’t say that!

Today was a very, very BAD day AMERICA (thanks to our treasonous SUPREME COURT). More money in politics means a MUCH WEAKER vote for all in all future elections – and, one day in our near future, the people’s vote will no longer count. Governments and corporations NEVER make a country GREAT…ONLY people make a COUNTRY, or a government, or a corporation GREAT. We live in an UPSIDE-DOWN, BACKWARDS & FORWARD world where greed is RICHLY rewarded and the truth always COSTS – where waste is profitable and honesty always compromised. Or as I like to put it, “WE live in a TRULY FUCKED up world and has EVERYONE lost THEIR fucking MINDS!!!”

Which brings us to my MAIN point. I used to think if Jesus were alive in America TODAY, he would die of multiple GUNSHOT wounds shot from the hands of an AMERICAN coward holding a LEGAL FIREARM who would THEN claim “STAND YOUR GROUND” solely because he didn’t agree with the MESSAGE of JESUS…I still think this now just so you know…but I would also like to add that JESUS should consider incorporating himself before coming back for the 2ND TIME because this will be the only way to get his MESSAGE out to the people. So, once again, an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our truly corrupt and treasonous U.S. SUPREME COURT JUDGES for selling AMERICA out to the highest bidder ONCE AGAIN….awesome JOB dudes!




I Think I Finally Learned How To Fix Stupid


Maybe one day…..much sooner rather than way later….my fellow Americans will realize that ALWAYS choosing between 2 horrible choices in all of our ELECTIONS is a truly BOGUS form of democracy – the cheapest kind that COPORATE and WALL STREET money can purchase. Wake up AMERICA! Every single UPCOMING election in AMERICAN POLITICS will OFFER a choice between only 2 HORRIBLE candidates debating over multiple TERRIBLE issues (i.e. climate change, gun control, war, pollution just to name a few, etc. etc. etc) that will ALWAYS and ONLY hurt WE THE PEOPLE and everyone on THIS entire PLANET. Look around AMERICA! If you do, you will see that absolutely NOTHING is getting better for any person’s life on THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET (including Americans) except for the %1ers and their corporations that own the WORLD. Matter of fact, with each upcoming AMERICAN ELECTION in our future, I can promise that this world will become a much MORE expensive, violent, polluted, and dangerous (in every sense of the word) WORLD to live in….The solution is simple AMERICA! Purposely consuming LESS is the answer to all of our problems. Corporate America and Washington not only SURVIVE but grossly THRIVE on our CASH-MONEY (and credit too!)…SO, if they want OUR cash-money, they have to START earning it by being GREAT leaders and CORPORATIONS that care once again. I can promise you that if we PURPOSELY consume less (political donations included) the corporations that own WASHINGTON will most definitely WAKE UP (and that’s when things finally happen for the good of all in AMERICA)…and it will be at this moment that both PARTIES will be at their WEAKEST and finally can be removed as the CANCEROUS tumors they have recently become so that a new ERA of politics and political parties can be PROUDLY ushered forth ALL in the name of “FAIRNESS” for all.

MONEY talks AMERICA….so let’s keep our mouths SHUT and keep our money where it belongs – in our WALLETS…and LET’S really get to work

Soon To Be Unemployed


Will someone please tell this soon to be UNEMPLOYED troll that only a TRULY ignorant american believes that there is a DIFFERENCE between BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans when EVERY single intelligent, sensible American knows that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the SAME party who take turns wearing the BAD GUY cap.  In America’s very NEAR FUTURE, ignorant people who point their CROOKED & CORRUPTED partisan fingers as their MAIN form of EMPLOYMENT (99% of today’s MEDIA) will be THE VERY FIRST people on the long line to the GULLOTINE, I mean, for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits that they deem as WELFARE.

