When Blowing Planes Out Of The Sky Is Just As Good For Business As Never Telling The Truth


Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please and a 1,000 more PLEASES with every single grain of sugar top….will SOMEONE please tell every single U.S. media outlet/news organization TO SHUT THE FUCK UP about Malaysia Flight MH370.  What these fucking idiots don’t want to admit is the simple fact that the COMMON MAN & WOMAN of today all know that you are all CORPORATE freakin TROLLS with no morals and even less BRAINS.  So please – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Here are the ONLY 2 OPTIONS as to what happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – and regardless of which option – THEY (and by “THEY” I mean SUPER POWERS) will NEVER tell us the truth

Option #1 – The ALWAYS PERFECTLY MADE american PLANE (the boeing 777) exploded in mid-air due to a structural defect that the ALWAYS PERFECT CORPORATIONS OF AMERICA will NEVER ADMIT TO because they can always BLAME terrorism for why PERFECT AMERICA always has an a BACK-DOOR excuse for being the MOST IMPERFECT nation this planet has EVER seen.  Long story short, if Malaysia Flight MH370 exploded in mid-flight in mid-air due to a STRUCTURAL DEFECT in the BOEING 777…we will NEVER know the TRUTH simply because we currently live in a country that ALWAYS puts profit before people – “as long as its good for the U.S. ECONOMY, fuck the AMERICAN PEOPLE!” that’s the golden rule in AMERICA these days.


Option #2 – Terrorists got on that plane and were trying to give a SUPER-POWER (china) or TWO (china & America) a little bit of THEIR own TERROR & MEDICINE.  And, as we all ALREADY know, SUPER-POWERS truly despise swallowing their own TERROR & MEDICINE. This leads us to the next LOGICAL conclusion – every single time a plane is hijacked by terrorists, the SUPER-POWER in conjunction with OTHER SUPER POWERS will ALWAYS shoot that MOTHERFUCKER down in mid air above a very DEEP BODY OF WATER.   This is FACT and if you don’t believe then keep being an idiot and keep flying because one day (sooner rather than later), you will be sitting in your little, comfortable airplane seat looking out your little airplane window and you will say to yourself as your jaws drop, “why is that little, heat seeking, scud MISSILE looking thing flying 10,000 miles per hour right toward my plane?”  And, it will be at this VERY moment when you REALIZE the real TRUTH about SUPER POWERS – CONSPIRACY THEORIES (untruths used by the POWERS THAT BE to confuse the real truth) and THE TRUTH are one and the SAME THING.

So please U.S. MEDIA OUTLETS/NEWS MEDIA…SHUT THE FUCK UP & STOP SPEWING YOUR IGNORANCE 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Every single day that you continue with your BLANTANT lies about Malaysia Flight MH370 – you reveal more of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH as to what is truly destroying THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET.

Lies from the MOUTHS of SUPER-POWERS always create TERRORISM.   TERRORISM has recently become very, very BIG BUSINESS in the LIFE OF SUPER POWERS these days.  BIG BUSINESS & SUPER POWERS go hand in hand like a BIG NOSE and PINOCCHIO so that the status quo of their TREASONOUS GREED that has no borders or morals can live on FOREVER.


Don't Waste My Time Or Yours!

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