Mr. 47% Is Back


Wow!!!  The republicans must be drinking their favorite alcoholic beverage LISTERINE again..There can only 2 explanations as to what is happening to the Grand Old Party these days..

  1. They are either most ignorant, selfish bunch of filthy A-holes that cannot comprehend that every time one their fools tries to take down the only backfires on them and makes the TRUMP even stronger.  And, if this is the case, they need to be gone FOREVER with a quickness
  2. Every republican is on the Trump bandwagon and everything we are witnessing is nothing more than KABUKI THEATER…And, if this is the case, they need to be gone FOREVER with a quickness as well

I have no idea which one it is..nor do I care…What we are witnessing is the final stage of a CITIZENS UNITED hostile take over of Washington.  This will not end well for either party…and they deserve what is about to come their way…



Same Old Garbage

scottwalkersAmerica is one Koch Brothers, Citizens United, corporate owned puppet politician away from becoming Nazi, Germany of 1940…Beware America! The 2016 Presidential election is going to be a SCARY one in regards to the amount of LIES that will be spewed…

A Rat Done Bit My Sister And Ted Cruz Will Make Sure Whitey Is No Longer On The Moon

cruz12Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz will soon be the chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Competitiveness..or, in other words, he will oversee NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…Mark my words…this will NOT end well for NASA…for Ted “The Entire World Loses” Cruz..and, the ENTIRE universe AS we know it….SUBSIDIZE TO PRIVATIZE, I mean, the IDIOT-IFICATION of AMERICA continues

*FOOTNOTE – the word SCIENCE in the PIC was MIS-spelled intentionally 🙂

Starbucks Loser


What’s the MORAL of the ERIC CANTOR story…very simple…only LOSERS drink at STARBUCKS….just kiddin starbucks customers 🙂  And, you have to realize that in the WORLD according TO realeyezlife yo….kicking a BEST FRIEND FOREVER republican and/or democrat POLITICIAN when they are down is NOT only HIGHLY condoned but ALSO richly REWARDED…otherwise, what’s the WHOLE point of ME never MINDING my own business while ALWAYS minding YOURS.  The current BATCH of BAD APPLES, I mean, politicians (both republican and democrat) in conjunction with their treasonous WALL STREET/%1ERS buddies having been SCREWING the hard working poor & middle class since THE LAST day of OUR last MILLENNIUM..that’s 14 long years NOW…and in the words of FORREST GUMP, “that’s all I have to say about that!”

The Clown, I Mean, Conservative Political Action Conference 2014


An extra long YAWN for the same OLD, HOT GARBAGE from different clown faces (notice I didn’t put a clown face on the JEB BUSH and that’s because ALL BUSHES are clowns).  If you support bigger government, more guns, Wall Street, more pollution, less regulation higher crime, less jobs, the healthcare for profit system of old, starting bogus wars for profit, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, citizen united, bail-outs, too-big-to fail, slave labor in 3rd world countries, more jobs in CHINA and INDIA, more subsidies for POLLUTING oil and coal corporations, voter suppression, bigotry, sexism, more prisons for profit, less education, and the “WE TRULY HATE AMERICA” list can go on forever – then by all means you should definitely vote republican.  But here’s a fact idiot republicans of today just do NOT want to admit – the CLINTON FAMILY cheat book is far superior to the BUSH FAMILY cheat box.  So, get your POPCORN HERE!  Because it’s going to be so much fun watching the treasonous GOP disappear into history like the WHIG PARTY of old right before our very eyes 6,666 days after New Year’s Eve 2000 (January 25th, 2018).

 And to all democrats – you best wipe those smug smiles off of your CORRUPT faces.  Do not be proud that you have finally learned how to lick corporate ASSHOLE better than the republicans – you friggin CREEPS.  In many ways, you idiot clowns are even bigger sellouts than the republicans; and, you will pay dearly as well.  We have a problem AMERICA and the only solution is to remove both parties from the history books forever.  And the only way this can happen is to first remove the more dangerous cancer (the GOP) so the other will follow (the DEMOCRATS).  The republicans are the weaker of both parties today with their BOGUS trickle down bullshit theories, so let’s remove them first; and, I promise the LYING, cheating DEMOCRATS will follow.  Or, a 3rd party needs to be created immediately after the 2016 election.  In addition to this, every signal scumbag politician in WASHINTON today (both parties included) should be voted out in the next few, upcoming elections–  let me repeat, “Every Single FUCKING one of them”.  This must be the first step as a warning salvo that CHANGE is coming real fast.  Long story short AMERICA, if you care about this country then take these simple steps every single day until the 2016 elections – CONSUME LESS, VOTE OUT every scumbag in WASHINGTON today, and be ready for change cause it’s coming whether we like it or not.