 Hey America!  Whether you like this or not, CHANGE is a COMING real fast and will take no PRISONERS just like every other time on this PLANET’S history.  This change will happen to everyday AMERICANS as they wake up from the PRETEND “bi-partisan politics” NIGHTMARE that this country so proudly labels as a “DEMOCRACY” – when in reality, it’s nothing more than CORRUPTED CAPITALISM which is no different than China’s TOTALITARIAN CAPITALISM.  Mark my words – within 2 years (by 2015) the majority of Americans will NO LONGER accept the CURRENT form of PRETEND democracy that we have AND will demand that anyone that even slightly resembles the days of a PAST CENTURY or MILLENIUM be chased down and burned at the stake faster than any and all poor innocent witches from SALEM some 300 years ago.  I will end by quoting ABE LINCOLN (the last republican president that actually cared about AMERICA and AMERICANS), “A house divided against itself CANNOT stand” because it will be those WORDS that precipitate the END of the “paid-for” GROUNDHOG’S day our UBER scummy %1ERS, POLITICIANS, and MEDIA never want to end solely because its how these truly cancerous fools enable themselves to remain wealthy and stay in power.  CHANGE or get the fuck out of the way BECAUSE if you don’t – you will get STAMPEDED by a MOB that will truly enjoy ending YOUR LIFE as only you know it.

The Fastest Way To Ending The Government Shutdown Is Some Good Old Fashion American Style Rioting And Looting In Gerrymandered Republican And Democrat Districts

Not because BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans would care or do anything in the slightest to help any of the people who would be maimed and killed in RIOTS similar to the ones that occurred in 1992 in Los Angeles.  I mean, just look at the video I’ve posted and you will see helicopters are MUCH more interested in gathering film footage of the riots in order to INCREASE their ratings than trying to protect any of the american citizens caught in the middle of those horrible, terrible riots through no fault of their own.

 Good old fashion American style riots and looting will immediately END the government SHUTDOWN because it would enable our corrupt POLITICAL PARTIES to join forces and become one SUPER PARTY for a week or two TO SQUASH such types of POPULAR UPRISINGS in order to protect THE LOBBYISTS that pay both POLITICAL PARTIES to stay in power ALL IN THE NAME of their NO TAXED, multi-BILLION dollar PURELY SELFISH personal interests but will prove my main point for all to see – that both political parties sole concern is to SURVIVE and PROFIT from the division they create amongst us

 William Skakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, all men and women merely players” when he should have said, “All politics in AMERICA is a STAGE, best friends forever REPUBLICunts, I mean, republicans  and DEMONRATS, I mean, democrats are merely players.”

 If one takes a closer look at the CURRENT government SHUTDOWN, one will see and then realize that this STUPD shit has to END immediately.  I mean, in one corner you have the REPUBLICAN party filled with lying, douche bag, slimy ASSHOLES in EXTRA shiny suits flanked by extra expensive LAWYERS constantly crying “LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS GOVERNMENT” but YET will never give up their EXTRA CUSHY and PLUSH government jobs, salaries, medical, pension, etc ALL PAID FOR by we the people.  In the other CORNER, you have the TRULY CANCEROUS and TOO ignorant TEA BAGGER, I mean, TEA PARTY assholes also flanked by extra expensive slimeball LAWYERS with slicked back, extra greasy HAIR who are FAR more interested in PROTECTING the LOBBYISTS of the MEDICAL DEVICE INDUSTRY and the bush jr. TAX CUTS for the extra wealthy  than trying to help any true BLOODED american citizen trying to survive in a TRULY dirty and corrupt CAPITALIST system owned by FOREVER greedy OLIGARCHS using BIG WORDS like democracy when, in reality, they believe in COMMUNISM for the EXTRA wealthy, I mean, %1ERS!  And finally, in the LAST CORNER, you have the PRETEND THAT WE CARE extortionists of the DEMOCRAT PARTY with their EXTRA, EXTRA greedy hands ALSO FLANKED by douchebag, scummy LAYWERS in cheap suits with wild wavy HIPPIE HAIR constantly rifling through WE THE PEOPLE’S pockets better than any PICKET POCKET scumbag on the #1 TRAIN during RUSH HOUR in NEW YORK CITY constantly pretending to care about the hard working MIDDLE CLASS & UNIONS, I mean, their constituents that they so thoroughly ENJOY raping year after year.  And let’s NOT EVER forget the role of the PURCHASED DIRTY whores of the media whose only concern is profiting from THE CLICKS and THE RATINGS of ignorant Americans who are too STUPID and SELFISH to know that the BIGGEST THREAT to the safety of their LIVES and way of LIVING are the actual POLITICAL PARTIES that they vote for

