Rick Scott Giving All Rich Pricks In America A Bad Name


Dude!!!! You spent 70 million dollars of your own money in order to cheat your way into the GOVERNOR’S office in FLORIDA.  Here’s all you need to know about RICH PRICK rick scott – when he was CEO of Columbia/HCA, his company was FINED 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS for Medicaid FRAUD.

There is nothing more low in life than a RICH PRICK scamming our elderly and/or government services/funds that they so deservedly need and have earned in order to become personally more wealthy so that, then, you can spend 70 million dollars that you stole in order to CHEAT your way into the GOVERNOR’S office.

Here’s my advice RICK – get the FUCK out of our COUNTRY – or, at the very least, GET THE FUCK out of our SIGHT….!  And ironically, my words will come true simply because all the RICH PRICKS of  FLORIDA are not stupid and they, too, will CHASE you out OFFICE in order to deflect the REAL truth about RICH PRICKS (they don’t care for nothing but themselves and their profits)

Let’s never forget AMERICA – pointing ignorant, bi-partisan fingers as to who is to blame for AMERICA’S current decline will NOT help our situation.  What will help AMERICA’S declining situation is REALIZING that RICH PRICK republican politicians like RICK SCOTT enable RICH PRICK democrats to do ABSOLUTELY nothing when they win THEIR ELECTIONS.

America currently has an extremely dangerous RICH PRICK problem on both sides of our political aisle.  But, recognition is half the battle democrats and republicans!  So…what are you going to do about this problem democrats and republicans?  Are you just going to sit there and blame each other, “Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s all the republicans’ fault!” OR “Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s all the democrats’ fault!” Or, are you going to finally wake THE FUCK up and realize that we have a RICH PRICK problem and do something about it like, for example…getting money out of POLITICS.  I mean, it’s just A THOUGHT.


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