In the end, both political parties use different tactics to serve only ONE MOTIVE – fleecing the american sheeple for every penny we have.  Whether we like it or not, this country has become one big FUCKING scam.

p.s. The POWERS-THAT-BE must have me confused for someone else – I was not put on THIS EARTH so that SCUMBAGS with WAY TOO MUCH money can make EVEN more money.

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Chris Christie Needs To Start Eating Like Its 1999 Again


Inside word in Washington today has it that Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie flew over the George Washington Bridge in a helicopter on September 11th, 2013 so that he could witness the havoc he created in Fort Lee, New Jersey by shutting down several traffic lanes as political retribution for the Democrat Mayor who did not support him in his re-election bid as Governor.  You see!  This is a perfect EXAMPLE as to why you can never trust WASHINGTON!  Why do you ask?  Very simple!  Because, as we all know, there ISN’T a FRIGGIN, fucking helicopter on this planet nor in this universe that can lift that FAT-FUCK chris christie off of the ground.  Just kidding!

 Seriously though, if this is TRUE then FAT-FUCK chris christie’s political career is instantly over – and that’s very good news.  And all I can is…if I had been stuck on that bridge during any of those traffic jams for hours on end and then found out afterwards that chris christie ordered traffic lanes to be shut down on the busiest bridge in the world as some form of political retribution to a political enemy, I would have instantly gotten in my car with 10 extra large pepperoni PIZZ PIES in the back seat and would have headed straight to Trenton, New Jersey (the capital of New Jersey) and thrown every single one of them PIZZA PIES right off of FAT-FUCK chris christies huge head.  FOR REAL cause that’s how I roll YO!!!  But that’s just me.

And I haven’t even mentioned the inside word that chris christie used Hurricane Sandy funds as his own personal political slush fund yet– that’ll be for another day.  So, my advice for FAT-FUCK is simple – start eating like its 1999 again.  I mean, it was your obesity that hid the fact that you are a terrible leader and that you don’t care about anything or anyone other than yourself and what you can stuff down your throat.  Plus, you can use your dieting as your excuse to the problems that you created because everyone can relate to being in a BAD MOOD when first losing weight.  It’s just natural. 


Just Say No…..To The Republicans

Just Say No.....To The Republicans

Look everyone! I am NOT going to knock a man down when he is in his grave – I’m just going to speak the truth real quick. I’d like to sincerely THANK all republicans for idolizing their favorite president who took America from being the #1 CREDITOR in the WORLD to the #1 DEBTOR in the WORLD in a quick 4 years….Thus paving the way for future presidents from both political parties to continue their “America’s Going Out Of Business” Sale…where American values and strength are sold for mere pennies on the dollar right up to this very day! Ain’t living in a CORPORATIST STATE (where MONOPOLIES who NEVER share FREEDOM always live forever) great!


A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

A Coloring Book Not To Purchase

All I can say is this idiot is a real-life genuine clown. I mean, he is FAR, FAR behind Mr. Blubber (aka Chris Christie) in the polls as the future republican presidential candidate in 2016 despite the fact that Mr. Blubber will be ejected as governor of New Jersey within the next year due to his Bridge Gate scandal on top of using Hurricane Sandy money as his own personal political slush fund. I can’t wait until the GOP is swept into the unwiped asshole of history and it will be just like the WHIG PARTY of old. I mean, if you clowns cannot even beat a supposed Muslim born in Kenya, don’t even think you have a chance against Hillary. I have never been and will never be a CLINTON fan but Hillary will landslide you clowns 2 times in a row and then see ya! And never forget REPUBLICANS – no war criminal bush jr. and there would have never been a President Obama for 2 terms nor a President Hillary Clinton for another 2 terms – it’s the TRUTH!  So, yet again…YOU LOSE!