With ignorant and cowardly AMERICAN tools, I mean, political parties & citizens like these WHO NEEDS ENEMIES right!  Here’s a brief, extra quick look into our future that I know for CERTAIN will happen on this planet simply because THIS has happened many times before in MAN’S history; and UNFORTUNATELY, it will be WE THE PEOPLE  (not our politicians nor the EXTRA wealthy nor our political parties) that suffer the most brought about by THE VERY TAXES we pay.  Here’s the little DIRTY secret our POLITICAL PARTIES and POWERS THAT BE who OWN our once beautiful and great COUNTRY and THIS ENTIRE planet will NEVER tell us.  When this PLANET is filled with TOO MANY ignorant tools, I mean, people, out of nowhere and SUDDENLY and just like many times in our PAST, some HUGE man-made WAR or virus or disease like the BLACK PLAGUE will suddenly appear and literally end the LIVES of billions of good people so that the EXTRA GREEDY and even more WEALTHY can start the whole corrupt system all over again with just a mere few RE-WRITES of history.

 In ending, here’s one last little secret that HISTORY will LET you in on when this all happens in our very NEAR future.  The ignorant ones who CLAIM to be the SUPERIOR race, as USUAL, will be the very IDIOTS who lose EVERYTHING just like they have every time in the PAST so do NOT listen to those fools because THIS TIME AROUND will be their VERY last HOORAY.  This planet is UTTERLY and COMPLETELY tired of ignorant people who claim to be the SUPERIOR race when, in reality,it is these VERY trolls who are ALWAYS the most inferior.  This is a planet FOR ALL and this planet will make SURE that it stays that way FOREVER even if it has to wipe the TRUE DINOSAURS of today – AMERICA and all forms of NATIONALISM as well as every person breathing on this planet.

A Country That Does ABSOLUTELY Nothing When 20 Innocent American Children Are Slaughtered In An Elementary School By A Lunatic With His Legal Gun Deserves A Government That Never Listens To Its People


This is the LITTLE secret, I mean, fact that THE AMERICAN people do NOT want to EVER admit because it HIGHLIGHTS exactly everything that is wrong with America’s current definition of the word DEMOCRACY.  Allow me to rephrase please: A government that watches its citizens do ABSOLUTELY nothing EXCEPT to purchase even more guns after the massacre of SANDY HOOK is a GOVERNMENT that will NEVER listen to or respect its CITIZENS ever again.  So, in a way, the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the AMERI CAN GOVERNMENT are a MATCH made in fucking “HELLheaven”. 

 And once again, I have to ask myself out loud, “WHAT THE FUCK is up with OUR once great & beautiful COUNTRY called AMERICA”.  I mean, in the next few weeks our government and media will FLOOD our televisions, computers, I-pads, Smart phones, newspapers, magazines, and BLOODSHOT eyeballs with a CONSTANT & UNENDING BARRAGE of very depressing images of Syrian children suffering from the HORRORS of chemical warfare as the ENDS to the U.S. government’s MEANS to enter a “War-Weary” America in yet another BOGUS war.  In short and once again, this government will use dead children as the preferred choice of propaganda in order to REAP in trillions of dollars more from WE THE PEOPLE all in the name of “NATIONAL SECURITY.”

 But when it comes to the SLAUGHTER of our innocent American children by an AMERICAN LUNATIC with a cowardly LEGAL military gun, our LYING, CHEATING & ALL FOR PROFIT government and media will NOT show ONE single image of this truly tragic HORROR for one simple REASON – that those truly horrifying images of beautiful American children RIDDLED with cowardly BULLET HOLES in an Elementary school would instantly, and without a DOUBT, force this country to take MORAL steps so that INSANE PEOPLE will never be able to obtain  LEGAL/ILLEGAL guns EVER AGAIN.  Instead the NRA, GUN MANAFACTURERS, and the U.S. government used this tragedy to spread more TOTALLY IRRATIONAL fears so that they could quadrupled their PROFITS to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars so that AMERICANS can feel more “FREE” in their choice as to who they want to kill for whatever personal reason they may have with their cowardly 2nd amendment RIGHTS & GUNS.