BlubberGate, I Mean, BridgeGate Crushes Big Pussy, I Mean, Chris Christie And His Presidential Hopes

What makes a heathen of a Conservative more sick to his stomach than a ever-spending, whiny Liberal?  A Republican from the Northeast!  And therein lies Mr. Blubber’s, I mean, Chris Christie’s ultimate character flaw in his bid to become PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in 2016.  You cannot be a REAL LIFE, obese caricature of an AMERICAN POLITICIAN who is constantly THE fat BUTT of obese jokes from UNFUNNY american comedians, I mean, late night television hosts – it SIMPLY just won’t work FATSO!  Do you UNDERSTAND!  Long story short, BlubberGate, I mean, BridgeGate reeks from the deathly STENCH of CRONYISM and PETTY POLTICS.  I mean, if you are going to close 2 lanes on the BUSIEST BRIDGE on the face of this BEAUTIFUL PLANET in order to punish the MAYOR of Fort Lee for not playing by your FAT-MAN rules in your RE-ELECTION bid as Governor of New Jersey, then you deserve EXACTLY everything that will happen to you in your near OBESE future.  And all I can say is, “You are ONE lucky FATSO because if I were driving in New Jersey on any of the 4 days that the George Washington Bridge’s 2 lanes were closed and got stuck in a 5 hour traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey, I would have PERSONALLY driven to your home and beat you SENSLELESS with an EXTRA LARGE roast beef sandwich with all the works ON IT and then SMASHED an extra, large PIZZA PIE from the sky right in your FAT FACE – now that’s AMORE!  So, the best piece of advice I can give Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie is to watch the hit HBO series The Sopranos again – particularly the episode where TONY SOPRANO kills BIG PUSSY on a boat for being a DEMOCRATIC, I mean GOVERNMENT snitch because by the 2016 United States Presidential Elections, Chris Christie will be POLITICALLY sleeping with the FISHES.

In Regards 2 Douche Bimbo, I mean, Rush Limbaugh

I remember when douche bimbo, I rush limbaugh used to make me sick to my skinny stomach but then I realized that’s what fat, disgusting, ignorant slobs do best in life

Realizing Life Since 1966


Will you just shut your stupid, ignorant, stink like American obesity, ugly ass mouth UP!  You are a fat, disgusting American joke and your fans are nothing more than what everyone on this planet hates about AMERICA…fat, ignorant, extra FUGLY, hypocrisy-filled conservatives – half of who are truly too stupid to realize that paying their taxes enables your other half of your fans (all the poor WHITE, truly stupid ones which you have oh so many of) to secretly live on and suck the WELFARE money from WE THE PEOPLE.  Fortunately for this beautiful country called AMERICA, your “OBESE, STUPID, POOR WHITE FOLK” fans only make up 15% of the AMERICAN population AND won’t be ALIVE in 20 years due to their unhealthy ways of living .  So, I hope you are REAL proud for turning the ONCE POWERFUL and truly respected GRAND OLD PARTY into the next WHIG PARTY…

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A Wise Word Of Advice For The Elephant Man Aka The Soon To Be Whig Party, I mean, Republican Party


Get with the PROGRAM or don’t let the DOOR hit you on the way OUT!  It is really THAT simple.  The Affordable Care Act, I mean, Obamacare will run better than a fine-tuned Oil Rig from Texas by the 2014 Elections.  “What is your proof?” you ask.  I don’t really NEED to show any proof simply because if the GOP continues on their path of IGNORANCE, they will prove my point that by no later than 2024 the republican party will become this country’s next WHIG party who will hear the words, “Adios Amigos” as they disappear into their own ignorant HISTORY books.  But, being that I am a nice guy, I will provide you with just little proof why the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare will run ever so smoothly by upcoming House Elections in 2014. 

 Let’s take Kentucky as my proof.   I am not going to the rehash the PURPOSEFUL horrible launch of THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT aka Obamacare  nationwide because we already know this.  However, I am going to mention that since DAY 1 of the Obamacare launch, it has run ever so smoothly in KENTUCY.  Do you want to know why?  It’s very obvious and you don’t need to be A ROCKET SCIENTIST to know the answer; but, you do need to have a brain slightly bigger than an acorn (something today’s GOP is still looking for in one of its leaders).  Here’s your answer WHY!  Answer #1. Say Good-Bye to Mitch Mcconnell (the ferret on steroids) who will not win RELECTION as senator of Kentucky which means you can kiss his corrupt, PORK LUVING, wrinkled ass away as the GOP Minority Senate Leader.  Mitch knows this and is why he took the PORK of 2.5 billion dollars to have an EXTRA FANCY dam built in his home-state during the most recent government shutdown (and if we know one thing about AMERICAN politicians – it’s that PORK makes them extremely wealthy).

 Once this happens and it will, the democrats will go from one RED state to another and surgically remove one ignorant republican after another as they clear a PATH for a Hillary Clinton’s “NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN OUR HISTORY” landslide in 2016 & 2020 elections.  And then guess what happens?  Elizabeth Warren becomes President for another 2 elections.  If you do the math, you will see that the DEMOCRATS can conceivably run the white house, the senate, and the congress from 2014 thru 2032 – “that’s ONE SCORE minus 2 years” to semi-quote the LAST and ONLY GREAT republican president Abe Lincoln 

 Which brings me back full circle to my original point to the GOP!  Get with THE FUCKING PROGRAM or get the fuck out of this country.  I find it highly ironic that the GOP will hear their favorite words directed at democrats for the past 30-40 years words come right back at them, “Hey! If you don’t like it, then you can move to another country!”   Oh yea!  One last piece of valuable advice – take that BUSH FAMILY CHEAT BOOK that you have been using for the past 30 years or so and throw it into the bottom of the polluted ocean.  If you do not, I promise, you will enter into the DIRTY, UN-WIPED asshole of HISTORY forever because all WE THE PEOPLE ask from our LEARDERS in GOVERNMENT is to JUST simply PRETEND THAT YOU fucking CARE – that’s it!  There will still be 2 parties in AMERICA’S future – the democrats and the progressives unless the GOP changes its way in a blink of an eye –and, unfortunately, that is nothing more than a PIPE “full of crack”DREAM.

 P.S.  I am not really a big fan of either party because, as far as I am concerned, both parties have been in power so long playing their favorite game of MUSICAL CHAIRS that they have created a cozy, little BEST FRIENDS FROEVER relationship AMONGST themselves where each party takes turns wearing the BAD GUY hat.  But enough is enough and the bottom line is THE DEMOCRATS pretend to care just a tiny-weeny little bit more about WE THE PEOPLE than the current GOP.

When Wearing Glasses Most Definitely Makes One Look More Stupid


Hey Everyone!  What up Dough! Check out the Brainiac with no brain rocking the new-style glasses.  I’m wondering if Ricardo, I mean, Rick Perry realizes that glasses ONLY make a person look smarter.  I mean, if wearing glasses actually made people more intelligent, I know my extra lazy, puffing only kind weed azz would be “rockin them glasses 24/7/365 yo…4 REAL yo! (as they’d say in nyc).  And this is exactly the fucking type of fucking horse manure that truly makes my forty-seven year old blood pressure explode like when you hear a Muslim say, “bomb go boom!”

 I mean, has it REALLY gotten to the point where Big Brother (the government) has licked Little Sister’s (the %1ers) dirty, filthy bruised ham, I mean, puss-filled anal cavity so much and for so long that they can no longer EVEN pretend that we the people EVEN exist any longer– as if our memories reset every time the sun goes down.  “Hey Ricardo, I mean, Rick…take the FUCKING glasses OFF okay!” Once again, I’m starting to get all worked up and shit thinking about how our so called leaders are nothing more than corporate welfare whores with an extra, big, fake smile on their smug faces who WE PAY so they can become more wealthy by making the wealthy ridiculously more wealthy.  Whatever!!  Let me stop before I get loaded and ingest some of America’s new favorite drug of choice – Bath Salts!  I hear they make AMERICAN FACE taste extra tasty.

Ewwwww And Gross


Will someone PLEASE, PLEASE with all SUGAR in the entire WORLD on TOP, please, PRETTY please tell this lying Pinocchio, I mean, republican to FIX his fucking FACE and to keep his ignorant, annoying, extra nasal sounding mouth shut if he really cares about the GOP.  I mean, “who the FUCK are these people?”…or should I say, “Where  the FUCK does the SOON-TO-BE whig party, I mean, republican party find these complete FRIGGIN-LOSER assholes!”  It’s like becoming like REALLY fucking creepy maaan!  And even more creepy and insulting is that the Listerine drinking GOP now takes pride in their UTTER creepiness – and that’s not a good thing FOR THEM or this FRIGGIN country.  And, even more CREEPY than all the creepiness I just mentioned above is the fact that EVERY SINGLE word that comes out of PENIS-FACE’s mouth is an UTTER complete friggin LIE!  If you have read any of my blogs, you will know that I am not a BIG fan of either BEST FRIENDS FOREVER republicans and democrats because I haven’t take pride in being a RENEWABLE dummy, I mean, american citizen in like maybe 25 years when this country actually WAS great.