 So, get your POPCORN heeeeeeere!!!!!  Because it’s going to be REAL FUN watching our government and military ignoring one stupid idiot AMERICAN after another live on our televisions, computers, I-pads, and smart phones all begging and pleading for America NOT to enter yet another BOGUS war in the Middle East with Syria when it’s these same IDIOTS who actually felt like they “DODGED A BULLET” when this cowardly government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make sure this kind of horrifying tragedy at SANDY HOOK never happens again.

 I am going to let America in on a LITTLE SECRET that we used to LIVE and DIE by with 100% PRIDE and is the only reason why this country became the most powerful country on the face of the planet and in the history of time.  Just like REAL men ALWAYS take care of their children and families FIRST (compared to COWARDS who purchase LEGAL/ILLEGAL firearms in order to feel more patriotic or macho), so it goes without saying that REAL super powers take care of their PEOPLE first (not other countries’ peoples first).  Or, in other words, get your fucking priorities straight AMERICA if you SINCERELY want our government & military TO RESPECT us EVER AGAIN!  Until then, take your fucking cry-baby, SOB story to PRESIDENT putin in RUSSIA because you’ll have a better chance over there you stupid friggin FUCKING stupid fucks! 

I Wonder Why George Orwell Conveniently Forgot To Mention Little Sister In His Novel 1984


First things friggin first, I woke up in a REAL excellent fucking mood today – perhaps because today is 6 weeks of no smoking cigarettes for me.  But then MY EXCELLENT mood changed drastically into one of “OMFG!” when I turned on the TV and saw the same old garbage being passed as news.  That’s it!  I’m cutting off my cable bill simply because EVERYTHING on the IDIOT BOX, I mean, TV has become a complete waste of time.  Now that I have gotten that out of my system, let’s get to my MAIN point about George Orwell’s 1984 which is nothing more than trivial PROGANGDA written by a ignorant PROGANDIST.  I mean, how are you going to write a book called 1984 and go into all this detail describing BIG BROTHER (the government) and its role in society compared to barely mentioning LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers) and how destructive and selfish SHE truly is in ALL SOCIETIES.

 I vividly recall my teacher making me read this useless book as homework when I was a sophomore in high school (I graduated high school in 1984) and my first question to my high school teacher after reading the book was, “What about Little Sister?” It goes without saying that my high school teacher looked at me like I had completely lost my FUCKING mind smoking some FRESH, new PCP as she replied to my question, “What do you mean Little Sister?  There is no LITTLE SISTER in 1984!” To which I replied, “Look! I understand the symbolism of BIG BROTHER (the government) and its role in the family and in society.  But what I don’t understand is why George Orwell barely mentions LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers) and her role in society” To which my teacher replied, “Who is LITTLE SISTER in your eyes?” To which I replied, “the %1ers of course! I mean, we all know that you cannot create and/or start A GOVERNMENT at any point in the past, present, and/or future without TONS and TONS and TONS and TONS of money!” To which my teacher replied, “Hmmm….very interesting!” as she proceeded to give me a C  for the class telling me that “I have a tendency to over think things!”

 Luckily for me, I never really took grades too seriously while in high school and I will say that my teacher was correct in her opinion of me and how much I can over think things and is why I am sticking to my point about LITTLE SISTER.  I am not, have never been, nor will I ever be afraid of BIG BROTHER (government) because BIG BROTHER’S sole purpose is to protect LITTLE SISTER (the %1ers).  I am, however, completely terrified of LITTE SISTER because her SOLE purpose is to stay exactly where she has been throughout time – in the %1 of wealth and power and will do anything and everything to protect this ILLEGIMATE right through violence, terror, brutality and/or whatever form of coercion they whimsically employ to keep the masses in check as we have seen throughout history.  I will end by saying, “Do Not Read george orwell’s 1984 because it is useless propaganda PURPOSELY written by an ignorant PROGANDIST paid for by the %1ers, I mean, LITTLE SISTER to deflect future hatred and bloodshed that will come THEIR way when the beautiful peoples of this planet have their ONE moment of CLARITY and finally realize that this WORLD doesn’t have to be THIS WAY!  The fact is and what makes life so beautiful is that there is ALWAYS a choice!”