 As far as I am concerned, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats and republicans are ONE and the same party who take turns every 30 “history repeats itself” years wearing the BAD GUY hat – but that’s just my humble opinion and I’ll stick by it until I see A THIRDY PARTY; or, at the very least, 2 parties with different NAMES in this country.  And, the only THING I have EVER asked from my government is to just FUCKING pretend to fucking CARE…that’s IT!!!  Or, in even simpler terms, at least have the common decency to pull the FREAKIN purple condom out of my ass when you are done because if you continue to force me to pull it out MYSELF – you are just PLAYING WITH FIRE because one day, I SWEAR TO god,  I will stick a fancy shiny, brand new MOUSETRAP up my brown stained QUARTER-SIZED hole, I mean, BOOTY hole and chop that little pecker off MR. POLITICIAN who can NO LONGER pretend that he cares about WE THE PEOPLE.

 OKAY, OKAY!  Let me stop cause I’m getting all worked up AND that’s not very good for my 47year old BLOOD PRESSURE.  I just have to take a DEEP breath and remind myself once again that lying PENIS FACES have always been a PET-PEEVE of mine.

So The Fat Man Who Will Never Be President Of The United States Of America Wins A 2nd Term As The Governor Of New Jersey


WhoopdeeFUCKINGdoo!   Or better yet – WhoopdeeFATFUCKINGdoo!!!!  The bottom line is the fat man, I mean, Mr. Blubber, I mean Chris Christie will never be president of the United States Of America for a multitude of reasons so I will just use baseball and “the 3 strikes and you are OUT!” analogy to keep things simple.

 Strike 1!!!! – lobbied for Wall Street before becoming Governor Of New Jersey

 Strike 2!!!! – One of Chris Christie’s largest money-making clients as a Wall Street lobbyist was an ORGANIZATION that was created SOLELY as a criminal business front by THE #1 SCUMBAG in AMERICA and BEST “ponzi schemer” of all time BERNIE MADOFF

 Strike 3 & ” YOU ARE OUTTA HERE you fat fuck!!!! – The little OBESE dance and FRENCH-TONGUE kissing, Mr. Blubber, I mean, Chris Christie enjoyed with President Obama immediately after Hurricane Sandy was the final nail in his “I want to be President Of The United States” coffin.  Way, way, and way MORE before the 2016 GOP presidential primaries officially begins, this country will realize Mr. Blubber is nothing more than an EXTRA heavy cost for the CLINTON FAMILY as they purchase THEIR PATH for a HILLARY CLINTON landslide from a selected few GOP buddies on their payroll while “MIND-FUCKING” the truly ignorant TEA PARTY whose constituents are TRULY TO fucking STUPID to see this.

P.S. Hey Renewable Dummies, I mean, STUPID AMERICANS!  If you cannot see that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans owned by truly TREASONOUS, trillion dollar corporations that pay no taxes want ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with A THRID PARTY in this country whether it be from the hypocrisy filled, racist conservative RIGHT or the “WE PRETEND TO CARE but actually fucking hate the MIDDLE CLASS”, extra-spending for their own profit, liberal LEFT, then this country deserves to grab its 300 million guns and die in a POOL of its own ignorant AMERICAN BLOOD – and deservedly so for the SAFETY of our future truly innocent CHILDREN.  Ironically and MOST depressingly is the fact that  Renewable Dummies, I mean, truly STUPID and IGNORANT Americans cannot see this due to their ignorant partisan finger pointing and this is EXACTLY what BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans want.

 We have seen this boring and “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF” story in our recent past during the 1960’s, where some in that generation became HIP in A brief moment of TRUE CLARITY to the corrupt game that BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans ALWAYS start playing when they sense WE THE PEOPLE want change for THE BETTERMENT of themselves and their children.  This type of change has ALWAYS & will ALWAYS threaten the “MONEYED-INTERESTS” of our corrupt corporations and their political MINIONS.  Let’s not forget that every single AMERICAN in that generation that tried to ACTUALLY change America’s course for the better for all AMERICANS and their children were violently shot to DEATH by BEST FRIENDS FOREVER democrats & republicans’ preferred weapon of the choice – the 2ND amendment.